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Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
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July 11th, 2017, 4:05 pm #61

It would have been pretty cool if the slot machine had pictures of DB characters. A picture of Roshi? Not sure I want to see that...

Conqueror of the Violet Gym
Conqueror of the Violet Gym
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July 13th, 2017, 6:27 pm #62

@Ardomew: Fo' Shizzle, Master Rizzle.

@GuiltyLove: Yeah, he looks weird with hair...
Last time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

We arrived at the Island of the Turtle Hermit, Muten Roshi!
It seems the the island is pretty populated now.

Across the shore, was the Two-Star Dragon Ball.

Running a few errands gave us access to some really cool fighters!

Mai and the team are about to begin the preliminary test, before they can even face the Old Master in battle. What lies ahead in the Enigma Mansion?

Opening Theme
[+] Chapter 15: Muten Roshi's Island Trial! Explore the Enigma Mansion!

This place is a wreck, was this the Ox Demon's Palace?

Same old same old...

Oh, that one is new! Not really, but new as in 'wild encounter'.

Bujin is one of Bojack's comrades from Movie 9, he is the more assist-type character with his 'psychic needles'.


The statues are now edited to become Dragonball statues.

And thus began a Mysterious Adventure that day.

A team of scientists headed by Dr. Brief, he would later give the Dragonball to his daughter.

If only we had like, a radar to detect these things...
Or an 'All-Seeing Crone'.

Anyways let's fall down here.

How did they figure this out? Unless they went to Namek as well.
Which begs the question, do the Namekian Dragonballs exist on Earth since Muri is here?

While this is happening, Majin Buu reverted to his purest form. Kid Buu.

Based off what he did to Earth, of course.

Here's what it looks like being used.

Ah, here it is! We've got the key to Kame House!

But wait, what's down there?

Turtle Suit?

Oh, the Kame Gi.
It's basically the Lucky Egg of the game, a really useful item indeed.

Oh shit, I have to go back down to press the switch. But I keep running into wild fighters...

I'll just use the Kintoun to get us out.

Alright, time to storm Kame House!

Just, what does Muten Roshi specialize in? I have an educated guess, but it's not really a 'type'.

Ah, quizzes about Dragon Ball lore.

Yes, Freeza is a Namekian. He just keeps 'regenerating'.

What the fuck, dude.

God, I hope not.

I'm not sensing a specific theme of fighters among these GYM trainers, I guess that's been the case ever since Babidi.

Well they do look alike.

Mm, he's Android 12.

Meanwhile, Janemba transformed into his 'Super' form. The more vicious form.

Ever since Guldo lost his head, the Special Forces haven't been the same.

It's the only reasonable answer, humans generally live around this age!

After forcing myself through all these doors, I've come face to face with the Island GYM Leader.

But what's that picture in the back?

How does he stay alive for that long?
...lots of stamina!

I just hope he doesn't bulk up like he sometimes does...

I was right, it seems to be his students so far.


It makes no sense for Goten to be here, unless to represent Kid Goku (?)

Goten used 'Flash Attack' on Aqua, an Electric-type attack if you were wondering.
Also Aqua died after this.

Thankfully Yamu finished the job!

Up next is, oh boy...

Straight to the point, his best student...

How do we take him do-

We don't, we just don't.

Ok, maybe Hirudegarn can-


...potentially Gogeta is stronger than SSJ3 Goku, right?

I guess so.

And yet you're in the Tournament of Power while Yamcha isn't.

Really? Not the 'Kame Badge'?

So what's our TM?

Ah, I wouldn't expect anything else.

I want to see if my hypothesis works...

I call bullshit.

Let's just leave the buil-

Oh, it's Leon! We haven't seen him in a while!

Of course I am! I have filled up two boxes already...

Oh, like a vacation?

Sounds great, there might be some cool fighters to catch there!

There's his ride, and off we go!

Yeah whatever, just let us go explo-


Leon starts mentioning some stone nerd on a different island.


This allows us access to the One-Two-Three Islands, I wonder what the hacker did to those areas?

Ending Theme
[+] Next Chapter Preview
Hey it's me, Mai!

Leon trapped us in the islands! How are we going to escape?

At least the trainers here are relatively strong compared to the mainland.

Also, I don't remember being on babysitting duty...

This better be worth it in the end...

Next time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

Protect the 1-2-3 Islands! The Terror of Mt. Ember!
Ongoing Projects

OA, August 11 - 6th Update!

Come on in, we're open!

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Conqueror of the Sootopolis Gym
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July 14th, 2017, 1:27 am #63

Nice work beating Master Roshi's team!

*sees what's in the next episode* ...uh, guys, what's our safe word?
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Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
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July 14th, 2017, 3:49 am #64

Hm I wonder what the Sevii Islands will be like!

Planet Burst with 150 BP and 100 Accuracy with no drawbacks... where is the balance? :O

I legitimately laughed super hard when I saw the pic of Goku in the turtle suit in DBS for the first time

Conqueror of the Violet Gym
Conqueror of the Violet Gym
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September 15th, 2017, 8:42 am #65

@Ardomew: Cucumber?

@GuiltyLove: You'll find out now!
DISCLAIMER: DBZ Team Training recently received an update in late July, meaning this part is a bit outdated. However the update did not change the main-game campaign except aesthetically, those will be covered in Chapter 17.

Two months ago, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

We entered the Enigma Mansion as part of our Dragon League Quest,-

-opening the path to Muten Roshi.

It was a tough battle, but youth eventually triumphed!

Soonafter, Leon invites us to the Sevii Isles. I wonder what new fighters we'll see there?

Opening Theme
[+] Chapter 16: Protect the 1-2-3 Islands! The Terror of Mt. Ember!

This is the team I defeated the Turtle Hermit with, we have a bit of a problem...

I can't access the PC right now, meaning no changing of fighters. Darn, we can't even go back to the mainland either.

So, Leon and his friend are working on connecting the islands to the mainland regarding connection. Not much has changed from the original plot.


Who are these 'Kais' you people mention?

Ok, I'm going to be real honest with you. The hacker, barely changed the Sevii Isles. At least, the first three islands.

All the encounter areas are basically the same stuff we've been seeing before, which is representative of the vanilla game. But the hacker had a chance to at least try diversifying a bit.

The plus side of the Sevii Isles is that, it's the best grinding spot for the E4. The trainers here are fairly strong, and the Turtle Suit helps us gain more EXP.

Pit stop, we need to rest for a bit.

Not really that useful honestly, at least until later...

Want to take a guess about who jumps out from the rocks?

Ah, that's better.

Now we can continue ahead!

Here is Mt. Ember, and oh we need Strength.
I'll just, leave this for later then...

Two Island is the smallest of the Sevii Isles, there's not much to do here. But we have to visit it, in order to trigger an event.

Did, the hacker edit the Jumping Minigame? Probably not...

This is the stone dude Leon was talking about.

And, now we have to follow this biker to Three Island.

But first...

There's someone I need to visit.

This is Kimberly (at least, the manga calls her that), she teaches your starter one of the special moves.
We don't have Vegeta on us, though.

Here is Three Island, and it's being overrun by Team Skull. I think.

Are they running the Pokemon Center too?

...Wait, when was the PC working again?

I guess when I arrived on Three Island...

This move isn't really worth it.

Oh, they're not of Alolan descent.

Yawn, this is boring.

Ah right, we were searching for this girl weren't we?

Probably to loot it, happens in real life too.

But the guy told me to look out for pink-haired girls!


Pink-haired girls, Nurse Joy?

That's our champ.

I dunno know about that, fighters tend to yell a lot-

Oh, I forgot Hirudegarn could transform. (Not really, I kept him on the team after I learned he had one more form)
Hirudegarn's second form is made when he undergoes metamorphosis, he becomes really strong in this form.

Also, he's Ghost/Bug now.

Literally Foresight.

Here it is, the forest that Lostelle should be in.

Thanks to the Biomen, we'll take a 'shortcut'.

That's her alright, no other pink-haired girls besides the one from the town center and those twins we battled on the way here.

Why do you talk like that? I guess if you look like any other girl in this area, you have to differentiate yourself by name...

Oh geez, what scary monster is thi-


That is the plan.

I will take my prize.

Hm, wanna see me climb Mt. Ember?

This is it, I'm sensing dread here...

Just follow this inside and...

We're at the top. *pant* Alright, I just need to get close and-


Broly is the star of Movie 8, he's a prodigal Saiyan that escaped alongside his father from Planet Vegeta's destruction. He is known as the 'Legendary Super Saiyan', because he has this special form where his energy and power is allegedly said to keep on increasing.

Wasn't too bad to weaken him, now let's hope we can catch him!


MOVES AT LEVEL 45: POWER BURST (Calm Mind), KI BOMBER (80 BP Fire), WRATH (Thrash), POWER UP (Howl)

Broly is a, Forest Fighter? But we just caught him on top of a giant volcano.

I want to use him for a little bit, just to test out his 'Legendary' power.

Ending Theme
[+] Next Chapter Preview
Hey it's me, Mai!

The last Dragon League GYM is near Mount Paozu!

Who's this mysterious GYM Leader? Are they tough?

Don't forget, in this chapter we update to patch 1.5!

Next time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

The Eight Dragon Badge! The Leader is Pilaf?!
I'll definitely upload the next update soon, given how this chapter wasn't that much.
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OA, August 11 - 6th Update!

Come on in, we're open!

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Indigo League Champion
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September 16th, 2017, 5:12 pm #66

Oh I wonder what makes Broly evolve.

Conqueror of the Violet Gym
Conqueror of the Violet Gym
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September 17th, 2017, 2:13 am #67

@illven: A certain Saiyan
Last time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

We explored the Sevii Isles, where we explored the first three islands.
Nothing really important happened.

Except Hirudegarn evolving.

And when we caught Broly and saved the Sevii Galaxy from his terror.

Now with that out of the way, we head back to the mainland. The last Dragon GYM is in Aru Village!

Opening Theme
[+] Chapter 17: The Eight Dragon Badge! The Leader is Pilaf?!

It's been a while since we were here. I remember when I first got Vegeta back home and came here.

Did you get to see what they looked like?

In vanilla FRLG, weren't you supposed to not know the identity of the eight GYM Leader?
If that's the case why is a known criminal running a GYM?

I need to get to the bottom of this, let's fight the trainers.

Broly was way past the evolution level, given the wiki said Level 25 for normal SSJ.
Yes, I said 'normal'.

You know those attacks that he does with the green ki and aura? It's that.
Although it's usually called Blaster Shell or Eraser Cannon.

This is it in action, green like I said.

Speaking of green...

This is Broly in his Legendary Super Saiyan form, he needs to be at least Level 36.
...wait, wrong picture.


Unlike his base and SSJ form, he seems to lose Huge Power for Blaze. Ironically.
He also becomes Fighting/Fire-type.

Now that Broly is at his last form at least until the game adds God Broly...

I can box him.

Yeah, that's him alright.
Who knows how strong he is this time, *snicker*.
Let's use this time to train anyways.

Thank Kami for the VS. Seeker.

It doesn't seem like they got stronger from last time, but it'll do. They were already pretty tough before.

Here's a tip, for vanilla FRLG or this hack.

I usually stand a bit above where I currently am to get the marching Battle Girl to follow me down here, then I use the VS. Seeker so I can hit 5 trainers at the same time.

It, took you that long? (I wonder if the hackers will give Krillin his 'Taiyouken x 100')

Now that everyone's Level 50, I think we'll be safe taking on Pilaf.

..yeah right.

Listen Pilaf, your team sucks.

Like, every other GYM Leader specializes in a specific type.

But you somehow chose the one that actually had a weakness.

A weakness to Fighting-type attacks.

Not even your cousin Garlic Jr. can save you.

Piccolo's pretty cool but he's not a Dark-type.

I'm not sure why this Piccolo is your strongest while the other one isn't.

Your robots would stand a better chance than your fighters.

At least we got the eight and final badge!

And that is where we're headed to.

...why did we just get this now? I get that it fits thematically but, it's a weak move in vanilla.

He'll be back to steal the Black Star Dragon Balls.

I guess Mai is all alone again, just like in the future timeline.

If we follow this path we'll get to the Dragon League Gate-

Uh, right. Trunks, did you know that a criminal was running the Aru GYM?

Oh, he's got a full set this time.

Oh right, I totally forgot the Oosaru can evolve one more time.

And it is strong.

At least 17 is here to finish the job.

Good work, now switch out.


Although, Gotenks was killed by Metal Cooler. Leaving Piccolo to finish it.

Remember your training, Gohan!

Thank Kami for Giant Form.

So was I, what's your excuse?

Here it is, the Dragon League Reception Gate.




But before we enter, how about we explore the latest updates of Version 5?
At least, the ones I can access right now.

This was an aesthetic update, the backsprites of Burter and Pui Pui have been enhanced. I wasn't sure what they looked like before.

The next update is a bit more meaty, a new key item was added.

It replaces HM03 Surf, meaning you no longer need a Pokemon to Surf.
Only problem is, I've already received HM03 long ago. For some reason, the updated patch didn't fix that and I'm locked out of getting the Shell Bell now.
That's a pretty awful bug if you ask me.

But, I will start a temporary new file just to show you what the Shell Bell looks like.

Hold on a sec...
For this new file, I chose Goku as my starter for something different. I want to show you his 'special moves' that we haven't seen yet.

Kaioken Rush is a 80BP Fighting-type attack that has a chance to raise your attack.

The Genkidama (Spirit Bomb) is a 150BP Fire-type attack that takes two turns to charge and launch.

There we go!
Like HM03, you will need to get the Majin Badge from Babidi to use it.

Let's use it!

Hey Umigame!
Now the next updated thing I can show you...

We'll need to train Trunks up, to Level 50 at least.

Also just one more side note about the Shell Bell, even though I already have HM03 and have been locked into it, I still get the Umigame sprite when I surf on Aqours.

Trying to train Trunks has been hell, he keeps dying and is too weak to dish out attacks...
Anyways here's Focus Energy.

Yes, it's working! He's transforming!






Ending Theme
[+] Next Chapter Preview
Hey it's me, Mai!

This is it, this is where all our training pays off!

The road to the Dragon League is vast, are those new fighters I see?

Hey, is that a Dragon Ball?

We've got them all?! The seven Dragon Balls?!

Next time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

Come Out, Shenron! Grant My Eternal Wish!
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OA, August 11 - 6th Update!

Come on in, we're open!

Indigo League Champion
Indigo League Champion
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September 17th, 2017, 9:24 pm #68

Ah, FR/LG Out-of-Dex Evolutions. You're gonna have to get the National Dex before you can evolve Trunks. It's unfortunate, I know.

(Not as bad as catching those pesky
[+] Spoiler
God Forms
mind you.)
[+] Spoiler
Although with the new God Stone which evolves SSJ Vegito into SSB Vegito, SS3 Goku into SSG Goku, Ultimate Gohan into SSG Gohan [Not actually a real thing] and Majin Vegeta into SSG Vegeta, you don't have to catch the roaming gods.
Also, you trained Trunks up to level 50, Right? You might also wanna do that for Frieza.

One last hint: There are two ways to evolve Majin Vegeta and SS3 Goku to even greater heights.

Conqueror of the Sootopolis Gym
Conqueror of the Sootopolis Gym
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September 18th, 2017, 4:45 pm #69

Once again, life finds a way to screw with Trunks.

Shenron's almost here! Hopefully a certain porker doesn't get in the way this time.
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Indigo League Champion
Indigo League Champion
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September 20th, 2017, 6:08 am #70

Trunks is the unluckiest person.

Conqueror of the Violet Gym
Conqueror of the Violet Gym
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September 23rd, 2017, 1:05 am #71

@Neosonic97: I wonder, if there's some sort of 'Mean Look' move to use in this game... The rest of your hints are duly noted, you'll be seeing some progress soon.

@Ardomew: Oddly enough, Oolong isn't in this game for some reason. Could definitely make a good NPC trainer considering his entire race looks like him or similar to.

@illven: He grew up in hard times.
Last time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

Pilaf was the final GYM Leader, as if we didn't have enough of him already...

Broly's power became 'maximum', too easily I may add.

After all that, I showed you what Version 4's new updates were about! Lots of cool things, I wonder how far this hack is going to go?

But for now...

We're on the road to the Dragon League!

Opening Theme
[+] Chapter 18: Come Out, Shenron! Grant My Eternal Wish!

Here it is, the gate to the Dragon League. Now that we have all 8 badges, we can go through all the way.

Yajirobe represented the Saiyan Saga with his Saiyan fighters, the first arc of DBZ. He was rather tough, because he relied on boosts via the 'Saiyan Power' technique.
Piccolo died in this fight, but he was revived when we went to Namek Town later.

Muri looked rather young and fit for a 'Grand Elder' Namekian, his fighters represented the Freeza Saga being the evil aliens of the Freeza Force. Notably Ginyu and Freeza.
Piccolo was revived shortly before this fight, and he stomped on everyone. Literally he used the 'Giant Form' technique here.

Continuing the DBZ Chronology, General Red represents the Android Saga with Dr. Gero's rogue (16-18) fighters. He was a bit tough, mostly because his Android fighters had rather strong techniques to use.

Bulma's fighters represent the Cell Saga, owning all three forms of Cell. Although her trainer sprite made her look like Bra/Bulla, her daughter.
Cell was a pretty tough fighter to beat, especially with his 'Mimic'-like attack copying Gotenks' OP Ghost Kamikaze technique.

Babidi represents the Buu Saga, at least up to the revival of Majin Buu. He has most of his Majin fighters in this battle. His biggest exploit is the fact that all of his fighters are Dark-types, that is weak to Fighting-type attacks. Despite that, he's still rather strong.

Breaking from chronological order puts Mr. Satan as the next GYM Leader, all of his fighters, had some sort of relation to him? If such is the case, you would think they'd put his son-in-law Gohan there.
The Champ is no chump, he's one hell of a dude to beat.

We interrupt this flashback to give you, land.
Where there's land there's grass, where there's grass, may be a new encounter?

Indeed there is!
Tapion is a movie protagonist from the 13th DBZ Movie, he's of the Konattsu race and wields a sword. Also, he was sealed in a music box while his physical body was sealing the demon Hirudegarn within.
Movie 13 is pretty weird, I'm having a hard time understanding it fully. Perhaps I need to watch it again.

MOVES AT LEVEL 34: SNAP SLASH (75 BP Slash), AIR SLASH (85 BP Flying-type move), SONG (100% accuracy, replacing Guldo for this), CONCENTRATE

Wild Oosaru are also here too, nothing new. But, I do want to snag one and you'll know why if you've saw the last chapter...

Back to the gates!

The Old Martial Arts Master 'Turtle Hermit' was way tougher than he should have been, mostly because he had the power of SSJ3 Goku on his side. All of his fighters trained under him during the original 'Dragon Ball', except for Goten who represents 'Kid Goku' most likely.

Last GYM Leader was Emperor Pilaf, who we fought three times before. His fighters never changed from before, he ran a team of Demon Clan Namekians including his cousin Garlic Jr. .
Like Babidi, all except Piccolo Jr. were Dark-types.

And with that, we've arrived at the last trial before the actual Dragon League. Victory Road.
I wonder how different it is-

Don't get your hopes up, same layout and stuff.

The wild fighters here seem rather strong, that's good for training.

You'll find this Macho Brace in the cave, if you want to use it.

Right, I remember. I'll be catching another Freeza, because there's something special he can do as a viewer just mentioned...

Thanks for, letting me know?

And here it goes!

At Level 45, Oosaru will evolve into the Golden Oosaru becoming a Normal/Fire-type.
This form was exclusive to Dragon Ball GT, and was the bridge that led Goku to the SSJ4 form. I'm not exactly sure how one becomes this form, but it is likely to do with being SSJ.

Now time to train up Free-

Is Janemba red?


Holy Kami.

PHEW. Made it.
I, honestly don't know what to name you right now. Maybe later.


Doesn't Janemba evolve one more time?


That is so fucking cool, I've got to start using you later.

Ok, back to Freeza!

Way past its Evolution Level already, for the 4th form at least.
He has one more form, take a guess.

This might have been in the series, though I'm not sure who used it. Likely Yamcha.

Well it's probably me, since you're not talking about Trunks already.

And now, did you really think 'that' was Freeza's Final Form?

Nope, train him to Level 50.
Golden Freeza is a Dark/Steel-type.

That's, interesting...

Our trek through Victory Road leads us to the end,


We're finally here! I'm getting nerv-What the hell is that?
Is that?

A Dragon Ball?!
That means, we have all Seven Dragon Balls now!
Which means...

We have to do this!

I'm going to assume the Dragon Balls need a secret password in a different language, which this old man knows.

Eternal Dragon, I summon you, to grant my wish please!

Wait what? I just wanted a wis-

I get it.
Perhaps Shenron knew my wish already.
My wish, to capture all the Fighters in this game.
Then so be it!
Shenron, I shall capture you-

King Piccolo made it so easy, but then again he actually killed Shenron.

There we go.
Now we just throw Ultra Balls and abuse the save state if it wakes up.
Shouldn't be too hard.

My finger hurts...

MOVES AT LEVEL 60: FIRE BREATH, WISH (Raises SpAtk sharply), HEAL (use on user or ally for 1/2 of full HP), DRAGON BEAM (150 BP Dragon-type move)

It's holding a Dragon Scale, which in this game is the equivalent of a Max Revive. Use it wisely.

With that set, let's focus on taking down the Dragon League.

Like Vanilla, the best spot to train for the League is generally in this area on One Island again. You're near a healing spot, so it makes it worthwhile.

Although, they are still rather weak compared to the wild fighters here. I will instead be shifting my training back to Victory Road.


Training Montage


So then, shall I introduce the fighters who will be facing off against the Dragon League's Elite?

Piccolo has been with us since the very beginning, he has a good mixed set and can easily set up for both bulk and power.

Next up is Tenshinhan, whose Taiyouken technique could come in handy. Plus, I taught him Shield so he can bulk dangerous Special Attacks should the occasion arise.

Krillin is another human I know, but he's no joke! Rock Smash chips away at the defense little by little, and a good 'Power Burst' works if given the chance.

Android 18 has shown to be resilient, given her enhanced powers after all.

Give Android 17 a chance too! Now that he's trained well, he'll be sure to strike hard!

And finally...

Who couldn't resist Freeza? He's just way too powerful in his new Golden form!

I've stocked up on more Leftovers than I actually needed, stealing from starving Majin Buus.

Here's a clear overview of the team we'll walk in with.
Yes, it's exactly what you think.
It's the Universe 7 team in the Universe Survival Arc, minus the three Saiyans and Muten Roshi (the latter not being a usable fighter in the game).

If we take away the Saiyans, do we have a chance?
In hell maybe?

Let's find out!

Get ready, Kai-Ohs!

Ending Theme
[+] Next Chapter Preview
Hey it's me, Mai!

First up is the East Kai-Oh, just how tough is she?

Then after that, is the South Kai-Oh! Is he, even stronger?!

I hope we'll be alright...

Next time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

The 4 Heavenly Kai-Ohs! Stage One and Two!
Expect the next few parts to go rather quickly. Like Burter.
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OA, August 11 - 6th Update!

Come on in, we're open!

Conqueror of the Violet Gym
Conqueror of the Violet Gym
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September 25th, 2017, 5:49 am #72

Last time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

We arrived at Victory Road, which leads into the Dragon League HQ.

On the way, we caught some interesting fighters! Including another shiny fighter! (Janemba)

The Dragon League Elite Four will be tough, but I know we can pull through with these six!

We start challenging the Kai-Ohs today!

Opening Theme
[+] Chapter 19: The 4 Heavenly Kai-Ohs! Stage One and Two!

No turning back, because they destroyed the door to the outside world...

I really like how they got the '界' kanji on the floor there.
The kanji means 'The World', an example of it's usage is in the Japanese word '世界' (Sekai) meaning 'The World' used in a comparative sense.

The four Kai-Ohs (or Kais as stated in the dub version) each rule over a specific part of the galaxy, which is divided in cardinal directions.

All 4 Cardinal Kai-Ohs are subordinate to the Grand Kai-Oh, who I don't think is in this game. Though he would make a good replacement to the champion.

Oops, I messed up there. Luckily I don't use VBA-M as of this writing. It's crap.

Anyways, the Grand Kai-Oh is subordinate to the Kaioshins/Supreme Kais. I'll talk about them later, just know that the Kaioshins look over the entire universe.
A Universe contains many galaxies after all.
I explain this because it confused me too, and Dragon Ball's Kai system is a bit all over the place. Don't get me started on Xenoverse.

In the Viz Media translation for Dragon Ball, the Kai-Ohs are known as the 'Lord of the Worlds'. It's a bit tacky of a translation, but very literal in the sense.

Oh right, we're in the middle of this.

East Kai-Oh is the overseer of the East Galaxy/Quadrant of Universe 7 (Where the Dragon Team lives), she is the only female among the Kai-Ohs (excluding Chronoa who was later promoted to Kaioshin), or 'feminine-looking' one if Kai-Ohs don't have a gender.

Her first fighter is Aqua/Arqua, which is canon since they live in the East Galaxy under her jurisdiction.
All of the other Kai-Ohs besides North (who is King Kai as we know), appeared during the anime-only 'Other World Tournament' Arc. It was a tourney held between the four different universal quadrants, where Goku competed representing the North Galaxy while he was dead thanks to Cell.

Goku and Aqua of the East Universe would square off, however the former won easily.

Just like we did here.
The anime didn't really specify what other fighters East Kai-Oh trained, though there was this one dude named 'Chapuchai' whose quirk was that he's really small. He was eliminated easily.

It doesn't seem like the rest of her fighters are that interesting.

Not really a specific theme put here.

But you would think Aqua would be her strongest.

Setting up makes this too easy.

Don't invest in three Dark-types.

If you're right, then I think we'll be able to speed through the other three in just this chapter.

Here's the next Kai-Oh, he's the only one of a normal height.

South Kai-Oh like his name implies, oversees the South Galaxy. If you remember from the first Broly movie, that was the galaxy which Broly destroyed in his rage.
Poor soul.

The Funimation Dub gave him a southern accent, which was clever.

Oh, is he talking about 'Limit Breaker' Goku?

What's interesting about him is that he's the only other Kai-Oh besides North to appear in the Dragon Ball manga, making him canon to that media. Grand Kai-Oh is also mentioned by Goku in the manga.

He and the North Kai-Oh are shown to be in a bit of a heated rivalry.

Right, so I've decided to use my other members of the team for this.

Torbi is a fighter seen in the anime from the South Galaxy, he's a Cell-reject that loses quickly in the tournament.

Let's quickly set up for now.

Sweet, free tur-

Never mind.
I'll just use 17-





Take that.


Oh wow, that's actually clever. Tapion's home planet Kontas is said to be in the South Galaxy, kudos to the hacker for that.

Tenshinhan, take over.

What's with the over-saturation of Dark-type fighters?

Not worth it, switching out.

Phew, that was, tough as hell.

'I' should be asking that! What steroids did you give your Torbi?

Excuse me while I treat the wounds of my fighters right now...

We need to be more careful, I just hope the next two Kai-Ohs are more forgiving...

Ending Theme
[+] Next Chapter Preview
Hey it's me, Mai!

West Kai-Oh has one of the strongest fighters in the universe, can we stand up to him?

We can't turn back now, keep fighting!

Next up is North Kai, the last challenge of the Dragon League.

If we, ever get to meet him...

Next time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

Your Challenge ends with Me! Enter, Super Vegetto!
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OA, August 11 - 6th Update!

Come on in, we're open!

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Indigo League Champion
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October 1st, 2017, 12:47 am #73

What are golden freeza's stats?

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Conqueror of the Sootopolis Gym
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October 1st, 2017, 4:34 am #74

Fusion is just a cheap trick to make weak fighters stronger! Good luck against Vegetto!
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October 1st, 2017, 10:29 pm #75

@illven: There's really no 'legit' way for me to find out the base stats of the fighters as of now, but this should give a comparison of Freeza's jump in stats.

@Ardomew: Hm, I don't know, Vegeta and Goku are pretty strong...
Last time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

We started our challenge with the four Kai-Ohs of the Universe! We started out with West and South Kai-Oh (both in the middle).

Piccolo easily defeated all of West Kai-Oh's fighters.

South Kai-Oh's Torbii proved to be quite a challenge, but it was smooth sailing from then on.

Next up are the last two Kai-Ohs, will Mai and the Dragon Team persevere?

Opening Theme
[+] Chapter 20: Your Challenge ends with Me! Enter, Super Vegetto!

West Kai-Oh looks over the West Galaxy, he is much shorter than North Kai-Oh.

He says this because, his galaxy contains the warrior that stood toe-to-toe with SSJ Cell Games Goku.

Thus, he's very confident in his skills.

Despite that, he's still the third Kai-Oh in line.

The final round of the Other World Tournament had the West and North Galaxy square up, Goku of the North and...

Paikuhan (Pikkon in the dub) of the West Galaxy. He is able to fight on par with Perfect Cell, though while in Hell where villains may be nerfed there.

Tenshinhan starts with a Taiyouken, to make sure Paikuhan can't hit us.

Then, we'll be sure to boost up our Special Defense against his Special Attacks.

Alright, that should be enough setups.


Yes! We, barely made it...

But Piccolo isn't having that shit, sadly.

Thankfully if we're playing by the canon, we know how this goes.

Shit, can't beat an immortal being I guess.

Just knock him into the Dead Zone first.


When in doubt, call 18.

I wasn't taking any chances with this one, so I switched to my best fighter.

Quote not changed from Agatha.

This fight was definitely the hardest so far.

But there is one more...

You have to follow this, long hall towards him. This seems like the end, the final challenge...

North Kai-Oh, known as King Kai or simply Kaiosama, is the Kai-Oh most well known in the series. He is the one who trained Goku in the afterlife for the arrival of the Saiyans after all. He taught Goku the Kaioken and Genki Dama (Spirit Bomb), and was soon replaced as the 'ultimate being in the universe' by the Kaioshin (Supreme Kai), and then the Hakaishin (God of Destruction) and his Angel.

Ooh, that's a new line but it's a really good one...

This is going to be a lie, isn't it.

North Kai-Oh lives on his small planet with his monkey Bubbles and cricket Gregory, the latter being an anime-only character who was actually designed by Toriyama. All three of them were killed when Goku brought the self-destructing Cell to his planet, and they still have a halo on their head in Super.

That's a really good-looking sprite.

I never noticed it until now, but the 'King Kai' trainer class seems so redundant. Especially since East Kai-Oh is a woman, presumably.

Olibu is one of North Kai-Oh's fighters, he is from the North Galaxy. Obviously, since he's a warrior from Earth.
He loses to Paikuhan in the semi-finals of the tournament, but he's definitely no joke. It was a really good fight.

He is one bulky Herculean...

Better to use it now than waste on his, other fighters...
I have a hunch that North Kai-Oh's other fighters may be familiar...

Damn it, I hate how Dizzy Punch is a Fighting-type move in this hack-



Oh wait, we survived! Good, throw another hit-


Oddly enough, Krillin is faster than Olibu.

Meaning we can do this.

Krillin just beat Olibu.

Now, he should sit out for the next fighter...

Freeza is the only one who can stand up to a SSJ.

Is this, his biggest 'gun'? We should still setup anyways.


I hate the Dark-type...

Phew, made it...

North Kai-Oh never trained Gotenks, but I guess they needed to stack him up with SSJs.

Damn it, he just wouldn't die.

I'll take the opportunity to heal though.

Even if it brings us back down to low health.

There's only one fighter left now.

I shouldn't have too much trouble, I do have 3 other fighters in good health.

Ending Theme
[+] Next Chapter Preview
Hey it's me, Mai!

Vegetto just won't be defeated! He's indestructible!

But, that's not all...

Trunks? What are you doing here?!

This is it, the final Dragon League challenge!

Next time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

The Short-Lived Champion! Thank You, Dragon Team!
Don't forget, Goku VS. Jiren is this weekend! Go see it!
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OA, August 11 - 6th Update!

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Indigo League Champion
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October 3rd, 2017, 4:54 pm #76

Ah, yes. Vegito (Or Vegetto, however you want to spell it). One of the most powerful characters in Dragon Ball Z (if not THE most powerful), and the character with the honor of being the ONLY fused hero to reach a form beyond Super Saiyan 3 in canon (This means no GT, and as a result no SS4 Gogeta), with him becoming Vegito Blue in the fight against Fusion Zamasu. Also, this is the game blatantly cheating against you since Vegito is, unlike his Metamoran Fusion counterpart Gogeta, ONLY obtainable in the post-game. The only way he could cheat more is if he switched out his Goku and Gogeta for their Super Saiyan 4 counterparts (Or Goku for his God Form), or Vegito for Vegito Blue.

Another thing I have to question is: Why does North Kai use Olibu? Why not just use Majin Vegeta instead, considering the rest of his team is themed around Goku and Vegeta (and their family, as seen with Gotenks)?!

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Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
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October 12th, 2017, 11:19 pm #77

Finally caught up after being away for so long! Goku vs Jiren was great! I can't wait to see Hit vs Jiren too :D

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Conqueror of the Violet Gym
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November 13th, 2017, 4:25 am #78

@Neonsonic97: Well to be fair, the fact that the other Kais have Other World Fighters (also in the post-game, otherwise I'd already have found them by now) further adds to the fact that they don't really play by the rules. The mortal rules at least.
Olibu was one of North Kai's students, he's from Earth (which is under his jurisdiction, and is why Goku goes to train with King Kai) as stated in the anime.

@GuiltyLove: Man, I'm so late on answering this. Goku vs. Jiren was great! Hit vs. Jiren was alright too, though I'd wish Hit would have stayed in a bit longer...
Last time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

West Kai was defeated by Mai and the team, with a rather high amount of difficulty. It only got harder from there!

Next was the head of the Elite Four, North Kai.

Each of his fighters were no pushovers, as Mai had to spam healing to make sure Freeza and the others didn't die to any cheap shots.

All that's left is his final fighter, then the champion who lies behind the door!

[Opening Theme? Hah! See you next post!]
[+] Chapter 20 - Part 2: The Short-Lived Champion! Thank You, Dragon Team!

So, we're just going to be taking this from the start. Right after I healed up too.

Vegetto never used the Big Bang Kamehameha too, that was Gogeta. Vegetto had the Final Kamehameha instead.

No problem, we can take another attack!
Let's go, Fre-

Shit, he also has Fighting-type moves...

Alright then, we have to stun him with the Taiyoken! That way he won't be able to hit us with those strong attacks!

Go Tenshinhan, show him-

...IN ONE HIT???

Alright keep cool, 17 is rather bulky right? He should be able to withstand a blast like that...


Yeah! Nice shot, 17! Vegetto didn't even use the BBK either, just a Dragon Rush...

Whoah! And that's just the icing on the cake! We've weakened Vegetto!

Let's get him back!

Way to get my hopes up there.

Don't worry, we have Piccolo! He's bulky and strong, we just need him to set up-

I, wasn't taking anymore chances.

That was my last fighter standing, if I didn't use the first turn to revive Freeza.

Piccolo took a bullet for Freeza, now we need to set up like crazy.


That took a lot of healing items to waste. But we did it.

Are, you serious?

You're pulling my leg aren't you?

I don't have time for your lies, I have to go tend to my wounded fighters.

Ah geez, this was the roughest fight so far.

Luckily Holy Water acts like a revive if used on fainted fighters, we'll give one to each and give an extra to Freeza for doing so well.

Alright, so what did North Kai say about the Champion?

Ah right, he was ahead of me back on Route 22.

I'm not worried about this fight as much.

I've seen his team after all.

Alright, lets just spam Energy Field then.

...alright, let's just switch to our big gun then.

Time for Freeza to go into Hyper Mode!

You know what I just realized?

Freeza can learn Death Beam and Ball, the latter having a high-crit chance and both are STAB.

I should have made Freeza relearn those moves, from the guy on Two Island.

I could have had a much easier time on the Four Kais.

I could have beaten Vegetto easier.


Oh I'm sorry, were we in the middle of something?

Your team was rather predictable, that's a mistake.
You were using Zarbon, that's another mistake.

Honestly they should have given me the title right after I took out North Kai. This fight was very anticlimactic.

Oh hey, Professor!

Oh um, I left Vegeta back in the box for this fight.

But we're not in the Island Challenge.

No one who respects their fighters would ever use Zarbon.

Have you ever been here before, Professor? You seem to know it well.

Did, Trunks register in the Hall of Fame before I did? Does he count?

Anyways, we made it! Good job, Universe 7!

And Trunks runs all the way back to his sister.

But wait! Don't skip the credits just yet!
Wanna see something cool?

The hacker replaced the Pokemon sprites with each of the Fighter starters plus Gotenks!
And with that, we completed two goals for this run already. Collecting the 7 Mystical Dragon Balls, and defeating the Dragon League.
But the journey doesn't end there!

There's still so many fighters to collect in this game, and the hackers aren't even done!

And as long as there are fighters to collect, my work here isn't done.

And with that, I say to you...

Let's go out there, and catch 'em all!

We decided on a name for our Shiny Janemba, fitting?

Also don't even think about going into the Namekian Cave yet. I wonder if Jiren is in there?

Ending Theme
[+] Next Chapter Preview
Hey it's me, Mai!

The rest of the Sevii Isles huh? I wonder what they're like?

But before that, there seems to be a small crisis on Mt. Ember again? Did Broly get resurrected?

I'm feeling, Dragon Ball energy from this fighter?

Next time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

Brain Freeze! Watch out for the Frosty Fighters!
There's going to be a new update to the hack soon, there just wasn't a expected date yet. It's going to be huge, just look at what they're doing!
I've actually saved at least two more chapters for this run, but I will probably be putting the run on hold after that, to await the next update.
Thank you once again for your patience.
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OA, August 11 - 6th Update!

Come on in, we're open!

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Conqueror of the Violet Gym
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November 25th, 2017, 12:12 am #79

(No New Eliminations in the Tournament of Power...)
Last time, on Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle;

North Kai summoned SR Vegetto, and none of our past summons could compare! They were all R cards!
That is, until we pulled the UR Transcended Golden Freeza and put his Vegetto down!

After that, we easily defeated Trunks and became the DOKKAN CHAMPION!

And now, it's time to 'Step in the Grand Tour'!

Opening Theme
[+] Chapter 21: Brain Freeze! Watch out for the Frosty Fighters!
Toriyama did say that GT stood for 'Grand Touring', similar to 'Gran Turismo' as stated in the Dragon Box GT. He is a big fan of cars after all.

In the post-game section, more fighters from Dragon Ball GT will show up. Fighters from Super as well, but those are more relegated to 'Legendary' spots.

Same shit from vanilla, they really did not want you to have a Blaziken in Kanto.

Shenron Akbar.

Fuck, this got me when I was playing through.

And then they leave their post, so...
Imma go explore it.

If you've been catching everything so far, there really isn't anything new inside.

Just, remember that Gen III loves its Strength puzzles.

What happens if you go down this ladder path?

You end up looping.

Take this ladder path from the previous room instead.
GameFreak didn't bother to implement any RS stuff and aesthetics into main game FRLG really, just made the Sevii Islands for it instead.

How is this stuff under a volcano?
Well, it's a dormant one so I guess it's somewhat reasonable.

We got the Ruby, now we need the Dia.

Something about how everything in existence has meaning and power.

Phew! That's enough of that, let's go train and catch new fighters!

Now that we have the National Scouter, Trunks can evolve!


Ah, we pulled an SSR Trunks! We're getting good summons lately!

Janemba learned Demon Saber, which is good because we get Dark STAB!

Here's the Big Bang Kamehameha! On the right fusion this time!

Now, we just need to get Gogeta to SSJ4 to make this accurate...

To differentiate SSR Trunks from his SSJ form, they added the aura to his overworld icon.
Also should mention that SSR Trunks gains the Fighting/Fire-typing, as SSJ Trunks apparently was just a Fighting-type.

Here's your Ruby.

Buu Buu Desu wa.
(We have to go find that Sapphire)

Honestly fuck the Sapphire, this is what I want the most.

Take us to the Four Island!

You're not relevant anymore.
Unless we decide to rematch the League.

Four Island like Two, is a small one.

And is apparently the home of East Kai, she was a joke.

What the fuck are those things? New fighters?

Fucking slacker, she's the reason why the League is closed.

Wasn't this the Body Slam tutor? The hack removed all of them, or at least prevented them from teaching you any moves.

To stay consistent with the fact that there are no Pokemon in this world, East Kai's house has no plushies at all.
What a bland woman.

I have like 32 Totem Stickers right now.

Yes there is! In previous versions, it was just one. Now that V5 is out, there's another special one...

That doesn't sound sanitary, just go to 7-Eleven.

For an ice cave, it sure is filled with water. Perhaps it's melting?

This is San Shenron, known as Eis Shenron in the English Dub. He was the Shadow Dragon (created from the negative energy of the Earth's Dragon Balls) that represented the Sanshinchu/Three-Star Ball.
He blinded Goku, and that was uncomfortable to watch.


San Shenron has a move at level 1, known as Ice Claw which is a 90 BP Ice-type move with no side effects. I'll see if I can get a picture of that later.
Need the Move Relearner for that.

Now, who is this 'other' Ice Fighter?

Frost! He's the Universe 6 'Humanitarian' that was actually evil, he's of Freeza's race too if you couldn't tell.
He was in the Universe 6 and 7 Tournament, and cheated against Goku and Piccolo using a poison needle. He was disqualified but Vegeta wanted to fight him, and he defeated him. Frost was still evil though, he was basically a wanted man back in his universe until he was recruited for the Tournament of Power.
He's the second Dragon Ball Super character we've captured, since SSR Trunks is the first.

ABILITY: PARRY (Shell Armor)

Shit, this is still a thing in FRLG?

Well, there's only one real item you'll need.

Here Aquors, it seems like you're the only one who can use it.

That begs the question, how did the latest update which replaced HM03 Surf with the Shell Bell, handle Waterfall?

Wait, so did I do something illegal then? Am I poaching Sanshenron and Frost?

East Kai needs help, she's too weak to handle Team Pilaf all on her own!

Take this, Kyurem!

How convenient, it's in numerical order.

Your spelling is pretty 'crual'.

Alright then, let's go and train up Frost. He's hiding his true strength after all.

Because Goku had only seen Freeza in his first and fourth (initially final) forms, Frost tried to trick him by stating that his 'Assault Form' (his second form though known as Freeza's third form) was his final one.
That was a lie, because...

Goku knew that he had a final form, he sensed his hidden power.

By the time you get Frost, you can basically cheese through the evolution forms.

This is one of Frost's special moves, based off his weapon that he used in the Universe 6 arc.
It's a weaker Poison Sting, it's not worth it.

This is as far as Frost goes.

Because he's getting erased.

Ending Theme
[+] Next Chapter Preview
Hey it's me, Mai!

Five Island, it's the base of operations for the expat Team Pilaf!

The amount of new fighters is astounding! I want to find them all!

Huh? What's going on to Gogeta, can he really transcend?!

Next time, on Dragon Ball: Pokemon Adventure;

A Big Baby! Enter, the Ultimate Fusion of Goku and Vegeta?!
I guess I can get two more parts out before waiting on the next update...
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OA, August 11 - 6th Update!

Come on in, we're open!

Indigo League Champion
Indigo League Champion
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December 4th, 2017, 10:58 am #80

Ohhh snap! Did you get the Ape Tail? Also Dokkan Battle jokes.

Speaking of Dokkan Battle, better save up those Kai Stones, LR Vegito Blue is FINALLY arriving!