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Enteiiii <3 <3 <3 My mom called me yesterday to say that she found one of my old friends from high school to download it onto my games since I haven't been able to find a Gamestop near my apartment yet, and she wasn't even quite sure how to turn the DS on, hehe.

Raikou was all one nature (Rash?), so yeah, I guess they all have set (useful) natures.

I think it said they were gonna be available over Wifi at a later date, but I still don't think any site confirmed whether you'd be able to choose which one you received over Wifi or how it would work.

As for the names... It'll take me a while to remember/learn them regardless, heh. But I wonder if Liepard is 'Ly-pard' or 'Lee-eh-pard'?
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I'm pretty sure the ones over Wi-Fi are Europe only, for whatever reason. Nobody cares about Canada. /Cries.

God I want that Entei.
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