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The Rules.

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Company Master
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1. No Spamming! Anyone spamming on this forum will be dealt with immediately. Spamming includes useless posts or threads with no substance along with one-word posts. This includes spamming to boost you post count in order to change your title.

2. No Flaming! We want to keep these forums nice and friendly.

3. No '1337 sp3ak'! The only language permitted on this forum is English. Try to write at the best of your abilities and make yourself understood.


5. No more than ONE account per member.

6. Do not post any Games Workshop, Privateer Press or Battlefront Miniatures copyrighted material! Posting material with copyright without permission from the author is prohibited. Posts containing such material will be deleted without prior notice. This especially concerns; asking for/posting/or offering scans of information printed in any Games Workshop publications. This includes White Dwarf, army books, rule books or similar. If you are uncertain if a certain something is copyrighted or not, ask a moderator before posting.

7. No excessive point values in army lists and discussions. This is related to IP rights in that excessive point value details can reveal more information than is necessary and can enable players to cheat (by getting information without having the rules). This applies to any forum that you plan on posting your army list to.

8. No advertising! If you wish to post a link to another site or forum PM an Admin for permission.

9. Posting adult content (text, images, links, etc) of a sexually explicit or adult nature is strictly forbidden. Posting political, religious or racial content is also forbidden. This also includes material in signatures, profiles, and avatars.

10. No politicial, religious or racial discussions! This is a forum dedicated to Warhammer, Warhammer 40,000 and other various gaming systems. Any real-world political discussions belong elsewhere. This includes the Shoutbox.

11. No Swearing! OM is meant to be a nice and friendly site. Be aware that the forum is frequented by members of all ages so act accordingly. We do not tolerate abuse or mockery toward other members or moderators. Swearing is not allowed. Alternative spelling is not tolerated and will have your post edited/removed and your warning status increased at the discretion of the moderators. Continued abuse will result in your account being banned.

12. Titles: Administrators and Moderators have their own titles so you'll know who we are in the event you need to contact one of us. Member titles are set according to the number of posts you have. See rule #1 concerning spamming to boost your post count.
The rank structure that is in place for posting is as follows:

0-49 Scout
50-99 Marine
100-249 Veteran
250-499 Sergeant
500-999 Veteran Sergeant
1000-1499 Company Master
1500-1999 Chapter Master
2000+ ???

13. This is not a democracy. This is a private forum and the decisions of the Admins are forum law. The ultimate decision rests with Outlaw, the owner of the site. The one right you do have is the right to leave.

14. Keep it nice and friendly! Remember we are here to have fun and help each other out so be nice!

***We reserve the right to edit these rules at any time without notice.***

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