Rules for Using the Marketplace Forum

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You may list items, merchandise or personal property in the forum Marketplace, as being for sale, up for trade, as wanted to buy or is being offered for free, as long as you follow the rules set-forth herein.

All items, whether for sale, up for trade, wanted to buy or are offered for free, must only be posted, in the Marketplace forum only and may not be posted anywhere else.

Any Vaping related items, must be posted in the Vaping forum and may not be posted here in the Marketplace, or anywhere else.

What You May Do
  • You may post items, merchandise or personal property on the forum as for sell, for trade or for free, only if you are the rightful owner of the item or property.
  • You may post pictures on the forum, of the items you are listing as for sell, for trade, wanting to buy or giving away for free as long as you own them and they are not copyrighted or offensive.
  • You may discuss an item in the forum but you must set up any meeting for viewing, selling, purchasing, trading or giving away any item or personal property, through a PM (Private Message) only.
  • You may list a price for an item, offer a bid, or state your willingness to buy, sell, trade or give away an item on the forum, but you must negotiate any money involved, through PM (Private Message) only.

What You May Not Do
  • You may not, under any circumstances, post or list any illegal items on the forum, such as, but not limited to, drugs or drug paraphernalia, as for sale, for trade, wanted to buy or for free.
  • You may not under any circumstances, post or list any item or offer any service on the forum, which contains or involves nudity, a sexual act, adult content or any criminal or illegal act.
  • You may not, under any circumstances, post or list any guns, firearms, knives or weapons of any kind on the forum, as for sale, for trade, wanted to buy, for free or as a service.
  • You may not, under any circumstances, post or list any stolen or borrowed merchandise, property, item, or merchandise on the forum, that you do not legally own.
  • You may not post or list an address, phone number or any other personal information on the forum, about yourself, a buyer or another member, at any time.

After Posting Your Item
  • When possible, try to include an offer ending date for the item(s) you list.
  • Make sure to check back on a daily basis, for any replies made to your listings.
  • It is a good idea to check the "Notify me when a reply is posted" checkbox before submitting your post.
  • Please make sure to delete any post or listed item, after the item has been sold, traded or found or after the listing deadline has expired.
  • If you are unsure how to delete your post, you may contact a forum Moderator or the Administrator through PM (Private Message) for help. Be sure to include details about the post.

No Obligation, Liable or Responsibility

Any deal made and/or money or items exchanged, as a result of a communication, conversation, post or negotiation, on or through this forum, is done so, solely between you and another member. Under no circumstances shall this forum, its owner or its affiliates, have any obligation, or be held liable or responsible, for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential loss, fines, or damages, that may result from your use of this forum, for buying, selling, trading and/or purchasing of items or personal property.

These rules apply to all areas of the Sell, Buy or Trade Forum, there are no exemptions.