Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Location Chi City/Chicago
Interests So I do random games.
And music.
And art.
And videos.
My favorite pokemon game of all time is Crystal, because of the continuity with RBY
The first pokemon game I played was Blue. The reason? Gold and Silver sold out.
My 6 Pokemon? I would say Feraligatr, Kadabra, Aerodactyl, Pidgeot, Lombre, and Gengar.
Pokemon games I played? Blue, Crystal, Sapphire, Flora Sky (baby version--not easy, the starters are baby pokemon), Prism (but I hate the corrupted saves!!), Flora Sky (Glaceon<CDex>/Leafeon<Main> edition--current nuzlocke), Crystall (Legends and original)
Own? Besides those, Platinum, White, and Volt White.
Oh yeah, and Ash's Quest and Ash Gray.
If there was more room, I'd tell you more...
Area Met: Ecruteak City
Gender: ---
Nature: Adamant
Type 1: http://z5.ifrm.com/5908/85/0/f5028800/Water.png
Type 2: http://z5.ifrm.com/5908/85/0/f5028797/Rock.png
| Skype: dj_skiptrakk
| Twitter: dj_skiptrakk
| Tumblr: swyftsucksateverything.tumblr.com
Pokédex Entry Is completely random. Prefers to be known as a dreamer due to its myriad of ideas.
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