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Breaking News: The Delmarva Report 3/4/2018

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Breaking news on the Maryland's Eastern Shore. Delmarva's second & third trades in existence has been completed.

Delmarva's first trade was with London where the two clubs traded first round picks. London deferred on picking a player this year to select one next. Delmarva decided to spend next years currency this year to secure RBLB Roger Schneider, who projects as the teams not so distant future starting running back. Schneider joins WRDB Alquan Wund and QB James Marple as the first three Legacy rookies to be drafted by Delmarva.

Delmarva's trade with London freed up the team to deal Michael D Brake, "Preying" Mantis Toboggan, along with three draft picks (E2-30, E5-30 & E5-31) to Eugene for DS Bryson Roman-Ayers and OLDL Wilbert Atkinson aka Kill-bert Sack-inson, who earned that moniker playing for Delmarva's Head Coach Brian Clothier with the two were paired in Tampa Bay.

General Manager Garrie Morris was quoted as saying, "Atkinson is a big name acquisition. He's a house hold name which will not only help us sell tickets but will make any opposing quarterback shake in his cleats. I was alittle concerned with pulling the trigger on this deal as Atkinson's sack totals dropped in half last year. However, maybe all he needs is a change of scenery and maybe teaming up with his ol' ball coach will work a little fountain of youth magic and turn him back into the beast we all know he has been. We also are bringing in Roman Bryson-Ayers, who will team with Anthony Torres and Ja'Quan Diek to give Delmarva a dangerous trio to play defensive specialist. I hate to see Mantis and Brake go, when we signed them we expected them to do big things here, however this trade improves the team for this year and other moves we have made still allows us to groom some special players for our team's future."

Delmarva then completed their second trade of the day (and third trade ever) with Texas. Delmarva sent WRDB Mark Garbinsky and RBDB Earvin Hice to Texas for WRDB Domingo Domenech. According to GM Garrie Morris, the trade was a cut costing maneuver for Texas, and netted Delmarva a player that could potentially team with Alquan Wund as the teams two future starting WRDBs in a year or two from now. Had the Terrors released Domenech, it would have cost them one million dollars. Both Garbinsky and Hice have non guaranteed contracts, they are only expected at this time to provide additional veteran leadership in training camp/preseason for the defending OIFL Cup Champions.

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