Side project/Minor hack thread.

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April 27th, 2011, 4:32 pm #1

I've seen a few threads recently that I felt didn't warrant an entire thread, so I'm making this thread for them to be posted here instead.
Nobody likes clutter now, do they?
[+] Chester's Metronome-Only Version
Chester wrote:This is some fun side-project from mine.
Original rom: Fire Red

-All pokémon have Metronome as only learnable move
-All trainers can only use Metronome
-Only pokémon able to learn HM's is Slave, it can't be used in battles because of having 1 Base Stat. In all stats. It won't obey, also. It can be found in grass, at Viridian City.
-National Dex is NOT added, allowing you to do the metronomical sidequest and later E4 rematch

No pictures so far, I'll take some later.
Version 1.0: Fully Functional, no texts or title screen edits (Wait for it later)
EDIT: Sprite with wrong pallete, fixed

Hope you have fun nuzlocking this.
[+] Tiedye's Hyper Beam Version
Tiedye wrote:Pokemon Hyper Beam Version is a hack of Fire Red I made that has a few major changes:

1. The only move a pokemon can learn is Hyper Beam; they all know this from level 1.
2. Pokemon cannot learn TMs.
3. The Gastly line, as they are the only ghosts available, are Dragon type instead of Ghost type now.
4. Your Starter is an Eevee.

1.Trainers Edited:
Every Single Gary Mutherfuckin' Oak
Gym Leaders
The Giovannis
Elite Four
Youngster Joey (Two level 15 rattatas, double battle, and Silk Scarve ^_^ )

Download V1.0
Download V1.5

Any feedback would be great.
[+] PewPew's Castform Edition
PewPew wrote:I give to you; POKEMON CASTFORM.

Jesus fuck that took forever and I think I have rsi from typing castform so many times.
Every trainer pokemon rematch and gym leader, every wild encounter, the starters and the legendary encounters are all Castform.


Oh yeah, it's based on Ruby. I think.
[+] Drayano's (and Wiznatts') FireRed Omega + Gible

This is a little hack I threw together when I was deciding to do the no sleep run I did. Basically, I just took FireRed Omega, added the P/S Split (watch out for Minun on the Route before Rock Tunnel) and added the Gible line to the game. I made a few BP adjustments as well, mostly bringing moves to the Gen 5 level of power (though not all of them are changed). I had to make a few adjustments to the movepools of a couple Pokemon as well, but nothing too major. Since the Gible family occupies 3 of the extra slots they are not found in the wild, there is an event where you are given it. I won't say where, but you'll know it when you see it. Have fun with Garchomp in Kanto.
Bassically use this thread for any projects you do that are along the lines of this!
Any feedback can be posted here too I guess, and if someone who isn't a Hacktard wants to suggest something, I'm sure a PM to the creator won't go amiss!
[+] Spoiler

Look out for a new comic starting sooooooooooon. (ish)

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June 13th, 2011, 3:59 pm #2

I'll be posting a few things here, I have some minor hacks that I want to make.
[+] Haberdasher's Explosion-only version
Original ROM: Emerald
Might release a second version which is actually vaguely playable. No promises.

1. All Pokemon learn Explosion at level 1, and have no other level-up moves.
2. All trainers' Pokemon know only Explosion.
3. In Oldale Town, there is a patch of grass with level 1 HM Slaves, which take the spot of Mew. They are the only Pokemon which can learn HMs and Secret Power, but have a base stat of 1 in everything, give no EVs and the lowest possible amount of experience, and probably won't obey since it's in Mew's slot.
4. All TMs besides the one for Secret Power can't be learned by anything, including HM Slave. They're just money fodder.
5. All Ghost-types have their type changed to Dark.
6. All Pokemon with Damp have their ability changed.

Screenies to come, maybe.

Download it here.
[+] Haberdasher's Color Change only version
It's a ROM of LG where errything has the ability Color Change (like Kecleon).

Also Skill Swap and Role Play have been changed to make them not redundant. Role Play is now Ka-Ching, a Psychic-type variation of Pay Day, while Skill Swap is now Push Over, a Psychic-type variation of Low Kick.

Screenies to come, maybe.

Download it here.

Edit: A few glitches where certain species had the wrong ability have been fixed.
[+] Haberdasher's Shadow Tag only version
A ROM of LG, errything has the ability Shadow Tag. Since this is Gen III, it means you can't run or switch from anything (barring a handful of items and moves which will let you get away with it anyway).

Same changes to Skill Swap and Role Play as Color Change only. Role Play is Ka-Ching, a Psychic-type Pay Day variation, and Skill Swap is Push Over, a Psychic-type Low Kick variation.

Screenies to come, maybe.

Download it here.

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Conqueror of the Goldenrod Gym
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October 4th, 2011, 11:58 pm #3

NeverCry4Pain wrote:Hello! This is Brand-spankin' new member NeverCry4Pain here with a small hack of Touhoumon Blue!!

In this teeny tiny modification, I've replaced the starters with CShizuha, CStar Sapphire, and CSunnymilk to preserve the Fire-Water-Grass trio. As the gym leader types remain unchanged from Fire Red, Shizuha is the easy path with Star S. being middle-ground and Sunnymilk being the hardest.

That being said, I DO NOT RECCOMEND STAR S. FOR A NUZLOCKE. She is extremely fragile, having only 25 base HP in her Chibi form. She is primarily here for completeness's sake and having the same evolution pattern as Shizuka and Sunnymilk. I strongly recommend Sunnymilk if you have problems with the beginning fight/are doing a no items run, otherwise, just go with Shizuha if you want to do a Nuzlocke.

I have also edited Viridian Forest so that no wild Star Sapphires and Sunnymilks appear...they'll appear on all other routes they are on, just not in Viridian, as I think getting an alternate starter this early is far too cheap. Shizuha's are still present on all their routes(Mostly around Cerulean), mostly to help players who chose Sunnymilk.

Download Here!

For reference, all starters evolve at level 20, then again with a stone of their type. (Shizuha uses a leaf stone, Star S uses a Water Stone, and Sunnymilk uses a Fire Stone.)
[+] Screenshots:

Truth wrote: "I'd lift up Batman and slam him, head first, into Wolverine, and Batman would say, 'If you like that, taste this!'"

If you are male adult between the ages of 18 - 26 that didn't ULTRA NOSTALGIA over this, you are a goddamn liar.

My hack thread, need a spriter.
[+] Spoiler

Never forget: Simon the Combusken, Badger the Persian, and Kaylee the Altaria
[+] Spoiler

Never forget: NotAfro the Tauros, Dungoofed the Dunsparce, and Shadow the Buizel
[+] Spoiler

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Conqueror of the Blackthorn Gym
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October 10th, 2011, 12:30 am #4

I'll post a few of mine that I've made for various people.
[+] Metronome Emerald

The only move any Pokemon have available are Metronome.
All trainer battles have been edited to reflect that, as well. (Except for Gym Leader rebattles, which I'm fairly certain that no sane person will attempt in this, anyways)

Max Ethers can be bought in the Elite 4 Pokemon Center.

Kadabra > Alakazam at Level 32
Machoke > Machamp at Level 36
Graveler > Golem at Level 36
Seadra > Kingdra at Level 45
Clamperl > Huntail at Level 38 w/ High Personality
Clamperl > Gorebyss at Level 38 w/ Low Personality

Mew/Deoxys as HM Slaves. No obedience, all base stats are at 1, only learns Splash by level up, Truant Ability, Base EXP as 1, gives no EVs, catch rate of 255, can be caught in Oldale Town.

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Conqueror of the Cerulean Gym
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October 12th, 2011, 3:59 pm #5


Touhoumon 1.8 Merry version english with a few things changed/fixed

-added in the item images, still missing a few though
-can obtain both fossils and the watatsuki sisters
-fix the prize exchange at celadon along with proper multichoices
-running in-doors
-Nat'l Dex at the beginning
-E4 flag reseter at Indigo Plateau incase you encounter some troubles
-added extra npc at celadon dept. store that sells held items
-all evo stones also sold in celadon
-Mr Pkmn's exp tables making it slightly easier to get to Lv.100

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October 16th, 2011, 2:53 pm #6

NeverCry4Pain is back with the final version of Touhoumon Elemental Starters! All the rival's battles have been edited, so I consider this complete for now.

Here you go!

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February 13th, 2012, 2:56 am #7

[+] Vega Translation
Moving this here in compliance with the new rules.
Version 0.3 is released!

Lately I've been hearing a lot about a Japanese hack known as Pokemon Vega. It's a pretty impressive hack- it has some good fakemon, a lot of plot, music edits, cry edits, and a whole bunch of added moves. Unfortunately, no English translation for the hack exists to my knowledge, making it very difficult to play.

Now, I don't speak Japanese. At all. Why exactly I thought I was qualified to start any sort of translation on this is a mystery, but...I went ahead and started anyway. Using the English games as reference, I've translated all the attack and item names, which should make combat much easier to understand. I doubt I'll be able to do much more on my own though.

Also, most of the names look like they were ripped from an NES RPG due to the much tighter character limit. Sorry about that. (It could *probably* be fixed, but it would be rather difficult.)

I also went ahead and made Running Shoes work indoors, because it is a rather easy thing to do.

The 0.3 patch is here:
This is meant to be patched onto a Vega ROM. Patching it to any English ROM will get you a ROM with corrupted data. Patching it onto a Japanese FR ROM will get you a Japanese FR ROM with translated items (maybe, it'll probably just corrupt data) and some move data floating in free space.
[+] Version History, I guess
0.1 = Initial release, translated attack and item names and enabled Running Shoes indoors
0.2 = Translated misc. combat text, ability names, natures, and the move tutor in Rapisura.
0.3 = Translated misc. menu text and location names. Also gave a proper name to the move pretending to be Arm Thrust.
Here are some screenshots, because I hear that is a common thing to do:
[+] Screenshots

Thanks to the following:

Nintendo, for making a series of RPGs good enough to merit a forum dedicated to a special way of playing them.

The Japanese folks who made Vega.

Moti, for bringing attention to Vega with his run of it.

Ingrid, Chaos, and Droid for helping me translate the fake attacks.

HxD, for being the only most useful tool that helped while I did this.

A-Map, for helping me figure out the locations of area names so I could change them with HxD. :v:

VBA, for also being helpful though not generally considered a tool.

Bulbapedia, for having amazing resources on hacking.
[+] Unown Version
Just a little thing McZipo asked me to do.
This hack of Emerald replaces all three starters with Unown, and adds Unown to most random encounter tables.
Caves and other dungeons generally only have them on the first floor. Water routes have them appear while surfing.
No fishing encounter tables were touched.

Here it is:
[+] Moemun Emerlad Saga

So every April 1st I make a stupid hack named "Moemun Emerlad" and post it here. The threads don't really have any place after April Fool's, but I'm leaving them all here in case someone wants them for some reason.
[+] Moemun Emerlad
so i made a moemun hack

its pretty cool

it has pokemon from gens 1-6

and there are moemuns

and other cool stuff

here are some pictures

if you like this send me a PM if you want to be a gym leader with your team

here is the patch:

it's for pokemon ruby because i named it before i knew there was a pokemon emerlad

so patch it to ruby not emerald

the current beta gos to the first gym
[+] Moemun Emerlad Tow
]its been a full year but i've finally finished the long awaited sequel to moemun emerlad

i kno some people didn't like the first game but this one is much better trust me

it has even more moemun, pokemon from gens 1-8, even more rivals, and lots of expertly ritten dialouge

its also much more chalenging than moemun emerlad won so be careful
[+] Screenshot
anyway the rom is here:

you patch it onto ruby

have fun

current beta goes to the end of the game so u can nuzlaeke it
[+] Credit
Advanced map 1.92
Advanced text
Advanced starter
Advanced mart
Jambo54's physical/special split
If you'd rather not download a 5 meg file as part of a dumb joke (I know I wouldn't) you can grab a significantly smaller patch for FR here:
[+] Moemun Emerlad Fore
Hello, today I present to you the long awaited sequel to Moemun Emerlad Tree.

Many hours have gone into this undertaking of super-hackery. Using new wizardly tools and SAM, I have created a 721 hack with dynamic AI that responds to what you do. The features are as follows:

-Four entirely custom regions, with 39 badges to obtain.

-Engaging plotline. Face off against the evil forces of TEAM BAD GUY, as they seek to awaken Dark Xerneas. What could be the evil plan of their master, Darkman?

-High quality mapping with custom tiles from XxMl33tCharzardXxX.

-Over 20 rivals to fight over in this living, breathing world.

-Absolutely no changes to the beloved mechanics of gen 3!

If you're still not convinced, check out these screenshots:

And have some testimonials from my faithful beta testers:

[01:03] <@FIQ> what's this, digimon?

[12:03:57 AM] ttly not agastya: i cant even fucking hit this battleship with my laser

[00:33] <Chaos_Rush> the 3DS is running the ambassador games natively
[00:33] <Chaos_Rush> they aren't emulated
[00:33] <Chaos_Rush> in short

[12:14:45] Zeta-Patchouli: FOUND IT
[12:14:55] Zeta-Patchouli: I FOUND MY HG CART
[12:15:08] Zeta-Patchouli: It took hours of searching though boxes

Anyway here is a link to the ROM: ... d_Fore.ips

[+] Credits
Layell's 64x64 Sprite Resource
Karatekid51's physical/special split
Visual Studio 2012
[+] Vega Reference Patch
This is a reference ROM meant for the sole purpose of being viewed in YAPE. It contains the movepools and base stats of every Vega mon and nothing else.

Patch it onto an English Fire Red.

Note that in addition to this you will have to modify YAPE's ini. Go into data > common > romdata.ini. Scroll down to the bottom and append the following to the file:

Code: Select all

# Vega
RomName            = Vega Reference
PkmnStatsOffset    = 0x2547A0
PkmnNamesOffset    = 0x245EeB
ItemNamesOffset    = 0x3DB028
AttackNamesOffset  = 0x809950
AbilityNamesOffset = 0x24FC40
EvoDataOffset      = 0x25977c
MovesLearnedOffset = 0x25d7b8
TMCompatOffset     = 0x252bd0
TMDataOffset       = 0x45a80c
DexNumbersOffset   = 0x251fee
HoennNumbersOffset = 0x251cb8
DexDataOffset      = 0x44e874
MaxMovesLearned    = 4036
NumItems           = 375
MaxDexText         = 39064
DexFormat          = FRLG
NumAttacks         = 512
Also be aware that Ralts's evolutions have been changed- it normally evolves to 304 by happiness and then to 305 by Moon Stone. YAPE refuses to let something have a happiness and a level-up evolution at the same time which is why this was changed.
[+] JamHack 2014
Sooo Pokecommunity did a hacking competition a while back in which users were tasked with putting together a hack in one week. This is my hack:

It's a kinda broken silly adventure about Groudon. Being made in a single week it's a bit rough around the edges, and there are quite a few bugs I now know about, but I'm told the writing is better than I thought it was. Just savestate often as you'll get stuck in a building if you lose a fight, and there's a couple fights you can lose easily if you approach them the wrong way.

The download link (patch onto Emerald): ... amHack.ips
Credits wrote:-A-Series to insert a couple (literally four) sprites. Props to Layell's resource on Smogon, MrDollSteak's 64x64 sprite resource, Chaos Rush's 64x64 sprite resource, and hemo_globin.
-unLZ for a couple trainer sprites.
-A-Map, XSE, and A-Trainer for mapping and script editing. I didn't want to have any vanilla scripts/maps in but I wound up breaking this rule quite badly.
-Nightmare Table Editor and Move Editor to update moves.
-Tlatchtli's (sorry on spelling) phys/spec icon hack.
-VBA-SDL-H for that one silly ability I wasted time with.
-Chaos Rush's animation-disabling patch, and diegoisawesome's intro-controlling patches were also used.
-YAPE to tweak the playable mons.

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Conqueror of the Fuchsia Gym
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February 16th, 2012, 2:17 am #8

Took me long enough, but here's something I've been working on for a while now:
[+] Randomized Emerald
For those of you who think Randomlockes are too easy, why not make ERRYTHING random? This includes starters, wild pokemon, and trainer pokemon. Of course, I used the following limitations:
>The starter pokemon are all unevolved pokemon
>Gym Leaders and members of the E4 have randomized pokemon within their specialty types... So Roxanne still has Rock-types, Sidney still has Dark-types, etc.
And that's about it. Otherwise, there are no rules. Youngsters are running around with Mewtwos and Gym Leaders might have pathetically weak pokemon. Not to mention level 2 Slakings on Route 1.
I may have missed a few spots (my friend, who was supposed to do half of it, got lazy and so there's probably one or two grunts that still have their original pokemon.)
Also, Mr. Mimes were changed to 100% male. This was completely unnecessary, but female Mr. Mimes terrify me.
If you do decide that you are insane like me and nuzlocke it, I encourage you to use a random generator and shake things up. Having the same three starters every time would be too predicable, right?
NOTE: Because it turns out that both my friend and I are lazy bums, most trainer rebattles are unedited. Deal with it.
EDIT: Since there were a few problems with the last edition (overleveled wild pokemon, underleveled trainer pokemon, etc.) I have fixed everything (hopefully). Here is the new patch.

[+] Spoiler

Pokemon vs. Zombies: A Snakewood Nuzlocke
[+] Spoiler
Pokemon: Team Rocket Edition
Total Deaths: 10

Dawn of the Dragon: A Flygon/Altaria Run
Badges: 8
[+] Spoiler
(thanks, DestructionDragon360!)
(thanks, RyuuUmbra!)
A Completely Doomed Touhoumon Blue Run
Badges: 8
Deaths: 10

A Randomly Random Randomlocke of Emerald
Badges: 8
Deaths: 10

Johto League Champion
Johto League Champion
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March 6th, 2012, 7:49 pm #9

Here is the link to a little hack that was made by me on Chetoos' request. It's a hack that's a bit harder than regular Fire Red, with new starters (Exeggcute, Growlithe and Shellder). Gym leaders have new pokémon, but all of them are from Kanto. There is a .rtf file along with the patch that shows the detailed changes.


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Conqueror of the Goldenrod Gym
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April 4th, 2012, 2:44 am #11

[+] Pink Berry (Graphic Patch)
Anime episode 88 "In the Pink" showed a bunch of pokemon who had turned a pink colour as the dominant food was a pigment rich pink berry. "What a great idea for a hack" I thought.

Pokemon Pink Berry

Base: FireRed
Changes: Every pokemon in the 151 will be relatively the same shades of pink. Also new sprites instead of only a makeover.

As you can see, pokemon flames will be green now. And yes, even Jigglypuff, the Nidos, etc are reshaded to this. Also, the sprites are all Emerald 2nd Frame unless specific problems prevent that (Diglett).

Progress: Done

Here it is, boys:

The .IPS Link in all her glory
A Secret Project

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April 9th, 2012, 11:11 pm #12

[+] Touhou Puppet Play 1.812 JP

I wanted to play 1.8 again, so I did this as nearly everything one needs to know about 1.8 has been translated already. This is similar to the Vega translation in what it does.

I know we have a few English "ports" already, but all of them use DPPS hacks that are flawed in some way, and in the case of Achiya's port the music was changed up around as well and I absolutely cannot stand it.

This does not feature any content from unofficial JP patches. Only the features in vanilla 1.812 are in this, outside of the translation itself.

Screenshots and a download are on the page linked, but you should have an idea of what to expect if you've looked at the Vega translation.
Doesnt wrote:So basically the secret to winning is to just use birds, a concept that you may be familiar with.

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May 2nd, 2012, 2:56 am #13

[+] Fire Red DPSS Preset Moves
This patch applies the skill split for Fire Red along with changing all the moves to their respected attack type. Flame Wheel is now physical, Shadow Ball is special, and so on. All the moves are already set, so you don't even have to do anything!

This patch also changes Giga Drain, Petal Dance, Outrage, and Hi Jump Kick to be more like their Gen 5 versions, too.
Download Link

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Conqueror of the Mahogany Gym
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May 2nd, 2012, 5:08 am #14

[+] Fire Red DPPS Preset Moves With Phys/Spec Images:
With Nook's permission, I went and added Darthatron from PC's routine to show whether moves are Physical/Special/Status in the status screen to Nook's Patch, so now it'll look like this:

The routine uses space from 0xC00000-0xC007BF in the ROM. Most people don't usually touch this area, so if you're patching this to a hack in progress, you should be okay.

Credit goes to Darthatron and Nook for their efforts.
EDIT: Updated with the Mirror Coat + Counter fix, and the routine moved to a different location.

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May 29th, 2012, 3:53 am #15

Just saying, Chester's metronome only rom does not work. Just letting you guys know.

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May 29th, 2012, 6:56 am #16

It does work :/

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Sinnoh League Champion
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May 29th, 2012, 6:58 am #17

The downloadable file seems to have been deleted or removed. I don't know if that's just me or what.

Banner by glancesherlock!

Joined: May 28th, 2012, 8:19 pm

June 2nd, 2012, 11:20 pm #18

Yeah that's what I'm talking about Bullet.

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Conqueror of the Mahogany Gym
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June 28th, 2012, 12:24 am #19

I decided to make myself useful and make something people might actually need, because people always seem to be asking for this. So have some patches that give the player the National Dex instead of the regional one.

Don't worry about free space issues, these only use a little space towards the end of the rom, so the chances of you having already used this space are next to impossible.

Fire Red



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Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
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July 3rd, 2012, 9:16 pm #20

[+] Fire Emblem: High Movement
Hey guys and gals of Nuzlocke,

After I tried to make SUPAH Pokemon Ruby (and kinda failed) I looked for something a bit less... ambitious. So after some searching I came up with an idea that made my Fire Emblem loving sister mad (she wanted me to just buff all the female units and call it a day):

Fire Emblem: High Movement!
or Pony Emblem: Movement is Magic. Whichever.
Basically everyone has the movement of Cavalry/Paladins. Yes, even the Knights/Generals.
Note that this includes enemies, and such units as Brigands, Bards, Dancers, and Soldiers have 7 MOV.

Now, for those who don't know what Fire Emblem is I'm going to quote Wander. who's hack I'm trying to get around to playing.
[+] What is Fire Emblem?
Wander wrote:Fire Emblem is, as previously mentioned, a turn-based strategy role playing game developed by Intelligent Systems, a first-party company owned by Nintendo. Fire Emblem is played in turns. First, the player moves all of his or her "units", or characters, making actions with them such as attacking enemy units, using items, and visiting villages. Once a player has ended his/her turn by moving all his/her units once, the enemy moves its units.

When a player unit kills an enemy unit, the player's unit gains experience points. Much like Pokémon, once a unit gets enough experience, it levels up, increasing some of its stats. What stats are increased are based on that unit's "growth rates"; that is, the chance that a particular stat will level up when the character does.

For example, take Lyndis, the first character the player gets in the game. She has a 40% strength growth rate and a 60% skill growth rate. What this means is that every time Lyn levels up, she has a 40% chance of her strength stat increasing, and a 60% chance of her skill stat increasing.
[+] How To Play
To play you need the Fire Emblem (U) ROM (AKA FE7/Blazing Sword) (DON'T ASK ME FOR IT just use Google), use xdelta to patch (you can ask or, even easier for both of us, or at least me, Google it), then play on the emulator of choice.

[+] The Download
Fire Emblem: High Movement v1

If you find any bugs just tell me. =)
I'm sure you'll have fun if you try it out. That goes for Fire Emblem in general too!

Saved from extinction!