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[color=626B73]HAS COME TO LIFE[/color]
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But my dreams
They aren't as empty
As my conscience seems to be

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I guess there's [color=626B73]26 hours to waste,
and [color=626B73]THACA[/color] would love to spend it with you.
Cops are saying trauma after [color=626B73]3[/color].
The spirit attached itself to [color=626B73]none[/color].
Take a left on Broadway after [color=626B73]I looked for a SPN RP online[/color].
After all planes crash,
and apparently clowns kill.[/color]
[color=626B73]JUST WHEN EVERY DAY[/color]
• • •Nicknames: Jenny, Jenn
• • •Age: 28
• • •Birthdate: July 2, 1987
• • •Occupation: Hunter (Previously: Babysitter)
• • •Sexuality: Bisexual
• • •Hometown: Providence, RI
• • •Character Type: Psychic/Hunter
• • •Play By: Karen Gillan
[color=626B73]SUNSPOTS HAVE FADED[/color]
• • •Talents:
  • Deals well with children.
  • Dabbles in Psychology
• • •Special Knowledge:
  • Knows how to (Theoretically) travel at Light Speed
  • knows the Heimlich Maneuver
• • •Powers and Vulnerabilities:
  • Retrocognition (Only happens if you're touching something related to what you see and is very random. Think Phoebe Halliwell's powers, only Jenny can see the past)
• • •Reputation:
  • Jenny's not very famous. Not many people know her, but sometimes, word gets around. People who do know her know her as a loyal, quiet, hardworking Hunter.</li>
• • •Personality:
  • Jenny is quiet, but she can get loud when angered. She enjoys history because of her retrocognition. She is loyal and hardworking, and enjoys to help people. She has a love of books, and treats them reverently. She is slightly geeky, and enjoys shows such as Doctor Who and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. She had a semi-normal childhood, raised with Christian views.

    Jenny has a hard time connecting with people. She will work with other people, but won't open up much because every person she has has died. She has a tenancy to live in the past, most likely because of her powers. She is slightly biased to the Christian ways and holds the 10 Commandments quite highly, but will break a few to save a life. After every hunt, she goes to confession at the nearest church. She goes to mass every Sunday morning, having only missed one, being in a coma.</li>
[color=626B73]HOW WOULD I KNOW[/color]
• • •Family:
  • Mother: Michelle Jean Ward (née: Higgins)

    Father: James Kyle Ward (Deceased)</li>
• • •History:
  • Jenny grew up with her mother, Michelle, and her father, James. She lived in a small apartment in Providence, RI, as her father worked as security guard and her mother was a Temp. She went to a small Public School and did fairly well. She did not make many friends, but those she did enjoyed her company, and she them. Then, when she was 12, her father died from an inoperable brain tumor, and her and her mother were left on their own. She took comfort in her school's library and in her two favorite shows, Buffy and Doctor Who.

    She had gained a love of both Rock and Folk music, and soon began to listen to her father's old cassette collection. In High School, she started babysitting to help her mother pay the bills and learned of her love of children. She also took jobs tutoring, mainly History. She also learned of Star Trek, because Star Trek rocks. She joined the school Book Club. She then gained who would soon be one of her best friends, David McBride, who was Homosexual.

    Her mother died when she turned 19 from a heart attack, and she moved in with David. He then joined the town Police force. When she became 24, David had become Sheriff and she ran into her first monster. She went to a babysitting job and they were attacked by a demon. It killed her charges, and she was saved by Rufus, but the demon got away. It killed David, and her other friends by the time she had learned how to kill it and tracked it down. She's been hunting ever since.</li>
[color=626B73]I SURE DON'T MIND A CHANGE[/color]
• • •Member Title: 900 Years of Time and Space, and the hardest thing to do in this world is to Live in it.
• • •RP Sample:
  • I sighed, looking around the room. People milled about, unaware of the monster amongst them. Hunters like me know, though. We have to know. It's the curse of a Hunter. Sure, we save a life now and then, but I still feel sort of bad for them. Well, except for the demons. The demons deserve to die. They are spawns of Hell, and deserve to be sent back. I worry about death every day, but I know that it's inevitable. I get up and walk towards who I know is the killer. A werewolf that doesn't know they're a werewolf. The poor man. I give my most sincere, kind smile and ask him to follow me.

    As soon as we're out of sight, I push the poor man into the alley wall. "Sorry, sir, but I can't have you running away from me when I say this. You won't believe it, but I need you to know that it's completely true." She waited a second before talking again. "You're a werewolf. All the recent killings have been because of you."

    The poor man looked absolutely horrified.

    "I'm sorry, sir, but I have to kill you. You can't control your powers, and I can't just let ou keep killing."

    "No," he cried, "no, please! I have a wife! I have twins! Please let me live!"

    I kept the tears from rolling down my face. "I'm sorry, sir. I really am. But I have to."

    I took my trusty silver/iron knife and plunged it into his heart. I released him as soon as he went limp, and I ran back to my red classic cruiser motorcycle. I drove out of town before I was caught.

    This is my life.

    I used to hunt the monsters.

    Now I am the monster.

    (Or, a bit of 3rd POV:)

    Jenny sighed as she plopped down onto her bed in the crappy hotel room she was renting. It was less than ordeal, but it would do. She had dealt with worse. Sure, the counters were cracked. The rugs and paint faded, and the whole place smelled like cigarette smoke, but she would survive. She wouldn't be there long. At the feel of lying on something, Jenny reached under herself and pulled out her old book. It was the only thing that kept her going. '101 Places To See', a book have to her by her mother at a young age. She looked at it all the time, and it was the only innocence she had left. Sometimes she wondered if she even had that.</li>
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