Going Through Changes

So over the mountains and over the plains, into the muskeg and into the rain, up the St Lawrence all the way to Gaspé, swinging our hammers and drawin' our pay

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Going Through Changes

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Date: June 4th
City: Swift Current
State: Canada , Saskatchewan
Synopsis: Jim tracks a werewolf across the border and has Jo accompany him. Lia finally finds out why she's been blacking out so often. Things happen that none of them can see coming which throws a wrench into plans.

Lia was extremely grateful that her friend Maria had thought to call her a few days ago. She had been feeling grumpy and dejected over the lack of work being offered lately. The dancer was getting tired of having to strip to make money. She knew it was a choice of her own, but she desperately wanted to land an actual job somewhere.

Maria’s call was like a light at the end of the dark tunnel. Temporary light.

One of the girls in the traveling show had injured herself and would be out of work for the next two weeks. Being a vital part of the show, they couldn’t rework the entire routine around the missing girl. They needed a replacement. Maria being one of the stars had told the other girls she had someone in mind that could learn the steps and fit in with their look. A simple phone call later and Lia had been on her way across the border to get a few days to learn the dances before the next show.

Seeing how hard she had worked, Maria had put her right into Shelly’s spot instead of taking a different dancer and forcing her to learn Shelly’s routine. It was easier that way. Lia was able to exude the confidence, the sexuality and playfulness that was called upon. Now she was just waiting for the theater to fill up.

While it was more of a traditional theater, the seats in the center had been removed and tables placed instead. The stage had been transformed into something the girls could work with and a bar was set up near the back of the room. Lia peeked around the curtain once more, pleased to see more and more people were filing in the empty space. Checking her watch, Lia retreated back to their dressing area and changed into her first outfit for the night. The opening was to be a basic introduction of each girl and give them all a moment to be highlighted.

After that she had her first routine with two other girls. She sincerely hoped things would go well. While it many would consider their show trashy and overly sexual, Lia knew burlesque was an art. Something she planned to implement in many of the patrons heads tonight. While waiting for the curtain call, the dancer sent up a silent prayer.

Por favor, Dios, me dan la fuerza para bien y no caer en mi cara. Por favor, sea alguien por ahí que puede ayudarme.*


Opening performance is this basically.

*Please God, give me the strength to do well and not fall flat on my face. Please let there be someone out there that can help me out.

I figured I’d let you guys get settled before doing that thing to Jo :D.

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Jim stepped into the establishment with a smile on his face. It was nice to have a break once in a while. Ok, well, the break this time was part of work, but Jim didn't really want to tell his partner that. No, siree ma'am.

The hunter had been doing some tracking up north. He had sniffed out a trail that was about a mile wide and wreaked of werewolf. If it was, then it was a sloppy werewolf. Of course, he needed more clues to determine if that's what he really was tracking, but experience told him it was. It appeared the trail was bouncing from one strip club (or other similar place of business) to another. In the beginning, Jim thought it was some John who just so happened to be a werewolf. After asking some questions in the joints and around the area, it seemed that it might actually be a dancer who was the beast. With enough snooping and money/bribes he found what he believed was the connection: a dancer named Destiny.

His luck of the whole situation was that Jim had called his friend Jo to check in and she just happened to be in the area. They decided to meet up and have a crack at this thing together. Jim explained most of the situation to Jo, stating that he was indeed tracking a werewolf and he was led here. He happened to leave out the stripper part. Once they got into town and started asking some questions, Jim told Jo that should take in some of the local flavor, since really, there wasn't anything to do in the small town anyway.

So now this is where they found themselves, Jim leading Jo into a burlesque show. He walked up to the bar and ordered, “Let me have a Sloe Beam and whatever she wants.” he said, nodding his chin towards Jo. He pulled out his wallet to pay and side glanced Jo. “It's not a gay drink.” he told her stubbornly.

Jim looked up as the music began to play, his large smile returning. "Hurry, I want to get a good seat." he told his partner.

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Jo looked at the building Jim had brought them to and sighed. This hunt was important for them; the next step in repairing their bruised friendship. She had been a little hesitant at first to accept a werewolf hunt, though through no fault of Jim's. Just a few weeks before, she had lost a dear friend on what turned out not to be a werewolf hunt, and nearly lost three others and her own life in the process. But Jim hunted them much more often than she did. If he said it was one, she would believe him.

It had been a quiet trip so far, with no sign of the monster they hunted. Taking in "the sights" had been Jim's idea. Jo hadn't realized the sights he meant were scantily clad women gyrating. Oh, a burlesque club was undoubtedly better than a strip club, but how this was a bonding activity escaped her.

"Really, Jim? A burlesque club?" she asked as they made their way inside. Her voice was tinted slightly with annoyance, but not much. She had, in the course of her life, been in much sketchier places than this after all. But that didn't mean she'd rather do this than work.

"Beer, please," she told the barman, figuring there wasn't much of a way she was getting out of this. She followed Jim to the table of his choice. "So what are we actually doing?" she asked. "We could be out looking for this thing, you know."

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(Letting you guys get a bit into why you are here before doing the THING)


Taking her place behind the curtain, Lia glanced around at the group of girls surrounding Maria and felt the friendly excitement radiating from each of them. Though she wasn't as familiar a face as she would have preferred to be, the other dancers had accepted Lia quickly enough that they felt like distant friend she hadn't seen in a very long time. Her back was pressed against Jackie's and they both stood to the left of Maria, ready to move their bodies with the music once it started. Feeling her heart beat, Lia took a deep breathe and felt Jackie squeeze her hand.

"Just relax, if you fuck up keep moving. We all can work with it and make it look natural." Smiling even though the other woman couldn't see her, Lia squeezed her hand back thankful for the comforting words. The music started and slowly the curtain rose to reveal the group of girls in glittering clothing that covered just enough skin to get the imagination of the crowd working.

Using the music, Lia followed the steps in her head with ease, thrilled to be performing in front of a crowd. Gaining confidence now with the large group would help to lessen her nervousness later when she had to appear on stage with only two other girls for a short number. Following her cue, Lia moved into place so she could be highlighted for a moment and was proud to hear her real name used instead of her stage name.

In a matter of minutes, the group routine was over and the girls rushed from the stage so Melanie and her three girls could get started on their following act. Lia quickly rushed to change into the cop uniform she had to wear so she could watch the performance from the side.

"Don't forget what you have to do while we're out there Lia." Turning, she nodded at Jackie with a large smile and began to scope out the crowd to find someone who looked like they'd be willing to participate without knowledge before hand. Lia knew most people were easily affected by stage fright and wanted to pick someone who would have a good time.

Letting her eyes roam the room once more, she knew exactly what table she was going to head for. The question was, which one to pick.

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“Come on, Jo. Give me some credit.” Jim smirked and settled into a table close to the stage. He looked up at Jo as she came around to sit and began to complain. “We are.” Jim huffed. “You have to learn to trust me. I know what I'm doing.”

He ignored her for the whole of the first number, letting his eyes scan the girls one by one. Now this was the kind of 'work' he enjoyed doing. He glanced over at Jo knowing she probably thought the worst of him. Now, this isn't to say he wasn't enjoying it. Jim was very much enjoying getting eyefuls of the scantily clad woman dancing and singing before him. What man wouldn't? That was so not the point though. Jim sighed, knowing he should let Jo know that little fact before she up and walked out on him.

“Woot! Alright!” Jim applauded and whistled for the girls completion on their first number before turning to Jo. “Alright, here's how it is.” He leaned in close to her, since it would be a little harder to hear with the music and the hollering. “I'm convinced that one of these women are the werewolf.” He made a motion to the stage with his hand as though presenting the women. “At first I thought it was some psycho serial killer guy and was going to pass it up, but.. well, let's just say that the signs pointed otherwise.”

Taking a sip of his drink he looked up at the stage as another act began. “It's not a regular girl. She's a roamer. She'd be the new girl, if she's even still here. But I'm early convinced she is.” He turned back to his friend and frowned. “Doesn't all make sense though, Jo... From what I know about were's, this one seems... I dunno. A bit off, somehow.”

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Jo looked skeptical at Jim's reassurance that he knew what he was doing, but didn't say anything. Mostly because the show started and she would have had to shout to be heard, not because she wasn't the type to express her doubt. She supposed it was possible that someone in the club - the staff or the performers or the customers - might be the thing they were in town to hunt, but Jo could think of a lot of better ways to find out than hanging around half naked women.

Still, this kind of male attitude was pretty par for the course with the type of people Jo hung out with, so she wasn't filled with some kind of pseudo-righteous feminist anger. Hell, she's used it to her advantage on more than one occasion. So while slightly annoyed that they were here in general, she wasn't completely pissed.

Jo tapped her thumbs idly on the table as the performance went on, occasionally sipping her beer. The show was good and all that, what with the singing and the showmanship, but it was hardly her cup of tea. She applauded politely when it finished, then turned to Jim, glad they were getting down to business.

Her brows moved slightly as Jim explained what they were here for, but she didn't show surprise. She was a hunter too, after all, and knew the signs when she saw them. Or, well, most of the time. She didn't want to think about the last time she had been on a "werewolf" hunt. But she'd be damned if she ever walked in on a situation where she wasn't sure of the facts, let alone let someone she cared about do it.

Jim, though, this is what he DID. Jo knew his family's story, and she knew that if Jim said there was a werewolf, then she trusted it. She nodded as he described the situation. "Looks like we're going to have to actually find out who the new girl is. Which means talking to them." She gave him a bright, teasing smile. "You want the honors, or...?"

She paused a minute to think when he said things seemed weird. "You know, I've been hearing that about all kinds of jobs," she told him. "Things have been off all over the monster world. This kind of weird... is it weird for werewolves, or weird as in sounds like one but also doesn't?" She'd heard of both, and wanted to see if this was like that time she got locked in an abandoned building, or that time in Detroit, or something she'd heard from other people.

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Interacting with the tables that were between her and her intended choice, Lia still hadn’t decided which would be the selección suerte. While the girls would love if she picked the devilishly handsome man, it was always easier to get along with females and not have to worry about handys inappropriateness. Admittedly, Lia knew many of the girls wouldn’t mind his potential inappropriateness.

Getting to their table, she moved behind the two and let her hands glide over his shoulders and skim down the front of his shirt. Running them back up and into his hair, she playfully thrust his head to the side before turning her attention to the blonde. Moving to her side, she winked at the girl and sat in her lap sideways arching her back and looking upside down at the man. “Lo siento, amor.” Standing, she grabbed the woman by the hand and began to pull her towards the stage.

Hopefully this chica had a good sense of humor. Stopping in front of the chair, Lia gently pushed her shoulders til she was seated as the girls each shimmied around her; one of them plopping their cap onto the blonde’s head. Working towards her side of the stage, Lia moved in rhythm with the music towards her destination, watching from the corner of her eye as Jackie moved behind the audience member and dipped lower only to snap back up with the beat. The other girl they were on stage with took the blonde by the wrist and guided her back to her feet, spinning the woman around in a circle seductively a few times, showing her off to the crowd.

They teetered and Lia slowly danced her way back towards the center of the stage while pulling out a pair of handcuffs, making sure the audience saw her signal for their quiet complicity. Stopping in front of her, Lia slid down her body and swung around the girls leg, flipping her hair and ending up behind her, crawling back up with sensual light touches. While it seemed like she was going to cuff their guest, she slid them onto herself and the lights went dark, the other girls getting ready for the big surprise.

By the time the lights came back on, all three dancers were cuffed and their guest was sitting there with the girls looking surprised as could be.