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Interests Alright well your obviously checking my page so I guess it's about time I posted some info about myself. My name is Nicholas Daniel. I am a sixteen year old teenager living in a little old town in Georgia. But please call me Shadonn on here. Now because I am a teenager you may think that I am like most teenagers, full of themselves and ignorant to the world. Please don't stereotype. I find it offensive. But lets get right down to the point shall we? I'm a writer (although not an official one) and I take great pride in my work. It's the one thing I do feel accomplished in. I've been making RPG Projects since 2008 when I picked up XP. Before then it was the old Super Dante 2 for the SNES. I do not try to be different as most people that try to end up being like everyone else trying to make a statement, therefore they are no different. I am myself and while I'm far from perfect I'd hate to be anyone else. I love helping people so if you need help then by all means ask me. I'm not a scripter but I'm not incompetent and I do have some knowledge in that area, although it's very basic knowledge. I also enjoy giving reviews. I give downright honest reviews. The pros and the cons. I won't tell you I think your game is a hit if I think it sucks, but I can see potential and I will tell you that (if I see it). If you've got a project that you'd like tested send it my way. As of now I'm out of school. On August 7th I go back and that's when you'll see less of me. I'm not a newb at VX but I do not claim to be an expert. I learn stuff all the time with that program and I'm not afraid to admit or to ask for help. That's about it for right now.
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