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Anyone up for a season of Races in Forza 4?

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12:39 PM - Oct 04, 2013 #1

Hey guys! On Forza 4, i'm going to be running a season of 9 races called "The Forza Touring Car Challenge", or FTCC. If you're into high restriction racing, this might be for you! :) Instead of me talking a bunch of mumbo jumbo, I'll just give you guys my site and let you check out the 'Season Rule Book'... There's a lot in it.. so yeah. If you wanna race, go there, sign up and register.

It features 33 cars and 20 manufacturers. The races will start in about a month. (The final date is yet to be determined, as my wife and I will be moving into a new house) But yeah... anyway, here ya go!:

Crap, looks like you gotta copy and past it...

However, if you wanna race, my name on Xbox Live is Gel38 Feel free to add me guys.