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[INCOMPLETE][8] Burying the Hatchet - A Fire Red Omega Monolocke

Indigo League Champion
Indigo League Champion
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August 19th, 2015, 10:45 pm #1

How should I take on the Elite Four?

Total votes: 10

Greetings to you all, lads, lassies and 'lockers! It's been a good while since my first (brief) attempt at a documented Nuzlocke run, so I thought I'd give it another go.

This time, we venture onto more familiar grounds - it's Pokemon Fire Red Omega, a Drayano hack that uses Fire Red/Leaf Green as a basis.
Also, as you can see in the title, it'll be a Monolocke Challenge instead of a vanilla Nuzlocke, where I'll only be using Ground-Type Pokemon.

There are two goals I want to set in this run:
1) Make it last.
Basically, I want to have a longer lasting run than my previous attempt, Toxic Donuts. Ideally I would like to complete the Challenge, but if I do fail it'll be after I've gotten at least two Badges.
2) Make it entertaining.
Since a lot of you put a great deal of effort into making a narrative on your runs, I was inspired to do the same. SO I've created a little narrative for this. Any comments/criticism to improve the story would be hugely appreciated, since I'm not exactly the best writer in the world.

The following run contains infrequent strong language and violence.

Now, the RULES.
[+] The Monolocke Commandments
1. Thou shalt only attempt to catch the FIRST wild Pokemon of the Ground typing per new area. If thou fails to do so, or if there art no Ground Pokemon dwelling in said area, then tough.
1.1. Gift Pokemon shalt not count as a wild encounter, and may be received, for 'tis rude to ignore such generosity. However, if they are not of Ground typing, thou shalt releaseth them.
1.2. Shiny Pokemon, regardless of typing, may be caught for the purposes of bragging rights. However, if they are not of Ground typing, thou shalt releaseth them.
1.3. Pokemon which gain Ground Typing upon evolution may be caught, provided they are evolved to the relevant stage henceforth. Pokemon may not be evolved if they would lose their Ground Typing in the process.
1.4. Thou shalt not catcheth Pokemon if thou hast already caught said Pokemon. An eligible Pokemon is one without the Pokeball icon beside its name.
2. All Pokemon caught/received shalt be named, for the sake of forming stronger emotional bonds.
3. Should a Pokemon faint, it is considered slain and will be given full burial. Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust.
4. Thou shalt battle using the Set option.
5. Thou shalt destroy any legendary Pokemon thou encounters.
6. The Challenge begins once thou has acquired Pokeballs and at least one Ground-Type Pokemon. The Challenge is considered Complete once thy Rival is smited. If thou art defeated, the Challenge is considered Failed.
[+] Contents
Prologue - Fresh Soil (right below this spoiler!)
Chapter 1 - Hit the Ground Running
Chapter 2 - Skipping Stones
Chapter 3 - The Dark of Mount Moon
Chapter 4 - Smells like Team Rocket
Chapter 5 - Whizkids and Water-Types
Chapter 6 - Threats
Chapter 7 - Cabin Fever
Chapter 8 - Bolt from the Blue
And now, without further ado, the moment you've been waiting for...!
[+] Prologue - Fresh Soil

It's truly an honour, Professor-
Please, just "Oak" is fine... don't tell me, I know who you are-!

Guy, that's it! Terence's boy!
Yup, that's me. You knew my father quite well, didn't you?
Well, we were roommates in college, but we weren't that close. Never saw eye-to-eye on a number of things... Oh, but enough prattle! I suppose you're champing at the bit to get your first Pokemon...

A few hours earlier...

...So you're dead set on this.
I am.
...Just like your father. There's no changing your mind now...
I'm going to find him, mom.
*hug*...Just promise me you'll be safe.

He asked me if you could pick up a parcel for him in Viridian...?
*sigh* Can't someone else do it? I've already got everything packed and-
Please honey, it'll only take a little while. He's even offering a Pokemon companion for the journey.
Wait, really? But it's not that far from here, why offer a Po-
...Ok, I'll pick up his parcel for him.
Thank you. And you never know, you might even find a fresh lead on your father...
...He's been gone for almost two months, mom. Apart from here, Viridian was the first place they'd look. Wherever he is, he's not there...

Earth to Guido, helloooooooo~!
AH! I'm sorry, Profes - Oak, sir, just a bit tired. What was the question again?
I was just asking how your family is coping. You know, with your fath-
We're...coping, sir. We're staying hopeful.
I see... Well, that's good to hear. Now, on to the main event!

Hah! Good one, gramps.
Eddie! As I was saying, as is tradition I offer young Trainers like yourselves the very same Pokemon I was offered when I first began my journey.

Don't be shy, Guy. *chortles* Shy Guy... Ahem, I realise you're in a bit of a rush, so I'll give you first choice on which companion you'd like. I trust there are no objections...?
...'s fine with me. I can handle any Pokemon you pick.

Something the matter?
No, no! It's... you don't have anything... Ground-Type, do you?
Ground...? Oh, of course. Your father's speciality... Sorry lad, these are all the Pokemon I have to offer.
Oh... Well, in that case...

Ele! Ele!
"Ellie"? Well, if you insist...
Your mother's sense of humour, I see! Well, now that that's decided-
Hold it, gramps! Yo, Guy! Let's take these Pokemon out for a spin!
Wait, what? Now-?
Come on, you know you want to! Besides, I need to see how well I stack up against the average scrub!

Don't worry, sir. We've got this. Ellie, hit 'em with a Quick Attack!
Pound, Smoochum!

Ele! Kiiiiiiiiid!
WHAT?! Lucky fluke! You won't have it as easy next time! *storms out*

Hm, yes. You see what I put up with all the time? But still, that battle...

No doubt the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
Yeah... Good job, Ellie!
Now, where was I...? Oh, yes! I've received a call from the Mart in Viridian City, and they told me my order has arrived. If it's not too much trouble...
It's no trouble at all, sir. It's not that far anyway...
Good lad! Have a safe journey!

Well, Ellie, here we go...
Don't worry, it's not far, and there shouldn't be any -

A Nidoran?! Awesome! Just like my dad's Nidok-


Let's go, Ellie.
Kid? Ele-kid! Kiiid!

Uh, wow. Thanks...
Don't mention it. Since the cops came, we've had a huge slump in business. So we're giving these away to get the customers back!
Oh... Great...

Well, Ellie, here we are. Viridian City. Where my dad worked.
Yeah... Come on, I'll show you...

That's where he worked. Terence, the Ground Guru, they called him. Since it's the first Gym outside Pallet, local Trainers would come to him seeking their first Badge for the Pokemon League Challenge. And boy, did he make them work for it.
Let's get a bit closer, I'll show you what it's like insi-

Wait, what? Why!
Police work! Nothing to see here, citizen!
...You're not a cop. You're drunk.
Y-you can't handle the truth, citizen!
Whatever. I need to get that package anyway...

Yup, that's me. Order for Oak?
Here ya go! Thank you!

Special delivery for one, "Professor Samuel Oak"!
Kid, kid!

Ah! Excellent work, you two!

Something the matter, Guy?
...I've been thinking, Professor. I don't think I can raise Ellie the way you want me to.
No, Ellie, of course it's not you. It's me. It's-
Your father. I understand completely.
...You're not mad?
Few trainers instantly form a bond with their Pokemon. For many, it takes a great deal of time and patience. But in some cases, it just doesn't work out. But what will you do with Ellie? It's obvious she prefers human company to some strangers in lab coats...
Well, I suppose my mom could look after her. She's been pretty lonely since dad's...disappearance... Maybe the companionship would do her good...
A very good idea. Ellie? Is that alright with you?
Yeah, I'd love that! Moms always make the best food!
No need to shout, man, I'm right here...
*Chuckles* I can explain. You see-
What up, bitches!
Oh joy of joys...
Eddie! Good timing! I've got something that'll help both of you on your journey's - consider it a token of my appreciation, Guy.

What's this? One of your old Walkman cassette players?
Actually, Eddie, it's a state-of-the-art interactive Pokemon database. My latest invention! It records data on all the Pokemon you've seen or caught thus far, AND - this is the best part - translates those Pokemon's speech into human language, and vice versa!
So that's why Ellie started speaking English...
What's "English"?
So, what? We just go around interviewing Pokemon? We're not Pokemaniacs!
No, you're not, thank Arceus... What I'm asking the two of you to do is to record as many species of Pokemon in these "Pokedexes", as I call them. Travel all over Kanto and beyond in your quests, and find as many Pokemon as you can! The data you enter will be beamed back here to my lab, and used for the purposes of research-
We're not your lab interns, Gramps! You better pay us for this!
For once, I agree with Eddie. We have our own agendas to pursue.
Can we go now?
*sigh* Look. These devices are more than just a research tool. I guarantee you they'll be an invaluable asset, even just for communicating with your Pokemon, your friends. Who knows, there may come a time when your Pokemon are the only ones you can turn to.
...Gah! Fine! I HATE when you get all ominous on me... If it'll help me become Champion, then that's fine! See ya, scrubs!
Hold your Horseas, Eddie! You might need these! Here, Guy, take some for yourself too.

Uh, thanks sir.
Are we done? Good, I'm gone! *storms off again*
Well, I'd better go too - come on, Ellie, I'll introduce you to my mom...

...Godspeed, lad. And good luck.

Mom, it's fine, honestly. I'm just stopping by to introduce you to someone.
Oh? Who?
Hi! I'm Ellie! Nice to meet you, Missus Guy's Mom!
Omigosh! Is she alright? What did I say?!
It's fine, Ellie, I forgot the Poketalkthingy was still on... Well, I uh, I guess this is where we part ways...
Yeah... I guess...
Unless you want to come with me?
Oh no! No, it's fine! I get the feeling you still have a lot of personal stuff - what with your dad and all - and you need someone who ain't going to get in the way... You made your mind up when you saw that Nidoran, huh?
Ellie... I'm sorr-
No, don't be! It'll be fine! And plus I get along better with girls anyway! Trust me, your mom's in good hands!
...We had fun though, didn't we?
...Yeah, we did.
Go get 'em, Guy. I'll hold the fort here.

Well, Dad, here I come.
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Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
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August 20th, 2015, 5:24 am #2

What a nice start!

I really enjoyed the way you decided to write leaving your starter behind -- it's so different from what other people do, and that's usually to just cut them out completely. Plus, your mom isn't just home alone! I always felt bad that there was nobody to keep your mom company in the Pokémon games. [Well, except X and Y. But I haven't finished those yet.]

There's a sentence or two in there somewhere that seems awkward, possibly because it's not using the right word? It's this one, commenting on the Oak tutorial of the first rival battle.
wrote:Don't where, sir. We've got this. Ellie, hit 'em with a Quick Attack!
Is that supposed to be "worry"? I thought I'd mention it just in case, but everything else looks nice.

I noticed you've been using colors for Pokémon text. In this sense, I didn't really mind it. Often, it drives me nuts though. Something you should keep in mind when using different text colors: try not to use blinding colors. Keep in mind that there are multiple different themes for this forum, and nobody's is the same. [For example, I use Tea Garden.]
Also; readability. Certain color combinations are impossible to read without highlighting the text.
[+] Some Examples
Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
These are probably some pretty bad examples, but I think you know what I mean. You don't have to stick with just the colors Zetaboards provides, either! Editing the hex color codes can help make things not as hard on the eyes. :)

Long reply is long. But I really enjoy the story so far! Keep up the great work, and good luck! :)
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.One - Confectionary Intern (3-10-17).

Chapter Ten: 6/17/16
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Indigo League Champion
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August 20th, 2015, 2:16 pm #3

[+] Reply
SammieLily2: Wow, thank you!
In-game I kept Ellie until after the first catch, then released her - but rest assured, she is in the story to stay. I will keep using that font for her, but will tone it down so it isn't as blinding!

I've gone back and fixed a few sentences, including that one. This is what happens when you try uploading a screenshot-storyrun at midnight... Thanks for pointing that out!

I'm trying to keep the fonts as readable as possible, so if anything is illegible or just plain painful to read, let me know.
[+] Chapter 1 - Hit the Ground Running

Here we go again, back to Viridian. Maybe there's someone in Dad's Gym who'll have some idea on where he is... If I'm lucky anyway...
*gut rumbles*
Good point. Can't do much on an empty stomach. Good thing I packed a sandwich or two in here. Ellie, you want some...?


Oh yeah...
Well, that was daft, going on a journey without any protection from wild Pokem-



...*sniffs* Rrrrranran?
...huh? *fumbles with Pokedex* What?
I said, "Are you gonna eat that?"

So, Tara, how come you're not afraid of me?
*munch* Why? Should I be?
Uh, no. Not really, no. I just thought, you know, since I'm in your territory-
Do I look like a Growlithe to you? *chomp* Besides, you gave me food. That means you're *crunch* a good human!
That's...not quite how things work... And is this the first time you've seen food?!
It's not *slurp* that. It's just *chew* that human food always looks so *nibble* tasty, and all we ever get out here is *scoff* nuts and berries. What do you call this, "cheese"? It's delicious!
Glad you like it.
*BELCH* Hey Guy, is there more food like that in that human colony ahead?
Colony...? Oh, you mean Viridian City? Yup, the food there's miles better. My Dad used to treat me at the Pokemon Centre when he had the time-
OH BOY! Can I come with you?
Wha...? Sure, why not! In fact, I'm probably going to need your help to get there anyway.
Yaay! We're friends! Food's always better with friends!
Alright, let's get going then...

...Yeah, she's still unconscious. But she's resting easy. I've made her really comfortable.
You're a lifesaver, Ellie. Thank you.
So how're you getting on with your quest?
Um, ok, I guess. No new leads, but I did make a new friend. A female Nidoran, Tara. She likes her grub, like a certain Electric-Type I would know...
D'aww, she sounds adorable! And hey, didn't your dad have a Nidoran too? That's so cool! It's like you're following in his footsteps!
yeah, I guess so. Though Tara's more concerned about her next meal than Crassus was... I've got to go for now, Ellie. I'll call you or Prof Oak if anything comes up.
Good luck, kiddo.

Excuse me, miss, but I'm wondering if you can help me? I'm looking for someone...
I'm sorry dear, I don't think I'll be very helpful to you - I've spent the last few weeks in Pewter City, and only got back last night.

Because of the police searching...?
Yes, so many officers swarming over the city. It was a bit of a bother, but it couldn't be helped. Although they do have a better range of stock in Pewter...
Does that mean they have more food?
Uh, yes! Yes it does!
OH BOY! Can we go there, can we can we can we?
Steady on Tara, you just ate at the Centre! And besides, I still need to ask a few people...

Excuse me, sir-
Well, well! A new face! Have I got a treat for you!

Sir, if you don't mind I-
Sounds like somebody needs to learn the virtue of patience! And what better way to learn than to fish!

I really need to as-
How to use it? Simple! Just cast the line and GO! Try it out on that Barboach pond over there!

Aren't you going to ask him too?
Obviously he's a dead end. But if this is a Barboach pond then...

Ha! Got one!
Got what? Can I eat it?

I wouldn't do that, if were you, Tara. He looks pretty tough.
Doesn't look like much to me!
...I'm...Strong...I...Will serve...
Well, he doesn't mince his words. You're saying you want to join our team?
My name's Guy. And this li'l gal is Tara. It's a pleasure to meet you.

Aaah! What was that?! Where did he go?!
Dont worry, Tara. He just went inside this Pokeball. It's a small machine that helps people capture Pokemon, but it's also a safe way for Trainers to carry their Pokemon around.
Oh... So... Can I have one?
Are you sure?
Yeah! I know I just met you like two hours ago, but I really feel like I can trust you! It's like my tummy is saying, "You can trust Guy! He'll take care of you!"
I think that's called a gut feeling... Well, alright. Consider this your official team sign-up too!
Yaay! *ptchoom*

The Gym's... completely deserted.

...That's odd. Why is the Gym Leader's name and title erased? Does this mean...
Excuse me, young man? Can I help you?
Oh! Uh, no, thank you sir! I was just checking out the Gym...
Yes, it's seen better days, hasn't it? Terence put so much effort into it, and it's all gone to waste...

You knew my father, the Leader here?
Your... My word, you DO look alike! I can't say I knew him personally, but he was always on good terms with everybody in Viridian-
Do you know what happened to him?
...I'm afraid I don't know the specifics. Only that he vanished a few months ago... and then the missing person's notice was put out... the police were all over Viridian, as I'm sure you would have guessed... I really shouldn't be telling you this...but aside from the body, nothing was found...
...The body?
...A body, buried at the back of the Gym. I caught sight of them wheeling it out under a sheet. No details were released, other than it was an adult male. He'd been there for at least two months...

Ahh, what a great nap! Is it time to eat?...Guy?
...Something is going on.
Is this to do with your dad-?
Yes, Tara. Something very wrong is going on. My dad disappeared two months ago, and now I found out a body was found under his Gym. Why weren't we told? Even if it wasn't my father's corpse, my mom and I at least deserved to know what was happening!
I'm going back to the Centre. I need some time to think. And to call Oak.

...I see. That is grave news, indeed.
It's the first lead we've had, Professor, but I feel like I'm onto something-
Why would they not tell us they'd found a body? That seems like a big clue, especially in a missing person's case!
It was probably to avoid causing undue al-
Who runs the police force in Viridian?
It's under the jurisidiction of the Pokemon League, but I don't think-

Guy! GUY! Wait up!
Sorry guys, I'm going to have you to leave you here for a while. I need to go-
We had a talk, Guy. A team talk. This is something that's really affecting you - so it's really affecting the team, too.
You're...One of us...
So! If you're going somewhere, we're coming too!
But guys-
*sigh* Alright. Listen up...

*puff**puff* I dont *pant* think I can move *puff* anymore!
You've done really well, Tara. I'm proud of you. Take a breather for now - here, I brought some sandwiches from the Centre. Dig in.
YAAY! *intense scoffing*
Steady on, you'll make yourself sick! How're you doing, Colm?

Good. Okay, back to the plan. Once we've healed up, we go East to Route 22 - that leads straight to the Pokemon League office at the Indigo Plateau. Once we get there, I'll find out more about what happened here. It's a rough plan, but we should be fine.
*BUUURRP* So why did we need to do all that training then?
Well, it's simple - Route 22 leads onto Victory Road, which is full of powerful Pokemon. If we want to reach the Plateau, we need to be strong enough to get there.
I think so too, Colm. But to be honest, I want to avoid battling as much as possible. This will be a stealth mission - fighting will be a last resort.
Why can't you just go and catch stronger Pokemon?
...My Dad was called the Ground Guru because he believed in maintaining the natural order. He passed his teaching on to me, and every Trainer who challenged his Gym - catch only the first Pokemon you encounter in each area. This was to prevent Pokemon populations from destabilising and species from going extinct.
Yeah, I guess he was, in his own goofy way. And anyway, I've decided to use Ground Pokemon just like him, so I won't be catching anything unnecessarily.
Am I a Ground-Type then?
Right now, you're a Poison-Type. But you can evolve into a Ground-Type when you're stronger.
Yaay! That means I'll be able to eat more food!
Yes. Yes it does...

Ok... Ready?
Then let's go. Don't forget, stealth is key to-
Helloooooo, Scrublord!

Going somewhere~?
It's none of your business, Eddie.
Who's this human?

How did... Oak.
Yup! Gramps had a feeling you'd try marching up to the League and making a scene. So he sent me to teach you a little respect.
I dont have time to chat, Eddie. I've got things to do-

Oh yeah. Lots of 'em. Security's pretty tight there. They don't let just anybody waltz in there.
They'll let me through. I'm the son of a Gym Leader-
That may be dead, from what I hear.
...Take that back, Eddie.
Or what? You'll put me in the ground? It'll give your dad some company-


Oh, so you wanna go, huh? Ok, let's go, punk!

Colm, what are you doing? This is MY fight!
We're...A team...Your enemies...My enemies...
Sorry to butt in, but I'm with Colm on this! Besides, I want to try out my new moves!
...*sigh* Guess there's no arguing with you two. Let's go!

Zubat, put this punk in his place!
Tara, will you do the honours?

Zubat, Leech Life!
Is-is he eating me?! Eww, gross! Get off! *whack*
...Wow. Good job, Tara.

Well, how about this?! Smoochum, you're up! Powder Snow!
Colm, you'd better take this one-!

Tch! There's more where that came from! Powder Snow, again!
Counter it with Water Gun, Colm! Aim for the feet!

Great job, Colm! Thank you both!
Yaay! We won!

And what about you? You're going to go train to take them all down?
There's no point, remember? You need eight Badges to get through the gates.
Eight Badges? But there's only seven active Gym Leaders...
Apparently they've got someone new coming in, so they're having a League reshuffle. Not that it really matters, I'll crush them all one way or another.
Right, you do that.
Smell ya later, scrublo-
What now?


Don't talk about my dad like that again.

Please, let me at least speak to someone! I need to know the details of the Leader Terence case!
Sir, please-
He's my dad! I have a right to know what's going on-!
Sir, if you do not leave immediately, I will have to resort to more serious measures. *hand on holster*
Guy...Let's...Go... It's...Pointless...

Guess we'll have to do this the hard way...
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Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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August 20th, 2015, 3:11 pm #4

ice type rival that'll become a jynx against a ground monolocke

Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
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August 20th, 2015, 5:49 pm #6

I had no clue there were Barboach in that pond. Huh.

I'm liking this so far! It's got a mystery element; it's either been a while since I've seen a run with that element, or I haven't seen one. I don't remember which.

Oh, Ellie's text is fine; it's when you start getting into some of the more interesting color combinations that it starts to become painful. At least, I think. Oh, you're definitely not alone about updating late at night. I'm a night owl, most productive in the early morning hours. Like, often times I update at 1 or sometimes 2 AM.
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Chapter Ten: 6/17/16
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August 21st, 2015, 4:47 pm #7

Hrrrm... now, here I thought Guy's dad was Giovanni (like, duh, right?) but this update throws a new wrinkle into things. Evil or dead, which would be preferable, I wonder?

Regardless, good luck :o I'll be following.
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[1:46 AM] Furfrou: unflawed is a word tho
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August 23rd, 2015, 3:17 pm #8

[+] Replies
@CyndaKill: Yup. Call me a sucker for punishment, but I thought it only fair that the rival have some sort of advantage against me.

@Darksaphira: Thanks! The truth will be revealed...eventually!

@SammieLily2: It's also a common hideout for Dratini - I just got lucky with my first hook.
Glad you're enjoying it! I'm a bit further ahead than my updates would suggest, mainly because I keep finding new things to write in. It's getting to the point, however, where everything's a bit too convoluted, but I'll try to keep it as mysterious as I can.

@Jimcloud: comment.
Thanks, and I hope you enjoy!
[+] Chapter 2 - Skipping Stones
...I'm...Sorry, Guy... The plan...
It's alright, Colm. It was a pretty reckless idea to begin with. If I want to get to the Plateau, I'll need to do it the proper way.
The proper way? What's that?
Challenging the other Gym Leaders, and collecting their Badges. If I have enough, I'll be able to march in there no problem. Besides, the Leaders may know some information themselves about Dad's whereabouts.
...We...Need to...Be strong...
Don't worry, Colm. I have faith in you and Tara. I'll help you become strong. We started this together, and we'll end it together. Agreed?

Let's see... The next Gym should be in Pewter City, just past Viridian Forest. It shouldn't take us very long to get there.
Hey, Guy? How many of these Gyms do we need to go to?
Well, officially, we need eight Badges to get to the Plateau. However, with my dad missing, the number of Badges available has gone to seven...
So that's one less Badge to worry about! That makes things a little easier, right?
Maybe... Eddie did mention something about a League reshuffle. Which means they're replacing my dad's Badge with something else. But we can't challenge them until we know who or where they are.
Guy... Focus... Pewter Badge...
Right, Colm. Sorry...

Uh, Guy? Do we have to go through here? It really gives me the creeps...
Sorry, Tara. This is the only way we can go. If it makes you feel better, there's a Centre at the other side...
Oh, really? Well, I guess that's good to know...
How about you, Colm? How're you finding the scenery?
...Colm? Something wrong?

Wha-? Man, I forgot - Viridian Forest is full of Bug-Types and Bug Trainers... Tara, you fancy a little playtime?
Uh, I dont know...
I promise there's a sandwich with your name on it at the next Centre. Your choice. My treat.
OH BOY!C'MERE, BUGS! *Chases the two frightened caterpillars off down the path*

Ok, Colm, while Tara's doing that you could-


Colm, why are you in such a hurry to get stronger?
I mean, I think it's great what you're doing, but you swept those last two Trainers in one go! Don't you think you should pace yourself?
...If getting Badge...Finds your father...
Colm... But what about you? Dont you want to be strong...for your own reasons?
I'm sorry. I didn't mean to pry... But thank you, Colm. You're a good friend.
Tara? What happened to you?
Uuuh... Ran into some weird mushrooms... Owwww... Some yellow stuff went up on my back, aaah...
Tara, you can't jut go eating wild mushrooms in forests! Let's see... Seems like some sort of paralysing powder, we'd better get you to the Centre quickl-

Oh, man. Not a good time for this. Colm, could you-
NO! Aaaah, let me handle it..
Tara, you sure?
Yeah! Oww, it's nothing really... My tummy says, aaah, that I can win this one...
Well, alright...

Well well well, Tara. I didn;'t know you had it in you.
"No guts, no glory!" Aaah, that's what my mama used to say! Ohhh...
Come on, let's get out of this forest. Pewter City Centre's just up ahead...

There we are! A little bit further and we're there!
...Colm? You ok?
You sure? You keep looking back at the forest...
...It's... Nothing...
...Alright then. Back in your Pokeballs for now then. I'll let you out once we get to the Centre.
Yaay! Owww... *ptchoom*

[...I swear...It's imagination...]

Since that other Leader went missing, Brock's having to fill in as the first Gym Challenge.
So, he's been demoted? That's kind of sad to hear...
Oh, he's taking it pretty well, believe me. You should hear how the Cerulean City Leader's been reacting...
Just out of curiosity... Do you know anything about Terence going missing?
Hm? How long has it been, a few months? Sorry man, I got nothing...

Ok, time for a spot of-
Terence, is that you?

...I'm sorry? Who are you?
Don't you remember me...? Oh...You're not Terence the Ground Leader...
Sorry, I'm Guy. Terence is my dad-
Oh, I'm so sorry! God, I feel like a complete idiot now! Well, my name is Sarah, I'm from the Lavender Pokemon Orphanage. We go around seeking to give new homes to Pokemon who've been abandoned or suffered at the hands of abusive Trainers.
The Orphanage...?
Your dad's a huge supporter of what we do, and one of our biggest benefactors. In fact, the owner Mr Fuji entrusted me to give him this Pokemon by way of thanks. Do you think you could give this to your dad when you next see him?
Well I-
Good morrow, kind sir. I am Skippington Worthingstream-Smythe. A pleasure to make your acquaintance, master...?

Uh, Guy. Guy Claymore. And nice to meet you too, Skippingt... I'm sorry , but would you mind if I called you Skipper?
Master Guy, you may call me whatever you deem fit. Although I must admit, "Skipper" sounds rather dashing...

Tara, Colm. How're you feeling?
...Well...Thank you...
Sooo much better, thanks for the whatchamacallit...*BORP* Turkey sub, that's it!
Well, I've got a little announcement to make. Say hello to our new friend, Skipper the Mudkip!
How do you do, good sir? Fair lady?
Aww, he's so cute! He's like a little gentlemon!
I'm going to have a little tour of the city, but I noticed a small garden near the Centre. I've been told it's completely open to the public, so go have some fun and get to know each other better, ok?
'Kaay! C'mon, Skippy!
My word, you are a playful one, m'lady!
EEH! "Milady"! I love him already!

Nobody around this city seems to have any info on Dad, and it looks like all the Viridian citizens have moved back there already. Which means my only lead to Dad is going to be here - another Leader... And since he used to be the 2nd Gym Challenge, I'd better be ready for a tough fight...

I say, Sir Colm, is everything alright? You and I have barely bandied words since we were introduced.
Oh, don't mind him, Skippy! He doesn't talk much, he's just weird like that. No offence Colm!
I see... Then pray tell, Sir Colm. What is Master Guy's story? For a young man, he seems to be carrying quite a burden, poor chap...
Oh! Let me tell him, Colm! Y'see, basically Guy's dad's a Gym Leader who uses Ground Pokemon, like us, but he went missing a few months ago verrrry mysteriously, and now Guy's trying to find him!
I see... When I was leaving the Orphanage, I was told I would be given to a Ground-Type Leader who was gregarious to the Pokemon community. Who could've foreseen that I should accompany his son...?

Howdy, team! How're we all doing? Making friends, Skipper?
Oh, most certainly, Master Guy! The good Lady Tara-
Ahahaha! I can't get enough of that, "Lady Tara"!
-and Sir Colm have made me most welcome in your entourage.
I'm glad to hear it but...Tara, are you okay...?
Huh? Yeah, I'm fine....I think...Or not...

I say...!
Guy? What's wrong? Why are you all looking at me like that?
Tara, you evolved! And you look great!
Hear, hear!
Aw, thanks guys! Thanks, Skippy!
Actually, this is what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm going to be challenging Brock, the Leader here, and I want each of you to be as strong as possible for this. Which means there may be more evolutions soon.
I am at your service, Master Guy!
Yaay! Let's get some training!

W-was that an earthquake?
Not quite! According to the Pokedex, it's called "Magnitude". It creates random vibrations in the earth. It's not quite an earthquake, but it could be! Good job, Colm!
Nice one! Just try not to hit me with it, 'kay?
...Thank you...
Bravo, Sir Colm! Now, allow me to demonstrate the Worthingstream-Smythe fighting spirit...!

Master Guy, why did you not let me learn that move?
"Bide" is a move that requires you to remain stationary for a good while. As tough as you may be, I don't want to give our opponents any openings.
As you wish, Master Guy. I shall endeavour to develop a more... progressive skill then.

Skippy! You're glowing!
Hm...? Oh goodness me...

It would appear I too have evolved. How do I look?
Wow! You look amazing, Skippy! So handsome...
Oh? Why thank you, Lady Tara...
Now, where was I...? Oh yes! Master Guy, what do you think of this...?

Now THAT is what I'm talking about! Good job, Skipper, and congrats on evolving!
I am glad to be of service to you, Master Guy!

Well, that was an excellent training session, everyone! So I say, we all take some time to relax, and take on the Gym tomorrow, deal?
Yaay! Sounds good to me!
Verily, a good idea!
...Very well...
There's a small museum in town, we could got there? Or if you guys have any ideas yourselves...?
That sounds wonderful! Lady Tara, would you do me the honour of accompanying me?
Need you ask? Why of course I would, Sir Worthy-thingy!
...I'll...stay by the Centre... Conserve strength...
Well, suit yourself. Let's go, you two!

Ok, here we are! Behave, you two!
Master Guy, do I detect a tone of admonishment? Our behaviour shall be naught but exemplary!
Pff-HAHAHAHA! Skippy, you killin' me!

...Soon, Dad. I'll find you soon...

...And that's all I have so far. It's not much, but it's a start.
Guy... Please don't do anything stupid like that again.
But Mom-
Don't "but mom" me. You realise how dangerous that was, trying to break in to the Indigo Plateau? You're lucky your Pokemon talked you out of it.
Yeah... Ok, I promise. No more stupid reckless break-ins.
I should hope so.
...So how's Ellie?
Oh, she's fine. She's out playing with some of the younger kids down road. I have to say, I wasn't sure about raising a Pokemon, but having Ellie around... It's like I missed having someone around the house I could actually talk to...
...Like Dad?
...Yes, like your father, when he actually came home...
...I'm going to bring him home, Mom. You know that.
I do, Guy. Good luck with the Gym tomorrow.
Thanks, Mom.
I love you.
Love you too.

...It's a while...
How're you doing Colm?
You've been staring at the Forest for a good while now... Something bothering you?
...No...Just daydreaming...
Alright... Well, if you want to talk...
...I know...Thank you...

The next day...

Ready, guys?
Of course, Master Guy!
...Let's go...

What the... Liam?!
'Sup, bro!
Haven't seen you in ages, man!
Bro, I tell you. If I'd known you were coming up-
What're you doing here?
League reshuffle, man. They needed someone to monitor Brock's matches, make sure he's not too overpowered for new Trainers.
So they got you in. Nice one!
Thanks, man! Hey, any word on your pop yet?
Uh, no. Nothing yet. Hence why I'm here.
Wait... you're gonna try pump Brock for info? Hoo, boy...
What? Think I'm not good enough? I beat your ass enough times when you worked in Viridian, if you remember!
Look, man...

Trust me, the guy's a whole other level. And he's waiting for a challenge. Good luck, Guy.
Thanks, man. See you around...

I'm Guy. Terence Claymore's son.
Before we begin, I'm sorry to hear about your dad's disappearance.
Thank you, but that's actually why I'm here.
He was a Leader. You're a Leader. I reckon you might have some idea on his whereabouts, or why he went missing in the first place.
I don't quite like what you're implying there... But how's this. You give me a good challenge, and win my Badge, I'll tell you all I know. Deal?

Colm, I'm going to start with you, is that good?
Very well.
Good luck, Sir Colm!
Go get 'em Colm!
Geodude, you're up first!

It's a Barboach, they're slow! Tackle it, Geodude!
You can take it, Colm! Blast it with Water Gun at point blank range.
Understood. *splash*

Bah, not bad! Kabuto, you're up!
Kabuto?! I thought they were extinct... Colm, bury it with Magnitude!

Bravo, Sir Colm!
Grr, lucky shot. Omanyte, go!
Another extinct Pokemon... Same again, Colm!

Hey! Watch it Colm, that one almost hit me!
...! ...Sorry...
Colm, focus!
Vulpix, Ember!
Colm, Water Gun!
...! *Splash*

That Barboach is tougher than it looks...
Colm, you can't afford to space out like that! Concentrate!
Tara, Skipper, you should move back a bit for now...
Got it! C'mon, Skip!
As you wish, Master Guy!

Rhyhorn, let's stomp it flat!
Remember Eddie's Smoochum - Water Gun, at the feet!

So, five Pokemon down... No choice then. Onix, it's up to you!
You've got this Colm! Water Gun!
Colm, where are you aiming?!
Master Guy! Colm's been confused! Allow me-!
Dont give him time to breathe, Onix! Swagger again!

Oh... Oh I say...
Have no fear, Master Guy! I am at your service!
Here goes...! Skipper, Water Gun!

...I dont believe it.
Oh, good gracious the room stopped spinning... Oh, did we win?
We sure did! Skipper, Colm, you were amazing!
Skippy you big idiot! Dont scare me like that! *bonk*
Oof! M-my apologies Lady Tara...
...Thank you...
You have no need to thank me, Sir Colm. You would have done the same for me, right?

...Of course...

No, thank you. You were just the challenge I've been waiting for. Your father would be very proud of you.
Speaking of... how about you uphold your end of our deal.
You're right... Have a seat, and listen to what I have to say...

I didn't know your father all that well. In fact, I barely knew any of the Leaders - I missed most of our meetings due to being on digs or in Gym battles. But I do know that your father had quite a few enemies within the Leaders.
Enemies? That wanted rid of him?
Nothing that sinister, I believe. He was very vocal about his beliefs in maintaining the natural order of the region, and was upset that few other Leaders took it so seriously. He once chewed my ear off about how people should let Fossil Pokemon be just fossils, that it wasn't right to integrate them into the modern world because it might mentally traumatise them or disturb the eco-system... This sound familiar to you?
Yeah, that sounds like him, alright... But why would he go missing?
Beats me... Before he did, though, he seemed very uptight about something going on in Celadon and Fuschia. Like, full-on demanding that he be allowed to go there and sort things out. Blaine, the Gym Commander, was adamant against it, but still he kept pressing... That was the last meeting before Terence vanished.
I see... So there was an incident in Celadon and Fuschia... How do I get there?
Well, the quicket way from here is to head through Mt Moon, to Cerulean City, then cut South through Saffron City. That'll take you to Celadon, and from there you'll get to Fushcia no problem.
Thanks, Brock.
No problem, and good luck.

You never know, Misty might have info of her own... Assuming she's calmed down...

Sooo? Any joy?
I think so. A new lead, anyway.
A marvellous outcome, indeed! I do believe a celebration is in order!
Well, I guess it couldn't hurt. Besides, we're going through Mt Moon next. It'll be a long journey, and we'll need our strength. So, who's hungry? I'm buying!
OH BOY!... I mean... I wouldn't mind a bite. Skipper, you wanna come?
How could I refuse such charming company? Lead on, Lady Tara!


*sniff* *sniffsniff*
So, he's in Pewter City...

To be continued...
[+] Author's Notes
First Gym is done! And we weren't even that overlevelled!

First off I would like to apologise for not including as many screenshots - the astute among may have noticed I skimmed out a lot of the Bug Catchers and the Cmaper battle - but I assure you they were nothing to write about.

Secondly, Skipper. There are a few NPCs who walk around handing out Pokemon in this game. You have no say in the matter - if you talk to them, you get a Pokemon. So far I have encountered all of the Hoenn Starters (Orion the Treecko and Henrik the Torchic, acquired at both ends of Viridian Forest), but i could not be bothered trying to write them in, so I left them out and released them. I also did the same with Jimminy the Togepi (who was handed out in Egg form)

Thirdly, characters. Some of you may have noticed Ellie and Tara are basically the same character. This is a result of my amateur writing, and I am working on changing this as the story develops.

Finally, we end on a cliffhanger! Will the gang survive the perils of Mt Moon? What secrets does Misty the Gym Leader hold? What is the mysterious figure following our intrepid heroes? And what on this earth has actually happened to Terence Claymore?
Find out, next time, one Dragonba-*click*
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August 23rd, 2015, 5:02 pm #9

Brock is done for it. And after all he did have some info for our hero. It may not be too much, but maybe a visit in Cerulean will clear some things up.
Skipper is cool atually. And I wonder what that is that's following the crew around.... Colm seems to know something here....

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August 23rd, 2015, 5:57 pm #10

why'd brock have a vulpix .-.

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August 23rd, 2015, 6:22 pm #11

As much as I hate giftmons, I gotta admit skipper is one pretty cool.

I always read his dialouge with a heavy British accent

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August 24th, 2015, 12:10 pm #12

YOU UPDATE SO FAST! I was going to reply to the prologue but I blinked and BOOM! That's not a knock on your update pace, by the way. But!

Ooh, interesting. Terence was the first Badge to get? There's a story to be had there. And I was right!

I'll probably be able to reply better now that I caught up. But congrats on beating Brock though you definitely had a good advantage. Let's hope Misty will go well.

art by AgentNein
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August 27th, 2015, 2:39 pm #13

[+] Replies: Part Deux
@Darksaphira: Maybe it will, maybe it won't...
There's more on that later on!

@CyndaKill: Reference to the anime - Brock briefly looked after a Vulpix.

@MonkeyMan: Why the giftmon hate?
That's what I was hoping for when you read it!

@Shiny Dustox: Uh...thank you? I have no set update schedule, so some parts come out quicker than others. It all depends on external influences.
Thanks anyway. Misty will be a bit tougher, but I do have a plan...
[+] Chapter 3 - The Dark of Mount Moon

Morning, gang! How're we all doing?
Uhhh.... my head...
Good morning, Master Guy! Oooh... I, uh, am afraid I share the Lady Tara's sentiments...
Well I did warn you - "Mt Moonshine" is way too strong for young Pokemon. Now, let's go! We've a big journey ahead, and I can't do a thing with two team members hungover! Right, Colm?
See? Colm's not complaining!
I believe Sir Colm is still unconscious...

Oh! Hi! I tried calling the Professor last night-
It's alright, he heard about your Gym Battle from your mother - word goes round fast in Pallet.
How is everyone?
...A little frail, I suspect. Oak thought we might have a little party to celebrate and... well...
I see...
Anyway, I'm here to give you these-

Ooh, nifty!
There's a note as well, from your mother. I'd better be getting back to the Lab, just in case...
Alright. Well, thank you, and say hi to everyone for me!
Will do! Cheerio!

I know you're one to always rush into things, saw these and thought of you! Should help you get around faster as well!
Guy, I know it's been a really frustrating journey for you so far, but don't give up hope. If anyone can find Dad, it's you.
All our love,
Mom + Ellie

*ptchoom* Nnnnnng, noooo... Light bad, sleep good...
*ptchoom* ...
*ptchoom* Urgh... I am never touching alcohol again...
Come on, Tara, waken up. I need you up front.
Aw, why can't Colm go...? Or Skippy...?
Because you didn't get any experience from that Gym battle yesterday. I need to get you levelled up first, then I can focus on the others.
Awwww, come on...

Feeling more awake, everyone?
Much better, Master Guy, thank for you for asking? How fare you, milady?
Oh, shut up... feels like a Ponyta line doing Riverdance on my head...

Master Guy, if I may be so bold, there is a Centre just uphill from here. If we could perchance...?
*sigh* Fine. No use going further if a certain somebody can't handle her drink...

Uh, yeah, he's cool...

Geodude, eh? We can get another Ground-Type!
Centre, NOW, please...

Excuse me, is there anything in there about a missi-
Get your own paper, kid! Impudent child...

Whooooooa... That's a big mountain... Are we climbing that?
Nah, we're taking a passage through to the other side. Unless you'd rather...?
NO! Nope, passage is fine!
Alright, team! Let's go!
Right behind you, Master Guy!

Try and keep your eyes peeled for any-

Perfect! Tara, think you can take him?
Yeah, no problem!

W-what was that? Is he seriously that strong?!
A Magnitude attack?! Shit, I didn't plan for this!
Skipper NO-!

*pant* *pant* Bad form, sir. Attacking a defenseless lady like that... Shameful...
SKIPPY! Oh crap, are you ok?!
Hold on, Skip, I've got a Potion in here-
Master Guy. You and I both know very well how strong he is. A Potion may not be enough.
Skippy...? What're you saying...?
He will not let us escape, and with his strength, healing me would be a waste of time. Therefore, our only options are to either capture him or defeat him.
But Skipper-!
No "But's", Master Guy! I will buy you time, now HURRY-!

Tara, get back! He's coming right at you-!


Back... off... scum...
Skippy, get up! C'mon...! Why are you not breathing...? COLM WHY IS HE NOT BREATHING...!
...Tara... He's gone...

Skippington Worthingstream-Smythe. Also known as "Skipper" and "Skippy".
...I... I'm sorry, Skipper. You gave your life to protect Tara - to protect our team - and all I wanted to do was catch a Pokemon. I let my own stupidity get in the way-
Not now, Colm. Wherever you are, Skipper, I-
...Tara's gone.

What do you mean, "gone"?
...Ran back...into mountain...
Is she crazy?! What if she runs into another of those Geodudes-!
...You're right. We should find her...

Better not... shout... Unwanted... attention...
Tch... Guess we'll have do it the hard way...Are you good at tracking at all...?
...Seismic sense...
What's that?
...Can see... Using ground....
So you know where she went?
...Difficult... Lots of tunnels... Harder to sense...
Great. Then we'll just have to ask around...

Ok fine I'll keep an eye out, but did you see a Nidorina run by here?
Nidorina...? Think I saw one go that way... Seemed really agitated though, keep your distance...

Well that explains all the tunnels, Colm. Right?

Nidorina? Don't be ridiculous! Nidorina aren't indigenous to this mountain-!
A simple 'no' would suffice...

Colm, are you sure you can't track her?
...Not sure... But... Something... Is definitely... nearby...

...A tunnel? You're saying she's down here?
...Something...Is down there... Or someone...
Might as well investigate...

Team Rocket...? Sure I've heard that name before...

There's more than one of you down here?
Oh yeah, and believe me, punk - they're much stronger than I am...
Tara's... Not safe...
I agree. We should find her. Now.

Have you seen a Nidorina at all?
Nido...? Now that you mention it, I think I saw one head down that passage... Seemed to be in quite a tizzy...

Yeah, I saw it! It went around that corner a few minutes ago!
Great! Come on Colm, we're catching up!
...Wait. Tunnel...

...Let's hope she's down here...

Crap, another dead end-!

Nice work back there, Colm-
Focus...Tara comes first...
Sorry, you're right. Tch, why on earth would she run off like that...?
...Look... Skipper's death... it was my fault. There's no denying it. And I know how close she was with him and...
...Colm...would you want to travel with me, even though...?
...Tara... Comes first...

Sorry, I didn't see a Nidorina anywhere, I was just looking for-


Aaaaaaaah! *runs off*
...What was that?
You sure? It seemed... different...
Let's go.

Wait - what's that in the corner-?
Easy there, boyo. I wouldn't get too close to it. It seems to be in a lot of pa-



...Stay back.
Tara, wh-what happened to you? And why did-?
...You could've stopped him. You could've saved him.
...No choice...
"No choice"?! Dont defend him, Colm, there was ALWAYS a choice! You could have helped him! You could have taken down that guy with one hit! But no - to you, Skipper was a TOOL!
What are we to you?! What are me and Colm to you?! Do you even give a shit what happens to us, as long as Daddy is found?!


...I thought I could trust you, Guy...


...I'm sorry, Tara. Truly, I am.
...You have every right to blame for Skipper's death.
Let me finish, Colm. You're right, Tara. I treated Skipper like a tool. I risked his life - all our lives - just to get a catch. Skipper paid for my greed, for my stupidity.
...You deserve a lot better than that. Both of you deserve someone who treats you like friends...
Guy...what are-
So, I'm giving you both a choice. We'll get out of this mountain, and then you'll be free. You wont put up with my stupidity again-
Or, if you like, you can stay with me. And I will treat you like my family. No more stupid choices, no more deaths, no more pain.
...I know my word alone isn't good enough. And I can't promise I will keep you safe... But I will try.

...I'm sorry, Tara.
...I know...*sniff*...
...We miss him too...

To be continued...
[+] Author's Notes
Well, that went downhill quickly.
RIP Skipper :cybercrime: I'll miss you and your Britishness.
I was contemplating healing him up, but an imminent Magnitude attack was really starting to scare me. Plus I only had Potions on me, so I doubted it would be enough.
I was reluctant to leave without a Geodude, so I went for a Tackle (hence why Grorg is a little damaged) and tried catching him there and then.
It failed, and the next Magnitude - Level 8 - took out Skipper.

I actually did solo most of the trainers in Mt Moon with Colm, simply because I wanted to get him to evolve as soon as possible for Misty - Whiscash's bulk is amazing, and with Amnesia I should now be able to shrug off any STAB Water Pulses or Bubblebeams heading my way.

And Tara evolved again! Now that she's a Nidoqueen, she's one powerful attacker. Plus it should make her a more appealing character - as a Nidoran, she's been pretty childish, and as a Nidorina she first experienced love and other teenage/young adult things for the first time, so as a Nidoqueen we can (hopefull) see her become a more mature and sensible character. That's the idea, anyway.

And that's all for now! Next update might take over a week due to work and an overnight trip away, but I'm hoping to get the rest of Mount Moon and as far as Cerulean Cape in that update.
Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to comment/criticise.
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S-skippy? No! No, no no.
Fuck. That went bad fast.
At least Tara could forgive Guy so he is not left with onyl one member. I hope things get better soon.

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Hungover Pokemon? That's a first. :V

>word goes round fast in Pallet
I mean, it better. It's basically a town of literally three houses.

sigh...Poor Skipper. It's not great to be the victim of a failed catch. You should have probably tried to heal up anyway. You wouldn't have lost anything and probably have Skipper survive.

I do think Tara and Guy's reconciliation might have been a bit rushed maybe. I think there was some opportunity to explore their relationship but of course, it's your run.

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SKIPPY NO!!!! Oh man, things are looking a bit spooky for Misty now, especially since Tara is actually weak to water now. I have faith!
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September 5th, 2015, 7:12 pm #18

Wow, nilly. This here is a fancy run. The story looks good and is really coming along nicely.

You got some good catches, and I like the way you started things off. Truly tragic that Skipper had to go. I had high hopes for him. This run must seem a lot scarier now. There's only so many ground types to go around.
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September 8th, 2015, 2:46 pm #19

[+] Lather, Rinse, Reply

@Darksaphira: Things got a bit catastrophic. And I really wanted to use a Swampert in this run :(

@Shiny Dustox: Really...? :psyduck:

I like to think of the large gentleman who admires technology as being something of a town cryer - whenever he gets an update on his socail media page, he shares it with everyone else. Isn't technology amazing?

Yup, it was a tough call. I don't know how maths in the game works, but I think healing up beforehand would have left Skipper standing, albeit on 1 HP or something. I decided to chance it and hoped Grorg would use Defense Curl or Tackle instead.

It was rushed - I was typing it out as fast as I could before jumping out to work. My apologies for compromising the writing - I did want to expand it a bit more. I'll probably end up going back and tweaking it anyway. Thank you!

@Thechimchan: Misty is a killer in FRO, but I do have a plan...!

@Chaikit: Why thank you!

We all did, Chaikit. We all did...

There are a few potential catches coming up, so I should be able to field a more substantial team later on. Plus there a number of Ground hybrids throughout Gens I-III, so there should be plenty of variety available.
[+] Chapter 4 - Smells like Team Rocket

...I'm sorry, Tara. I really am.
...Look, I know this is harsh, but we need to move.
*sniff* Why?
Not safe...Team Rocket goons...everywhere...
Team Rocket? *sniff* ...Wasn't there an article about them? In that grouchy guy's paper?
Yeah, about attacking civilians... So we can't stay here too long.
We've fought some already... Mostly weak...but...
But we can't take that chance. Tara, we're going to get through this mountain - alive - and after that... well, it's your call after that.
What...What do you mean?
...Well... If you want to go your own way afterwards, then I won't stop you.
I... Well... It's up to you, Tara...
...Let's get out of here first, then.

Colm, where to?
...There's...another tunnel...Bigger than the others...
Could be an exit. Shall we? did you guys find me?
You can thank Colm for that - his Siamese senses tracked you no problem!
Uh, right, yeah. But enough about that, how on earth did you evolve?!
Oh, I... I don't know, really. All I remember is...after Skippy...*sniff*
Ah! Sorry Colm... All I remember is feeling... pain and anger and...rage and... it just blurred together, really. And then I think I stepped on a really bright light...
You...stepped on a light?
Well, a rock, I think. But it was glowing and...the next thing I remember I'm bigger and...
...You look beautiful...
Aw, thanks Colm. That's sweet of you.
[...I never want to see a Barboach blush again]

Hey! You! Get the hell out of here!

Oh, great, another goon. Colm, would you-?
I'll take him, Guy.
You sure you're ready?
I just want to test out this new bod of mine...

Hm, not bad. I could get used to this...

How long does this tunnel go on for?
People ahead... Feels like... Digging...
...Probably...Be careful...

Dig faster, nerd! I didn't say you could have a break!
B-but sir, if I'm not careful I could break the fossi-
You talking back to me, you little shit?! *kick* And if you so much as scratch those fossils, the Boss'll have you out in that arena, fighting Tauros with a napkin! *kick*
Urgh! OW! I-I-Off!-I'm sorry, sir, I'll be careful sir, don't hurt me sir-!
Who the hell's that?
That's my line. And what're you up to?
Guy, look... Bones...
Those are fossils... Trying a little archaeology, are we?
And what if we are?

Bringing fossils back to life...? Do you have any idea of the mental scarring and trauma that could cause?!
HA! You sound like that bleeding heart Gym Leader! "Oh no Pokemon are alive again that's against the natural order, Mother nature will have a heart attack" FUCK Mother Nature! The Boss needs these Fossil Pokemon, and they're going to him one way or another! Now, Zubat-!
Colm, finish this quickly!
With pleasure.

Grr, little shit...Think you're hot shit, huh?
Save the smack talk. What was that about a Gym Leader?
...*into collar* All units, this is Red 1. Pull out now. Regroup at rendezvous point gamma.
This isn't over...

*cough* *hack* Damn... Colm, can you trace them...?
*cough*...Not a trace... Escape rope, I think...
...Damn... That could've been a lead...

Well, that's the last we'll see of-...Tara? What's up?
I...I think this is the same kind of rock I stepped on...before I evolved...

A Moon Stone... Figures, this is Mt Moon... I'll hold on to it for now, might be worth something in the next town...Hey! Where do you think you're going!
Aah! S-s-stay back! I-I-I'm warning you!

Weren't you listening to what I said? You've got no right to upset the balance of nature like that!
Nnng, shut up! Grimer, Koffing, Electrike-!

Nice going, guys.
Eh, no big deal.
So... Anything else?

P-p-please! Just take 'em and go! Leave me alone-!
In a minute. I want to ask you a few things... Don't worry, I won't hurt you...

How long have you been working with Team Rocket?
I-I never worked with them! I, I mean I did help them d-d-dig up the f-f-fossils but I was n-never a part of their attacks! Th-they forced me to-
How long?
Uh, um, about two months, I-I think.
And what do you know of their involvement with a Gym Leader?
L-leader? Um, lemme see... I don't know if he's actually involved, b-but Blaine of Cinnabar Island runs the lab th-that those goons were going to take the fossils to...

Cinnabar, the Island of Science. And what was in it for you?
G-getting to meet Blaine, o-of course! I'm a huge fan of his w-work on-
Ok, ok. I got it out. But back to the Leader - that last goon said something about a nature-loving Gym Leader... Ring any bells?
N-n-no...Th-they didn't tell me ab-about their other work... I w-was only there to locate and f-find the fossils...
Alright. Thanks for your help.

What...will you do...with them?
The fossils? The best thing would be to donate them to a museum, or re-bury them somewhere else.
Let sleeping Snorlax lie, right?

Ah, fresh air! Feels like forever since we went in-!
Hm...? Oh. Right. Tara, as I promised, if you want to go free now's your chance.
Colm, I offer you the same. There's grass, water and food all here - all you need to start afresh. If you'd rather go your own way, now's your chance.
...I'll stay, Guy.
Really? Tara, than-
On one condition. Skippy's death was...devastating to us all. And I admit, you did at least try to help him. But if you are careless like that again, if you put any of our lives in danger again, I will leave you on the spot. Are we clear?
...Crystal clear, Tara. Thank you. Colm?
...We started this...together... Let's end it...together...
Thank you, Colm. Thank you, both of you.
Before...we go... we should...take a moment...say goodbye...
...Yeah. Good idea, Colm.

According to the road signs, Cerulean is just ahead.
Can you manage, Colm? This looks pretty rough for someone with no legs...
I'm fine...thanks...
Bless you, Tara.
Hm? That wasn't me...
Then who-?
Halt! *achoo!* State your *sniff* name and business!

Oh, a Sandshrew! Well, I am Guy, and these are my companions, Tara and Colm.
Nice to meet you!
And your business? I do not suffer interlopers kindly, human.
Now look here, missy! I don't appreciate that tone in your voice!
You dare address the last of the Dunespeare clan out of turn? Such insolence!
"Insolence" yourself! It's common courtesy to give your own name-!
Steady on, Tara. Let me handle this, ok...?
Hmph! "Insolence", the nerve of her...
I apologise, ma'am. My companions and I are tired, and have endured many hardships. We would seek refuge at Cerulean.
...Follow me, then. I know a shortcut. *achoo!*

Here is Ceru...*cough**splutter*
Are...are you alright? You've been coughing and sneezing for a while now...
It is none of your concern. Good day, travellers.
Hold your Horseas! You need to get that seen to! We're heading to the Pokemon Center for treatment, you ought to come to!
I see no reason to acquiesce you. And I have no obligation to accept your charity. Now goo-*ptchoo*
Colm! What did you do that for?!
...She....talks too much...
Agreed. Alright, let's drop you off at the Center. Rest up for a bit, I'm going to scout around.

[Our next lead... Hopefully she'll have more info on Dad than Brock did... But a Water-Type Gym could turn nasty very quickly...]

[The victims of that Team Rocket attack... It's possible that the Mt Moon group also came from here, using Cerulean as a base of operations... If that's the case, that's another lead here I could follow up...]

Ah, Mr Claymore! Thank you for your patience. Your Pokemon are all healed and ready to go!
Thank you, Nurse Joy!
No problem! Although I'd keep an eye on your Sandshrew - it seems to have a weaker immune system than normal.
Really? Well I just caught her, I had no idea...
I see. Well if you treat her like you have your Barboach and Nidoqueen, I'm sure she'll be fine!
Thank you-
Barboach? Nidoqueen? Better keep them close to you, mate. Bill might try poach them off you!
Who's Bill...?

Some say he's a techno whizkid, others say he's a Team Rocket stooge - the rumours are endless. Bottom line is, if you see him, keep your distance. Got it? it...thanks...

Wow, Guy, you look like someone dragged you through a bog backwards!
Knock it off, Ellie. I just got down from Mt Moon, I'm pretty tired and just wanted to say hi before hitting the hay.
Alright, no need to get cranky! ...So what's up kiddo? You look pretty gloomy.
Well... a lot's happened. Skipper...didn't make it at Mt Moon...
Oh, Guy...I'm so sorry to hear that...
Yeah... And what's more, we ran into some goons along the way. They call themselves Team Rocket. Heard of them?
Team Rocket... I have. Aren't they Pokemon traffickers or something like that?
Maybe, I don't know. All I know is, one of them mentioned something about a nature-loving Gym Leader and-
Guy? Guy, is that you?
Mom! Hi! How're you doing?
Oh my goodness, Guy what happened to you?!
It's a long story, but listen, Mom - I think I've found a lead. I fought off some goons from a gang called Team Rocket, and one-
Guy. Stop and listen to me. Come home. Right now.
Wha-? But mom-!
NO. No "but"s. This recklessness has gone too far. You come back home as soon as you can, do you hear me!

*pthcoo* Aargh! What is the meaning of this treachery! You dare imprison me, Sasha of the Dunespeares, in one of those-! *coughcough*
Easy there, Sasha. I'm sorry for that. It's hard to tell what Colm is thinking sometimes. But I wanted to make sure you were healthy enough before I went on.
And why would you, a human, go out of your way for a stranger like me? Do you wish to win my sympathy in hopes I will join you in your quest?
Well, no, I just-
Because I do not serve humans out of sympathy, human. I am a Warrior, like all the Dunespeares before me. If you want my strength, my skill and my claws, speak now or forever hold your peace.
...My name is Guy Claymore. I am searching for my father. My quest grows bleaker by the day. I would have your service, Sasha of the Dunespeares.
...Very eloquently put. For a human, anyway. Very well. From this day on, my sword is *acHOO!* yours.
Bless you.
Shut up.

Time for a formal introduction. Colm, Tara, this is Sasha of the Dunespeare Clan
Colm! Be nice! Nice to properly meet you, Sasha.
Well met...*achoo!*...Tara. And you too...Silent One.
Okay, now for a team talk...

You can't blame your mother for being worried about you, Guy. I mean, this is a criminal organisation you're dealing with here. There could be repercussions-!
Tara's right...Also...It's not... a trustworthy lead...
I know that, guys. But I have to at least try.
But you don't even know where to look-!
Actually, I think I do. To the north there's a cape, where a man named Bill lives. He has a reputation as a bit of a shady character, so...
I have heard tales of this recluse. Though the rumours are myriad and countless, they share a common trait - he is not one to be trusted.
So, that's our first port of call.
And...if it is in vain...?
We tackle the Gym. But in either case, we will have to train.
Remember what I said to you, Guy. If you put any of us in danger-
I have no intention of doing so, Tara. I promise you. Now, let's begin...!

[...It's back...still at a distance...]
Colm, are you alright?
Leave the Silent One be, his sluggishness is but a burden to us all.
Hey! Don't talk about Colm like-COLM!

Colm! How do you feel?

...Pretty good.
My, my, Colm, what a handsome guy you are.
A pity his conversation skills have not improved similarly.

Sasha? Hey, Sasha, are you alright-!
How many *cough* times must I *splutter* tell you I'm...!

As I was saying, I am perfectly fine, thank you.
Way to go, girl!
My thanks, Tara, and to you too, Silent One.
Fantastic work, everyone! Let's take a quick rest and plan our next move, ok?
Very well.

Silent One...
It appears you have also noticed our little friend following us.
...It has been trailing us since Viridian Forest.
And what of Guy and Tara? Are they aware of its presence?
...They are not.
Then why, pray tell, have you not informed them thus? Will your silence be our death knell?
...First, do not question my loyalty, Dunespeare...Secondly, whatever it is, it does not appear hostile, otherwise it would have ambushed us inside Mt Moon...
So, you believe it is not a threat?
...No...But if we want to know what it is...We need to expose it in an open space....Where it can't hide as easily...
Remember this, Silent One. If it is an enemy, I will have your hide for a winter coat. *achoo!*

Alright, let's head for the cape-

How's it going, you piece of shit?
Who is this ruffian? And how dare he address Guy in that tone?
Easy there, girl.
Uh, hey, Eddie...How's the eye-
How's the eye? "How's the eye", he asks! Why don't I take a cheap shot at your head, and see how you fucking like it, eh!
Look, Eddie, I'm sorry but you were asking for it-
Don't give me that shit. Tell you what, just stand there and I'll get my Pokemon to teach you a lesson!

You can't be serious-
Golbat, sic 'em! Bite!
Leave this one to me! Hah!
Sasha, don't push yourself!
Golbat, Confuse Ray and Bite!
Fiend! Where did you *cough* - did you -*acHOO!*- THERE!

Do not underestimate the last of the Dune-*coughcoughcough*
Sasha, that's enough for now!
Grr, Smoochum, Powder Snow!
Take it, Colm! Muddy Water!
Hmmm! *splash*

What th- How the hell did you get a Whiscash?! That's got to be doped on something!
Eddie, I'm warning you. Shut up and get out of my way.

Jeez, what the hell's the matter with you?! All I did was say, "Hi!" and now you're all up in my business! Relax!
...Does he honestly hear himself?
Leave him be, Guy...
In a minute. Why are you following me, Eddie?
Me?! Why are you following me?! Are you also trying to get a sponsorship, because there's no way that's happening!
W-wait, a sponsorship? For what?
For becoming the Champion, scrublord! All the Elite Four have one - you know that cruise company, Tidal King?
Their boss, Giorgio Arvanni, he's the biggest sponsor behind the E4. And they say he's on good terms with Bill!

So you were going to see Bill to get a sponsorship off of Arvanni...
Damn right! And when I do, it'll be smooth sailing for Champion Eddie!
Oh, well, good luck with that... Now if you'll excuse me...
Hold on!
Freakin' scrublord...

Guy! Guy! Are you alright?
Nnnng...uh, yeah, I'm fi-OW!
Be still, Guy. I am trying to stop the swelling.
With...what is that, a bundle of dockleaves?!
It is a traditional Dunespeare healing treatment - for which, incidentally, you are welcome.
What...what happened to Eddie?
He left...You should've ignored him...
Yeah...ah...Now people might think we're twins because of the black eyes...
That's not funny, Guy. We need to get you to a doctor.
Fine...We'll go to the Center for a bit... Colm and Sasha should be healed too...

Well... there's no other way to the cape, is there Sasha?
Alas, nay.
Well, I guess a little more training couldn't hurt.

*yawn* This is kind of dull.
I agree. *acHOO!* Nary a challenge among them.
Knock it off, you two. Excuse me, sir, I'm here to collect the prize-?
Oh, but of course! Here!

Ooh, shiny! this real gold?
Sure is! Straight from the Mt Silver mines!

...excuse me?
You heard me. I'm offering you an opportunity to join Team Rocket, one of the most succesful criminal organisations in the world! With your talent, you'd be-
I refuse.
I'm sorry...?
You heard me. I refuse to be part of an organisation that treats humans and Pokemon alike like garbage.
You tell 'em, Guy.
I ran into a few of your cronies in Mt Moon, trying to resurrect some fossils for a few quick bucks. I may not be the best Trainer, but I understand that Pokemon aren't pieces of merchandise to be bought and sold!

I'll guess I'll have to do this the hard way. Koffing, Sludge!

Is that all you have, villain? *cough* Or will you provide Sasha of the Dunespeares with a worthy challenge?
...Finish this, Seviper. Poison Tail!
Too fast-!

Aagh *cough**coughcough* This is nothing, merely a-*COUGHCOUGH*
Crap, the poison's only making her condition worse... Tara! I need you to fill in! Body Slam!

Good work, Tara.
It was nothing, now how's Sasha?
*pant* I am fine, than-*ACHOO!*-thank you. This is not enough to stop me *coughcough*
We need to get to a Center. NOW, Guy.

I need to question him...!
Our promise, Guy. Do not forget it now.
Keep an eye on him until I get back.
With pleasure.

To be continued...
[+] Author's Notes
Mt Moon is cleared, and we are well on our way to meeting Bill! (and getting some answers?)

Blushing's not that pretty a sight.

To try and make up for last week's rushed ending, I expanded a little on Tara's motives following Skipper's demise. I will of course go back and edit once I have time and am happy with everything else, but for now please bear with me.

First catch in a while is Sasha, the Sandshrew who, and I can not explain this, gets Poisoned every time someone so much as sneezes in her direction.
Seriously, if you aim a Poison Sting at her, she gets poisoned. Every time.
It made grinding pretty tedious, especially when I ran out of Antidotes...
Hence why I've written her immune system as being a bit on the weak side.
Not that she'd ever admit it.

Cerulean City. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. For now.

Colm the Whiscash is nothing short of a TANK. Plus with Amnesia he'll be soaking up a lot of Special attack coming his way. Basically, as long as he doesn't take a STAB Solarbeam or Frenzy Plant, he'll live. *knocks on wood furiously*

And the Prodigal Asshole returns! Right now, Eddie is the easiest and hardest character to write - he's that guy everyone knows, the "lad" who always talks smack, the "ultra" in "ultracrepidarian". But why is he like this? Stay tuned...

Also, yes I missed the screenshots of his other two Pokemon. One was an Abra, and the other...I completely forgot. But it was swiftly dealt with.

Giorgio Arvanni. I am not even sorry.

As always, comments/criticisms are appreciated. Above all else, thanks for reading!
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September 8th, 2015, 6:34 pm #20

is bill going to be a good or bad guy in this