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30 Jan 2018, 20:14 #16

okkel wrote:..and you can hardly blame people for choosing the simple solution. But the good news is that there is absolutely nothing stopping forum developers from making it equally simple to upload pictures on forums if they want to.

And speaking of good news: This discussion made me want to test if the new tapaforum at least allowed the work-around to make old photobucket pictures visible again so I went searching for non visible photobucket pictures and to my amazement I could not find any. I do not know it it is a short lived bug but it does seem that all the old photobucket pictures are right now visible again! :)
Yeah. I was browsing through my old blog earlier and it was all looking sweet.

Appreciate the effort Kurgan. I know how hard it is to move stuff as I've done it a few times.

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EntertainMe @ Dec 11 2007, 02:12 PM wrote:Painting the whole thing grain by grain is borderline madness. Painting the bottom-side as well is a few miles over the madness horizon and still accelerating!!!!
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Okey so I got another question! How do I add a anchor text link to my blog in my signature section?

I tried both the html linking option and it didn't work (Im guessing since this site uses BBCodes), but when I try to using BBCodes and have the "Disable BBCode" option unchecked I get an error message telling mey that some BBCodes are not allowed and I get the "[url]" as the example.

How do I get to make a anchor text to link to my blog in my signature? Can you help me or give me an example of how you have done it so I can just copy and paste my link and anchor text into the BBCode Tag.

Pls help!

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