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DC Readies for the Regular Season

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WASHINGTON, DC - The Conspiracy announced their final roster moves heading into the regular season, as required to meet the league deadline to reduce their roster to 28 players.

A last minute trade with London slightly shook things up. The Conspiracy sent OLDL Felton Poley to London in exchange for RBLB Miles Schweiger. DC had been shopping Poley, and with the number of linemen on the DC roster was considered a possibility to not make the cut due to his age and tackling ability compared to the others on the team.

Schweiger is thought to have been in a similar situation; a capable player in a crowded position on the Monarchs roster. With London on the market for additional linemen and DC characteristically looking to stay young on the back end of their roster, the move made sense. The move also saved DC from having to pay the cut penalty for Poley, giving them a financial incentive as well.

The loser in the trade on the DC roster was veteran RBLB Joe Brockson, who signed a 'prove it' deal coming into camp. While he had an adequate camp and pre-season, the DC front office decided to go in a younger direction when the opportunity arose. It is believed that Brockson would be welcomed back with open arms if an injury were to occur and he is still available.

Brockson was arguably the biggest name to be cut in this last round, but not the only one. K Jose Cortez, one of the league's chief elders with 18 years experience, was also on the cut list, as was veteran DS Preston Street, QBs Tommy Maddox and Jamarco Angermeier, and WRLB Roy Lovelace.

DC goes into Week 1 to face off against the Wisconsin Warlords, led by QB Jason Stackhouse.
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