When Hell Awakes

God is dead and no one cares. If there is a hell I'll see you there.

When Hell Awakes

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Who do you support as leader of hell?

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Date: September 22nd, 2012
City: Hell
State: Hell
Synopsis: The allegiances of hell have been scattered too long. It's time for a leader to rise and squash the competition.

The throne of hell has been contested too long. It is time for the demons to gather and decide who should take the lead. This could be done with bloodshed, but why when politics are so much more evil?

The way this will work is everyone will gather and make cases for why they or the demon they support should be made leader. You can feel free to vote at any time, but you might find your mind changed. You only get one vote, so use it wisely. (And in fairness, do not use other characters to pad the vote. I know how many votes there should be.)

The winner of this vote will be the leader of hell for as long as he or she can keep it. Good luck.

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Ruby strolled into the hall purposefully, tossing her long blond hair back as she scornfully surveyed those gathered. Though she usually operated from the shadows, things were rapidly coming to a head. And she wouldn't be anywhere but here, trying to manipulate the outcome in her favor.

While many had gathered, no one seemed to want to be the first to speak. Well, it was treason after all, to speak against the King. But the true King was imprisoned, and the pretender had left his throne too long. If Crowley had a problem with it, he'd be here to speak on his own behalf. She certainly wouldn't.

“Well?” she asked expectantly, propping a hand on her hip. “Are we all just going to stand here and continue pretending that Crowley's gross mishandling of Hell's affairs are tolerable? We all know that down here, might is right, but he's not the last man standing anymore.” The blond demon herself had gathered to her a few that were still fanatically devoted to their Father. They were around, insurance against any backlash that might come from her speaking out. They wouldn't get her the throne (which she didn't want anyway), but they'd make sure her voice was heard.

“The time has past where we should consider a new leader. Perhaps one more devoted to Hell's purpose and less to his own?” Ruby suggested.

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It had been a long time since Leoben had been in hell and the place clearly hadn't changed. Deep down he could say there was a hint of nostalgia in him or Leoben could say it was ingestion. Either way Leoben found the company he was in impressive.

Remaining silent Leoben watched as Ruby entered as if she was a queen with no country to support her. A beggar queen that had no followers as well or money to buy them. Still he had found her impressive when they had met earlier and despite his own better judgement Leoben had remained mute on her existence. Just like he had with another.

Listening to her, Leoben knew she was right as his knee bounced like it had a child on it. His own affairs though were not on the table for discussion. "As much as it loathes me to say it, our associate , " the term was loose in his mouth. She was far from any associate of his but at the same time Leoben knew better. Kiss the ass of all and hope to remain alive. That was a game Leoben knew well enough as well. "Is correct. We all know it to be true...ding dong, the king is dead."

Casting a glance at his companion in so many adventures, Leoben remained silent for a moment longer before looking at Ruby again. "And what pray tell is hells agenda. Seldom have we been united in one cause each sent to do one task with little assistance from others...."

He paused before raising an eyebrow and looked at the others. "The family of hell does not always come in a pretty bow..."

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Alastair had been standing in the back, watching and waiting. Seemed he did a lot more of that lately. He much less the man of action as he was before, despite it being ordered. He was learning and adapting. There were so many other ways to get the job done. As all the familiar shadows began to fill the small area Alastair began to feel nervous yet excited. This could be a rather boring event or a completely interesting one. He had almost declined to come but after speaking with his angel “friend” it was decided that his presence and possible promotion could be helpful to their cause.

He wanted to be the first to speak but decided to see who would get the party started. He wasn't surprised to see it was Ruby who took the reigns. She was always so impatient. Though, the young demon did make rather true statements. Crowley screwed things up. Alastair did feel a slight responsibility for that. Had he not been in such a vulnerable state for as long as he was, maybe he could have kept things from getting out of hand.

Leoben then spoke up. Traitor. Alastair grit his teeth and had to restrain himself for trying to kill him. It was too early in the game for that. He knew that particular demon only cared for himself. Ruby said one thing right, they needed someone more devoted to Hell's purpose and less to his own. Leoben wouldn't even be at the bottom of Alastair's list.

“Hell's agenda... should be what it has been...” He stepped forward and past Leoben, not even gracing the “demon” with a gaze. He gave Ruby a creepy smile as he stood in front of her for a moment before stepping to her side and turning around to face the others. “We need to free the Master... he is the only one worthy of ruling. This is his domain and we are merely his servants.” He glanced around the room, waiting for only a breath to see if someone would speak against this truth.

“Someone needs to be the first to stand up; so let it be me. I do not want the throne. I would rather be torturing souls than delegating the collection and swaying of them, but I will take it for a while. With me in charge, I will merely be a regent until our rightful ruler could be freed from his prison and returned to us.” He let the thought sink in before continuing. “I am one of, if not the oldest demon here. I was not named Hell's Grand Torturer because I am easily swayed or defeated...” He raised his hands out to his sides and stared across the room. “With this I put my name in the proverbial hat.”

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Ruby had some big brass ones, stepping up to the plate and breaking the uncomfortable silence between the demons gathered in the room. They all knew why they were here; Crowley’s quick undertaking over the reins of hell galled pretty much everyone present. Crowley didn’t even pretend to have an ounce of loyalty to Lucifer, merely scuttled in to fill the power vacuum left by Lucifer’s considerable metaphorical shoes. Then the things he did and didn’t do afterwards were not in hell’s best interest as a whole.

Plus Meg just really hated the bastard.

Meg was surprised when Leoben spoke first, and even more so when he spoke words of conceding Ruby was at any point right. As far as she had known it, Leoben would never capitulate to anyone. Pompous blowhard. She looked around the room, utterly disdainful at the selection. Some of the demons here, she only knew by reputation, when one took into consideration the fact she spent more time topside than in hell, and time moved differently between the two planes.

“Big fucking boring talk,” Meg said harshly. “I wanna see some blood. This ain’t a democracy, Hammurabi. Hell is the Thunderdome, and when two men enter, only one man leaves.” She glared at Leoben who had only offered weak questions and kind of fruity talk. “Have you got the ball sack to back up your mouth?”

She wanted proof that whoever took over for Crowley could actually do what the plan entailed. Unite hell. Set free Lucifer, bring about the hell on earth, expand their territory, and make the final assault on Heaven. Something. Revenge. Anything but this boring slog of bureaucratic red tape that Crowley had foisted upon hell, could anyone expect anything less from a smarmy crossroads’ demon? Fuck integrity. They were demons. They could do what they wanted, when they wanted, that was the whole fucking point.

Alastair came out of the shadows, and Meg flashed a minute smirk, intense satisfaction, before training her expression into a neutral stillness. Alastair was her mentor, a demon at the same level as Lilith, one of the oldest, one of the most loyal. If there was anyone who could hold hell’s throne it was him.

She looked over to Ruby, intent on examining her face as Alastair stepped up. She knew the two of them had some history when they were trying to get Sam Winchester to take the great fall and accept Lucifer as his personal angel. Meg and Ruby had forged a tentative friendship (as much as the concept could hold appeal to demons), bonded through mutual destruction and mass murder. Good times.

It was through this friendship, that she learned a few things about Ruby. Quid pro quo, Ruby knew things about Meg too, but what else was friendship but give and take? Mostly take, ‘cause they were demons, and what one couldn’t give to the other, they took from a third party (notably, humans), and increased their bond that way. Raking her hand through her hair, she tossed it back, looking away from Ruby and focusing on Leoben. She couldn’t help the twitch of distaste that pulled at her lip. Leoben didn’t give a shit about Lucifer, and she’d call him a liar to his face if he said he did.

Pretty fucking poor show, in her estimation, as she looked around. Hardly anyone had the balls to stand up and take hell by the horns. Cowed children the lot of them. Less competition for Alastair, all the better. They could focus on getting Lucifer out of the Cage again. They had achieved so much, and there was more they could do. Meg looked forward to it.

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Arioch hadn’t intended to be the last to enter the hall, but nor did he want to arrive first. Instead, he arrived in company. Gesturing for Ally to walk in front of him, he placed his hand on her back while listening to Ruby’s short tirade about Crowley. She wasn’t wrong about him, he hadn’t been the ruler they needed. Arioch wasn’t sure anyone present was even equipped.

Except himself of course.

Surveying the room, Arioch nodded at first Leoben, then Alastair, both men he had personal relationships with ontop of working. Pulling out a chair for Aelianna, Arioch waited for her to sit while he gathered his wits. If everyone was going to put themselves down as contender’s they’d get no where. It was why he and Leoben had started their campaign long before this meeting had been thought of. The demon wasn’t sure who stood with whom, but he knew his trusted friend would support him.

As far as Arioch was aware, Leoben held no interest in the throne personally; his agenda was always more aligned with controlling the person with the power. By placing the crown upon your head, you placed a target upon your back. Leoben had enough of one as it was.

Most everyone else in the room were exactly what Ruby spoke of. Personal agenda focused. They may not see freeing Lucifer as a personal agenda, but he knew better. It was going to be a matter of convincing everyone that their wants matched his. Both his human life as a gladiator and now a crossroads demon would come in handy.

Ally though, Arioch was not sure where she would let her loyalties fall.

“Alastair would be a good choice. He’s right on some accounts but not so right on others. Lucifer should be freed. But we are not foolish enough to continue to think this will be his permanent domain or focus. He wants Heaven, as is his rightful place. We need to focus on making sure there is a demon in place who supports our Master and seeks to advance our kind.”

Sliding into the seat next to his protege, he lifted his left foot and placed it over his right knee, folding his hands in his lap. “I volunteer my name.”

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In truth she held all the cards. Who was played against who. Who was alive and who was thought dead. And yet as she entered attached to her maker's arm and dressed in the finest silk, Aeliana kept an unreadable face. Spying Alaistar, Aeliana gave him a deep lowering of her head, showing him the respect he deserved for his station. He too had a hand in making her.

Sitting slowly, Aeliana glanced around the room and made notes of all. Those that wanted Lucifer freezer and those who were out for themselves. Ally saw little point yet her main kept was survival. She had to survive. But unlike some she would. The traitor Leoben would be the first.

"And we'd bring holy war down on us," Aeliana spoke finally. "How many times did the Winchester boys bat trusting you around, Ruby?" She inquired. "If it is the will of our new leader to raise our father..." a hand rested on Arioch's knee and gave him a reassuring squeeze. "If our leader agrees to do this task, we must protect our valuable assets on this mission." Again the eyes traveled to Ruby and she smiled. " After all you do know them the best, do you not little dove?"

Every word was chosen with perfect precision. Swallowing she looked at Arioch but did not place her name in. "Should we trust the words OF those that betrayed us all?" She asked eying Leoben who smiled at her comments.

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Leoben was the first to speak after her. Ruby didn’t particularly find that surprising; he was a RED, like Crowley. Buyable, the lot of them. That was why she’d approached him already, but she knew that she wasn’t the only one. Anyone looking to gain or keep power in Hell would have to get as many REDs behind them as They were the ones making the deals, bringing in souls. She didn’t know who else might have approached him, but she wouldn’t be surprised if it was Crowley. So when he spoke, Ruby wasn’t at all certain who he would support. She smirked when it turned out to be to agree with her, even if it was also made clear that he’d never stand behind her as a leader.

Good thing she didn’t want the throne. Unlike a certain RED who definitely lost any support he might have gained from her by questioning Hell’s agenda. She’d find leadership… boring. Ruby liked the intrigue in playing in the shadows.

Before she could educate Leo, Alastair stepped up and did it for her. Now, there was a demon Ruby could find herself getting behind. Even though she’d been on his table, she didn’t hold a grudge. They’d both been playing their parts then, and had done what was required of them. And as the last man standing of the combined reign of Lilith, Alastair, and Azazel, he was the obvious choice to take the lead now. On the other hand, was it perhaps time for young blood to take a turn at things?

“Couldn’t have said it better myself,” she all but purred at him, giving him a small nod of recognition. Ruby listened to him intently, giving him the respect and consideration he deserved. He was definitely a contender in this, but she’d hear out the others before placing her support behind any one demon.

Meg seemed to want someone with the strength to actually accomplish bringing Hell on earth. Ruby shot the other female demon a grin, fondly remembering the destruction the two of them caused. The two of them were clear choices to be trusted allies in bringing about armageddon, and they just needed a leader smart enough to see that. Or manipulatable. Ruby was very good at that, after all.

When Arioch spoke, he surprised her. She’d not had much to do with the RED, though clearly he was on her list of potential allies. Especially since, if rumor was true, he was succeeding in fucking with the Winchesters in some way. Ruby always approved of that, and since Sam Winchester was still plan A and she intended to go after him again, she’d need some help. More importantly, he also understood that their Father would not be satisfied ruling in just Hell. But she also got the feeling that he understood more than that.

Hell needed a ruler that would stop it nothing to release Lucifer. But it also needed one that would empower Hell and keep it on the right path if they failed. So far, Alastair and Arioch were making the best points in the former. Which one would be the best in case of the later?

Ally’s contributions were negligible except for the fact that she irritated Ruby. “I know Sam best,” she agreed archly. “But I’d say there are others who know Dean better.” Another point in Alastair’s favor. But from the sounds of it, Arioch was quickly making himself a presence in the life of the Winchesters through the Harvelles. “But I’m no one’s dove. Test me again and you’ll see that for yourself.”

“And just who are you calling a traitor?” she demanded, propping her hands on her hips and scowling.

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Leoben was the picture of uncaring. Surrounding him were yes people who would enjoy slaughtering him but He also had allies. Being hated by many also meant that a few trusted. He was a game player, some one that moved pieces around until they fell exactly where he wanted them.

Unlike the others He had no problem with not being in charge. Those who were typically ended up dead And the targets were larger. He enjoyed merely getting the next want to be Ke&#036;ha. Eyes falling on the blonde demon lead in by his ally, Leoben couldn't help but snort and feel a smile cross his lips. Arioch had always been the one for entrances and to have the beauty that he had turned walk in front of him was an entrance.

Turning out the ramblings of Ruby as she sided with her "sister", Leoben sighed. "I believe she was referring to me," Leoben pointed out slowly. "And there's no splitting hairs lass, I was. Don't hold back. You definitely didn't when you came to visit me."

Leaving that where it lay, Leoben sighed. "I will be honest." He paused allowing any remarks to be made. "I have no real desire to lead this ramble. After all, Crowley did so and he was killed. If you want that same target on your back so be it."

Holding up his hand, Leoben halted any complaints. "However, what ever our leader decides I will follow it as well...." Eyes meeting each of the other demons there, Leoben allowed his to rest with Ariochs for a moment longer. "To the letter. I swear on the souls of all the poor bastards in this messed up world. "

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Arioch watched with growing annoyance as the topic turned off hand and into insults towards each other. This was exactly why half of the people in the room were not fit to rule Hell. Realistically, no one person was truly fit for their kind was a deceitful and backstabbing group with personal motivations for everything. While he definitely counted himself among those, Arioch wished for Hell to expand its control over the Earth and with Lucifer in Heaven, it would leave plenty of souls tainted with sin to travel to Hell once the Rapture occurred.

The demon knew Lucifer would wipe out all of humanity, and knowing of his distaste for the humans, Arioch expected them to be locked out of Heaven, leaving only a one way ticket expressly south. Tuning back into the conversation, Arioch interrupted the lot before anyone else could continue. “We’re straying from the reason we gathered, unsurprising considering how we tend to operate. While everyone makes valid and thoughtful points, let me take a moment to counter and both ease your minds.”

Looking to Alastair, Arioch nodded to him in respect. “I worked closely under you in the past Alastair, you know my allegiances. While you would be a reputable foe as King, as you said your skill set has a better usage. The King cannot be constantly on the front line, he or she must have their eyes open at all times and trust few. You would not be able to perform your duty and rule with ease. Hell needs you where you are, for many demons fear stepping out of line if it means a place on your table. Remove that and you remove the fear. We all know the younger ones are simply biding their time to make a move.” Reaching for Ally’s hand, Arioch took it in his own and watched her for a moment.

“Hell needs someone who can unite all of us, who can return traitorous brethren to our folds. Strength in numbers, even if we cannot fully trust all.” His eyes passed over Leoben and moved towards Meg.” It needs someone who will go head to head with the other supernatural beings.” Last resting on Ruby, Arioch knew she was the one who would need the most convincing, the one who had the most sway as she had called this meeting. “One who does not fear taking on hunters. While you both may know the Winchesters, an indirect route is sometimes more beneficial than direct.” Standing, he moved towards the head of the table and spread his palms on the surface.

“I generally do not make my deals known, though they are recorded in Hell’s books nonetheless. I’m sure some of you at the table had heard tale of Joanna Harvelle’s crippling accident with Hellhounds, and of her miraculous recovery. How devastating it will be when found out she made a deal for her legs, one she has no hope of escaping from. Or that the angel Americe has found herself indebted to me for a very long deal in the making when I helped her to ‘escape’ from Hell years ago. Who knows what these can do for us, but they are cards nicely settled into our sleeves for use.”

Standing straight, Arioch pondered his closing statement on how to gain what he wanted. “A King cannot truly rule alone, Crowley has shown how easy it is to fail in that way. If we work together, a very different outcome from last time is all but guaranteed. What is a King without support from the court? Dead, as history as so aptly proven.”

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