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Hi there, found this site while going on a nostalga trip looking for my old Amiga Releases!

I was Zamara/a51 back in the day and also had a hand in doing a few releases of the Black Dawn rpg series amongst other things.

Tried downloading the BTF diskmags but cant get any of the bloody things to work lol (if anyones got them in adf drop me a line!)

Thought i`d try and ressurect my old amiga hdd, popped him in my pc and while it recognises the drive cant check any of the data ....sniff

All my old badly written mods lost forever lol

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Hey Timeslip,

I haven't welcomed any new members in here for a long time, so err... welcome. I vaguely remember your handle but can't quite remember if I've spoken to you before? I've unplugged quite a lot from our forums and the Amiga retro scene as a whole, so my memory's getting a little cloudy. lol

With regards to your HDD, how about using WinUAE to access the Amiga files on there? There's a wealth of info on how to do this if you go googling. I do hope you haven't flattened the drive. :o

I'll have a peep to see if I have any versions of BTF laying around. Also, you could maybe tap the guys up on the old a51 mailist, there are still quite a few bods on there.