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The Delmarva Report 2/21/2018

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While awaiting their turn to make (or trade) their dispersal pick, Delmarva General Manager Garrie Morris spoke to an OIFL Network reporter onsite covering the OIFL dispersal draft. Morris was asked about his thoughts on how free agency finished off.

“Great! We brought in 14 more players last night. We are satisfied with our roster at several key positions. I’m happy at QB, though we might consider bringing in a young gun to develop behind Lang and Dilworth. Thrilled with OS and OLDL. I like who we got there and the quality of depth now on our roster. I think we landed two defensive specialists that could form a lethal one-two punch. They need a little more developing, but I think they could be forces like I once had in Tucson and like Brian once had in Tampa. We could use a third DS, someone to get a breather to Diek and Torres, and we will probably look to bring in a rookie for that role. My only regrets with free agency was Jack Stones and Juwon Mack slipping away. We were outbid on Stones by only a hundred thousand a year. I can’t blame him for signing with the team that went to the Cup last year. But it does sting that we will see him atleast twice a year. We were planning on bringing Michael Break in to compete with Stone and likely to back him up. Now the spotlight is on Break. He’s going to have some good running back veterans in the locker room this preseason (and maybe longer) to help prepare him. Depending on how the entry draft goes, we might bring in a RB to compete with Break. WRDB is my only concern right now. We don’t have any youth. That said, I believe Fleming and Makhoul will do great for us in 2018. There is a WRDB I like a lot in the dispers… hold on Sacramento is making their pick.”

Sacramento selects WRDB Justin Silverstein.

“Well never mind what I was about to say. If you will excuse me, it’s time to make a few phone calls and decide what our move will be after San Francisco makes their selection.”

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