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[color=626B73]HAS COME TO LIFE[/color]
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I'm a slow dying flower, Frost killing hour
The sweet turning sour and untouchable

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I guess there's [color=626B73]ancient hours to waste,
and [color=626B73]Cora[/color] would love to spend it with you.
Cops are saying trauma after [color=626B73]forever[/color].
The spirit attached itself to [color=626B73]Charley Dekker & Abigail Connoly[/color].
Take a left on Broadway after [color=626B73]Magical Unicorns[/color].
After all planes crash,
and apparently clowns kill.[/color]
[color=626B73]JUST WHEN EVERY DAY[/color]
• • •Nicknames: Jorgie
• • •Age: 18
• • •Birthdate: April 25
• • •Occupation: Student
• • •Sexuality: Heterosexual
• • •Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
• • •Character Type: Civilian/Soon-to-be hunter in training
• • •Play By: Danielle Campbell
[color=626B73]SUNSPOTS HAVE FADED[/color]
• • •Talents:
  • Jorjah is a quick learner, book smart, and has a knack for things of the occult.</li>
• • •Special Knowledge:
  • She was held captive for a year by a crazy nest of vampires. She knows as much about the occult as she's learned through them. Her mother refused to teach her anything, she didn't want her to lead that life.</li>
• • •Powers and Vulnerabilities:
  • Absolutely none.</li>
• • •Reputation:
  • No one knows a damn thing about her.</li>
• • •Personality:
  • Jorjah is just your average teenager. Sweet and innocent, worried about school and what college she was going to go to. That was until her mother and her were attacked and she was taken captive by the vampires, watching as they killed her mother. She has no one in the world and the vampires took it upon themselves to use her for their own sport. For a year she was captive, breaking what will she had left as she waited to get free. She's smart, knowing that if she waited long enough they would slip up and she could escape. Patience is one of the best gifts she ever got from her mother. Being alone all she wants to do is feel loved, to have a place to belong and help others who's lives have been ruined by the supernatural.

    Being the average teenager she has that attitude and headstrong ability that seems to get her in a knack for trouble. She hates being told what to do and more then likely she'll try to do the complete opposite just to spite you. Sleep is a thing of the past, she is always deprived as she can't sleep more then an hour or so at a time. The horrors of what she's witnessed forever plaguing her mind. She's an avenging angel, going to take it upon herself to help rid the world of the evils of the world. She never wants anyone to go through what she did. Jorjah sometimes doesn't even care about her own well being as long as the innocents are safe. You should pity the poor soul that winds up taking care of her, they're going to have their hands full.</li>
[color=626B73]HOW WOULD I KNOW[/color]
• • •Family:
  • Mother: Terese Blake-witch Deceased
    Father: Unknown</li>
• • •History:
  • Jorjah Lenae Blake was born into a world of mystery, an oddity within her mother's coven that she was born into. The newborn's mother having kept her pregnancy and the identity of the tot's father a secret. The coven kicked the new mother out as she refused to reveal his name, leaving her out in the world on her own. A young mother with a beautiful little girl without the help of the family she thought she had. Terese made do with what she had though. She learned quickly and did all she could to provide for her baby girl.

    Growing up they didn't have much but they did what they could to survive. Jorjah knew that her mother would use her magic to make little tonics and salves to help those around them. Her mother opened a small little shop in Philadelphia just so they could have a roof over their head and food in their bellies. The teen didn't really believe in most of it, she could learn bits and pieces from her mother but she preferred to go have fun with her friends. A commodity she shouldn't have taken from granted when her mother wanted her to learn the craft as well. But she was stubborn as an ox and thought her mom was being crazy. So instead, Jorjah would go out at all hours of the night, worrying her mother to death and not even caring.

    Seemed that rebellious teenage attitude was going to get the best of their little family. One night she had been out partying with friends when something was slipped in her drink. Jorjah couldn't see straight let alone walk, but she did remember the call to her mother. Terese showed up not too long after when they were both attacked. A nest of vampires having heard of the witch in the area wanted to use her for their own personal gain in the city. They wanted to be able to control the city as their own personal playground. And having a witch in their pocket seemed the perfect way to do that. Terese however refused to help, not letting them use her gifts to ruin the city. Jorjah watched in horror as they killed her right before her very eyes. Forever haunting her as she watched the light leave her mother's eyes.

    After that they kept the teen, seeing her as a commodity to help get themselves easy meals. It took a while for them to break her, get her to do their bidding. Torturing her, brain washing her, doing all they could. They finally succeeded. Being forced to help them bring in innocent victims for them to kill. For a year this happened, Jorjah hoping that as the time went on someone would either help her or kill her. Anything to stop the pain and guilt of being the cause of so many deaths. They've changed her, turned her cold, making her realize that there is no good in the world. The shell of the happy child she once was. Now she only wishes she could get free, do something to make her mother proud.</li>
[color=626B73]I SURE DON'T MIND A CHANGE[/color]
• • •Member Title: No longer the damsel-in-distress
• • •RP Sample:
  • Original character yo!</li>
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