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These are Not Pocket Monsters: An "Egglocke" of Monster Hunter Stories

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9:17 AM - Dec 20, 2017 #1

Alright, time to start a Nuz-

This here isn't Pokemon, is it?

Nope, definitely not a Pokemons

After all, does Pokemon have DINOSAURS?




Today we lay witness to an exercise in how far one can contrive something to be a nuzlocke, as I stretch the rules to apply them to one of my favorite games this year, Monster Hunter Stories, or as you could arguably call it, Monster Hunter Pokemon, a game about raising and befriending an eclectic collection of murderous monsters and turning them into your personal elite guard to beat down anything before you.

To those of you unfamiliar with Monster Hunter, it is at surface level extremely simple - you hunt monsters - it's just that there are a stupidly massive number of layers of complexity, weirdness, and complex weirdness beneath that. I'll get into some of that weirdness as we progress, but for the time being, what you need to know is that Stories is a spinoff of the main series of the real time action games, and is of surprising quality.

Now, let's get into the rules, shall we?

[+] Spoiler
!) If a monster is brought to zero hit points, it is considered dead and can no longer be used. (Note: Due to the battle system in the game, after reaching zero hitpoints, a life is deducted from the team's total and the monster is brought back to full hitpoints, and will continue fighting. When this occurs, I will immediately swap in another monster, and any action a dead monster takes in that turn after receiving the killing blow will be considered its dying act.)
2) Name all monsters.
3) Only a limited number of monsters may be obtained in each area.
    - For large, open areas, 2 monsters may be obtained.
    - For smaller areas, 1 or 2 monsters may be obtained, and each one will require a judgement call in that regard based on the size of the area.
    - At a later point in the story, several areas will have a number of new monsters available, at which point 2 more monsters may be obtained. I will point out when this occurs.
4) When obtaining monsters, I must go into the first monster den I see in each area, and when inside, I must take only the first egg from the nest, unless it is a duplicate of a monster I already have, in which case I will take another egg.
5) After obtaining and naming all regular monsters in an area as described in rule 3, twice as many additional monsters may be obtained in a similar fashion (Ignoring the dupes clause), but these monsters cannot ever be used in combat, and are only to be used in the Rite of Channeling for gene inheritance.
Now, we begin.

Chapter List:
[+] Spoiler
Part 1: The Joys of Parenthood (see below, ya doof)
Part 2: An Unwanted Guest
Part 3: Finally Out of the Village
Part 4: EGGS!
Part 5: What Do You Mean, Riders Have Rules?
Part 6: Time to Go Save My Friends I Guess
Part 1: The Joys of Parenthood
[+] Spoiler

Some heavy stuff. Tall claim, ending all wars. I wonder if this is somehow prophetic?

Regardless, it's about time we got on to the main event.

We find our hero and a couple other chumps in a stupidly beautiful forest, complete with a crap load of god rays poking through the trees.

Obviously this one's the hero because she's the first face we see, right?

Don't be ridiculous, she has a name, and we haven't even gotten around to character creation, YOU FOOL.

Can't be this guy either, he's obviously the local coward. Every village has one, and surely cowards never turn out to be unlikely heroes.

Cheval you're never going to get anywhere in life if you're so indecisive. Have some backbone! Monster eggs are exciting! They have tiny monsters inside that probably can't instantly murder you!


It's at about this point that it becomes immediately clear that I don't really know how to screenshot properly



I think I scared Cheval with all that shouting and he fell over.

God damn, Cheval, I know you're playing to your character here but come on, man!





Thankfully the power of peer pressure prevents Cheval from doing something that's probably stupid.

Lilia, not everyone can whistle that loud, maybe we can just yell-

Oh. Okay. Guess you're just going to leave me here.

Just like the cutscene did, completely forgetting that I exist.

I'm all alooooone, there's no one heeere, besiiiide me...

Actually, this comes to an interesting point. I now have control over my character, in spite of not having made said character. This isn't something I've seen a whole lot of in games, the first and most notable case I've seen being Dark Souls 2, which also drops you into a mysterious place with a nameless, hooded character.

Now all we need are some old ladies telling me how much I'm going to die and we'll be set.

Enough dilly-dallying, we have eggs to-

Damn this game is pretty.

It's pretty obvious the main path is this way-

Or I could run off and gather a bunch of random forest junk

Alright, fine, I'll go talk to Cheval

To be perfectly honest, you make it really easy.

Then you are of no further use to me. Smell ya later!

Oh, good, I was worried I'd have to stand about making a pathetic attempt at whistling if I found it.

Also, this is a very linear path, why is finding it such a big deal?

I don't think I'm going to get over how great this game looks

Gosh, I wonder if one of these eggs is special?

I have a couple questions. First of all, How on earth could we see those eggs from the bottom of the tree? Secondly, LILIA WHY DID WE CLIMB UP THE FAR SIDE OF THE NEST INSTEAD OF UP THE TRUNK OF THE TREE?

Yes, let's hang about the nest of a likely extremely dangerous monster, messing around with its unborn children.

Lilia, what are you doing with that rock-

Lilia, I am not going to help you bash open an egg with rocks!

Oh, that's what we're doing.

So says the girl imitating said sacred ritual with a bunch of rocks

Ah, finally asking my name so I have an excuse to make my character.

Alright, so we're starting from a pointy haired little twit-

Oh my Gargwa, SHE'S ADORABLE


Word of advice, when given choice between a pointy haired twit and concentrated adorable, always take the adorable.

I'm going to skip past character creation, but I want to highlight some of the eye options there are

Because these are kind of ridiculous. And it's worth pointing out that the last one is "cat-like" eyes, and the "Feline mouth" option.

Did I ever mention that Monster Hunter was weird?

I went with doofy pigtails for maximum adorable, and named her after the Staravia in my storylocke, Lyn.


Uh, let's return to the egg thing

It's almost like random rocks you found in a monster nest don't qualify as Kinship Stones. Does anybody hear roaring in the distance?


He's perfect.



He is my son and I will protect him forever. I will call him-

Did you just try to name my son for me?


We are no longer friends.


Awwwwwwwww, Mama's here, don't you worry. Let's go home.

[+] Spoiler

I want to take a brief moment to talk about Rathalos, just for context. It's one of the oldest and most widely recognizable monsters in the entire series. It's iconic, it's awesome. Just look at it:Link because the image is massive

Alright, back to Stories

Uh, I think those windmill blades are Rathalos wings.

Just, don't look back there, okay?

Who's this Dan guy, and why should I pay attention to him if he has pointy-haired-twit hair?

Ooooooh Mom's pissed! Also, you should really talk to your son about not touching weird flowers in the forest.

He raises a good point. Not only are Rathalos (and the female counterpart, Rathians) really territorial and defensive of their young, they canonically can sense when something is messing with their eggs.

No, I'm serious. In the main series games, grabbing an egg from a Rath nest will immediately trigger any Rathian or Rathalos in the area to come kick your ass.

Listen, I've poked around the village off camera, and the only thing more impressive than a Velocidrome we have is an Yian Kut-ku. That's a bunch of oversized raptors and one low intellect, fire breathing... chicken wyvern. As impressive as the raptors might seem, we live in a world populated with dragons capable of wiping our home off the map in less than a minute. He isn't saying no to having a Rathalos around.

I mean look at this thing. It's not exactly world saving material.

Allright, lets go talk to the elder.

Well, that resolved itself rather quickly.

Aw, you guys are too kind. Do go on, though.



That's the alarm!

Right, we need to get my son to safety!

Crap, that's purple mist. Purple mist is never good.


...I know those eyes.

It's a cat wyvern, run!

Dan, I appreciate that you're trying to be relevant, but you're a biiiiit outclassed here, that raptor is going to be kibble in a few seconds

Oh, and it's angry too.

Oh dear.


Cheval? What about the cameraman! Oh, god, there's blood everywhere!

It tried to pin Cheval down with the cameraman's corpse, but I got to him first!

Wait, is that-


Oh my goodness he's protecting us... LOOK AT HIM, HE'S SO BRAVE!





My child...


Dan, it's too late. He's gone.

It's all gone.
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The Kindred, corrupted fragments of humanity's legacy, must fight if they wish to inherit their broken world.
9/9/18 - Part 14: Anville
"If we can't learn from a world that is 'fake', how can we hope to learn from one that is real?" -paraphrased from the words of Jacob, an old friend and the one who sparked my love of creation

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Oh my god,I'm currently playing this game,I'm playing it regularly and thats exactly how I felt when Ratha was knocked off the mountain and man,this game is so good,Good Luck,you got a viewer in me
Oh my god,I'm currently playing this game,I'm playing it regularly and thats exactly how I felt when Ratha was knocked off the mountain and man,this game is so good,Good Luck,you got a viewer in me
[+] Spoiler
This is mostly true
Hmm,usually in games
[+] Spoiler

(Gen 1 Complete)
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- made by the talented Uberle

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[+] Replies! Hurrah!
@Sora the Blue man: Wow, you were so excited you accidentally posted twice! I kid, I kid. Thanks for reading! And RIP Ratha. He was too pure for this world.

@ZHODY: I really wasn't expecting the game to pull out the feels card so hard! Thanks for watching, I hope you enjoy it!
[+] Part 2: An Unwanted Guest

Come on, it’s been a week and a half at best. I know I’m not the fastest updater, but give me a break!

Oh, an in game year. Carry on.

It’s been a year since the loss of my precious boy. And yet, I must move forward. Today, I become an official rider and get an actual kinship stone. Even though nothing can ever fill the gaping hole in my heart.

Let’s explore the village a bi-


Listen, we need to talk about the abomination you have here. That Congalala is one of the worst things Monster Hunter has ever done to its players. It is not only animated and structured in the stupidest way possible, it also has a fart attack. That deals significant damage.

I know Monster Hunter doesn't take itself too seriously sometimes, but I am going to need you to kill that ape or else I'll come back here and personally make it suffer for its sins against game design. I tell you this because I want to give you the mercy of allowing you to end your little "pet" quickly.

Good to know, I guess.

I love the visual design here, it's so colorful.

Quietly chokes back tears

Oh yeah.


Kinda makes me feel a little bad for getting so bent out of shape about my Rathalos...

Wait, how did he become a rider before I did? I'm basically the chosen one, right? Isn't that why everyone was telling me how cool I was last time?

Side note, but I have to respect this game for so soundly demonstrating the brutality of nature in the first ten minutes.

See? This kid knows I'm cool.

Are you talking about the view or me?

Ah, Lilia, my old not-friend.

What? I'm still salty about her trying to name my Rathalos!

Yes, this has been planned for weeks, if not months. I already know, there's no need to remind me.

Come on, you're what? 16? It's kind of hard to tell with the cartoony aesthetic. Plus I almost always overestimate the ages of characters in Japanese RPGs, I wouldn't be entirely surprised if our canonical ages are like, 12 or 13.

Yep, the main character is 13. TIME TO GRAB A SWORD AND FIGHT DRAGONS.

Incidentally, the picture there looks different from the game graphics because it's from the anime. Which is a thing.

That's not good... I was afraid this might happen.

Crap, he's already reached stage 2! I hoped we'd have more time...

I don't know if I can break this to you lightly, Lilia... Cheval's a stage 2 Edgelord. Intervention now might keep him from progressing, but if he reaches stage 3 and becomes an antagonist, his only hope is going to be a villain redemption arc, and those only happen to cool people.

Yeah, let's go. Don't worry about Cheval. Intervention for a stage 2 requires the protagonist to confront the Edgelord and start a fight because he's not himself, so that falls to me. I need to become a rider before I can do that, though. It won't work unless we're on equal standing.

I rather doubt that, monsters run pretty fast.

I don't know if you can really call this a cape, but thanks.

What kind of monster fur did they have to use to get my hair to fit in the hat?

I can't help but feel like Dan's name is just woefully out of place. Cheval, Lilia, Ogma, Vlau... and then there's Dan.

Ah, that reminds me, I never showed a picture of a Kut-ku last time. It's the pink chicken looking thing by the door.

This is a bit more ominous than I'd anticipated.

Oh, it's just a cavern that inexplicably has grass growing in it.

Yes. That. Hey, you remember that time when that cherished friend of yours died? Well let me remind you about it.

Let's get down to business then. To defeat the monsters! I imagine you'll want me to heed your every order so I might survive. I know I'm a bit sad compared to all the trainees you've ever met, but I'd willing to bet that before we're through, you'll make a rider out of me.

The very best? Like no one ever was?

Gee, thanks. Don't you still mostly ride a Velocidrome? The most basic monster in existence?

It mostly just sounds like an attempt to make "monster" sound cute.

Alright, time to pick my starter!

Dan, you kind of implied there was going to be more than one egg. This is kind of important, you're depriving me of a vital part of the nuzlocke experience! I have to spend an inordinate amount of time choosing my first monster, it's just not the same without it!

Alright, fine, I'll take the Velocidrome. Because there is not another monster in the game with that blue and orange coloration.

... The heck is he doing?

"I think he may be starting to go senile."

What, you're just going to say that in front of him?

"Well, his hearing's pretty shot too..."

Wait, I think he's finished.


... As fun as all this dramatic pausing is, can we please-

Oh my. Is that supposed to happen?

I'll take that as a no.

Shut up and help me catch the egg!

Wow, how remarkably observant of you.

Hey, wait a second!

That's not a bouncing egg, it's being carried by what I can only assume to be a cat, somehow completely hidden from all camera angles shown thus far!

Did you not see the cat carrying it? The egg is the victim here!

RIP Dan, wrekd by egg.

I'm the competent one around here, that's who. Now tell me, what are you doing with my egg, you little anatomical approximation of a feline?

You seem to misunderstand your position here.

Much better. Now explain.

Why did you try to take my egg.

Thank you, Dan. Now- EXPLAIN.

Listen, as much as I appreciate your goofery antics leading to Dan nearly getting a concussion, you're really going to have to do better than that.

And it really doesn't help your case that you keep making cat puns. Then again, this is kind of one of those Monster Hunter things, so I guess I'll let it slide.

So you admit to have no impulse control whatsoever... yep, it checks out, he's a cat.

That pun was a stretch. come on, you're obviously important: you're on the box art, and clearly designed to be marketable. I am not going to spend the rest of the game listening to you if that's all the effort you're going to put into your puns.


Alright, that is a bold claim, do you even know who you're going up against for that title? Because you're going to have to contend with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's...

Ace Palico

without doubt the greatest cat to ever cat in a Monster Hunter game, if not any game ever made. Behold, his glory!

Simply magnificent.

I mean, just look at that hat! And the lady cat swooning at his bravery! And that hat!

I have to step back here and enjoy the cat and Dan glaring at each other.

Let's give him some food so he goes away. I have an egg to hatch!

I know, now get off me!

No, you're not! Go away! Shoo!

I can't help but notice the alarming similarity to a certain navigational fairy.

Just know that if I ever hear you say "hey, listen", I'm feeding you to my monsters.

I agree with Dan for once.

Alright, alright, let's just get a move on.


Wait, what? What happened to the- okay, we're doing this now.

So apparently what I do is tap the egg until it hatches-

And hitting it in different places gives it tiny stat boosts or something. I honestly have no idea how it works and I've hatched well over a hundred eggs in my first playthrough.

Woah, a Velocidrome! How wildly unexpected!

Genes seem fairly serviceable for an early game monster... Oh. Right. Monster Genetics. Um, I'll get to that later when it really becomes important. Just know that having three slots in a row on that grid is pretty good here.

I'm going to name him Rebys! That's pronounced Reh-bis. Looking at it now I realize you could probably read that like rabies.

I... he's right. He's been talking in rhyme this entire time. I hadn't noticed until he pointed it out...

Yes, I accept your challenge to a Pokemon batt-

I mean, yeah, I'll go do the thing in the caves.

I just got my monster, I feel like I should be having a rival battle right now...

Alright, first order of business, take off my stupid hat!

Just pop into the equipment menu and disable the helmet...

Perfect! I've got doofy hair, a comically oversized weapon, and a cat, I'm ready to play Monster Hunter!

Actually, I think it's about time I stopped by my house. I'm getting a bit tired, so I think we'll call it a night for now.

Sweet dreams, and see you next time! Heck, we might actually get to the gameplay then!
The Kindred, corrupted fragments of humanity's legacy, must fight if they wish to inherit their broken world.
9/9/18 - Part 14: Anville
"If we can't learn from a world that is 'fake', how can we hope to learn from one that is real?" -paraphrased from the words of Jacob, an old friend and the one who sparked my love of creation

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Conqueror of the Goldenrod Gym
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Yes,everything is going well and dang,that hat though,good luck with your Velocidrome
[+] Spoiler
This is mostly true
Hmm,usually in games
[+] Spoiler

(Gen 1 Complete)
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- made by the talented Uberle

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Conqueror of the Saffron Gym
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Wow, there's a lot of dust down here...

Now, where did I put that book...

Wait, there it is!

I knew it was around here somewhere!


Now, where's that page... mummies, skeletons, becoming a lich, bone horrors, 103 horrible skeletal puns... there it is, reanimate dead!

Now, my eldritch chanting is a bit rusty...

B̸͔̿̂̈̆͒͛͠y̷͕͊̋͗̈ ̶̡̛̥̳̝͚̪̅͂̈͋̾̅̓̋͜ͅţ̸̢̛̙̪̻̥̱̺̪̓̽́̑͑̄̉̕͜h̷̢͕̠̘̖̻͓̭̯̑͗ę̶͉̗̃̈́͑͑̇̕ ̷̧͇̙̺͆̒͜a̶̞̖̐̓̽̎̈́̇͆͐̄̕n̶̢̙͉̝̲̠̠͈͎̂͑̓͌̂́̇̊͜c̵̳̠̪̤̺͋̅͂̈̓͌̆͌̕͘͜ͅi̸͎̠͐̑̎̽̾̀͒͝e̶̪̝̻̮̻̜̝̙̽n̷͉̜̟͉͈͗̓t̵̘̝̹̰̄͠ ̸͇̙̝̫̫̮̀͐̈́̿̿̾̚͠͝͝p̴̬̜̥͛̃̇̅͌͂͛͜ͅö̶͙͎͔̝͓̥͇̗̼͔́̈́̾̓̿͑͘͠w̶̧̤͇͂͑͗ẻ̴͈̫̱̲̎̂̈́̅̿̓̀̉͘r̴̳̫̬̈̂̀͑̇͋̋̈͋͝s̴͈̺̱̜͒́͜,̸̛̫̞̼̖͜ ̶͎̹͔̗͉̬̅̅͐I̶̺̻̖͎͎͐̀͐͂͜͝͝ͅ ̵͔͙͕̻̯̞̣̂͋͋̃̄ͅb̵̜̻̻̱̼̪̜̭̞̱̋ĭ̴̱̟̩͐̔̏̾̽d̴͕͇̻̟̼̀͆̌̓͑̑̽ ̶̲̼͙̣͐͛̏t̶̛̪͐̔̍̉̊͋̉̔h̷̹̰̪͂̓͒̅͑̇e̷̝̙̙̹̜͉̭̩̣̾̅̓̾̚̕͝e̵̢̲̹̠͔̙̪̥̍̎͋̎̚ ̷̡͖͇̠̪̟̙̩͚̠́̉r̸̡̨̨̹̼̲̞͚̉̑̇̅́̈́͘͜͠ḯ̵̛͓̜̞̹̞̻͓̎̃͗̆̚̕ͅs̵̢̨̫̪͎̘͙͙͉̖̋̀̚͘e̷̡̡̱̗̗͍̬̬̤̝̒̃̚̚,̶̛̠̙̞̣̘̐̔̉̕ ̶̘͔͖̫̲̣͐͂̎̅̉̀͜ŕ̴̜̰̊e̵͔̩̾͋̌͜͝t̸̡̨̨͖͚̥̗̰̗͗̈́͊̽ủ̴̧͍̣͖̙̯̜̎̄͜r̶̢̘̜̦̮͌̀̌̽͋͠n̵̖̈́̃͌͐͒ ̷̢̛͓̞̯͉͈͉̠̦͌̋͐̒͛̄̊͘̚͜f̶̯̳̹̪͍͕͓̞̠̆͌͘̕ͅr̶̛͇̦͔̎̒́̀̅̓̆͠ō̵̜͍m̷̧̝̀̾̓̄̓̓́ ̵̢̮͚̙̖̲̙̱̟̇̏͂̿̓̈́͒̅ͅḩ̵̰͖̦͖͙͔̂́͋͂̊̈́̎͛̍ͅḁ̶̡̮̗͗i̴͎̠̳̤̺̥͓̾͌̃̌̐̅̓͝͝t̸̯̳̹͚̾̿̎̓̕̕̚͘ṵ̶̱̤̋̕ş̴̘̰̔ ̸͔̲̮͕̹̙͓̲̰͓̃̀̄̕̚a̸̧̫̬͂̀̽̅ņ̵̨̟͓͈̻̦͇̈̈̏̄d̴̥͎̠̪̗̟̭̥̞͒̂̊̒̑͆̍ ̴̨̛̍̉̽̈́͛̀̈́̅͝w̸̳͔̱̪̲͉͓͈͈̌̎͘͝a̷̠̘̘̼̞͇̖̔́͒̈́̉̋̎ͅl̴̖̻̩̞̳͋́͊̎̒̚k̸̹̰̜̆̐̇̔̎̍ ̷̡̡̲̺͙̥̦̮̣̇̂̀̽̈́̆͊̾͛o̴̻͚̬̻̻̭̜͋̾n̷̳̮͈̙͚̬̬̞̖͂̂̈́́͆͠ͅc̶̛̰͍̺̝͇̠͑̃̊̂͊̄͘ḛ̴̩̙̣̫̑͊ ̴͖̦͈̳̣̟̖̹͐̇̆̓̍̾́ͅm̷͚͇̙͓̦̱̰̃͑͒̐̾͜͝͝o̴̡̦͙̊̿̓̒͊̀͘͝ͅŗ̶͙͕̝̘̪͍̓̓͋͂̌̇̐é̵̢̃̓͛͠!̷̛͚̻̏̀̚



Hello! I'm back! I may have abandoned this run after losing the SD card with all my save data on it back in January, but at the insistence of my brother, I'm bringing it back by sheer force of will! I had to replay the intro, but it wasn't much of a problem. Although I did somehow give my character a different name? I'm not going through and redoing it all again, though, so you're just going to have to deal with it. Anyway, let's get right to it.

Oh, and one other thing. On further reflection, I need to make an addendum to the rules of the run. You see, there's a key mechanic that will come up down the line involving inheriting genes that really requires you to have a broad pool of monsters available to build a competent team, so I'm adding the following rule:
[+] Spoiler
5) After obtaining and naming all regular monsters in an area as described in rule 3, twice as many additional monsters may be obtained in a similar fashion, but these monsters cannot ever be used in combat, and are only to be used in the Rite of Channeling for gene inheritance.
Trust me, it'll make sense later.

A reply
[+] Spoiler
Sora the Blue Man: Only the finest headwear is acceptable for the finest of felynes.
Part 3: Finally Out of the Village
[+] Spoiler

How have I never noticed this huge shrine thing next to my house? There's something oddly unsettling about it... Oh, right, I was supposed to be going out on my trial.

Wouldn't that just be what you've learnt, given that they're your notes?

Or are your notes actually that bad?

Amor? I think that's what he's trying to say.

Where in the heck did you get donuts? The only grain we grow here is clearly rice, and last I checked that stuff doesn't donut all that well.

Then it's decided. Navirou shall henceforth be known as Sir Fluffykins, regardless of his protests to the contrary.

Yeesh, lay off the caps lock, Dan.

Ah, Pondry Hills. Serene, and yet so full of mystery. Long have I waited to ride through its vast fields on the back of my own monste-

Sir Fluffykins, what are you doing on Rebys?

Get off.

No, I will not call you- alright, fine, I'll walk.

Again I have to stop and appreciate the visual design of this game. It's just fantastic. Given the limitations of the 3ds, I'm surprised they managed to make this work so well.

You know what, Dan? No, I don't need your help. I'm never going to make it below the image limit if I listen to you ramble about how to play the game, so I'll explain it myself. Although... with the new forums, there is no image limit...

Nah I'm still going to ignore you.

Ah, the humble Aptonoth. So common. So boring. I'd say they're like the Rattata of Monster Hunter, but that title probably better fits the Jaggi family, which I'm sure we'll run into before long. No, these are basically dinosaur cows.

Alright then, buddy, you think you're so chill just sitting there eating your flowers, eh? Well...

How do you like that? No flowers for you!

Don't you sass me, cow.

Dinosaur mooing

That's it! Now you have to die!

I don't think we can claim to be the victims here, Sir Fluffykins.

It is at this point that I'm transitioning to the new save. I actually came back later and did a couple normal battles to capture the following screenshots because the game's combat tutorial is a bit looooooooooong. So, disregard the new armor.

Okay, I think it's about time I explain the combat. This is the menu:

It's a turn based affair, much like Pokemon, but rather than being centered around specific moves, the core of the combat lies in three basic attack types: Speed, Power, and Tech.

The three attack types have a Rock-Paper-Scissors relationship, with Speed beating Power, Power beating Tech, and Tech beating peed, as can be seen in the selection wheel above. A huge part succeeding in battle comes from being able to predict what the enemy is going to do and countering with the right kind of attack. Every monster in the game has a certain pattern for their attacks. Some, like the Aptonoth and most other herbivores, only use one kind of attack, typically power, alongside the occasional special ability. As you get into the game, attack patterns become more and more complex, and the stakes only get higher.

Monsters also have various special moves. These can either be elemental attacks which are typically typeless in that they aren't speed, power or tech attacks, status attacks, or a special typed attack of speed, power or tech. These moves are largely dependent on the monster.

Now, on to the actual flow of combat itself.

Unlike with Pokemon, I actually get to participate in the battle! The basic flow is pretty similar to a Pokemon battle - you select what action you want to take, and then the turn plays out. You do get more information about what the enemy is going to do, though. Monsters will always face the target of whatever they're about to do, and if you select attack...

You'll be able to tell if it's using some kind of standard attack. You know, speed, tech or power. That's what the red line means. Then, when the turn plays out, you'll initiate a head-to-head.

Which I have utterly failed to screencap properly. Trust me, it looks real cool, with you and the monster charging at each other... Head to heads are a huge part of the combat. If your attack beats the opponent's, you'll deal a fair bit more damage and take substantially less, which is obviously good. it also will cancel out the special effects of whatever attack you counter. Now, that's about all there is in terms of basic attacks, but there is one important thing to note.

You really only have direct control over the player character, whereas your monster will decide its own actions. Each kind of monster has a tendency for certain types of attack, but you can give your monster specific instructions by hitting the "Monsties" button.

This will bring up a list of your monster's special moves. Rebys only has intimidate, but he'll get more as he levels up. While you can't tell your monster to use a certain kind of basic attack, as your pool of special moves expands, you'll start having plenty of ways to counter an attack, or at least avoid losing the head to head. This doesn't consume your turn, but does require you to spend kinship points, which you accumulate as you battle, particularly when you win head to heads.

Another use for kinship points is rider skills, which are your own special moves.

Though right now I only have the one...and it's free. These do use your turn, though.

That's about all there is to the basics! I'll address any other factors as they arise.

Shut up, Sir Fluffykins, You didn't do anything.

Another interesting system is that your battle rewards, aside from experience, are heavily influenced by what you do in the battle.

You earn points at the end of the fight for a variety of things, and you get more loot the more points you have. Sources of points include ending the battle quickly, not losing head to heads or getting winning streaks with them, finishing the battle with a special attack, using a special attack at all, riding your monster (more on that later), or you can get a whole bunch if Sir Fluffykins randomly elects to give you the "Navirou bonus" which basically guarantees max rewards.

Oh, and while I'm at it, why don't I mention items... It's a little different from in most games... usually, you'd have access to your entire stock of items in battle, but here, you have to set up your battle pouch.

As you can see, you not only have a limit of ten different items, you also have a limited number of each in any given battle. It's important to make sure you're changing up your battle pouch as you get different items and fight different foes.

Anyway, back to the task at hand

Silently loses mind over game visuals


Gluck to you too

Look at all these waterfalls...

Geez, they're even in the caves!


Oh, the Monster Hunter wierdness alarm is going off again

That's got to be it

We've found a pig in a diaper. In a cave.

Ah, poogies. A classic Monster Hunter... thing. Long story short, there are pigs. They wear costumes. They're adorable. Any questions?

Oh, you wanted to know why it's in a cave...


Look! A flying poogie!

See? He was just lost!


This looks important.

And it was! Free group healing item!

I wonder if that waterfall in the background is anything special.

Right! The sacred spring!

Would you please leave? I'm trying to have a moment here.

Do you mind?


Oh, cool, there's a dragon on it now!

And then I can start the never ending loot treadmill of Monster Hunter!

This cavern is a little ominous, now that I'm thinking about it...

This is probably the only time I'm ever going to agree with you...

No... No, not again...

...I remember this...

Red streaks in the darkness...


Time to make him pay.

I've been waiting for this for a long time...




The Kinship meter is full! It's time...

We ride to war!

We're nearly there, bring it down!

Yes! Now, the final blow...




Get back here! I'm not finished with you yet!

...This isn't over.

At least I have his tears! I can use them to replace all the tears I've cried from losing my precious boy.

Just... stop.

So, let me explain some of what happened while I was getting caught up in the moment...

First off, double attacks. If you and your monster attack the same target with the same basic attack and win a head to head, you do a double attack, inflicting heavy damage and taking absolutely none. Very nice.

Secondly, riding. You didn't think that title was just for show, did you? When your kinship meter reaches 100, you can start a ride. this boosts your monster's damage and defense, heals a fair amount of health, nullifies most incoming status effects, and allows you to control your monster directly, though you can only use basic attacks, and you don't get your own actions. The real draw, though, is the kinship skill. Every monster has one, and they are all really well animated and are AWESOME. I'll do my best to capture them on... screenshot, I guess. Kinship skills do enormous amounts of damage, especially if you can win a couple head to heads before using it.

There are some risks, though. If you lose more than one head to head, or get hit by something that would take your monster's health below zero, you are thrown off. Though no matter how hard that last hit might have been, your monster will always survive with one hit point if you're mounted. Nice.

I just wish I could have finished the job.

Right, now let's get to tracking down that-


That's fine and dandy, but-

Nature killed-

I... He's right. I was starting to turn edgy for a minute there...

Though you may want to dial in the love a bit, that was getting a bit corny.

So, funny thing about Monster Hunter. It's got a bad case of ludonarrative dissonance. That is to say that the gameplay and the story don't quite line up. The game's lore holds that the major organizations of the world work VERY hard to maintain a healthy relationship with the rather hostile world around them, heavily regulating hunters and making sure that there aren't poachers, and so on. However, the gameplay sees you spending all your time killing monsters over and over just to get rare materials, which has led to countless low effort jokes about how "the hunters are the real monsters" which I find just... really boring.

Stories is a bit less guilty of this, though, if only by virtue of being more story focused. Just a fun fact.

I thought you said I was a fully fledged rider already?

Yeah! Friendship!

 Anyway, the smith has just opened up shop, so let's go shopping!


Ah, leather armor, another classic Monster Hunter staple. 


NO. Put away the historian, it's Monster Hunter, dammit!

Aw yeah.

Hello, friend person!

Probably the same one from a year ago...

Let's not talk about the weeks after I lost my boy...

Make it a well done steak, those are soooo tast-


Oh, there goes that alarm again. Uh, just watch this

Good to see you're keeping up with calling him the right name.

You're alright, Lilia.

And you went and ruined it!

Key word there being later, because it's about time that I wrap this up!

Goodnight, and goodbye! Thanks for reading, and I promise it won't be another 9 months until I update again.
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The Kindred, corrupted fragments of humanity's legacy, must fight if they wish to inherit their broken world.
9/9/18 - Part 14: Anville
"If we can't learn from a world that is 'fake', how can we hope to learn from one that is real?" -paraphrased from the words of Jacob, an old friend and the one who sparked my love of creation

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Conqueror of the Goldenrod Gym
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11:54 AM - Sep 14, 2018 #7

That was nice to read and I love Monster Hunter stories,its a fun game and seeing a Nuzlocke of it is fun,I remember reading it a while back and can't wait to see more
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This is mostly true
Hmm,usually in games
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[+] Spoiler
@Sora the Blue man: Hey, nice to see you again, thanks for coming back after the long break!
Before I begin, I'm going to make another modification of the rules. I'm dropping the number of monster eggs I can get from each major area from three to two. After further thought, I just decided that three was really too much. Anyway, buckle up, we've got another (quite long) episode of riveting gameplay and high action!

EDIT: I'm currently trying to figure out why I can't put spoilers around the post, I'll have that fixed as soon as I can.

Part 4: EGGS!

Who's a good poogie, whoooo's a good poogie...

Oh. Hello there, I was just attending to... stuff.  

Let's go talk to Dan, shall we?

Damn right I did!

Honestly, I wouldn't blame you. They're not really cave dwellers, last I checked. More like forest ambush predators.

Dan you haven't even moved, you haven't shown me anything.

Also my house is thirty feet away from the stables, I assure you I am quite familiar with them by smell alone.

... Dan, it's not that hard, monster dens are everywhere.

"Likely"? Did you see the eggs or not?

Yeah, but then I'd have to go through all the bottom screenshots too so I can show it to the mysterious powers watching my every move, which just sounds like more work than I'm willing to put up with.


Oh, uh...

How does this... I think you just stick an offering in and...

Please let me find monsters that are not total garbage?


Uh, that's not exactly what I asked for, but thanks? I guess?

So, you can give offerings of money at the shrines to get bonus experience for a limited time. It's kind of handy. Later on you can find charms that you can offer up to get more interesting boosts.

Well, Lilia did make mention of some sidequests we could do, let's have a word around the village and see what the lazy folk want.

You don't say...

... Right. okay, I guess I can find you some bitterbugs.

Why don't you just tell her your rod is broken?

Oh... this is because you broke it doing something stupid, isn't it.


Aside from those couple villagers, there's also a bunch of nondescript sidequests on the quest board near the entrance.

There are a whole lot of them, which should I choo-

All of them.

I mean, there is a limit to how many sidequests I can have active at once, but it's pretty large.

Let's be on our way!

It's about time!

Awwwww Yeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaah

Let's do a bit of exploring, shall we?

This is a weird rock, I wonder what-

Oh! Rebys has got some jumping legs on him!

Although what are we supposed to be jumping to here...

I may have underestimated the leg strength of Velocidromes

Wait...what? But... how... I don't...

Okay then...

Frankly I'm a bit surprised Rebys' legs aren't broken after dropping off that arch.

And there it is! A monster nest!

This is slightly larger than the entrance suggested.

Sneak by the Bullfango because Bullfango are the worst...

Well isn't this an idyllic location for a nest? Very pretty.

Orrrrrrrrr I could rummage around the nest looking for supplies first.

Don't give me that look, I have sidequests to complete!

Aaaaand here it is, an Aptonoth egg. Exactly what I exp-

I'm going to stop this right here. I'm pretty confident, after a quick test on a fresh save, that this egg is scripted to be an Aptonoth, which goes a bit against the spirit of a nuzlocke, so I'm going to just... release the poor thing back into the wild. I would just leave it here, but Sir Fluffykins is really adamant about me taking it.

Step up your pun game, man.

Yep! That's the power of skipping screenshots right there.

Alright, alright, let's get this over with.

Cat puns continue to ravage the world. Truly an epidemic.

Let me just skip right past this...

-Distinct sounds of time being torn asunder-


It's always bad news with you village elder types, isn't it?

You don't say...

I do like the acknowledgement here that not all nature is good, which really fits with the deeper lore of Monster Hunter. Sometimes you've just got to eliminate a threat.

"The world might end, but don't worry, s'ok"

How convenient!

Not sure why you're trusting me with this, I'm really quite new to this... though i am pretty awesome...

What have you got for me this time?



He gave me the beginner's set of recipes, which includes potions... and raw meat sushi.

A set of two.

I'm going to go have a word with Cheval, I can sense his brooding angst from here.

... He's not entirely wrong, angsty though he may be. That blight is a problem.

You know, the more I hear about this Blight, the more it sounds like the Frenzy Virus from Monster Hunter 4U. Seriously, it looks really similar, it makes monsters go berserk, and it also spreads from creature to creature. Although the way you overcome the Frenzy infecting you is by embracing the rage and doing a bunch of damage rather than the power of friendship.

That's not something I can easily forget, Cheval. Watch your tongue.

I don't know, Rebys, I'm not sure we'll be able to stop him from advancing to a stage 3 edgelord...

At least we have a nice view to keep our minds off things

And look! A monster nest!

But first, I found fish in the cave!

I think the Velociprey's spotted me...

Yeah, but... he hasn't tried to attack. I guess fishing renders you immune to all forms of attack. Curious.

Alright, let's see what our first monster is going to be!

That's a Velocidrome egg, so dupes...

Though I'll explain what the smell and weight are all about. If I understand it correctly, Smell tells you if the egg has rare genes, and weight relates to how many gene slots the monster will have. So, the smellier and heavier the egg, the better. Fun fact, heavier eggs actually make you walk slower while carrying them.

Oh, now that's a different one. The pattern is a bird wyvern, but that's definitely not a Velocidrome, so I'm guessing a Kut-Ku. Probably a blue one too! Nice!

I'm not exactly sure what my character is doing in this shot, but it sure does look funny.

Another nest!

Not pictured: A Velocidrome.

Well there's Rebys but he doesn't count.

Leap into glorious battle!

I've seen how high these things can jump, I'm well aware of how strong those legs are.

And then I start the battle by losing a head to head! At least I managed to capture it well this time.

Just a couple turns in and I'm already needing to heal. This might be a bumpy ride...

A power clash! Occasionally, pretty much at random, your monster and the enemy will do one of these between turns. Mash the button hard enough, and you'll deal a good bit of damage and get some kinship.

Get em with your crazy eyes, Rebys!

Now you're finished...

Or not, he got up just fine.

I thought that would've done it. Well, you can't see your monster's health bar the first time you fight it, so I was mostly just guessing.

Jeez, will you just die already?

I can't believe I'm having to use two kinship attacks on one Velocidrome.

At least he dead.

Best get used to hearing that a lot.

See, now that's how it's done!

Egg time!

And then there were no more eggs. Well, those are all Velocidromes! I'm going to relegate dupes to gene fodder, so that's not going on the main team.

And there's another nest!

Well that's different. I don't remember seeing any god rays at the other nests.

I wonder if this means I'll get a cool monster...

You have got to be kidding me.

Gee, all those god rays for an Aptonoth egg! This had better be a good cow.

Let's grab one more egg for fodder before we return!

Well that's a weird entrance for a monster nest.

Looks like an Arzuros egg, that one.


Why couldn't I have gotten this one in the last nest...

And we're back at the stables. Let's start with the exciting one.

Ah! What a wonderful child!

And she's got some really solid genes too! See how there are three in a row? Having any three genes in a row means you get bonus hit points, and it's a lot. Not only that, but this Kut-Ku has three Technical genes in a row, which gives it bonus damage on technical attacks, which are the Kut-Ku's specialty! Excellent!

And her name shall be Thera!

And then there's you...


Genes are garbage, nothing new here. Next!


Definitely more useful than the Arzuros, but nothing unexpected. Later in the game, you can transfer those genes onto other monsters, so the more of them I have on my gene fodder, the more options I have.

Let's go turn in some quests.

I like the idea that this kid wrote out a quest form for me to stamp as being finished.

Wait, he's got another quest.

Boy, you brought this on yourself. On the other hand, I can't just let a quest go unfinished...

Consider yourself lucky that I already had the meat lying around.

Ya think?

Oh, I think that's actually all of the quests I can turn in right now. Darn.

Nearly forgot to check up here for quests!

Is it actually smart or did you just give it that name to make it sound cool?

I feel like the elder would disapprove, but I'm down.

Time to head back to Dan and continue the main quest.

I am a first class rider! I hatched a Rathalos that one time!

... My precious boy...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmno. I'm going to go to sleep!

Because it is late, and I must sleep once more. Thanks for dropping by, I hope to see you again next time!
The Kindred, corrupted fragments of humanity's legacy, must fight if they wish to inherit their broken world.
9/9/18 - Part 14: Anville
"If we can't learn from a world that is 'fake', how can we hope to learn from one that is real?" -paraphrased from the words of Jacob, an old friend and the one who sparked my love of creation

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Conqueror of the Goldenrod Gym
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11:57 AM - Sep 29, 2018 #9

Wow,nice so far,I didn't know there was such a thing as a Blue Yuan ti,I got the one from a mission,and Azuros isn't bad,Its an okay wall when its needed to be,and Cheval,come on edgy mc edge,stop
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This is mostly true
Hmm,usually in games
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[+] Spoiler
Sora the Blue man: Blue Kut-Ku is definitely one of those that just fades into memory. I honestly couldn't tell you what any of the differences are in the main series games, but here I believe it means higher damage than regular Kut-Kus at the cost of some defense. And unfortunately, that Arzuros is reserved for the rite of channeling later, so I'm not allowed to use it in battle. And Cheval needs some chill.
Welcome back to the place where the monsters are! Let's get right underway!

Part 5: What Do You Mean, Riders Have Rules?
[+] Spoiler





That sounds like the sort of thing I should have been told about before initiation.

You don't suppose you could have brought this up just a little earlier?

I'm not sure we can blame them? From the outside, this would look pretty dangerous.

Am I allowed to move the gates?

Yes, I'll go "nudge" it with my greatsword.

Alright, alright.

What a good Kut-Ku she is...

Lilia? What are you doing out here?

Why does everyone keep talking about leaving the village all of the sudden? Also yes. Yes.

Still think I should have heard about that earlier.

In fairness, we only befriend the hatchlings. Near as I can tell, there's really no way to bond with an adult monster.

"Make a living" makes it sound a bit mundane. Hunting is a vital part of their lives, given how dangerous these monsters can be.

What, huge like the five foot, 200 pound lump of steel on my back?

Or, I guess in my hammerspace, at any rate.

We could probably find a way to make that happen...

I don't know why but I always enjoy the culture shock that a person from an isolated society gets when they enter a city, at least in stories.

Yellow blocks of excitement

Everyone keeps bringing that up. It's almost as if that's going to be important to the story somehow.

I do like the idea that he also wishes things were different, rather than being chief "TRADITION AND RULES ABOVE ALL". I see that all too often.

If Dan's the best we've got, it shouldn't be that hard.

Anyway, I've still got two more gene fodder monsters to grab

Looks like an Arzuros, not bad, not bad.

That right there is "The Cunning Raptor" that guy back home mentioned. Let's show him the power of CHICKEN WYVERNS!

I believe I've already mentioned that you can't see the enemy's health in your first fight against a given species, but that also applies to any unique specimens you may fight.

Starting things off strong. Velocidrome are really easy to predict, they tend to follow a pattern of speed->speed->power

Perfectly predicted!

Let's see what Thera can do...


Thera, what are you-

I told you to eat before we left!

Oh for the love of...


There! I didn't think "Konchu fireball" was a valid attack, but there you go.

I can't believe I'm using two kinship attacks on one Velocidrome!


And he dead!

I do believe that's another monster nest up on that ledge, the last one for the Pondry Hills.

Next up in our monster tour is the humble hermitaur, a large, angry hermit crab.

He is nothing special. NEXT!


Another Aptonoth. I just hope that it has a gene other than its species specific one, because that gene dilutes a monster's movepool with the equivalent of splash: Wait-n-See. What an ability.

Now off to the forest!

Your eyes are looking a little bloodshot there, buddy. Eat too much funky honey or something?

Oooh he angery.


Opening with a power attack because Rebys decided to to throw one out in the head to head, on the off chance that we can get a double. Also I'm opening with Rebys because he's speed focused, and Arzuros is power.

Didn't think he'd win that...

Landed a couple double attacks, all good, all good...

I know you're not really a "boss" in any real sense, but you're really weak for a main story objective.


Oh no, three whole damage...

Okay it hit three times so it's not that bad.

And then it immediately fell over!

There we go, one quick bite to the neck, and...

You know, the Elder only wanted us to give it a nudge...


Nothing for it I suppose.

Oh dear. I've seen this before...

Don't touch that, it's-


Oh, so you listen to the unknown voice but not me? We need to review your position as my sidekick later.

Okay, so it panned up from her feet but found the composite image vaguely amusing for some reason.

My favorite part of this frame is that I'm so surprised my eyes are shut.

You don't say?

I can't tell if you're meant to be a fancy official investigator sort or a hokey "evil is on the wind" type, you look one way and talk like the other.

On what authority are you ordering me out? These are our lands.

Oh, whatever, I did what I came to do.

"We"? You weren't there.

Yeah. Grass that is black. Keep up.

You don't say?

Well, we haven't confirmed that yet.

Aside from the Nargacuga.

Calm down, yeesh. You don't even know if that'll stop the spread.

Only with some, Lilia. We still have to hunt for survival. Nature is not always kind.

Okay, jerk move.

That's actually a pretty noble goal... Understandable, too.

But you're still being a bit edgier than is healthy.

Sigh. Look. In some ways, you're right, but you're taking this all to a problematic extreme. Your edginess is becoming a problem!

Oh no... That's not good...

Crap! He's run off!

Damnit, I don't know! I thought we'd have more time... At this rate, Cheval is going to become a full antagonist, and at point, who knows if we'll be able to dull his edge?

This is all getting out of hand...

And would you look at the time! I've got to be getting to sleep!

What do you mean it's still morning? I don't know what you're talking about.

That's it for this one, Hope to see you next time, and thank you for reading!
The Kindred, corrupted fragments of humanity's legacy, must fight if they wish to inherit their broken world.
9/9/18 - Part 14: Anville
"If we can't learn from a world that is 'fake', how can we hope to learn from one that is real?" -paraphrased from the words of Jacob, an old friend and the one who sparked my love of creation

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Indigo League Champion
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9:40 AM - Oct 08, 2018 #11

This game is actually pretty great! I've actually already beaten the game although it took me a couple of tries to get past the end-game. Good luck to you, and may you have the fortune of getting a pickle at some point during the game!

Sora the Blue man
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9:17 PM - Oct 08, 2018 #12

Yeah,I liked Cheval at first,but he does become a literal knife from how sharp his edge is,and Big swords are nice,I favor them out of the other weapons
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This is mostly true
Hmm,usually in games
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(Gen 1 Complete)
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- made by the talented Uberle

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[+] Spoiler
Neosonic97: I was surprised at just how good the game is myself. It's nice to see a spinoff game getting the love it deserves.

Sora the Blue man: Oddly enough, Greatsword is one of my least played weapons in the main games. I only recently started getting into it in world, after hundreds of hunts with the bow and glaive. I'm just too addicted to high mobility at all times.
There's no time to waste, Cheval has run off and Lilia is probably getting herself into needless danger!

Part 6: Time to Go Save My Friends I Guess
[+] Spoiler

Nap complete, let's go track down Cheval!


Let's get on with it.

He's kind of grown beyond that title I think.

"Cheval of the Edge" may be more in line with recent behavior.

I take a five minute nap, and this is what happens?

Just get behind me.

Awfully strange to see an Iodrome round these parts though. Granted, I never really pinned down what their habitat was supposed to be. In the other games, I've seen them in mountains, swamps, even volcanoes.

Let's take this thing down.




Poison is not particularly aggressive here. It's taking off maybe 1/20th of our health each turn.

Get ye BAPPED!

Let's prep for a nice, big Kinship attack!

Or it could just die.

I admit I feel a bit let down... I wanted to end it with one big hit.

Notice the game cleverly only giving generic rewards instead of Iodrome parts because Iodrome is a midgame monster.

What? When did that happen?

Hey, what about me? You know, the one who actually got drenched in toxins? 

I guess I'll just die a slow and horrible death over here then.

"Oh hai" yourself.

She's pretty clearly in charge, I don't get what's so surprising about-

What? No, don't you timeskip on-

I'd just like to point out that there is no reason we couldn't have had this conversation yesterday.

You've only known Dan for a couple minutes and you're already cutting him off. I like you.

It might be because of the Black Blight.

Wait, wasn't... "Pappy"... about to explain? Not that I really mind, he seems lame.

Hey, I wonder if this is the follow up to Lilia complaining about not knowing her place in the world?

I mean she seems to have found something to feel passionate about.

Shut up, Dan, let the girl follow her 3-seconds-of-her-lifelong dream.

I feel like you should also be wanting new recruits to have a certain level of general education as well.

Hey man, I play D&D with friends every now and again, so I can say with confidence that saying ridiculous things can result in some really fun times.

"Normally we have a pretty tight recruitment policy, but you saying you're committed has totally convinced me that you're committed."

I was about to make a joke but I realized it was a family in-joke and nobody would get it.

Ehhhhhhhhh, my brother reads this, he'll hopefully find it amusing.


See, there you go again with switching between "strictly business" and "hokey fate talk" again. Make up your mind!

Mmmmm... Yeah I'm not above making the same stupid in-joke twice.


Yeah, chief seems like a right bro. Not strict, just always trying to make his people happy and safe.

Hey, I told you we are to refer to him as Sir Fluffykins!

Somehow I don't think Scrivening is really going to take you in the same direction.

Old times...

The good old days, when we mercilessly mocked Cheval for showing even the slightest fear...

I think I've demonstrated myself capable of taking care of myself. You, on the other hand... Just try not to get eaten.

I neither have any real desire to cry nor do I need your permission.

Hey, wait a minute, they never explained why exactly they were here even though it's incredibly obvious!

Well, I guess Lilia's off to a wild new life studying stuff or whatever...

Which leaves me here.


With an irritating cat that doesn't even leave me be when I sleep.

I need to get out of this place.

Well, I guess I'll see you all next time, then! Thanks for reading!


All I want to know is how the hell he got his hands on a Rathian egg.
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Ah,Lillia,getting into danger,suprisingly,not as common as one would think but so far,so good with everything,its the Narcuga next If I remember,and yeah,I wasn't a fan of the Greatsword until recently,I like playing support,but hitting things with a sword that bit is satisfying
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