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This is how Smitty looks:

Date: August 24, 2014
City:. Outside of a military camp
Synopsis: Smitty and Bela get into more then they can chew.....

He didnt blame anyone for how things were. It wasn't worth it and all the worry did nothing but gave him a headache. In their line of work, it meant he had to be on his best behavior. She couldn't be watching him and the deal. Others were more dangerous then if Deacon Smith was out of commission with a headache. After all it had happened before when he had gotten inked. So many hunting for a conduit, like that would help stop the problems around the world.

It didn't stop him from doing his job. She had been happy to oblige with reminding him what he did and how to get money or even more what he needed. Some of his old contacts that he had used before in the hunting world saw him as a sellout. He had done fake ids before this but those couldn't stop a slaughter. Smitty had gone to weapons. Bela Talbot backing him up. In that life, Smitty needed it.

Life carried on. Businesses continued. War went on. Smitty's business with Bela Talbot continued until they had been contacted by by one of the few remaining military factions. Like always they ran them through the typical background check. A ll checked out and as the storm raged around them, Smitty stood next to Bela waiting for them to show. "Give them ten minutes more," Smitty stated. A hand grazed his bearded chin before glancing at her. Lateness never impressed him. Particularly on the first meeting. "Or we bolt." There was no blame but at the same time, Smitty didn't take his eyes off the shotgun in their truck.

Safety first after all.

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Survival of the fittest.

It was a saying Bela had become very accustomed to during her life. Childhood had never been easy and adulthood went much the same with her deal looming over her head. Thankfully Hell broke loose on Earth and it seemed she’d been forgotten. She had managed to escape in all of the chaos.

The former thief had originally heard and then seen the camps that other hunters had created but quickly decided living under that sort of rule and thumb wasn’t for her. Returning to her former way of life wasn’t exactly ideal either. But she was able to adapt her skills to be of use in this new world. Bela had always been very good at finding items, items very in demand and selling them to the right clientele for profit.

During her sales she’d run into him. She wasn’t sure of him at first, but they’d grown to trust each other to the right extent. At the very least, they always had each others backs even if they didn’t always like each other. Smitty brought other sorts of beneficial things to their relationship too.

His ability to read and trust situations was not one of them.

Sighing, she checked the watch on her wrist and ejected the clip from her gun, inspecting the item to make sure it was still in working order. Never could be too careful. “We have rules about this, Deacon.” Pushing the clip back in, she moved back to the truck and lifted herself into the open trunk. SUVS were the safer transport vehicles and considering they were always on the move, a necessary evil. Unfortunately they stuck out like sore thumbs and gas was getting harder and harder to come by.

“This feels like Reno all over.” That was saying something considering they’d last half their merchandise at that meeting. “Two minutes tops.” Placing the gun down, Bela pulled out her hunting knife and picked at the dirt under her nails while they waited.

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Smitty let out a guttural grunt at her comments. Both thieves had worked together before the End of the World but that had been only a few occasional times. They worked now to survive. He had barely survived the end of the world and was in hiding. There was no way he would work with hunters that could and possibly would expose himself to the others that were conduits. Smitty wasn't going to work with them. Some wanted revenge, others wanted to help. Smitty was going to survive. Bela Talbot was a survivor. Smitty wasn't the type of person to simply cut a person like that out of his life.

It didn't mean that she didn't push his buttons. "When do you play by the rules, Talbot," Smitty pointed out with a small smile. She was always the one he could rely on to play his conscious. He needed more people like that in his life. Smitty knew there was one more out there. She could be dead though, Smitty never did keep tabs on the hunters and their business. If she was out there she was probably fighting and saving people. The family business and all that fucking jazz

"Drop it," Smitty barked at her, his own hand resting on his weapon. She did have a point and Smitty wasn't sure if he was going to like the ending of the meeting. Reno ended badly and he had the scars to prove it. Bela Talbot had a seventh sense and Smitty hated it. "Raise that, one and a half." Smitty argued. It wasn't an omission that he was concerned. He just didn't like being the first to a party and having the date be late.

"And if they don't show? Got a second buyer in mind for the stuff?"