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Been thinking to rebuild one of my toon to red wizard that goes for maximum DC and got preliminary build shaped up:

+2 int race with 0 ECL
Wizard 10, necro specialist
Red mage 10, ban illusion
Arcane Scholar 10

pre-epic: wiz 9 - arc 10 - red 1
1 prodigy
3 skill focus conc
5 wiz bonus empower
6 skill focus spellcraft
9 practiced caster
12 spell pen
15 greater spell pen
18 extended

8 epic feats great int
- 5 epic feats + 2 red wizard bonus feats

Problem is, I just heard that red wizard cant take great ints on bonus feats.
- Does sigil use basic red wizard bonus feats?
- Can I just try some lvling mod to see what feats they get access to or are they customized?
- Is there some kind list of what are available?
- Any suggestions on what to take?
- Was considering such as: Epic spell mummy dust, epic mage armor or brew potion for +8 int pots

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Wizard Specialist is just a renamed Red Wizard of Thay. Nothing else should be different.
We do not have a leveling mod.
Most of the server is documented in the wiki.
I recommend crafting feats.
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Yea looks good,

You'll get 6 great int outa this max so I'd take 5 and brew potion For maximum self produced DC if you go that route.

If it were me I'd go 2 great int, 3 crafting feats (brew, mag arms and armor, wonderous), persistent spell, mummy dust and epic mage armor as epics.

That'll leave you at 37 int max (after potion) so I'd then consider dropping one int for dex so you can +8 potion for more AC in certain circumstances as this build maxes about 45 AC considering just +5 gear across the board.

with an improved focus spell ring you'll still get DC 34 + spell lvl (Necro) which imo is more than enough (which I think is only about 3 maybe 4 less than absolute maximum anyways)

Hope this helps

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