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Making a proper Clockwork Carnage mod

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.Delete the wincar4 folder

.Find a car whose details such as headlights, grills and windows are shaped by polys in the body mesh rather than by just textures. If that's not the case for the grills or scoops, you can fill them with black.
Also, it must be shaded by texture, as it will lose any vertex shading or colouring in-game.
Shown here is MOH's Honda Civic.

.Install the car into Re-Volt and rename it's folder as "wincar4".

.Open up the body in Zmodeler or Blender.

.Select lights, grills, windows, undersides, plastic bits, logos, etc.

.Save as .z3d or .blend.

.Now, you have two options:
a ) To preserve the shinniness in the whole body: In your program's respective UV mapper, align/unite all the verts, and place them in a pureblacked part of the car's texture.
b ) To not increase the polycount: Delete the selected faces.

.From now on, do not alter any model's axis.

.Export as body.prm or whatever name you imported the body as.

.Close the current project and open the z3d/blend file we saved before.

.Rename the body as solid.prm

.Invert the selection and delete the selected faces.

.Export as solid.prm.

.If you're using Zmodeler, do the import-materials-export-rvshade stuff.

.Open up the car's params, add the model filename line for solid.prm and assign it as a static spinner. Both the body and the spinner must have the same offset.

Code: Select all

; Model Filenames

MODEL  0  "cars\wincar4\body.prm"
MODEL  1  "cars\wincar4\wheel-l.prm"
MODEL  2  "cars\wincar4\wheel-r.prm"
MODEL  3  "cars\wincar4\solid.prm"

Code: Select all

; Car spinner details

SPINNER {  &#59; Start spinner
ModelNum    	3
Offset      	0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
Axis        	0.000000 0.000000 0.000000
AngVel      	0.000000
;)Type      	1  &#59; 1: Default rot, 2: Turn with steer, 4: Translate with speed, 6: 2 and 4
;)Trans      0.000000 3.000000 6.000000  ; Translation max
;)TransVel  	0.001000  &#59; Velocity factor
}          &#59; End Spinner

.Finally, give your car a fitting engine sound. It is assigned to clockwrk.wav in the wavs folder.

Any feedback regarding how I wrote this will be appreciated.