Conqueror of the Azalea Gym
Conqueror of the Azalea Gym
Location Branson, Missouri
Interests Fond of Hard hacks and Monolockes. I end up procrastinating on my runs most of the time. I love Pizza, Spaghetti and Root beer floats. Also I love History and Cooking. I'm a huge fan of Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen.
Area Met: Vaniville Town
Gender: ---
Nature: Adamant
Type 1: http://z5.ifrm.com/5908/85/0/f5028796/Psychic.png
Type 2: http://z5.ifrm.com/5908/85/0/f5028786/Electric.png
| Skype: PokedexDan
Pokédex Entry This young adult is a fan of nuzlocking but tends to make dumb decisions.
Team http://z5.ifrm.com/5908/85/0/f5037601/instinct2.png
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When in doubt bring out the nidoking! http://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/rando ... -146954862 Soloed someone with a arbok!! :D
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http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum ... 1028278/1/ Wings and Things! The start: Pokemon Brown
http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke_Forum ... 1029341/1/ Wings and Things 2.0: Kentucky Fried Badasses: Pokemon Polished Crystal
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[url=http://s7.zetaboards.com/Nuzlocke ... 1046219/1/ A Pokemon Vega Minus Nuzlocke: It's apparently a fun hack now?

I'm a mew....Ok then..