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OTR has a large number of epic moments and characters, and here is where they will be honored. To get placed here, a person or event or thread must have won an award in the official polls. Winners and categories will be updated after every vote.
Most Entertaining Threads
A Very Supernatural Hangover
The One Where They Are Strippers
Someone Give Me an Amen
No Evil
The Birds & The Bees

Biggest Badasses
Jo Harvelle
Lisa Braeden
Charley Dekker
Robin Rice
Leslie Hicks
Annie Fletcher

Best Duos
Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle
Ramiel and Americe
Steve Tolbert and Becky Rosen
Jim Ruger and Bela Talbot
Charley & Rory Dekker

Best Quotes
"Of course, this matters little as if you continue to obstruct me in my quest for the weapons, I will damage your vessel. Repeatedly." - Virgil in Had Enough
"Foot loose. How did one's foot become loose? They certainly weren't detachable." - Ramiel in The Night Will Go As Follows
"Maybe someone should stay on land. You know, to provide not drowned backup. And research. From. The, uh. From the library. In case we need more researchy library things." - Dean Winchester in The Shipped Gold Standard
"Eyes shot to Jo quickly as she finished her statement. “...Trouble..?” She began to giggle almost hysterically. “Trouble has already found you.”" Salome in Higitus Figitus
"Please, please, Bela, I'll give you whatever you want if you get this plane on the ground right now." Already bargaining. Yeesh. If only Alastair had known, Dean would have broken within five minutes in hell. "I'll give you money. Silk sheets. Twenty minutes alone with Sam. Anything!"" - Dean in Fear of Flying

Best Kills
Sam Winchester vs Ghouls in The Soulless, the Angelic and the Trapped

Best D'aww Moments
Ramiel and Americe in Look After You

Most Likely to Die (In Horrible or Hilarious Ways)
Parker Dorian

The Villain Award of Villainy
Valko Maksimov

The This Is Based On A Horror Show Award
Disposable Heroes
Blood Never Lies

Best Enemies
Valko Maksimov vs. Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle

Favorite AU
Depressingverse - Five years after Dean said yes to Michael, Sam and Jo lead a small rebellion against the angel overlords. The opposite of The End.

Best Ressurection
Ash Miles - Stealing the Holy Grail

Best Family Members
Dean Winchester and Ben Braedan

Biggest Douchebag
Nathan Ocean

Biggest Hero
Oliver Cross
Thomas Lincoln

Worst Life Decisions
Sam Winchester

Favorite Ship
Rory and Charley Dekker
Dean Winchester and Jo Harvelle
Jim Ruger and Bela Talbot

Most Awkward Moment
Steve drops a condom in front of Bela in Wishful Thinking

The Feels Award
Rory tells his wife and her family his secret, and breaks everybody's hearts in This is the End

Favorite Member Achievement
Laena and Nat having the longest running thread on the board.