The Family that Hunts Together

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the CONNOLY family
kiss me i'm drunk or irish or something

The Connolys are the most dysfunctional family you will ever know. Currently living in a run-down three bedroom house in Chicago, they've got a drunk ex-hunter for a father, a mother that left, and a long backstory with the Chicago police force. Now, everyone's just trying to hold the family together, but hunting families never have it very easy, do they?

patrick scott connoly
(William H. Macy)

Since the first day that he held his first child in his arms, Patrick knew that he didn't like kids. A hunter for half his life, and a heavy drinker for longer, he was never exactly father of the year. He spent most of their childhood's on the road, leaving his wife in charge of their growing, dysfunctional brood, so no one was surprised when she packed up and left when their youngest was still a toddler.

If anyone had thought that loosing his wife would bring him home, they would be sadly mistaken. Patrick began to rely on Tara to take charge while he drove around the country, hunting all day and drinking himself into a stupor all night. The only thing he ever did do for his kids was teach them how to hunt themselves, and he's never going to let them forget how he "taught those ungrateful bastards everything they know".

Now, however, he'd decided to retire from hunting, and move back into his house. His kids, however, have a different idea.

tara catherine connoly
(Emmy Rossum)

The oldest of the Connoly children, Tara never had it easy. She knew her father as the drunk guy who occasionally came home to eat and teach her to use a shotgun, and her mother spent more time drinking cocktails and talking on the phone than being an actual mother, so it fell to her to act as the parental unit for her younger siblings. She juggled a part time job, high school, and keeping her family together until her junior year, when her mother walked out the door and never came back. She never graduated, having to do everything she can to make enough money for the family to eat, until Sean figured out how to use credit card fraud to keep them alive.

A few years ago, when she trusted her younger siblings to not burn the house down, she picked up hunting full-time. She even found her father and worked with him, but gave up on him after a few months. Even in a fight, she couldn't trust her father to have her back.

She still comes home as often as she can, usually never more than a day's drive away in case of an emergency. She refuses to say that she's abandoning the family, but sometimes wonders if she's going to turn into her father before too long.

sean mitchell connoly
(Jeremy Allen White)

Sean has always had two things going for him: his brains, and his ability to escape from a cop car while still handcuffed. Both have come in handy many, many times.

As the resident genius of the family, Sean has always been the one to manage the cash flow, which is often less than legal. From ripping off kids at school, to underground gambling, to figuring out how to make money from credit card fraud, he's always made sure that the family stayed under police radar. He graduated from high school two years ahead, and even took a few community college classes before getting bored with them and dropping out.

Now Sean acts as the resident hunting expert for the family, and any other hunters that manage to get ahold of him. He's got a huge collection of lore, occult supplies, and weapons, which he'll gladly give you... for a price. Quite the juvenile delinquent himself, he's who you want to go to if you're having trouble with law enforcement, which is also going to cost you. He's started going on hunts with Tara when she lets him, but his base of operations is still their house.

caleb nathaniel connoly
(Cameron Monaghan)
RESERVED by Victoria

If there was such thing as a straight-edge Connoly, Caleb would be the closest. He loves his family, but doesn't often approve of their illegal dealings and dysfunctional way of life. He acts as the voice of reason, the collective family conscious, which means that he almost always gets ignored.

Though he never idealized his drunk father, Caleb always had it in his head that hunting was a noble way of life, and from a very young age trained to shoot and fight. Tara forced him to finish high school refusing to let him hunt until he had a GED, but now he's graduated and ready for action. He's definitely the most selfless person in the family, but he's still a kid, and his heroics can quickly become dangerous if he makes a stupid move. He always means well, but doesn't have the experience that he needs to be a great hunter yet.

Though Tara doesn't like it, she often lets him come along when she goes on hunts. She still makes him stay in the car if she thinks things are getting too dangerous, but he's beginning to prove himself as useful in a fist fight or a shoot-out.

abigail marie connoly
(Emma Kenney)
TAKEN by Charley

At the age of four, Abigail could cook an entire family dinner. At six, she knew how to use the washer and dryer. While her older siblings dealt with making money, hunting demons, and running from the cops, Abigail learned how to run the household like a small, obsessive-compulsive mother.

Abigail doesn't have actual OCD (that they know of, she's never been tested), she's always got a system. The bath towels are folded just so and stacked by color. Every cabinet and drawer in the kitchen has a label of its contents. The food in the refrigerator are alphabetized. Learn to follow her rules, and she'll make sure you always have clean clothes and a hot meal. Screw up her system, and she is going to come at you like a spider monkey.

dustin james connoly
(Ethan Cutkosky)
TAKEN by Dean

No one's really sure what's wrong with Dustin, but something about him is... off. Maybe it's the fact that his first word was "fuck". Maybe it's because he had his first DUI at the age of nine.

Whatever it is, Dustin's probably not the kid you want to underestimate, and definitely not the kid you want to turn your back on. As the baby of the family, he never got a whole lot of attention or coddling, having to fend for himself even since he could walk. He grew up thinking that his family was normal, and therefor grew up with a gun under his pillow and a healthy distrust of authority figures. He's constantly in trouble at school for fighting, disrespecting teachers, or lighting things on fire, but with no real parent to look after him, he just gets worse and worse. He is, essentially, a serial killer waiting to happen.


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Reserving Dustin James Connoly omg yessss not that he's representative of anything. *shifty look*

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Someone take Caleb and Abby! They're awesome!

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