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Oldgreybeards is hosting a 2nd edition WFRPG roleplaying campaign, and you are invited! Set in Kaptain Blacksquig's Karibbean setting, this adventure takes place in the year 1800, when the Karibbean islands still existed off the coast of Lustria. The Karibbean has recently been united under the Karib king Willie, his rule recognized by Bretonnia and the Empire. Only Estalia refuses to recognize the Karib's rule, but their holdings in the area are in decline.

In this game, you will play the role of a character who, for whatever reason, is currently at the small Estalian island Crab Key, in the southeast Karibbean sea, right off the coast of Lustria. Perhaps you belonged to the crew of a merchant ship and did not get back on board when the ship left; maybe this was your decision, or your captain's, or you simply woke up after an especially merry night and found the ship had left without you. Maybe you even belonged to a pirate crew and are now laying low, possibly after the authorities caught and hanged your mates.

Or perhaps you come from another island or even Estalia, and are looking to make a new life for yourself here. Maybe you have even lived on the island for some time- either as one of the villagers or as one of the tribal Karib who live in the northern jungle. Or perhaps your reason for being here is something else entirely.

Whatever the reason, you now find yourself on Crab Key, ready for whatever adventure the Karibbean throws at you. There will be opportunities for combat, negotiation, and exploration, although how you choose to approach each challenge is up to you.

We'll be using the 2nd edition WFRPG as system. If you're unfamiliar with the system just send me a message with your character concept, and I'll work out a character sheet for you (I love rolling up characters!).

However, if you do know the rules, please feel free to create your own character. Simply roll one up according to the rules in the rulebook, choosing from (or rolling a D20 for) any of the following as your starting career;

1 Barber-Surgeon
2 Boatman
3 Burgher
4 Cartographer
5 Entertainer
6 Fisherman
7 Hedge Wizard
8 Hunter
9 Initiate
10 Marine
11 Mercenary
12 Reaver
13 Rogue
14 Seaman
15 Smuggler
16 Thief
17 Thug
18 Tomb Robber
19 Tradesman
20 Whaler

Of course, if you have a great idea for a character but don't know what career you should pick, or if there's no appropriate career on the list, just contact me and we'll work something out! I'd also be happy to help you set up your character if you're stuck (really, I love rolling up characters!).

As a bonus, you can all add Swim to your list of skills. If you already have the Swim skill, just make it Swim +10% instead. Any skills referring to the Empire need to be replaced with skills referring to Estalia, so for example, Speak Language (Reikspiel) will need to be changed for Speak Language (Estalian). Its an Estalian island after all, so it makes sense to use Estalian characters!

However, once again, if you're dead set on playing a character from the Empire or wherever that's fine too- just keep in mind that Estalia and the Empire aren't particularly fond of each other, and you may be treated accordingly.

We'll start playing in about a week or when we have six players, whichever comes first. If you're interested, come over to!

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