Ranking System for Members and Officials

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Forum Ranking System

Here is some information about the forum ranking system. In order to move up and maintain a rank, you need to post in the forum. Because old and outdated posts are periodically deleted, it is also important to keep your post count up, in order to maintain your ranking status.

The Forum Officials are made up of the original forum founders, along with their appointed staff. Although upper level positions rarely open, occasionally, there is the opportunity for a member to advance to a Moderator position.

Forum Administrator
The Administrator, is the original site and forum founder. This group is permanently closed, to any enrollment or new members.

Administrator rank is denoted by a Red Bar

Global Moderator
Global moderators are required to watch over and maintain all aspects, of the entire forum. Members of this group, are only appointed, by the forum administrator.

Global Moderator rank is denoted by a Green Bar

Moderators help watch over and maintain the forum and some, may be only responsible for specific areas. This group is appointed by the Administrator and/or Global Moderator's, and is occasionally open to enrollment.

Moderator rank is denoted by a Blue Bar

There are 3 Tier's and 8 possible levels, that any forum member can achieve. Everyone starts at Tier 1, when they first join the forum, but you can easily move up and gain a higher rank, by posting to the forum. When you get to Tier 2, you start to acquire Gold Stars and your level will continue to climb, as you reach a different post count. The highest level you can achieve in the forum at this time, is the VIP Member, in Tier 3.

New Member - Tier 1
New member's must post in the forum, to a reach full member status and to rank up, you must meet the required number of post, for each level. For posting requirements, see Full Member - Tier 2.

Rank Badge - N/A

Full Member - Tier 2
The Full Member Tier, has five Star Levels. The more you post in the forum, the more stars you receive, and the higher you move up in rank.

Here are the Tier 2 ranks and required posts to reach them.

Star Member
Requirements - Post 10 times in the forum.
Rank Badge - 1 Gold Star

2 Star Member
Requirements - Post 20 times in the forum.
Rank Badge - 2 Gold Stars

3 Star Member
Requirements - Post 30 times in the forum.
Rank Badge - 3 Gold Stars

4 Star Member
Requirements - Post 40 times in the forum.
Rank Badge - 4 Gold Stars

5 Star Member
Requirements - Post 50 times in the forum.
Rank Badge - 5 Gold Stars

Advanced Member - Tier 3
The Advanced Member tier has two different levels. You can achieve each level, by meeting the required number of posts.

Here are the Tier 3 ranks and the required posts to reach them.

Senior Member
Requirements - Post 75 times in the forum.

Senior member rank is denoted by a Orange Bar

VIP Member
Requirements - Post 100 times in the forum.

VIP member rank is denoted by a Purple Bar

Happy Posting! 🙂