Re-Educating a Rebel

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Date: June 21st, 2014
City: Raphael's Stronghold
State: Heaven
Synopsis: Having captured the leader of the rebellion, Raphael's lieutenants plan to change his ways and thus end the war peacefully.

Ramiel was deeply troubled.

Not with having captured Castiel; they all knew that he was the key to this Civil War. Without him, his followers would get muddled, confused by their so called "free will" and lay down their arms and return to the fold. They hoped. But it was a hope, not a certainty. That was why, even though most were in favor of killing Castiel out right, cooler heads (including his own) had advised caution. Perhaps just taking him would inspire the end of the rebellion, but if it did not then they could still use Castiel to that end.

And that was what troubled Ramiel. The concept of re-education for angels.

He had no scruples to using such a thing, but the fact that such a thing was necessary alarmed him. Angels were not created the way humans were, without an inherent sense of purpose. They called it free will but Ramiel felt sympathy for them, that they must struggle to find fulfillment and purpose when his kind were created with it ingrained in them.

Of course, there were always those who lost their way. Lucifer being the most notorious, but far from the only. Despite the circumstances, Ramiel's lips quirked at the thought of Sariel's particular weakness. But such a thing wasn't inherent in them, but brought about by another of God's creations. Jealousy of humans, lust for them, sympathy with them. Ramiel didn't question God's purpose in creating angels one way and humans another. He cared for the humans as God had commanded upon their creation, and never had a problem with their respective roles in God's plan. But he'd lately began wondering in His purpose in allowing them to mingle. Was his Father testing his and his bretheren's steadfastness? Was the recent silence from Him punishment for failing? And, if they had failed... what happened to them next?

Putting this musing aside for the moment, Ramiel returned his attention to the problem at hand. Castiel. He suspected that the other angel would be a hard conversion, but didn't voice this thought. Ramiel, of course, wouldn't take part in the actual re-education himself. That was Belial's domain, and no one but a master should be trusted with this. They couldn't risk breaking Castiel. But he and the soldiers with him were fighting a war, and any information they could get out of him would be beneficial.

Ramiel nodded to Belial respectfully. "Brother. While I would not impose upon your work, or insist on a formal interrogation, might I suggest we use this opportunity to the benefit of the war effort?" he inquired, before turning his gaze to the subject himself. "Hello, brother," he greeted the rebel, his tone serious and a tad regretful that Castiel had chosen a path that had lead to this.

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Belial had not been present for the capture of his brother, but he knew it would occur nonetheless. While Ramiel was not one he was fond of, the angel knew how to perform his tasks to the fullest and would see it completed. By focusing on Castiel, Ramiel’s attentions were kept elsewhere and for the Warden of Heaven’s prison, that was appealing.

It gave the angel the perfect cover to look into other dealings. While he would explain his dealings on pretense of new re-education methods, Belial had ventured to Earth on his own for signs were being laid out. Old signs that had not been used for years. Unfortunately they were nothing but a dead end at this juncture. The angel would watch more closely.

He did not rejoice that Castiel had been caught finally. While it was a boon for ‘his side’, Belial was more focused on the vulnerability that would bring his side closer to the Winchesters. Lucfier's most loyal supporterl would contact his associate once the dependency upon him had died down. He would be able to utilize this time to his advantage while Belial worked upon his brother. They would be able to begin anew the plan to mold Lucifer’s true vessel. It had always been Samuel that would have to consent first, for all angels knew that Dean would save his brother by any means. Sam had occasionally shown the same devotion, but he was more damaged, more breakable.

A speciality both he and his associate were masters of.

With Castiel in his hands, Belial would walk the line of what Raphael wanted, and what he could uncover for himself. He had little hope that his brother would be properly re-educated but that simply meant his time in Belial’s prison would never cease. Castiel would never return to the filth of the world. He would be an example of why not to cross Raphael and his forces. At least until their true leader returned.

Entering the room, his eyes roamed over Castiel chained to a table similar to what Alastair had once been bound to. A large metal table was next to him, various tools placed upon the top in an orderly fashion. Rolling up his sleeves slowly, he did not acknowledge feeling the other presence in the room. “Do not interrupt this process, Ramiel. If I find your presence to be deterring to my work I will have you removed from this room. This is not a kind meeting to witness upon a sibling. There is no sympathy until the sins have been cleansed. You may speak in place of our missing sister while I work.” Moving to the side of the table, Belial’s eyes slid from the tools back up to Castiel.

“Brother, you know why you are here and what you have done. Do you wish now to repent of your sins, pledge full fealty to our brother and cause. To come back to our side without using difficult methods to make you see truth. This will be the only time the offer is presented to you.”

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He would not break. No matter what, he would not break. He couldn't. Getting himself captured was bad enough, he wouldn't humiliate himself further by giving in to whatever tortures were concocted. Castiel was already prepared for most of them, having gone through this unpleasantness before, though he figured that it would be infinitely more severe this time around. He didn't even glance around the room he was being kept in, just stared at the ceiling. Even chained down, he was going to make this difficult for them, even if it caused him more pain.

He could not break.

When his captors spoke, he finally focused on them. So they were going to pump him for information. That wasn't a surprise. In fact, Cas had almost expected it. He wouldn't give them anything. Not if he could help it. Even if they swore the pain would stop if he gave them answers. Protecting humanity, protecting his friends, was worth the pain they'd inflict.

He focused on Belial when he was addressed. Honestly, he was shocked he was even being given a choice in the matter. Not that he cared, not that the offer made any difference to Cas's personal resolution. He would not break. He would not give them what they wanted. And he would not abandon his friends, his companions, his soldiers. He would not abandon humanity.

“I will never join you.”

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Belial did not take kindly to Ramiel's suggestion. It was a pity; there was much they could learn from Castiel. His forces were vulnerable without him, but it was too much to hope for that they would stand down. Still, Raphael's forces would spread the word of Castiel's capture. Perhaps some of them would lose their faith in him.

Even if they didn't Bel was right. There was pleanty of time after his conversion to question Castiel. Once his allegiance was assured, he was likely to be more honest with them anyway. In the mean time, Ramiel was here to receive any information Castiel might feel the need to divulge during conversion.

Ramiel nodded sagely as Belial made the offer to Castiel. He'd be wise to accept it, but the angel knew he would not. As misguided as he was, one did not start a war without the strength of conviction. “Then I am afraid you leave us no choice, Castiel,” Ramiel said sadly, stepping away to allow Bel room to work.