Help For A New Player (vs High Elves)

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Help For A New Player (vs High Elves)

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30 May 2017, 15:53 #1

I am new to Orcs And Goblins and in fact I only just bought a used army.
The army is very basic however and has almost no special troops. The army consists of roughly:
Orc boyz 75-80
Savage boyz 10
Goblins 60
Night goblins with bows 50
Night goblins with hand weapons 150
Forest goblin spider riders 30
Black orcs 30-35
Orc boar chariots 2
Trolls 3
Rock lobber 1
Giant 1

I have been reading quite a few posts on the forum and can understand that Giants are pretty worthless (I am probably still going to play him, though... because giants are so fricking cool) and that Squigs, doom divers and/or pump wagons are necessary for any good army.
What I need help with is exactly what to buy (I am on a budget after buying this army) considering that I am primarily - if not exclusively - going to be playing against High Elves. I realise this can be a tough matchup, which is why I would like a decent army to fight it.

Any help is greatly appreciated and if you have any basic tips and tricks for a new player I would appreciate those as well :wub:

ruglud the 3rd
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02 Jun 2017, 10:55 #2

Thing is with playing elves is that they will always be hitting you first with the re role.
A good option is taking chariots because of the impacted hits so at least that will be striking first.

That's if they don't get shot to bits before they hit anything!!

Big Boss
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26 Jun 2017, 15:14 #3

Ruglud's right with the chariots.
And doom divers for knights
Also get more savage orcs.
Fanatics for you night goblins. I work on 1 for my bunker, 1 for a unit of 40, and 3 in a horde. They're mainly to ruin a knights charge.

Take magic defence.

Random movers such as mangler squigs, pump wagons and squig hoppers are good for taking out his eagles and fast cav

Wolf riders are better than spiders, but you can use your spider riders

Consider increasing the size of your night goblins with bows(minimum 60) (you can proxy with your hand weapon guys) and add in a goblin BSB with the poison banner, deploy 20 wide and make those sixes count!

If you are set on taking the giant, which it's not good, especially against a shooting army like high elves, make sure you use your fast cav to charge his archers early so they can't shoot him. Rock lobber his Bolt Thrower as well, as these are easy points in the early stages
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