What do you think about Mark Knopfler solo?

What do you think about Mark Knopfler solo?

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October 11th, 2008, 8:23 pm #1

Am I completely alone on the idea that Mark Knopfler is a wonderful solo artist?

Being a fan of complex music I usually dislike roots rock. I even have courage and will to dislike Bob Dylan. But I cannot resist the unmatchable beauty of Sailing to Philadelphia and The Ragpicker’s Dream. Melodies are awesome here, better than on any given Dire Straits album.

I admit, Shangri-La is rather weak, and I am yet to hear Kill to Get Crimson – the title frightens me to death. But there’s a little piece of advice for you: try to hear ‘Training’ from A Shot at Glory soundtrack. It’s a powerful (pseudo)folk instrumental, that only Clannad could top at their prime.

At least you, George, with all your love for Straits, will you agree that the guy is good?