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Important news about SuPeRTaRD

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22 Aug 2013, 06:17 PM #1

here is a link to the news page = ... index.html

I will sorely miss him as he was a key member of our community that did a lot to help anyone, he was my best friend and mentor as he tought me so much about the editing of revolt with Max program. He was also a cutup in #revolt-chat room an...d kept it lively for many years. He lived in Austin Texas for some years and we coresponded to each other thru the mail and he was going to stop by my house on his way back to Montana but I missed him cause I was not home. :/ I will miss him but will remember all the fun & good things about him, there was nobody quite like the SuPeRTaRD we knew. On September 7 there will be a Life Celebration for him by his family and I will be celebrating him on that day. In remembrance of SuPeRTaRD R.I.P.