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So here is a question,

Do any of the heads actually match the skin in color/tint properly? and If so Which ones?
If i wear anything except for something full body covering it is fairly Obvious and noticeable difference in skin tones on the 3-4 heads i have tried.

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Drow heads have a different "skin" texture than regular humans/elves, it's why they don't look completely black when you pick the darkest color in the character creator.

As for matching colors... err... I just went with wearing armor all the time. :-P You're best off picking something that's passable and wearing a scarf or something to cover up where the head/body models clip.
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Think they could replace the Drow Heads with like the elf heads? I think the elf ones color/Tint like the human ones so they should look better? Maybe?

I never use heavy armor on most my charters and a lot of the nicer ones (imo) show a little skin here and there and it can be...jarring how different they can be sometimes

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Yeah, you can clone the heads and what not, from what i heard it's pretty easy.
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The elf heads also have the issue. Their texture might also look a bit odd with dark skin tones.