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Well now everything dies baby that's a fact, but maybe everything that dies someday comes back. Put your makeup on fix your hair up pretty and meet me tonight in Atlantic City.

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Date: October 1, 2012
City: New York, Upper East Side: Manhattan
State: New York
Synopsis: Elijah and Eden work a job at the bank. They're cleaners. No, actually legit cleaners. With like, garbage cans, and windex.

She could feel it returning. It always started the same way for her. A twinge inside her mind. It wasn't like a headache or even the beginnings of a migraine. It was like a tickle in her brain, a tickle that told her it was coming. She never knew how fast or how hard it would come. It was always different yet the same... the voices were returning.

Stopping her current chore and standing up straight, Eden looked around the room. It felt hot. She was led to believe that these types of places generally adhered to a more frigid indoor climate. She gently pulled on the zipper of her coveralls, bringing it down and opening her suit to a more cooling spot between her breasts. This “going straight” thing that people talked about... that her and her brother spoke of... it was exhausting. Not to mention, boring.

Glancing over at her brother, she watched for a moment as his broad, muscular physique worked. Sighing inwardly, she felt a moment of sadness. Her brother was better than this kind of life, he deserved better. He was a God among men. Strong, intelligent beyond many and the most beautiful man she had ever lay her eyes on. The twins had to do what needed to be done though. She hoped this would last them for a while. Who knows? Maybe doing a good thing would help them with their affliction. Pain was the only thing they had found throughout their years, but once they found that temporary cure, it was like a drug and they didn't find any desire to try anything else.

The security officer was looking at her again with that lecherous smile. He was lucky Elijah hadn't seen him yet. Her brother would have gouged his eyes out for looking at her in such a way. She turned from him, emptying the contents of a small trash bin into the larger one. This monotonous torture should be over soon enough.

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Taking out his growing aggression on the dried up wad of gum stuck to the bottom of the counter, Elijah put his whole body into forcing the scraper tool against the disgusting pink blob. If this was what going legit was like, he’d sooner kill a man and go to prison for it. The whole wretched refuse of humanity was in that improperly discarded bubblegum flavoured, overly masticated, dried up piece of crap, and he was going to scrub it clean even if he had to take the whole place apart to do it!

Calm. He was totally calm. He closed his eyes and sucked in a long, forceful draught of air through his nose. In. Out. Zen. A flick of his wrist, and the damn pebble of abc gum worked loose like a bullet being fired from a gun. The loud plink it made upon contact with the wall certainly broke the silence. He looked at the security guard, Elijah thought his name was Bill, or something terribly common. The man hadn’t even noticed. Elijah was still working out whether that was a good thing or not, when he noticed the line of sight had the guard leering at his sister.

Stifling his groan, he looked at his beloved sister, working the same job as him. She looked about as uncomfortable as he felt in the coveralls. Judging by how low she put the zipper of her outfit, he could get a good idea of why the guard was leering at Eden. He refocused his glare on the guard, but the man still didn’t notice the ire directed his way.

Dithering about whether he should do something about it, like punch the guy in the face, or stab him, Elijah was easy either way, but he clenched his hands and gritted his teeth. He put all his heartfelt apologies in his eyes as he looked toward his sister. He couldn’t defend his sister’s honour right this moment. He had a job to do. It sucked, but he had to do it.

Walking stiffly over to the pink pebble of a gum, he picked it up with his gloved fingers and dropped it into the garbage can. He took vicious satisfaction in having defeated the gum and made the place a little bit cleaner.

It was the little joys in life.

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Eden looked up as a man came from the back offices. It was the building manager. He made his way over towards the security guard. Eden turned and nearly bumped into him. “So sorry, sir.” she told him, taking a step back and moving around him towards her brother. He grumbled some nonsense about it being difficult finding good help these days before turning to the guard. “Have a good night Bill. Don't forget to lock up.” The security guard nodded and said something terribly brown nosing before the manager looked down his nose at Eden and Elijah and left the building.

“I should have killed him...” she whispered to her brother. Holding up a pilfered card key that her surgeon hands so smoothly relived from the manager, she made sure her brother noticed she did her duty before sliding it into her bra. She stood close to him, waiting until she was sure the manager was gone. She reached up, touching her brothers chest before leaving his side and walking over to the guard. “Come. You can help me in the back.” She told him.

The guard gave a lubricious smile and followed after Eden. “Got an itch ya need scratched?”

She didn't dignify his question with a response. She grabbed her cleaning cart and pushed it towards the back offices. She wished she didn't need him to gain access but that was the job. She wasn't trusted. All for good reason, she supposed. The guard unlocked the door and turned to Elijah, giving him a wink before following Eden in.

She made her way in, stopping at another door with high security access. So annoying. Parking her cart near it, she began to move some things off her cart. She revealed and opened up a case. Bending over it, she began going through some of the items inside. The guard walked over and ran his hand through Eden's hair, letting his hand slide down her back.

“I wouldn't do that.” she said harshly.

“Why's that sweetheart?” Bill asked.

She stood up, turning on the guard while pulling on some pink surgical gloves. “Because he won't like it...”

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His ears prickled at the slight sound of a door closing, and soft footfalls of an expensive leather shoe on the industrial carpet. Making himself look busy spraying ammonia on the teller glass and wiping them clean, he watched in the reflection as a plain, middle aged man in a moderately expensive Zegna suit approached the security guard. He whistled lowly, impressed despite himself. An Ermenegildo Zegna suit could easily clear three thousand dollars. Elijah was vain, but he didn’t think he would ever be that vain. Though, he might check it out someday. A three thousand dollar suit made by Zegna would be worth every penny. When Eden bumped into him, Elijah smirked. He knew she had made her move, but he hadn’t seen the actual manoeuvre. Her five fingered discount skills were impressive.

The manager left the building with nary a thought in his dull head that he had been pick pocketed. “Death is too good for him,” Elijah disagreed. “Filthy rich bastard to afford such a fine suit.” He tutted, before he smiled at Eden. The particular smile he always reserved for Eden. No one else got to see this smile. “You are a master at this craft, my dear sister,” he murmured for her ears only. He leaned into her touch before watching her sway over to the guard. He had forgotten the man’s name again.

He was close enough to hear the security guard’s disgusting comment, and drifted after them on silent feet, a small knife slipping down his sleeve. He grasped the tiny blade between two fingers, waiting for his chance.

Bile and outrage simmered up his throat as he watched the guard put his filthy hands through Eden’s hair, down her back. Elijah bit back his snarl as he stepped closer. No one put their filthy hands on his sister.

The guard’s blank, dumb cow expression swiftly turned into one of pain as Elijah drove the small blade into the nerve cluster in the man’s back, twisting it. The nerves immediately short-circuited signals to the brain, causing the guard to stiffen into position and be quite unable to move.

“W-wh-what?” The guard whimpered.

“I’ve disrupted your nerve cluster, here,” Elijah hissed into the man’s ear, sticking him a little more firmly with the blade. “You’ll be unable to move for hours. If we had a mind to it, you would stand here, feeling pain so exquisite you’ll slip into hell without noticing the difference.”

The headache he had been nursing unawares for hours now dissipated. He hadn’t realized he was so tense. “Unfortunately, we’re on a time table. You’ll have to settle for boredom while you slowly bleed to death.”

“Wait a minute! I’m your partner! You can’t do this to me!”

“Ugh.” Elijah stepped away from the guard, frozen, minute quavering in his build. The man was only able to move his eyes, his mouth. Everything else was blocked. “Perhaps, dear sister, you can silence him? I need to be able to think.” He peeled off the ugly, cheap coveralls to reveal slacks and a white dress shirt. He had forwent a tie to complete the outfit. Balling the garment, he shoved it into the trash bag attached to the cleaning cart.

Examining the security locks on the door, he smiled at his sister. Everything was proceeding to plan.

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Eden couldn't help but smile as her brother put down the man and his fancy suit. “Are you jealous Brother?” she asked with a hint of disbelief. Her brother was a hundred times the man of that manager and nothing to be jealous of. “If it will make you feel better, we can hunt him down, destroy him and you can have all his fancy suits.” she winked at him puckishly. “Anything for you, My Love.”
In the back room, she couldn't help but smile devilishly when her brother stabbed the guard. He was a visionary when it came to inflicting pain. Eden often found herself in such awe of his prowess. She gave the guard a look of mock surprise, bringing her hand up towards her mouth. “Oh no... what happened?” Her hand fell along with her expression. “Oh, that's right... you touched me.” Eden scoffed when he said he was their partner. She had and needed only one partner. The one who had been there her whole life. Her dark eyes met Elijah's and she smiled gently; her special smile.

Elijah, always the gentleman, asked her ever so kindly to silence the waste of human flesh. Her eyes met the security guards and her lips drew back in a snarl. “Gladly...” she whispered. Grabbing her kit, she drew close to the guard once again. “It truly is a shame you won't feel this...”

The guard begged her no and whimpered like a child. It was so foolish. How could he believe she wouldn't do this? He was going to die no matter what. Perhaps the twins could have just put him out of his misery... but that just wasn't their style. She shushed him sternly and shook her head. “Speak while I work and I'll just cut out your tongue. Believe that I will ensure you feel that pain.” The man's eyes widened and a tear escaped as his lip quivered slightly but he did well not to make another sound.

Eden began her endeavor, delicate hands lightly and easily completing their task at severing his vocal chords. The guard may have not felt any pain but she certainly felt some relief from her malady. The moment the first oozing of blood began to spread over her fingers, she began to feel it. It was always a feeling of solace when the pain began to subside. It was the only normalcy in her life she craved more than anything. Eden did not enjoy her own pain or her brother's; only that of others. She carefully began to stitch her patient up. Taking a step back, she observed her handiwork and let out the slightest giggle.

Once she finished, she walked back over to the trash can, removing her bloodied gloves and emptying them into the receptacle. She sighed and wiped some slight sweat from her brow before replacing her gloves with a fresh pair. Stepping towards her brother, she smoothly rested a hand on his shoulder. “Do you need any assistance, my dear Brother?”