Here's some advice. Stay alive.

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Here's some advice. Stay alive.

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Date: Day 1
City: Arena
State: Hunger Games World
Synopsis: Bela meets up with other careers

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Bela Talbot had nothing to say to her mentor. The advice was noted but she’d hadn’t grown attached to the previous winner. It wasn’t a smart thing to do. Attachments in their world tended not to last. It was easier on both the mentor and the tribute to have as little interaction as possible, at least that was what she had been told before volunteering. He’d work hard to make sure he acquired gifts for her, but his interests in her were just an investment. If the tribute from his district won, they’d all be in a higher favor for a brief time.

The career didn’t need her mentor to encourage her or impart words of wisdom, she already knew why she was there. Freedom, not from just the lottery process, but from her living conditions at home. If she won, she’d have the district tour and then would have a home in the champions section bestowed upon her. Bela wanted that, she needed that.

Gripping the dart blower, she checked herself over once more to make sure the poisoned darts were secure before stepping into the dark tube. Closing her eyes, the brunette allowed other senses to take over, attempting to attune them to her surroundings before taking them in. Bela heard the chirps of the birds, rustling of the tree’s and knew it was a nature field. That didn’t mean there weren’t other types of terrain but she could deal with nature. While it wasn’t her natural habitat, she’d find one of the other career’s and their strength banded together would allow them to take out the other tributes with ease.

Then she’d remove said tribute from the equation. But that was for much later down the road.

A slight breeze wrapped around her body and she opened her eyes, smirking that her initial guesswork was correct. Off in the distance, the sun gleamed off a high point which Bela deducted to be the Cornucopia. She didn’t need to head that way, it was always a death trap. Talbot held no questions that she’d be able to take down most people who came at her, but her weapon was meant for stealth, a specialty she’d honed. Mentally she reviewed the career choices, knowing the two from the same district would likely team up. Her male counterpart was useless and she knew he’d die within moments of getting closer to the weapons.

No, she needed to find Four. The male or female would do, but the male had caught her eye as the stronger of the two. Four was water, fishing, which meant that would be where he headed. Bela would charm him into her palm, though with the unspoken agreement between career’s it wasn’t going to be very hard. Her musings trailed off when the cannon sounded and she hopped down from her platform, ducking low and waiting a few moments to see if anyone passed. When no one did, Bela began to head deeper and deeper into the forest, following what little noises she could, animal tracks and rules of nature that she knew. Though none of them could be depended upon as the gamekeepers did like chaos and confusion.

Luckily enough, it worked for her. Bela heard the sounds of the river churning quietly over rocks and the closer she got, the more they increased in volume. Instead of moving further from the forest cover and into open space, she waited patiently to see if anyone else would discover the safe haven.

It took some time, over an hour if she estimated correctly but finally someone appeared. 12. The girl was fortunate Bela was the career to find her, never one to enjoy messy deaths and thus giving her a painless one. She hadn’t even seen it coming.

The dart blower’s range wasn’t perfect but it was noiseless and ideal for the games. Talbot loaded it with a poisoned tip, mentally counting how many she had left and reminding herself to make more later. The girl was panting heavily, no weapons or supplies in sight which was disappointing. It didn’t matter, removing someone was enough of an advantage on day one. She had just cupped water into her palms when Bela placed the weapon to her lips and took aim. It whistled through the air, cutting over the area and landing in the girls shoulder blade. She stiffened, reaching back but unable to get it due to the angle before glancing around suspiciously. Bela loaded another dart and stepped out, arms half raised and weapon ready to strike again.

”I wouldn’t run if I were you, you’ll only speed up the process.” She adopted a look of sadness but it was far from serious. “It’s easier this way, trust me. At least you’ll go peacefully.” The other tribute stood and swayed from the dizziness overtaking her body, taking a step back into the water and falling to her knees over the slippery rocks. Placing the weapon to her mouth, Bela blew again, hitting the girl just under her collar bone.

“Close your eyes and let it take you.” Bela tucked the dart blower away, reaching the other tribute and plucking both darts from her body and returning them to the pouch. Much as she was loathe to move the girl, the water may be drinkable with purification drops and she didn’t want a dead body to taint it. The girls body was heavy with her creeping death, forcing the brunette to drag her from the liquid grave and onto the shores. She gasped for air and reached around her desperately, her body shutting down hard as she fought to prevent it. Bela merely watched with disinterest, knowing it was best to make sure the poison worked before returning to her hiding spot. If more drastic measures would be needed, she'd dispatch them quickly. It didn’t take long before she took one last breathe and shuddered afterwards, eyes open to the sky above in panic and fear. Bela reached down and shut them, acting almost as if she were the angel of mercy to bring about such a death.

Bela knew better.

Returning to her original spot, she left the body there and waited, knowing it would serve to caution others from settling on her territory.

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Panting heavily, Jim jumped, sliding down a short leafy embankment. Once he stopped, Jim held his breath and listened quietly for a moment. It didn't sound like anyone was following him. Good. After that stunt he pulled at the cornucopia he wasn't surprised. Jim marked that girl to put more fear in the others. He was not to be messed with. He was crazy and a proud killer. At least that's what he wanted them to believe. Finally catching his breath, Jim grabbed the backpack and looked inside. He found a spool of twine, an odd cylindrical tool on a string with a metal tag tied to the opposite end, a Mylar blanket and a small round metal pot.

Putting everything away, he stood and looked around. Jim knew exactly what he needed to do. Find water. He would like to find his district mate but knew she was about as smart as fish bait. It was a wonder why she volunteered at all. Or maybe it wasn't. She might not be very logical but Jim has seen her in school and she can weave a net and make fishhooks faster than he could. He'd kill for one of her nets. They were always great quality. The twine in his pack would make great material for one. He'd just have to make one himself.

It didn't take Jim too long to find water. His grandfather always said it was like the boy had a diving rod in his head. His father on the other hand thought it was foolish, since there was a lot of water in his district and always easy to find. When he reached the river, Jim decided to lay low for a short while. He didn't know who made it there before him. It didn't take long for someone to emerge. A girl who's district he couldn't place right away; so he assumed it was probably one of the poorer districts.

Jim watched her for a moment as she knelt down to drink the water. Perfect. But before the girl could take a drink, she reacted. Jim hadn't even seen the dart fly, it was that quick. It wasn't until the girl from District 1 came out from the shadows did he realize what happened. Slinking back into the deeper shadows of the forest, Jim worked his way around as Bela busied herself with the girl.

He found himself close, hiding behind a large tree as he watched Bela drag the girl from the water. At least she did one thing right. He watched as Bela returned to her hiding place and was pleasantly surprised at how close she actually was to him. It was a good hiding place. It's where Jim would have hid.

Sliding out noiselessly from behind his tree, he smiled at Bela. “You really should have let her drink first.” he said, leveling his spear. He noticed her hand move to the pouch on her hip. “Nuh uh uh.” he sing songed to the back of her head. “You'll be a career kabob before you can turn around and you know it.” Waiting only a second before she could react or speak, he continued. “Like I said... You should have let her drink. You would have known if the water was good and you may not have had to get your hands dirty.”

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She spun quickly, hand darting towards the pouch before stopping it, viewing the man down the length of the shaft of his weapon. Bela was warily displeased at the predicament she found herself in but hopeful. The tribute, District Four if she remembered correctly, hadn’t stealthily murdered her yet and that must count for something.

Listening to him speak, she realized he had a point. It had been foolish of her, but Bela’s intent had been to allow someone else to do that. She had hoped one of her next victims would have brought along a backpack with supplies. Worst comes to worst, she’d wanted to set a trap; no one would believe another tribute would hang around with a dead body lying as warning. That was too obvious.

Licking her dry lips, Bela quirked her brow and smirked at him. “Come now, James, we both know how the games are run. Career’s have a small advantage of preparedness after all. The game masters tend to give us a day or two before they manipulate the environment against us. Lowers our guard.” Lowering her hands, she took a step forward and felt the spear brush against her neck. Hands on her hips, she let out a small sigh when he didn’t take the opportunity to slash here there.

“So that leaves us quite a predicament; what exactly are you looking for here?” Bela hoped he was smart enough to realize she didn’t mean the stream and bed of rocks. Ruger quite obviously wanted something from her, but she wasn’t yet sure. While Career’s had a habit of running together, that was usually worked out during training and interviews, not during the games themselves. No one had approached anyone outside of the arena which was going to make for a ruthless free for all.

Bela wouldn’t mind having someone to watch her back. For the beginning anyway, or until they played out their usefulness.

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Jim watched curiously as she took a step forward. She was rather bold, he'd give her that. Bela was exactly right and Jim did know all of these things. Probably better than anyone. His grandfather had told him these stories as long as he could remember. Bela began giving him the exact point he had hoped to make to her. Jim was no fool though and this woman was obviously very deadly. It would be difficult to trust her, but he knew he had to trust somebody. It would do them both well to trust each other for however long.

Us in a predicament? Jim wanted to laugh. The only person in a predicament here was her. “What am I looking for?” he asked quietly, letting his spears edge delicately trace along Bela's neck. He has superb control, not allowing the sharpness to cut her in any way. He brought it until the point only touched, but continued to trail it down her neck, stopping it between her breasts at her sternum. With a slight tilt of his head, Jim pondered if he could kill her from this position. The sternum was hard to break but Jim knew his strength and after a thought, was positive he could strike true and through the bone and the fragile heart it was guarding.

“I'm looking for a second pair of eyes, ears and hands.” he said as though it were obvious. “You seem rather observant. You probably noticed, as I have, that nobody of importance seems to have teamed up. That makes this a matter of survival of the fittest...” He paused at a noise, a fish jumping out from the stream, before continuing. “But there are strength in numbers... and since all the other numbers are one, well... like they say. Two heads are better than one, hm?”

He looked into her eyes and stepped back, removing the point of the spear from her body, but still held it at the ready. “You watch my back, I watch yours. We'll be partners. No back stabbing no bullshit. Not until we decide it's time for us to go on our separate ways. Simple.” he said with a shrug. “This is an offer I will make only once. If you say no, I'll spare you. Walk away and find the next best and make an offer to them.” He stared into her eyes for a moment. His own eyes were cold and icy as he projected what he knew she already understood. - If he walked away, she would be on his death list and he would hunt her down.

“Well? Whaddaya say?” he asked after a beat, smirking wide.

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She refrained from swallowing when the spear caressed her skin. Instead she kept her breathing even. He had to have wanted something. Career’s didn’t play with their food, they were ruthless. It was the only way to ensure you survived. As far as he could be aware, she was teamed up already with someone else, someone watching and waiting to make their move. With each moment, her confidence at continuing to live grew. Even if it meant some sort of deal with the devil.

Bela couldn’t help but raise her brow when he stopped it’s decent at her chest. Once a man always a man. While she wasn’t wholly comfortable with where his eyesight and weapon settled, he at least hadn’t made any movements yet. She quashed the flashback threatening to rise while waiting for him to finish his train of thought. The seconds passed by slowly and she began to fear that perhaps his killer instincts were over taking the strategic side of his mind. It wasn’t often that their kind didn’t team up for the majority of the games, but sometimes they thought themselves better on their own.

Thankfully that wasn’t the case.

She had in fact noticed that. While it was easy to see which district members would pair up, the mother and son, the weak yet intelligent male and female, none of them were important enough to consider adversaries yet. Career’s were the problem, especially if you weren’t on their side. One of the few threats she had seen had been the cousins, but Bela didn’t expect them to last long. They were top priorities on the list but not quite as high as those trained like herself.

Feeling the spear move away from her body, she knew the breathe of air was visible as it exhaled. “And when we go our separate ways?” She could feel her brow raise in questioning. “Do we have a specific time limit before we decide to double back against each other; its only fitting?” Bela wasn’t opposed to having someone watch her back, she just had a very hard time trusting what he was offering on a golden plate. Especially with such beautiful eyes. She could easily see the multiple ways he was dangerous.

Taking a step forward, she placed the dart blower back into the pouch at her side while running a hand along his neck to mimic his spear “Partners til the final two, then we have a mutual parting of ways. May the best killer win?”

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