The Steingart Slaughter

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The Steingart Slaughter

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The Steingart Slaughter
Dearest cousin,

As your father and I have not spoken since you were but a young boy, you may not have heard of me. I am your uncle, Holger Altbreit. Your father, Lorenz, is my younger brother, and the only one of our brothers to still live. I live in the village of Steingart, a small community of less than fifty people, not much bigger than your own village I believe. Here, my wife Maria and I run the village farm, along with our two daughters, who are around your age. Regrettably I have but one son, who has shown no interest in running the farm. And that, my nephew, is why I have contacted you and your brothers.

My neighbour has offered to buy my farm but, truth be told, I'd rather see the farm passed down to a member of my family. The Altbreits built this farm two hundred years ago, and I won't be the man to see the Altbreits lose it. And so, I would like to invite you and your brothers to Steingart, so that I may pick the most suitable candidate to inherit the farm, and everything on it.

Our farm is a large sturdy building, offering room to start your family if you haven't one already- and if you have none, few women could refuse the stability and status provided by being the owner of a farm. We have a field where we grow grain, which the local mill and bakery are happy to purchase from us. We have a small field for our cattle- three cows, one bull, and a bull calf.

In addition to these material goods, ownership of the farm will provide you a seat on the town council. Our town is small, and all decisions are made by a council of three elders- myself, the surgeon and the butcher. Therefore, what I have is not just wealth and stability, but influence as well.

If this offer interests you, please make your way to Steingart and, if you prove a hard worker with a good head for business, I will name you heir to the farm.

Your uncle,


Halloween draws near, and in the spirit of the holiday, WarTales is hosting a slasher horror roleplaying game... And you're invited! Using the Slasher Flick system, your characters are the sons of Lorenz Altbreit, persuaded to come to Steingart with the promise of being named heir to the village farm by your uncle, Holger Altbreit. Traveling with you is a number of secondary characters- friends, family, all of which you will get to create and play as. And trust me, you'll be needing some extra characters...

... for Steingart harbors a dark secret. A killer secretly stalks the village, and it will not be long before this ghastly murderer claims his first of many victims. True to the slasher horror genre, this game will not focus on who wins, but on whether anyone will be left alive at the end.

So come on over to WarTales, go to the Roleplaying Games forum, and make your mark! The intention is to start on October 2nd, unless we have four players ready to go before then (currently, there's three signed up). This won't be a very long campaign, although we might not be finished by the time Halloween comes around. Unless the killer gets his way, that is...

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