DM coverage ~OR~ How many DMs are there ?

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Hey dear DM and / or EM team,

first off, I'm posting this in the 'Ask-a-DM' subsection of the boards, 'cause I don't want to inspire a discussion about the topic this is about, but rather keep this as a general inquiry / question to which maybe some answers can be found.

Sigil / Planescape is surely one of the greatest settings ever conceived in terms of fantasy worlds, and the server we all have come to adore and enjoy surely reflects that. Heck, I even came back after a 7-year hiatus just for ... Planescape !
It's a marvelous and wondrous world which comes alive in the City of Doors server almost as much as it would in PnP with a competent storyteller behind the wheel.

And that is, what this is all about.

Don't get me wrong, I can keep myself (and my characters ... and even other players and their characters !) busy for days and days, because precisely the setting is so-well portrayed by the server, but when all it said and done ... a server is just that, a mere platform.
A stage that needs the playerbase as much as it needs frequent DM activity to stay healthy and prosper.
DM-ing, storytelling even, is a tough job, even more so in an online campaign than it is in real life, well at least for me it used to be.
And we all have jobs, families, friends, lots of stuff to do and keep track of IRL, and that always comes first.
But ... on the occassions when I get a chance to snoop into Sigil for several consecutive days (or nights) in a row, after a lengthy block of nighshifts for example, it still feels like something is missing.
There is only so much that players can accomplish by RP-ing on their own, and there certainly are activities that need DM coverage to proceed. On Sigil, this especially holds true for faction RP. Rising in rank or weaving schemes requires a storyteller.

The setting mostly runs on its own, because it is that complex and because we have been given that enormous amount of beautific RP areas (which no one ever visits, but that's another story) to keep us busy, and I'm certainly not inquiring about a terrific meta-plot that runs over the course of months, engulfing half the playerbase. I know how hard it is to pull off that sort of stunt, trust me.
But a wee bit of DM attention for those of us who would like to interact with the higher-ups in their respective factions or the setting / background as a whole would be nice.
That, and maybe a list of active DMs (faction specific or not) ?

Well, or it might be that it's just me 'cause I play during weird euro hours.



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There is a list Mr O posted a while back, if you want some Faction stuff done, More than welcome too PM Me.
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