v.20 Trailer

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Kept you waiting, huh?


I'm not saying v.20 will release on Christmas, but also I'm not saying it won't. ;)

And before I forget, a big thanks to Jfalcon for the trailer! He somehow managed to make a great trailer out of the terrible gameplay footage I gave him to work with. Check him out, he does random gameplay videos and other cool stuff.

This version has taken a while because just about everything has been rewritten, save for a few things that won't be updated until v.30. The collision is new and improved, with collision glitches pretty much being a thing of the past. The frame rate has also been updated. Oh, and did I forget to mention the widescreen option? Yeah, if you didn't notice in the trailer, OoT 2D now has widescreen. :D

Updates regarding the collision and the widescreen have required many things to be redone, however. This is what has caused the project to get so far behind the release date that was previously planned (if there even was one). Since these things will not have to be redone again in the future, however, future releases can be completed and released in a much more timely manner!

Work on OoT 2D has not ceased yet, and the project quality is finally getting to the quality that was originally being shot for. Way too much has been invested now for it to just be canceled, so stick around for the cool stuff. Shame on anyone who thought otherwise. xD

News regarding team restructuring
Everyone has gotten quite busy with things like work, school, etc, so the people that we have officially part of the team have been cut down to just myself and Dervilacus for now. Community contributions are still welcome, but if we can get one more artist on the "official" team to assist with maps, that would be great! Please PM me with samples of your work if you are interested.

Finally, don't forget to check out Zeldathon.net this month on the 26th. They are a nonprofit organization that streams Zelda gameplay for charity, so if you are feeling generous, stop by their website! :D
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