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Introducing Playlists

100% Proofer
100% Proofer
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24 Oct 2017, 02:56 PM #1

DISCLAIMER: Just an excellent idea to think about!

A feature that would let you play tracks seamlessly. Forget about having to remember to search and switch to the next track.

It would show up in the tracks selection before the actual track selection. there will be a "None" option for the classic selector where you choose tracks.

Support for online playlists such as Months or RVIO packs. (just the track names, users are required to install them. (for unknown tracks prefix it with "(<levelfolder>)" so the user can find the track. playlist description support, suggesting putting the links for months or rvio to download the tracks

make your own tailored playlists with a editor that takes advantage of wide screen along with the old kind of screen. would need a exclusive .cam for that so maybe not

Ability to shuffle and/or repeat.
Can select M and/or R individually!
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