Break Down Here

I've been drivin' all night, my hand's wet on the wheel. There's a voice in my head that drives my heel. It's my baby callin', she says "I need you here". And it's half past four and I'm shiftin' gear.
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Sariel was taken aback by Jess’ question, and struggled to come up with a story to explain his presence. He hadn’t considered that Jess would become suspicious or at the very least mired in logic. He was there. Did it matter how? Apparently so, and now Sariel was stuck. He sipped his wine to buy himself some time.

“I’m afraid, that much like you, I was travelling. My companion became very disagreeable with me and left me here. I’m lodged in room in a nearby motel, and have been for several days while I either procure a new means of travel, or my companion returns to continue our trip.” Sariel affected a laugh, somewhat nervous, “I suppose that tempers went rather high strung. I have taken to walking the length of the main road, just taking in the quiet of the fields. Rather fortituous that we met at that moment. It’s kismet.” He gave her a charming smile.

As off the cuff the tale was, Sariel rather thought it was a good story. An element of truth to it. He did have a companion of sorts, and he was a rather disagreeable bastard. They hadn’t been traveling together, per se, but they were walking a rather shaky, if figurative, road together. It could still be kismet even though he had accidentally on purpose made contact with Jess? Sariel submitted that it could be so.

He looked into her eyes, with the kind of uncomfortable soul searching gaze most humans were deeply uncomfortable with, and smiled. Nothing at all wrong with him, he was completely innocent and adorable here. Affable, to the point of being used as a rug.

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Jess's heart went out to Sariel as he told his tale. That had to suck, being left alone like that. She said as much and thought about asking why, if he was looking for alternate transport, he hadn't gotten a bus ticket, but thought that maybe there wasn't a bus depot around, or if whatever money he was left with was being used for the room (and quite possibly tonight's dinner), or if he was just that hopeful that his companion would return for him. All in all, she thought better of voicing that.

The return of the waitress forced a pause in their conversation. It seemed like it had been a long time since the waitress had brought their wine, but perhaps that was only because the conversation had been so engaging. Jess handed her menu over as she told the waitress what she'd decided on. Almost unbidden, the thought crossed her mind to offer her new friend a ride back to his hotel after dinner. And perhaps she could either stay with him or get a room of her own for the night before continuing her journey in the morning. She mulled the idea over, wondering whether it was something she should bring up now or later on, when it got too dark and late that it was the only option.

Deciding to get it over with now while she was still thinking about it, she shifted slightly in her seat and folded her arms on top of the table. “So hey,” she started, “do you, maybe, want a ride back tonight? I was kinda thinking I'd have to stay somewhere tonight, so I'll be going that way anyway. It wouldn't be any trouble.”

It crossed her mind to offer to take him wherever he wanted to go after that, but she didn't think she knew him well enough to offer to fill the position of 'new traveling companion to god knows where'.