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[color=626B73]HAS COME TO LIFE[/color]
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If I gave you the truth, Would it keep you alive?
Though I'm closer to wrong, I'm no further from right.
And now I'm convinced on the inside that something's wrong with me.

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I guess there's [color=626B73]twenty-one hours to waste,
and [color=626B73]"Fishy"[/color] would love to spend it with you.
Cops are saying trauma after [color=626B73]nine[/color].
The spirit attached itself to [color=626B73]Ethan Corvell[/color].
Take a left on Broadway after [color=626B73]returning from the dead~[/color].
After all planes crash,
and apparently clowns kill.[/color]
[color=626B73]JUST WHEN EVERY DAY[/color]
• • •Nicknames: "Casper", Cas, Cassie
• • •Age: 119 (Died at 19)
• • •Birthdate: May Sixth, 1893
• • •Occupation: Respectively Dead
• • •Sexuality: Heterosexual
• • •Hometown: Houston, Renfrewshire Scotland
• • •Character Type: Creature (Ghost)
• • •Play By: Brant Daughtery
[color=626B73]SUNSPOTS HAVE FADED[/color]
• • •Talents:
  • A man of merry-making and fun! Jude is a proud and joyous Scotsman who enjoys singing and dancing in the joy of ale. Pretty much your elaborate way of saying he enjoys singing and dancing whilst drunk. Though back in his day there were organized drinking shanties that he and his mates would sing, boasting a gleeful volume and dancing according to their culture's practice.

    Being a third class citizen and often times spending his nights at the pub; Jude got into a fair share of a fist-cuffs or two. Though Jude has no formal training or knows any confirmed practices, he does know how to handle himself in a brawl. Most of his punches are sluggers and there's more body checking that fancy foot-work, he can throw a few hits and used to be able to take a good few too.

    Growing up as a third class citizen and eventually living a live of the undead. Jude has come to be a professional thief, which on more than one occasion he has used his abilities to aid his quest into finding riches or breaking into interesting places. These skills have made him able to pick-pocket, pick locks and even break into more secure buildings. Though since the days of the living, his ghostly presence helps him evade the security of electrical mechanisms used in modern times. Jude is a bit of a treasure-hunter for his own satisfied wealth, even if it's technically useless for him to have.

    Jude actually loves a ghost and often times uses that to his advantage in order gain entertainment. He likes to get a rise out of the living, upholding typical stereotypes of hauntings. Though no intended harm aside from those he's meant to kill. He has all kinds of clever ways to frighten people, bringing out an intuitive and rather creative scheming process. This is now more of a hobby to him than a skill. Though his preferred methods of death are by fright and not the same means by which he was murdered.

    One of Jude's personal interest used to be creative writing, which he rather admired. He keeps a journal to record his adventures or his short thoughts with stories or scattered poetry. With his journal and methods of expression via pen. Jude is quite articulate and capable of expressing himself as well as a thoughtful memory of his experiences and endeavors. His journal serves as his 'totem' the item in which his spiritual presence is powered by, this was a journal that was kept prior to his death and continuously writes in his after-life.</li>
• • •Special Knowledge:
  • Though he doesn't specialize in a specific era or time. Jude is geared towards recollecting history considering he's been through it, but only up till about 1890's, anything before that is out of the question. He's very in tune with different cultures and how societies progressed over time due to the fact he's lived so long. He has an excelled databank of different places and the history of it, which those facts can be used for leisure entertainment when speaking to a group of people.

    Through Elizabeth and well, his own circumstance. Jude knows a whole assortment of witchcraft spells and lores dating all the way back into the late 1880's. Though fictitious and often times believe to be farse. Jude knows the real truth about witchcraft and though he's familiar with practices, it's not something he performs. Jude's knowledge specifically comes in handy for identifying witch-crafted traps, remedies and spells of protection as well as circumstances of harm considering Elizabeth practiced dark magic under the reign of a red-eyed demon.

    Being alive for over a century and being aware of his presence as a ghost, Jude has extensive knowledge of the occult, not only in America, but other countries as well. Though this knowledge is usually limited to the common knowledge that can be collected over time and the the indefinite of what is definable. It's highly unlikely that Jude is aware of higher powers or even the existence of beings that are ancient or fairly uncommon. Things like angels or even the presence of gods probably elude him unless given an experience that educates him.

    Working in the shipyard, Jude knows a lot about the craft steel-welding. Though his training and practice is a little antiquated compared to the technology they use to build ships today. This understanding of steel-work gives Jude a particular knowledge about steel and metal related craftsmanship, as well as ratios for temperatures in which these steels can melt or become malleable. With welding comes minuet engineering and architectural perspective as well as the knowledge of welding safety and use of proper equipment.

    Growing up in a Mill in Scotland, Jude knows a lot about wheat agriculture and how to harvest it in order to produce grain. Once again this is a rather antiquated skill that might not mirror the efficient modern process. With this knowledge of how to plant, grow and harvest wheat; this knowledge extends to some know how about different soils and how weather can affect the growth of certain plants.

    Travelling abroad has helped Jude gain a multicultural perspective of the world, though unless he frequently visits the information he has about diverse cultures in other countries might be a little outdated. With this expression of a variety of beliefs and practices, some of these ideals benefit Jude in his afterlife as well as impart knowledge upon those who wish to learn. Being in other counters also gave him the advantage to speak other languages, though most are not fluent. Jude can mostly speak fluent German, Gaelic, Norwegian and French, which the rest remains broken with mild understanding to translate and speak.</li>
• • •Powers and Vulnerabilities:
  • As a ghost that is a manifestation of the afterlife, Jude has some ghostly abilities that allow him to be a part of the supernatural. Jude is a 'Vengeful Spirit', driven by and obsessed with seeking some sort of resolution to his murder in life. This vengeance is what keeps him on the earthly plain and not passing on. With this ghostly presence, Jude is naturally intangible. In order to become tangible or 'solid' Jude must experience a strong emotion of rage or complete focus/tranquility. With this tangible manifestation, Jude cannot alter his body temperature and his skin if pallor with the presence of death. Jude's form doesn't change, age or rot, but stays in the current state in which he died.

    Jude's presence often times alters his environment. When a ghost is present in an area, it promotes electrical disturbances such as faltering lights, dropped cell signals and visual distortions in cameras. Despite the controlled temperature of a place, Jude's presence there will significantly drop it to a chill. Though these temperatures don't meet or exceed freezing point, it can be pretty uncomfortable. The chill is what promotes a fearful sense of spiritual presence, when the hair stands up on the back of your neck.

    As a spirit, Jude is able to 'detect' other spiritual, magical and demonic presences, much like a psychic, but through channels of having been dead. This spiritual perception also enables ghosts to see creatures, even extremely powerful beings that are invisible. Jude, himself can turn invisible, but can't remain invisible to those who might have spiritual perception. His mind isn't limited by sight, but Jude can move objects with his thoughts. Though this is severely limited given the circumstances of his intangible being; his telekinesis is limited to throwing lamps and slamming doors nothing of heavier value.

    Though intangible, spirits are capable of speed and strength. Though a lot of ghosts are empowered by their emotions or driven with energy. Jude's speed can move at the speed of light, abruptly with no way of predetermining his direction. This process can also move into teleportation. Jude can effectively teleport through short distances at the blink of an eye. These distances aren't limited by solid objects, gravitational direction or barriers such as walls or doors. Ghosts are known to have super-human strength with the capacity to 'brawl' with higher beings such as Demons and even Leviathans.

    Vengeful Ghosts usually can draw their power and maintain subsistence through material objects. These objects hold a lot of power, but also a lot of weakness. Whilst these objects are intact, they ghost can manifest, reappear and maintain power. However, if the object is destroyed that means permanent death and passing over regardless the state of Jude's afterlife mission.

    When solid, electricity passes and causes the same effects if a human being were electrified, though it cannot lead to death it's an extremely painful process which doesn't have a termination because Jude cannot die. Though the electricity can only be caught when he's solid, it traps him in his tangible state until the source is moved or the voltage has left his body. Like a normal person is arrests his motor functions and seizes all movement.

    If solid and shot in the head, much like electricity, it traps Jude in his solid like-state, except instead of being comprehensive, it petrifies him until the bullet is removed. However, being shot with a weapon like The Colt will result in immediate death.

    Salt, Jude cannot cross or even teleport over a salt barrier. His ghost powers won't work across it because salt is the witchcraft barrier to protect on from ghost harm. Salting all entrances of a room, but not the walls will create a barrier, which Jude is incapable of crossing, even through a wall. A good way to trap or deter Jude is with a salted circle, which can be drawn on the floor. Use of rock salt in weaponry can dispel and cause a ghost to dissipate.

    This only applies to things that are pure iron. Anything like an iron fire pocket, to iron shells or iron daggers are incapable of harming Jude, but they cause his spectral silhouette to disperse into smoke, staying that way for several minutes. The iron object must PASS THROUGH his spectral form, not around it or near it, but through it in order to have these affects. Being in solid form, stabbed or shot with iron objects will cause a similar result.

    A ghost's bones can be salted and burned in order to put the ghost to permanent rest. If his bones were salted and burned, it'd put him to rest without any capability of being back. To permanently put him to rest, he can also resolve his issue which means killing everyone in The Harrison bloodline.

    Other ghosts stands a higher chance in killing each other. Considering they have parallel talents. Though in a battle both ghosts can potentially kill each other, there is a possibility that one ghost can eliminate the other becoming stronger from surviving the encounter. All ghosts, much like demons cannot walk on holy grounds. Encountering holy ground will destroy them unless they're stronger than average. However things like religious relics and holy water have no effect on them.</li>
• • •Reputation:
  • Jude isn't entirely reputable in life nor death. His quest originally sprouted in Belfast, Ireland 1912. His presence in the country wasn't vastly known due to the nature of his hauntings. Considering Jude has been tracking down the kin of the man who murdered him, the quest has brought him to different parts of the world. These murders span from a variety of countries over a segment of time. Unless someone was specifically looking up A Harrison murder to see centuries of murders, the existence of Jude and his mission are otherwise minuet and undetectable. Though alive for a relatively long time, Jude hasn't made a legendary impact on the world or in one place.

    When Jude was alive, he wasn't well-known either, if anything he was looked down upon. As a third class Scottsman, Jude and his family were considered riff-raff among popular society. His life didn't make an outstanding impact in his earlier years aside from being a well-loved son and brother. Though practically faceless in the spans of time, Jude Kingston's name is enlisted with many Scottish, Irish and European workers that steel-welded H. M. S. Titanic.

    "Casper, The Friendly Ghost" is quite famous and well-known name from a 1990's on franchise about ghosts for family entertainment. Though Jude is probably the farthest from a friendly ghost, he rather adores the allusion and title that relates to this franchise. Of course he enjoys the impression that such a title and reference to a lovable character makes him seem friendly.</li>
• • •Personality:
  • Jude is a complicate, which his polar personality can almost fool someone into believing he's perfectly harmless. His willpower is exceedingly strong, particularly in his after-life considering Jude is very good at organizing his priorities even resisting the urges that are inflicted with his after-life agenda. Though being a vengeful ghost comes with powerful 'ticks' that need to be satisfied --which in his case is killing what's left of the Harrison family--, he's successfully been able to pursue other ambitions than just the one. His willpower can make him aggravatingly stubborn, often times set in his ways, opinions with very little mind for open ideals or listening to others' guidance. He's in constant turmoil because Jude doesn't want to necessarily "die". Jude doesn't know the full details of Elizabeth's "contract" with the red-eyed demon over Jude's life, which her soul was sold and taken upon her death. It's not in Jude's knowledge that upon killing the last Harrison, Elizabeth's soul was exchanged for his mortality to live again and live the life that was stolen from him.

    He's rather social and outgoing, probably very verbal for your typical specter of the dead. Jude is only quite when he intends to have his presence unknown or he's 'hunting' a kill. Considering he tries to stick his supernatural murders to strictly Harrisons, he's pretty welcome and open to meeting new people; even if this could possibly draw negative attention. However, despite his social and rather forward personality; Jude is a deviant and not always on the good side. Jude isn't completely adamant against killing and it could be for numerous reasons --some even inflicted by that 'tick'--. If an individual is obstructing him from killing a Harrison or preventing him from narrowing his search his attitude towards that person can become malevolent and promote premeditated murder. These abrupt 'binges' cause him to 'snap' and can act maliciously against his typical character. It's a small price to pay for being alive. It probably doesn't help that Jude has the stereotypical Scottish anger. Though he doesn't have anger issues, he can get fiery and argumentative about things he's passionate about. Jude can be a blatant stater of the obvious or an abusive sarcastic.

    Ironically, Jude sees the essence of life in death. Though bound by his purpose in the afterlife, Jude also likes abusing his abilities in order to explore the world, pursuing other dreams he might have not accomplished otherwise. He actually enjoys being dead despite the hiccups and catches that come with it. Jude has a rather strong opinion about the after-life and almost acts as an advocate on behalf of the spiritual realm. However his attitude and demeanor often times has him mocking his fellow 'ghosts' due to their limited rather antiquated guidelines of haunting. For the most part he seems prospectively 'fearless' towards most of his counterparts in the spiritual community. He's not opposed to helping eliminate a few 'free-loaders' either.

    Jude in basic terms is a 'meat-lover', no it doesn't mean he's a cannibal. He has a rather odd and ritualistic tendency to indulge himself in very 'human' activities. His vices consist of theft, remaining tangible for long periods of time and even struggling through the concept of eating real human food. He takes offense to most people who comment or intrude on his unorthodox way of living. How dare you tell him how to be a ghost. Jude likes to mostly do his gallivanting at night, to hide the fact he looks sickly and even pallor-dead, his tendency to 'pass' these days aren't very high in broad daylight.

    He loves fright and having control. Jude adores frightening people and 'rustling their jimmies'. He likes having the upper hand and having people feel helpless in his presence. A lot of this has to do with the imposed reflection of how helpless he felt dying on the behalf of Elizabeth. He doesn't like to feel out of control in most situations because he feels threatened which bring up paranoid and anxious feelings of possible death. Kind of like a ghost Posttraumatic stress disorder. In these circumstances Jude tends to either lash out or 'vanish' in order to avoid these uncomfortable situations.

    Jude is a romantic, though foul-mouthed with a thick accent, he isn't afraid to appraise or comment upon appealing female anatomy. Though Jude doesn't have the intentions of actually engaging in intimacy with living beings, he doesn't neglect to comment on their beauty. In regards to personal feelings; Jude does often times feel lonely. Though he doesn't follow the typical bullshit "i don't get close to people because they all die'; he adores making comrades and keeping company of living creatures --human or animal-- and enjoys their company memorably until the day they die. His controversy with actual romance is that he is dead and unless he finds another ghost who feels the same as him the market for potential romances is very slim. He acknowledges and accepts the fact that not many people are keen on having relations with a dead man.

    Exploration and adventure are probably Jude's top two personality weaknesses. Though he's burdened with his 'tick', Jude always seeks opportunity in light of learning new things. He especially likes learning about history and civilization; understanding how one thing lead to another. His prolonged years to life can make him relatively apathetic, considering he's 'been there, done that', but his experiences often times bring the best cause for good advice.</li>
[color=626B73]HOW WOULD I KNOW[/color]
• • •Family:
  • Augustus Kingston (Father) -- Deceased
    Odette Kingston-Lowery (Mother) -- Deceased
    Finnley Kingston (Eldest Brother) -- Deceased
    Heath Kingston (Older Brother) -- Deceased
    Lorelei Kingston (Younger sister) -- Deceased
    Bernadette Kingston (Younger Sister) -- Deceased
    Maebe Kingston (Youngest Sister) -- Deceased
    Loegen Kingston (Youngest Brother -- Deceased</li>
• • •History:
"He'd live forever till he exacted his revenge. Through revenge as victim kills kin, he'd gain a second chance at the life which had been stolen from him."
It's amazing how people can love you one minute, than utterly hate you the next. When you're alive, living your life it was all about reputation and expectation. I was born in a rather rough time, it was all about social class and what kind of money you had in your pockets. May Sixth, 1893 I was born into a third class family, several brothers and sisters which it was difficult to presume why I turned out the way I did . What would a nineteen year old Scotsman be doing as a spectral banshee in the after life anyway? Well it's a long story really, so let's was well start at the beginning. My father was a mills worker, planted grain and ground it to make wheat. My mother a seamstress,working late into the afternoon. Growing up was always hard especially when it came to poverty and respect. Being Scottish and being third class practically made you invisible. Treated you like a dog or some sort of dirt mound on the ground.

Not that there was anything wrong with living a life without luxury, it just meant you knew how to work hard. My father was the type to look like he was worked beyond his age, yet he always gave us such insightful ways to keep hope. My mother though let the hardship get to her, usually very quiet, but always had some kind of story to gently tuck her children into dreams at night. Both of my parents took care of me, my brothers and sisters very well. We lived in a farm house just outside town, which we used the mill to earn out rent to pay the tax collector. He seemed to own everything in town, what a prestigious yet greedy man. It seemed that people who had all to give, tended to give very little and those with very little tended to give all. The people of my town were slowly falling out of place due to poverty, which he eagerly kicked families out to die. Their children went to orphanages, forced to work on occasion. If life were fair good people wouldn't suffer, but it seemed that the world of luxury was built on people who were suffering.

So hatred was a theme that would rule the entire world for decades I learned, but back then I was a little too eager and hopeful to think otherwise. Not until I met Elizabeth Bess-Jennings. Mr. Jennings of the gold miner Jennings in Iowa. It seemed that a lot of people were fond of going to America in order to seek their good fortune, which Elizabeth had her family blessed. They were English, supported by an English family in America. I had met her after I actually enlisted into the shipyard. I was fifteen, but could pass for a young man of sixteen in 1907. A lot of the wealthy moved to Ireland in order to witness a monument being built. A lot of the first class potential passengers watched it like a hawk, contributing to the committees, making sure the historical ship was claimed to be luxurious as promised. Elizabeth was different, out of the box and quite unorthodox compared to what was considered acceptable amongst the people of her society.

She was quite interested in the ancient art of witchcraft and lore. Though that was only illegal and even punishable by death to practice in the 1300's, it still seemed like taboo in this day, so she kept it a secret, only exposing it to me after we became friends. It was a very tedious friendship, given she simply saw me at the shipyard one day, deciding to ask me if the steel was any good. Women and their rather oblivious curiosity, but a part of me thought it was all for play. Given it was highly unreasonable to see a woman study in a scholarly education past women's charm school. Dressed up like dolls and playing the same routine like clock work. Elizabeth was honestly very different which is why she probably gave me a bargain in friendship. Though it was awful hard given the fact she needed to slip out on her own to visit or lie about where she was going. Plus there were some places a lady ought not to go alone. I didn't have any idea the kind of life she lived and she probably didn't have the faintest idea of mine, but we still remained friends.

Though, things changed. With the seasons passing Elizabeth would go back to London, sending post in order to keep in contact with me, returning in the summer to check up on her beloved voyage. Regardless of our friendship, Elizabeth was always going to pursue her dreams and I knew the day I met her, she would leave. So it was the night before launch. Elizabeth wanted to see me before she left for America, can you believe that we've already been friends for about four years? As said many times before, a lady of her position shouldn't be in the streets at night. I was walking Elizabeth to her home, typical night with watch on patrol, but regardless of lampost lights and patrol, there was always someone eager enough to steal from the wealthy. In my opinion Elizabeth was a kind and charitable person, especially since she dedicated her time to forming our friendship. We were approached by a man who desired to take her possessions, probably have his way with her, but I simply would not allow it. I was no gentlemen and I knew how to brawl with my hands dirty when the time called for it. I lunged and fought, but the man was a step ahead of me with a gun underneath his waist coat. One pull of the trigger and I was dead at nineteen April Ninth, 1912.

So how does someone comes to life 119 years later? Well you see, I died. The gunshot and murder was enough to scare the mugger off as the patrol gravitated towards the disturbance, but now see, I was dead. Elizabeth wasn't fond of it at all and if anything I never witnessed her cry so much before in my entire life. A little bit of witchcraft and willpower: revenge solves everything. Dying might have been a part of life, but unfair murder was just uncalled for. Too many good people died for the sake of sin. Elizabeth performed a ritual which tied my soul to a contract, one which would end if I hunted down and killed the man who murdered me with all of his kin. She had dealt with a red demon, or so the story goes and brought my soul back. Anything really to see me alive. I didn't really have a chance to speak to Elizabeth given the fact that I was still trying to an control over my new found life and the abilities I inherited in the after-life. She sailed April Tenth 1912 on the Titanic, to America. Elizabeth solemnly sunk with the ship three days later. As for the man who murdered me, never found him. By now he probably died, having children and passing on his blood, which now it's my mission to slaughter them. The worst part is that I don't even know his name. So I'm drawing blanks here, trying to figure out who to kill and the path to follow.

So how did Jude Liam Kingston end up as Casper the ghost? How did he end up looking like a zombie kid translucent and then normal the next? You see, not every ritual of life and death is pretty. Elizabeth pretty much did some unspeakable things, particularly in that time, where the ritual requires the body. In a sense, the mirror image of your true self is everything you're supposed to be. Dead, morbid, gross. Not that you can touch me and feel organs spilling out, but I am marked as a dead man, walking. Sorry I always just wanted to use that line even if it's a death row reference. Living for a long time, you kind of spend the years learning about humanity. They invented cell phones and women eventually could vote. Stuff like that. Jude was changed to Casper seventeen years ago. 1995 the first 'ghost' move of Casper came out. I actually paid to go see in in theatres. Oi? Why would a ghost go to pay to see movies and stuff? I might have not aged at all, but I still lived life. Practiced my abilities and eventually I could remain tangible for hours. I did all kinds of things growing up. Watched the evolution of heroism rise from ashes, explored the great wall of China and even back-packed through East India. So I didn't dedicate my entire after-life existence to killing the man who shot me, even if it haunts me every waking moment. In a sense I found it opportunity to do anything and everything I always drempt of doing.

I honestly have not been to America until recently. Even if in my day it was the country of dreams. I spent everywhere else, it seemed to explore the country everyone was fleeing to. So I got on a boat, nothing as epic as the Titanic, considering there was nothing like that since it sunk and went over to America. First stop was New York City. It was an exciting and new place, but nothing like Tokyo. Less crowded too. So I happened to get an idea about this whole detective work and forensics stuff. It was pretty new in the 1960's, but people can actually take the bullet you've been shot with and trace if back to the kind of gun it was an who purchased it where. Pretty nifty huh? Gawsh, it was amazing. So by 2009, I found out the Sir Edmund Harrison, who lost all his profit in the stocks 1911 was the man who shot me. About a few months later he was found in an alleyway, death by starvation. He has a son William Harrison who actually stayed in an orphanage, eventually making a multimillion dollar corporation distributing railway supplies. From then on he had a son, generations passed one hundred and nineteen years later and the Harrison Family was a huge hierarchy in America with railway riches. So 2010, I managed to get to New York City and attempt to locate the scattered Harrisons, seeking my revenge
  • </li>
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• • •Member Title: We all die with innocence but the world leads us to guiltsay.
• • •RP Sample:

Date: August 24, 2033
City: New York City
State: New York City
Synopsis: Alternate Reality

  • Over the span of one hundred and thirty nine years, he eventually lost his senses. Even though he thrived in many other abilities. Being a ghost was something to get used to and he eventually truly forgot how to 'live'. In his experience however, he learned how to get by and make a living based on his memories. Casper was truly attempting to figure out what had been missing from his life, his existence, his after life, however it was defined. What he didn't know about his mortality which came with such a heavy price, was that Elizabeth granted him his second chance. Casper might have liked to scare people, but he never actually hurt anybody. So managing to finally kill the last of kin in his killer's blood-line was a bit of a big step. Feeling the handle clamped in his hands, the only benefit of it was that he couldn't feel the warmth of her blood touch his skin. A terrible woman who's only place was in a terrible society and Casper ended it. Was he truly proud to be a killer? No, but at least he didn't have to stare at the face that committed it.
    "He'd live forever till he exacted his revenge, given the face of his killer he'd never forget what was taken from him. Through revenge as father kills kin, he'd gain a second chance at the life which had been stolen from him."
    So the skeletal face he'd been so familiar with wasn't really his and it's been too long to remember what he truly looked like. He wasn't so sure if he liked it or not, not having the ability to really established the difference between live and death. First it was the light tingling sensation of cool air prickling his skin. Opening his eyes he actually felt his irises constrict to contain light. Feeling slightly groggy, he perked his head up, feeling the movement of his muscles tug at his bones. Ever little sensation felt entirely new and Casper noted every single detail. His vibrant blue hues focused on the texture of his hands as he extended his ligaments out to speculate. A small smile pried across his lips as he noted the lines of his flesh. Every little detail like art crafted of God. Looking up his eyes examined several bars and he scowled. "What the fuck?" he asked, feeling the vibrations of his voice rattling through his vocal chords. The thickness of a heritage scottish accent wasn't as prominent as he tried to preserve. His hands curled around a few bars and yanked them feeling bits of rust scrape his skin. He could actually feel the muscles in his biceps as he yanked again. It felt weird and unnatural because he was so used to nothingness.

    "Hello?!" his voice rang out deeply from his throat as he looked around. Casper felt a deep strain in his chest as his lungs began to burn. He had to breathe, he had to breathe?! Taking a deep uneasy breath he felt air fill his lungs and that's when he truly knew he was now alive. Of course with that it meant that he'd feel hunger, he'd feel pain. Coughing heavily, his chest felt like it was on fire. Where was he and why was he in a cage? Casper craned his neck to look behind him and it seemed awfully dark. Yanking a few other bars, all the walls were locked in and he shoved the solid ceiling. It gave and he pushed it up, letting it clatter to the side. Standing up, he nearly stumbled, feeling blood rushing to his legs and his thighs tighten. "Whoa." he felt woozy and swayed slightly, lowering a hand to grip the edge of the cage to stable himself. Swallowing and feeling the wetness of saliva crawl down his throat was utterly disgusting.

    Still interested, his eyes scanned the place not being able to see much considering it was pitch black. His arms hugged himself and he shuddered because he could actually feel the temperature 'cold'. Rubbing his arms trying to spread warmth through his appendages. He felt a heaviness around his neck as he lifted his hands to grip the edges of a thick metal collar. Shuddering again because it was bloody freezing, his eyes looked around as the glint of dark ice reflected from dim light. "Ah so you're awake." a voice echoed in the darkness and the lights all turned on, beaming brightly into the room. Casper winced as he lifted an arm to try and shield his eyes. The entire room was full of ice and his eyes moved to examine his bare arms. Actually, his entire chest was bare and he was wearing some odd, Arabian pantaloons? "OI! I PREFER A KILT!" he yelled at the walls, still slightly confused. Where was he? What was he doing here? "We found you passed out near the docks. He took an interest in you. He's needed some new staff since a lot of his entertainment left. We also need joy for female client." the woman's voice explained from the walls. Casper distorted his face almost into a disgusted frown.

    He looked around and eyed a door as he ran over to it, awkwardly working new limbs. Yanking the door open and moving into a blaring scene with pretty crappy music. His eyes adjusted to the light and he staggered into a crowded bodied room. Shoving a person away he weaved through the crowd and got to the men's room. It was quieter and his head felt so fucking heavy. Moving to the sink, he turned on the water and cupped his hands to gather liquid in his palms, rinsing his face. Leaning on the sink his blue hues finally looked to the mirror, eyeing a figure he hadn't seen in a long, long time. Lifting up a hand he gently touched his jaw, feeling the features of it to be entirely different. Lowering his hand to breath he could actually feel air circulating through his lungs. Feeling the cold water drip along his jaw-line and into the sink, every sensation felt intense. The door opened and maybe that lady was there, so he jumped and turned towards the door defensively. His blue hues looked at them and his lips parted, feeling his heart inside his chest actually beat. "Who are you?"</li>
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