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Philadelphia Founders Season Preview

OIFL Practice Squad
OIFL Practice Squad
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It's been a very interesting off-season for the 2nd year Philadelphia Founders. They were able to acquire an Elite-Level QB in Stan Kirby in the Disbursement Draft. The young core they drafted improved a lot and are setting themselves up to become real professionals in the OIFL. Rich Braskett has come out of his Freshman campaign and really showed why Philadelphia has so much faith in him.

Young and promising B Fortney had an unfortunate injury in the preseason, but Founders Owner, Gunnar Granderson didn't let that deter his drive to drastically improve his squad. He made a very unpopular decision by putting young and talented Rich Brawn on the trade block. But Mr. Granderson has his faith in Rich Braskett and felt he could deal Brawn to make this team better. A deal at the last second came through that seemed to change everyone's opinion of Mr. Granderson.

The Founders acquired a stand-out offensive veteran from the deal for Brawn. Felix Porter will be wearing a Philly uniform this year, and gives their new Quarterback a real offensive threat to competing defenses. Plus, Philadelphia was able to acquire a young Lineman to grow and help protect their Franchise QB, AND Philadelphia was able to significantly improve their financial situation with this trade.

Does this make Philadelphia and Gunnar Granderson a legitimate squad and franchise? Did the risky deal for Brawn payoff? Will the OIFL take Philadelphia and their owner seriously now? The aggression from Philadelphia is undeniable. However all these other questions have yet to be answered. The story line for 2018 is evident. What was thought to be a joke in the league, may now be formidable. This season will be much more exciting than anticipated in Philadelphia. One thing is for sure. the fans of Philadelphia now have something to look forward to watching on the field. Mr. Granderson made many mistakes his first year owning the OIFL expansion team. Were these lessons learned? Or were they just bad habits beginning to be realized? Time will tell. For now, let's kick off the 2018 season!