How the NEW AND IMPROVED Hunts Work

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There is something stirring in the monster world. Every hunter has been able to sense it for months. What they don't know is what it is, or why.

Here are the facts:
- A demon by the name of Crowley was going all out to get his hands on any and every Alpha. Why is still unclear.

- There have been reports of a strange woman named Eve causing trouble.
- - - - For those in the Winchester's/Harvelle's circle, as of May 18th, they know she goes by Mother, and wants help protecting her "children" from Crowley.

- On June 4th, a large group of hunters responded to a distress call coming out of Lewistown, Montana. There they found the town had been savaged by a group of shapeshifters and new monsters, led by Eve, with the survivors systematically being turned into monsters. (Ending pending)

Now it's up to you to help resolve this situation.

The Hunts

The hunts you will find in this forum all relate back to The Mother, aka Eve. Their point is discovering new information about this threat, resolving some big complications, and generally just giving you, the member, the chance to be involved in official season six plottage. By solving the cases, you will bring Team Hunters ever closer to beating this monster problem and sending Eve back where she came from.

Some of these hunts will encounter new breeds of monsters, or involve thwarting recruitment. You might meet Alpha's, Mother's lieutenants, or even Eve herself. You won't know until the hunt gets underway. They can be as small or as large as you want, and while you will have guidelines, there will be a lot of creative freedom.

How It Works

Signing up to participate is easy, just post on the thread summary that appeals to you. Since these differ from the old style of hunts, you will need a group of at least two since the Mod NPC interaction will be less.

Once your group is ready, you will be provided with the details of the case, including information that won't necessarily be in the summary, such as challenges you might face, who the bad guys are, etc. You will also possibly get a date and location, either before signing up or after, so make sure you can reasonably fit it into your calendar. That said, we will work with you to fit it around other things if necessary.

After you have your information, a thread will be started for you. Just post in it and and you are rolling! Now, the staff might occasionally throw some unexpected curve balls at you, or change your game mid-play, so be on the look out for that.

The Rules

Do not deviate from the guidelines the Staff gives you. These will be designed to give you a TON of freedom, but if we tell you you are meant to be stopping a recruitment drive similar to Family Matters, and you have Eve showing up to do battle without our say so, we will shut you down.

People are allowed to join late in the game, but they have to have permission from the members currently in the thread.

You decide what to do with the information gleaned from these threads. Do you want to keep it to yourself? Spread it wide and far? There will be a thread in the Word On The Street forum that you can post the information and who you told it to. Keep in mind that just because Character A doesn't want to tell anyone, doesn't mean Character B won't.