Rik's Invasion

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Rik's Invasion

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13 Jan 2008, 19:42 #1

I'm not a greenskin player per now, but I like em a lot :) Play against 'em in BB
and 40K. I play Necrons in 40k, have 15 SM scouts I'm planning to use as a sniper kill team, and have a lot of old warzone models I use for Necromunda. I collect (hav'nt played much...) fantasy - have two battalions and many boxes of dwarfs. It's my main race, and most of my models totally are dwarfs.

I'll use this thread to post all my projects from the past, and all my coming projects. So it'll be a few pages.. Hopefully you'll like most of it, and it'll be varied between all the games systems I play :)

For BB I use talkbloodbowl.com, so I'll only list them with a link:
(you need to be registered at TBB for theese links to work)

AnBBL projects:
The AnBBL Champions' Trophy
The AnBBL Coin Contest (also map and background for AnBBL here)
SC Champions' Trophy & NC Champions' Trophy

My BB Teams:
Kadrin Kazad Nutcrackers, my dwarf team
Live roster KKN
Kadrin Kazad Nutcrackers' home stadium

Battling Cobras, my vampire team
Live roster BC

Firey Tigers, my new edition humie team
Live roster FT

Myklagaard Hounddogs, my Norse team
Live roster MH

Moscow Marines, now dubbed Purple Bluebirds - old humie team
Live roster PB

I'll continiue shortly with my past projects, previously hosted at da Red Tavern, now closed.. I'll shorten them down, just to show the pictures basically, so that I have access to em all :)

In this game I play Enforcers. You'll find my WIP of The 13th Precinct at The Underhive.
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13 Jan 2008, 20:02 #2

I'll post a lot to start with on this thread... So that I can use this thread to post updates later. Thought I should have a start to that first ;)

A few pictures of Rik a Kadrin Kazad with his bodyguard and his son - Oscar a Kadrin Kazad.

Heres a ship I built for my enemies, the ork pirates of Red Skullz, da Red Pearl:

The latest situation of Da Red Pearl(2007):

Arrrh! There's nothing an engineer can't do! There will ba a captains hut (cocnut style, the shape anyway) on the elevated platform on tha branch.

Here's my own sailing ship, "Cecilie". It has later received a proper rudder/wheel/steering thingy :):

----------- The picture shows ---------------------------------
* A: This is the guardian of the ship, a golden statue of one of the ancients at the bow.
* B: I wanted to create a Captains table, but the cabin is closed and there's really not much room by the wheel. So I made a portable chest in stead, with a map, two beers from Bugman's, a pipe and a compas. This may act as an objective when playing a battle, a goal to steel the captians map and treasure chest or something.
* C: I needed a name for the ship, and a nice name it is.
* D: The ship carries the proud banner of Kadrin Kazad. I made these on the computer. Printing out the two sides and glue'n them together with PVA glue, since Im not a big paintin' artist just yet..
* Bottom: All the masts, and the rudder, can be removed from the ship, to implement battledamage when playing the Generals Compendium Sea battle rules.
* Dinghy: A medium ship can carry a dinghy, at least in some of the proposed scenarios. So I had to make one. It has 4 oars and a mast with sail, but sunk on a reef in the first test game I played it.. They were roaing too fast close to the shore, and with all the heavy armor my general drowned :(
* You might see the cargo hatch/hold midship. The ship is loaded with gold and valuables, and so can't keep any warmachines on the lower deck. Does it matter? No, not with all that gold :D

----------- Facts ---------------------------------
* Name: Cecilie
* Lenght: 18,5 inches, dha - was supposed to be only 18 to go as medium ship... Let's hope for tha house rules..
* Decks: 3 visible, and the lower cargo deck.
* Masts: 3, all packed with sails. Not to common for a dwarf ship, but lookes better in the eyes of the owner..
* Cargo: Gold and riches. And the captians map&chest.
* Built: 2005 - 2006, at the Kadrin Kazad shipyard.
* Speciality: Battering Ram and boarding deck at the bow. The metal bow will crush any foe, followed by a three coloumned unit high-to-low boarding action. Well, mostly anyway. The only problem is to manouver the ship bow on to the target.. :/

* Captain: TBD, probably Long Drong or a convertion
* Crew: TBD, mainly 30 of Long Drong's Slayer Pirates..

* Owner: Rik a Kadrin Kazad

And here's my steamer fleet WIP:
I've been inspired by the people at warhammer Ahoy! and their Iron Clad Dragon for this one :)
Warhammer Ahoy! - my current inspiration source

Thoug the 15'' long Iron Clad Dragon is magnificent with it's gyrocopter and cannon, I already have a medium ship for my army(Cecilie). This time I wanted to build two small ones instead. Only allowed one warmachine on each small ship, I have decided to go like this(easy..):
Steamer One
Helipad(rules for this at warhammer ahoy) and a boarding party, thunderers on roof. (this boat has a workin engine, computer fan as a huge propellar, 9Vbatt for engine, and on/off switch on tha bridge :))
Steamer Two
A Cannon and some troopers of some sort.. quarrelers perhaps..

The theme is escort vessels for my Rik a Kadrin Kazad army. (hence the round faces in the Kadrin Kazad colors) The escort is meant to work together, as Steamer One don't hav much firepower once the gyro leaves.

Here are som WIP's, more will be posted later:

Both, Steamer Two far from complete. Needs a bridge etc..

Markings of Rik a Kadrin Kazad

The computerfan propellar

The swiveling cannon, and the gyro..

I've done some more work on theese, and sprayed them black even :) I'll post more pictures when they're painted.

Here's my "dead three in a pond" project(in fragments from original post):
I used green stuff to cover the wire frame of the tree.

I bought two packs of green stuf at the games worksop in Oslo some time ago. They asked me if I eat the stuff, well, making a tree of it is nearly the same thing.. Glad i did buy a lot of it anyway :)

The next thing i needed was a lot of arrows:) I used dwarf ones because thats my regular army. I tried to make the victim look ambushed/executed by a dwarf crossbow ambush party/firing squad, making all the arrows come from one direction and using a lot of them. I made one go through his shoulder, one in th thigh, and two deadly ones in the throat and belly. I also put one in the shield he had to throw away when trying to run for it.

Now I painted the vicim, first trying to match it up agianst the empire army of a friend of mine. Because of my bloody plans, i could'nt use red and yellow patterns, so i had to use a blue shirt and yellow pants... To bad, would be great to have the pond on the table when playing my dwarfs against the red&yellow empire army... :)

Then finally, the water effect. I mixed the resin with the hardener and poured it into the pond. The horror!! The resin, with it's yellow color(and nature) turned my blue, fresh water pond into a dirty mudhole wiht green water...

But the water effect lookes cool though, look at the reflection off his pants and bloodstained shirt :D

Anyway, it was a fun project to do, and it was my first tree as well as my first water project. Can u see the grin in the face on tha tree?

That'll do for now I guess :) I'll post more later.
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13 Jan 2008, 20:10 #3

Oh, and my sphinx, originally ment for WHFB.

I'm thinkin it'll work as a necron pylon as well with time, I'll make a telescope pylon thing inside it's head, so it comes out/extends when there's a threat nearby..

The inspiration for this I got from my friend playing Kehmri and these two amazing scenery pieces from the GW site.

Anyway, heres some pic's (can't find any previous WIP's, only the finished model basecoated in white, witch don't really give away much detail.. I'll wash it in brown ink later ;)) :

Here you see the size compared to one of Long Drong's naked slayer pirates.

Not to much detail on this "sphinx".. Smooth edges, as only skilled stonecutters of the past can make it :)

More to come:
I've got a bloodbowl / gladiator arena, a mountain(also in the TBB kadrin kazad nutcrackers thread), some trenchwork boards, an ork mini fortress(skirmish), khemri ship, necron monolith.., portable BB pitch, a spitfire to count as empire fighter in apocalypse etc.
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13 Jan 2008, 20:32 #4

Hmm.. You probably think I'm boosting my post count by now.. well so be it (only 3 more, and you don't get everything in one huge post.. )

Anyways, here's som WIP of my necromunda enforcers:

Then the first layer of paint, after they're all finished, i.e. some PIP's:

They're all old warzone miniatures, exept the dog who's a necron warrior/whfbwolf convertion.

My "gang" is not a gang, but policemen/enforcers. Here's my badge:

More to come..
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Big Boss
Big Boss
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13 Jan 2008, 21:12 #5

Cool to see ya found your way over here, Rik ;)
Recall seeing most of your stuff over at Da Tavern (back in the days ^_^ ), wicked :)

I'm not sure if the links in your first posts works. I believe you have to register at TBB to be able to read the posts :unsure:

Oooh, and the water effect turned out really well on the "Evil Tree" piece.
There's been a bit of discussion around here as off late on water effects and I must say that yours looks very pretty :)
Sure, it didn't turn out blue, but that's only good IMO. It looks a bit too shallow to not be muddy - and it gives the piece a more darker and realistic feeling.
Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull 16.40 15 Dec 2006 wrote: btw if you keep painting on that speed I think my entire 10 000 army will be faster done then you're 2000pts army

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13 Jan 2008, 21:23 #6

Nice looking stuff, Rik. I really like it altough it stay stunties and those don't get my respect.

But keep us certainly updated. The necromunda gang looks wicked.

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15 Jan 2008, 18:09 #7

Update on the steamer fleet:
I got to finish their build this x-mas, and they're now PIP's. Here's a picture of them undercoated.

The one with the canon will be dupped "The Gentle Dolphin", and it has dolphins from scrapping clippers on it. (you'll see that later..)

Don't know what to name the helipad one yet, feel free to suggest ;)

Here's an update on "Cecilie", with the wheel I buildt for her last weekend:

What yah think?
I used a spiked canon wheel, drilled 8 holes in it in wich i pinned 8 half shafts from dwarf large axes, then lastly I glued the Kadrin Kazad medalion to the centre of it, concealing the "stearing pin"..
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Red Skullz
Big Boss
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15 Jan 2008, 18:32 #8

Cool stuff Rik :D

Great to see them in PiP state!


PS: so this means we`re going naval soon then :yarr!:
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15 Jan 2008, 18:59 #9

certainly hope so :yarr!:
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15 Jan 2008, 20:12 #10

Up next is my home, Kadrin Kazad.
Kadrin means Mountain Pass, and Kazad means Fortress. So this Fortress guard a mountain pass, the mountain pass shortening travels between NC and SC teams in the AnBBL as a matter of fact. The travel time is so much shorter using Kadrin Kazad, so that if it can't be used It'll postpone, or even worse, cancel games that are dependent on this mean of travel. The AnBBL Champions' Final almost always is, and trouble in the pass means trouble for this major final between the champions of the North and South Conference playoffs. The other end of Kadrin Kazad is a lot more treacherous pass, making it impossible for armies to bring huge warmachines. This pass is only guarded by one 12'' wide wall and a few good dwarfs. Warbands have been known to try and break through theese walls though. (this other end of my Kadrin will be my next building project. A wall section with a gate from end to end into a mountain, all based on a 60x60cm (2'x2') styrofaom board, based on the "scale the wall" scenario in warhammer skirmish).

I first started building this one during x-mas 2001. The first(and only) WIP is taken 01.01.2002.

Here's the completed fortress, I buildt the last tower (to the left) and the mountain/terrain board this x-mas(2007):

Feel free to comment :)
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15 Jan 2008, 20:23 #11

Incredible stuff, Rik! The big red (unfinnished) on-off button on the ship made me laugh... Seems kinda simple for a dwarf mind (yeah I do realised it's for something else) :lol:

That's a very beautiful fortress! Good job
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15 Jan 2008, 20:57 #12


Rik, that is some sweet work!

Hey thanks for the tip on doing a proper wheel for the Cecilie. I think that it looks really good, and I can create one of these with some styrene (plasticard) rod once I have my hands on that chariot wheel. REALLY great idea, mate. Consider it borrowed!

I remember a lot of these pics from various threads on Red's forum, and I remember we had a brief chat about how you attached the masts to the main vessel. Could you remind me how they are attached? Do you just drop them into their holes in the decks and they are stable or was there something more to it? How do you keep the rudder in place? I am really interested in your ship since you did SUCH a good job with it.

I like your smaller ships too...I can't wait to see them painted.

Wow, sweet Karak! My greenskin blood gets a-boiling when I see such things. Another fortress to attack, pillage and destroy! WAAAAGH! I really like what you have put together here, Rik. The fortress is really well done. Care to give us some more detailed pics of the fortress, gate, gatehouse and mountains behind it? What kind of materials did you use for the base structure? It looks like pressboard or some kind of wood....? Great stuff, mate! :D
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Red Skullz
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15 Jan 2008, 22:00 #13

Oh so that means I need to start painting orc pirates and da Pearl then... ;)

I would just like to add that the pics don`t really do any of Rik`s work justice :) I might have to come and help ya take some new pics and edit them. Also regarding editing of pics, could you just go for a white background? Imo the ones of your dwarfen units, ya almost can`t see any details.

Anyhoo, that`s just me ramblin`about....feel free to ignore it :lol:


PS: You should start using a "Barry" in the boat pics, meaning a model for scale reference so that people can get the estimate right regarding size :)
Red Skullz, the git that`s so old that most of his posts are in the archives and dusting away..

Team Anarchy, norwegian gaming community.

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16 Jan 2008, 17:37 #14

Well thanks Snotstab, goomb and Red :)

The masts, yes. I glued a square of foamcard on top of the foamcard(the deck). Then I cut a circle through the two layers of foamkard(first drawing the circle using my mast as a template). Now I could see the styrofoam/jackofoam/2'' insulation board. I had a pointy end on the mast that I used to press my way down into the foamcard with, creating a hole with the correct size. Used some pliers to pull out the compressed styrofoam. - done :)

The rudder I fastened using two staples on top, and two lower down. I first stapled the rudder with only on side of the staple fastening to the rudder(did this four times, two up and two down). I bent out the other end of the staples, and used 'em as pins to stick into the ship, for an easy "put on take of rudder mechanism" (just in case someone should hit it with a cannon)

For the Kadrin Kazad I used mostly foamcard 5mm thick. On the outside (to get structure) I glued cardboard pieces from lollypop boxes.... I'll never do that again... took forever, on my next project I'll just use structure paint or patterned plasticcard if I find em... On a few of the wall sections (extending into the mountain) I only drew hard pencil lines to simulate the structure... easy, but not as good looking everywhere.

I'll do some more detailed pictures later :)

For the gatehouse I used sections of lead containers (the ones containing lead for your pressure pencils, them tiny ones) for the chain channels. The foamcard was just to soft, it crumbled when the drawbridge was raised and lowered. Now it works perfectly :)

On the early doors and tower floors I used "coffie stir sticks" - made it a long and gluesmelling process.. On the last tower I used balsawood plates, only carving in the plank structure with a hobby knife. Makes things a lot easier, faster and "workable".

The drop bars in the gate I made from a plastic sprue.. worked out fine imo.

:yarr!: I'll take some pictures and post in stead of writing all this lot... :yarr!:
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17 Jan 2008, 08:39 #15

Hello Mate,

Awesome blog, really good read, love the way you have just put all your work into one area, no matter whether its scenery or even dfferent games systems. Its great coz then we dont have to wait a month for an update, we can just enjoy your work whatever it is our working on.

Dwarfs look very nice, but with the black background it is a little difficult to make out, but even with this picture you can tell that the models are very well done Love he banner and the stripes on guy on the left of the first picture.

Your ship is awesome... Love the gold figurehead and the new wheel looks great. :wub:

Brilliant idea for a steamer, although your first steamer could be described as a dwarf aircraft carrier with the giro on there :lol: Pure class.....

Your scenery looks really nice and original too. If I ever get round to gaming at home I would love to have a go at something like this with the greenstuff tree and the very realistic water... Sounds like you have a whole heap more scenery too.... This stuff must have taken you years to complete..

Your dwarf castle is also most impressive, a serious feat of modelling and you can tell that you have put in a whole heap of effort on it. Can I ask how yo use this? Is it at the side of your gaming table at home, or did you just build it for the fun of it?

Cant' wait to see more...

Bidiot. :D
EntertainMe @ Dec 11 2007, 02:12 PM wrote:Painting the whole thing grain by grain is borderline madness. Painting the bottom-side as well is a few miles over the madness horizon and still accelerating!!!!
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