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Copyright Disclaimer

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Copyright Information for Board Users and Documented Copyright Owners.

Members of this board are responsible for adhering to US, International and Local Copyright Laws where applicable.

Members posting audio files of recordings from their own collections should be the creators and hence owner( in possession of the original source material and/or should have permission from the owner(s) of that material. Transfers of recordings from private collections should be at least 75 years of age or older and no newer than 1972 (that's if any of us are around in the year 2047) and in the public domain. All members are required to exercise due diligence in determining whether or not a recording has entered the public domain. Be aware that a recording that is in the public domain might be protected by copyright if the particular work is still copyrighted, contractual obligations due the performer and/or heirs are still in effect, etc. Linking to public domain (copyright "Commons", per se) is permitted if the originating site has legitimate use of the recordings. Please exercise due diligence in your determination of what is and is not in the public domain. If you have any doubt, go to the U.S. Copyright Office website and review the information. As a board member, if you are contacted by a copyright owner who alleges infringement and please be cooperative with them, work with them and comply immediately with their requests. If you want to come to an agreement or other arrangement with a copyright owner who informs you or the board administration/moderation of infringement, that is up to you and them. If a documented owner of copyrighted material comes forward with a complaint, board administration will immediately comply and remove links to sites, files or other sources infringing on copyright laws in the US, the various States and Territories, or country of origin.

If you do post copyrighted material of any kind with the author's/owner's permission, be sure that you first have permission of the owner of said material and that you post a notice of permission to use that material (list the copyright information and "used with author's permission" or some similar description.

Note to Copyright Owners claiming Infringement:

Please contact me at undeadmedia "at" or through this board as a registered member or in the Board Support Forum where guest users are permitted to post without registration immediately. Links to Material that constitutes infringement of copyright laws will be removed at the request of the owners of Copyright material that is brought to our attention by copyright owners world-wide of any source material in violation of applicable copyright laws.
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