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All Revolt stock cars like rc junior on simulation

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7 Sep 2016, 06:13 AM #1

Hi all, here is what's been happening, my bro enjoys playing Re volt with his friends so since they are newbies they want to use all the cars, yet some are very fast others to slow with this pack All the cars run at around the same speed on simulation (they didn't like rc junior cause of the limitation it imposes that a box surrounds the other player so you can't collide with him), this is a speed like toyeca running on rc junior yet it is running on simulation by a modified parameters text, thus increasing the range of choosing car while keeping it stock, now the swift do not always win the race (eg. Toyeca), also it brings new life to the tournaments now you can have a decent race in anyone of them with any car of you like, so go ahead you can download it an replace you original cars folder with this modified one from here

p.s don't forget to back up your cars folder before replacing it with this, thanks and share your thoughts, B)
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