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Conqueror of the Azalea Gym
Conqueror of the Azalea Gym
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December 8th, 2013, 6:48 am #1

[+] Plot
Long ago, before there was anything, there was Fate. Mother Fate looked upon the void in front of her, and made 10 children to fill it. Time and Space, to create space for everything to inhabit. Air and Earth, to create the land and to make it so things could dwell upon it. Water and Fire, to create warmth and cold from the Earth and Air. Life and Death, to create and destroy life to inhabit this new world. Day and Night, two different times of day to comfort the new beings in this world.

When the world was created, all of the life forms moved about in endless circles. They had no goals besides survival, nothing to look forward to. From there, Mother Fate made 6 more children. War and Wisdom to allow lesser beings to overcome the adversities facing them. Truth and Deception, to grant the beings below freedom in their actions and words. The 2 final children to be made were Sorrow and Joy. These 2 breathed life into all of the beings, gave them a reason to use the abilities they had gained from the entities.

When all of this was done, Mother Fate and her children sat back to watch what they had created, curious about the effect of their meddling. What they saw astounded them with its beauty. Hundreds of thousands of beings walking upon the place they had made, all with their own minds, their own goals, all looking for something different. The children soon began to fight over who among them should own this new creation. Time and Space both argued that they had created a space for everyone else to build in, therefore the results should belong to them. Air and Earth argued that they had made the base shape that everyone was building on, one of them should receive it. Fire and Water wanted it because of all they added to the blank sphere made by Earth and Air, turning the inhospitable wasteland into something that could support Life. Life and Death said they deserved to own it because they controlled the population on the planet, making it so it would last longer than if one of them went rampant. Day and Night felt they should own it because they were closest to the planet itself, giving the beings warmth and light. Sorrow and Joy believed that they owned the planet because they had given the beings purpose, these beings wanted to be happy. Truth and Deception thought it was theirs because they gave the beings freedom to do as they pleased. War and Wisdom felt it was theirs because they were the means to the goals all these beings wanted. The fighting for who would own the world raged on for centuries.

After this had gone on for long enough, Mother Fate stopped her children and had them look upon the planet and the beings they had made. What hey saw was a planet in a state of disrepair, they had been fighting for so long, they had forgotten to watch over what they yearned for. Mother Fate forced them all into an agreement, each of them would pick a human avatar to represent them in a race. The winner of the race would own the planet below, and could do with it as they wished. The rules set, each of the entities went down to this world to find an Avatar for themselves, all plotting of ways to get in the way of the other children, still willing to do anything so the planet could belong to them.
So it begins! After waiting for a little while, I received sixteen different entries of people interested in this. The rules are as follows.
[+] Rules
One- If it faints, release it or box it
Two- You can only catch the first encounter on each route
Three- Nickname all of your Pokemon
Four- You will become an avatar of one of 16 different entities in this run. What that means will be revealed soon.
Five- After every gym battle, 2 Avatars will be forced to battle, with the loser leaving the run. The battlers will be decided by RNG.
Six- After each gym, a new rule will be added until you complete the next gym, with the rule being decided by RNG. The rule from the previous gym is removed when a new rule is given to you.
Seven- The grinding limit will be the level of the Gym Leader's strongest.
Eight- A full team wipe is a game over.
Nine- Dupes clause is on if the pokemon is alive.
Ten- Catches only come into effect once you obtain pokeballs.
Eleven- Stopping points will be after each and every gym. Once you get the badge, it becomes a stopping point.
The battles from rule 5 will be held in Pokemon Online. They are being held in PO because Showdown doesn't have a gen 3 setting.
Next up is the level caps for the game.
[+] Gym Leader Levels
Roxanne - 19
Brawley - 22
Wattson - 30
Flannery - 42
Norman - 44
Winona - 52
Tate & Liza - 62
Juan - 71
Wallace - 86
Last but definitely not least, our entrants! Also the entity they have been paired with.
[+] Entrants
Avatar of Life - Baka
Avatar of Death - Hobohunter
Avatar of Air - REDalchemist
Avatar of Earth - GoldenAshes
Avatar of Water - LulzitsMatty
Avatar of Fire - Shuppeteer
Avatar of Time - Rhyphibian
Avatar of Space - Tyking1224
Avatar of War - Michielleus
Avatar of Wisdom - ThatHonchkrow
Avatar of Day - TheProjectCore
Avatar of Night - Halberd
Avatar of Truth - Azure Fluke
Avatar of Deception - Kyogre-Palkia
Avatar of Joy - Rhyder
Avatar of Sorrow - Lupterix
The first part will be due by January first, after that the next part will be due every one week afterwards, continuing until the run is finished.

May fate decide our champions!

[+] Updates
[+] LulzitsMatty, Avatar of Water
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 - Gym 1
[+] Kyogre-Palkia, Avatar of Deception
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
[+] Rhyder, Avatar of Joy
[+] Baka, Avatar of Life
[+] Shuppeteer, Avatar of Fire
[+] Michielleus, Avatar of War
Chapter 1
[+] Halberd, Avatar of Night
[+] Rhyphibian, Avatar of Time
Gym 1
[+] Tyking1224, Avatar of Space
[+] TheProjectCore, Avatar of Day
Audio Log Entry 1
Audio Log Entry 2 - Gym 1
[+] ThatHonchkrow, Avatar of Wisdom
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
[+] Azure Fluke, Avatar of Truth
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Conqueror of the Cianwood Gym
Conqueror of the Cianwood Gym
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December 12th, 2013, 3:53 am #2

[+] Prologue
"The ring is my roiling sea. ~
The towering waves shaped me.
Crash! Crash! Crasher Wake!
Crash! Crash! Crasher Wake!
I'm the tidal wave of power to wash you away!
Put out the fire, Crasher Wake!
Run from electricity, Crasher Wake!
Ah, ah, aaaah!
The ring is my sea. ~"

And there you have it folks! Crasher Wake has successfully defended his title!

The TV blares with sound, the light from it illuminating the room. A young boy, about sixteen, is watching the broadcast intently. His blue hair is covered by a white cap with a green base. The boy seems overjoyed at the results of the television show, a wrestling pay per view. A voice echoes from downstairs, catching the boy off guard.

"Mako! Time for bed!"

The boy sighed, as he turned off the television, and climbed into his bed. His eyes closed, and before long, he drifted off into a deep slumber.




"...Mako Deluge..."

The boy's eyes open as he hears his name, but his surroundings seem unfamiliar. An abyss of blue surrounds endless ocean. Suddenly, a giant wave of water begins to converge, taking a human-like form. A voice projects from it, speaking softly as to calm the boy.

"Mako Deluge...Do not be alarmed. I am known simply as Water. Together, with fifteen others, we have cultivated the world you live in. But my brothers and sisters began fighting over who should this world belong to. Before we realized, the world began to sink into ruin."

It was a lot to sink in, but Mako took in every word, listening intently to Water's words. Of course he was skeptical, but a gut feeling inside of him told him to listen.

"Mother forced us to mediate our differences until we struck a deal. We would each choose one human. That human would represent us in a race. The winner of the race would become owner of this world. Mako...will you become the Avatar of Water?"

The boy thought about this proposition. There were plenty of other questions on his mind. Where was he? Why was he transported here? He cleared his voice, as he began to speak.

"May I ask why you chose me? I am sure there are much better choices to make than someone like me."

"Well, you have yet to start your pokemon journey yet. I figured I'd benefit you by giving you a reason to see the world, and you'd return the favor by representing me." Water responded bluntly.

Mako reeled back. How did Water know that he yearned to leave on a journey. His dream, in fact, was to one day travel to Sinnoh to meet his hero, Crasher Wake. He looked at Water, and gave his answer. "Alright...I will represent you."

Water smiled, and responded. "Great, you start your journey tomorrow. Please be careful. You may have to fight the other avatars as well, and there will be bound to be roadblocks. Oh yes, one more thing. Along your journey, you're bound to encounter Team Aqua. These misguided fools do not represent me, or my views if I were to win. If you encounter them, please try to put a stop to their goal."

Mako nodded.

"Good. I wish you the best of luck. I will keep in contact with you in the future."

The azure sea, along with the human form, began to fade, as a bright light filled the boy's eyes. He was awake, in his room. He sat up, just registering what had transpired. He remembers the dream vividly, and as he gets dressed, his mom calls him downstairs. He meets his mother, who has some news.

"Oh, honey. Professor Birch wanted to speak with you. You should check out what he wanted."

Was this destined to happen? Was this fate? Mako shook these thoughts from his head, as he headed outside, taking his first step onto his adventure.
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Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
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December 12th, 2013, 4:33 pm #3

A/N: My character thinks that she is the Avatar of Truth; in reality, Deception has, well, deceived her. Azure is the real Avatar of Truth.
[+] Prologue
Our Father, who art in Heaven.
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done,
On Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our trespasses,
As we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation,
But deliver us from evil.
For thine is the kingdom,
The power and glory,
Forever and ever.

Pater noster, qui es in caelis:
sanctificetur Nomen Tuum;
adveniat Regnum Tuum;
fiat voluntas Tua,
sicut in caelo, et in terra.
Panem nostrum cotidianum da nobis hodie;
et dimitte nobis debita nostra,
sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris;
et ne nos inducas in tentationem;
sed libera nos a Malo.

O Mighty Arceus, I have emptied my thoughts so that I might pray to you. First, I give thanks to you for removing the irritating distractions and meaningless chatter from my surroundings and putting me into the back of the van alone. I ask now that you help me to understand your divine will. I know you have a grand destiny in store for me, but for some reason it is still obscured for me. I am sure it was not your intention to withhold this information from me, however. I pray that you show me a sign - something that will tell me what my role is, in our world, a world that is corrupted and broken.

I am pleased, my child, for your devotion. As a gift, in recognition of your dedication, I shall appear in front of you myself. I am... I am Aletheia, the manifestation of truth and sincerity, one of the sixteen who have created this world. I sense in you a great thirst to expose the truth on this world. I can help you with this. Become my Avatar, and together, we will allow Truth to reign.

...My lady. I am honoured to be in your presence, and will gladly offer what services I can do to your service. However, h

You have pleased me greatly. Bind yourself to your cause, my child. Tell me your name.

I am known as Hannah.

Hannah. Whilst it is a pretty name, should you become my Avatar, you shall need a more fitting name. The name of Pandora. It means "all gifts," as the gift of Truth can enlighten and guide the world to the correct path, and so all gifts are given. It is fitting, then, you should be called it.

As you wish. From this day forward, I shall be known as Pandora, Avatar of Truth.

Your willingness to do good is commendable. However, to truly bring the world to Truth, you must first deceive those who inhabit this world. You can trust no-one, not even your own family, with your task. If one of my fifteen siblings knew who and what you were, your life could be at jeopardy.

For all my life I have lived, giving my true opinion whenever asked. But now I am asked to lie and deceive others in order to succeed. How is this possible? How do I know that you are not Deception?

Yes. Along the way you shall be required to deceive, lie and trick others. But do not think that I would lead you on a path of pure deception, for I am not my sister. In many situations you will be required to be truthful and many will be swayed to our cause not by deception, but by the Truth. If nothing else, then Deception is required to have an Avatar that embodies her own nature; would Deception truly come to you? I know of your background, where you came from, how you suffered. Deception would try and use this knowledge to try and twist your mind, to force you to do her bidding - yet I have not done this. I have spoken to you the Truth.

I shall endeavour to speak only deceit when it is absolutely necessary. I cannot promise anything else, for I still do not know my orders. And why am I being approached now?

You were chosen as you exemplify the truth as best as a mortal can. As for why the time is now... Mother Fate has decided that the only way to determine which one of her children, out of myself and my fifteen siblings, will rule this land, is to hold a contest, with our Avatars as the contestants. You must win. Failure is not an option. In particular beware the Avatar of Deception. Deception and I are counterparts; she would love to convince you that I am Deception, and so you must not listen to any who claim to be who you are.

It is both a honour and a responsibility to be given the fate of the world. I shall not fail you, and I shall strike down any Avatar who lends their strength to the darkness that is deceit.

See that you don't. For now, you must leave; you have arrived at your new home, where the contest will begin. I shall speak to you later.


I shall await your orders, my Lady, for my great destiny has become clear to me.
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Conqueror of the Mahogany Gym
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December 12th, 2013, 6:15 pm #4

Whelp, I suppose it's time to get my prologue out there! My character is the Avatar of Joy, and Gold was kind enough to make me a custom character!

So far, all the prologues are good! I'm so happy I could burst~! :D
[+] Prologue

To be honest, I wasn't sure I'd find someone who suited me just right. Normally, I'm not one for negative thoughts, but times are hard. Even with my positive influence and cheer, nobody seems to be truly joyful anymore. Oh, it's all stupid Sorrow's fault! Why does that guy get to ruin everyone's good time? Not just him - it's everyone else, too! Fire, Water, Truth... bah! Nobody is fun anymore!

That's why I agreed to this nasty competition in the first place - if I win, I get to bring pure happiness to the world! How great would that be? Then maybe things will be okay, and everyone can get along! Oh, how lovely! So, when I found a girl named Joy, with such a happy personality, I couldn't resist!

However, there's just one problem. She's an idiot. -_-'

"Women are you ready to join us now?
Hands in the air! We will show you how!
Come and try! Caramell will be your guide!
(Be your guide!)"

Excuse me... Joy?

"So come and move your hips, sing Oaa-aa-a~!
Look at you to hips do it, lalala~!
You and me can sing this melody~!

"Dance to the beat! Wave your hands together!
Come feel the heat, forever and forever!
Listen and learn, it is time for prancing!
Now here are we, with Caramell dancing~!"

Could I have your atten-!


If you could stop dancing for a moment -!

"From Hoenn to Sinnoh we will bring our song!
Kalos, Unova, everywhere along, they have heard!
This means all around the world!

So come on move your hips -!"



*music stops*

In my anger, I may have blown up her CD player. Just a little. Oh come on! You'd do the same thing in my position!

"Noooo! My CD player!"

I think I did what those humans call facepalming. Or I would have, if I had hands.

Ooops! Uh, sorry about that... ^-^'

"Aw, it's okay! Accidents happen! Teehee~!"

Well then, as long as you're okay with that...

Look, I have something important to tell you, okay? Let me explain a few things, and then I'll make it so that your CD player never broke. Please?

"Oh, sure! What's up?"

"Well, I wanna make the world a happy place, you know? Everything is so dark and dreary - it needs to be more positive!

"More positive?"

Yes, child, and I want to make it so! I'm Lulana, the Essence of Joy!

"Oh, cool! I'm Joy, too!"

Yes, Joy, I know who you are. I've been watching you for a time, and you're one of the most exuberant people I've ever come across.



You seem really joyful Joy, and I'd like your help to make the world a better place. And it isn't like you'd have to do anything too hard. See, Mother Fate - ruler of all, pretty much - decided to hold a race to see who is fit to rule over Earth. If it's me, I can take away all the sorrow and suffering. Wouldn't that be wonderful?

"Oh really!? That would be great!"

Exactly! Now you're getting it! But in order to achieve that, we have to race against my siblings and win. Think you can do that?

"Sure! Does this mean I get to be a Pokemon Trainer?"

Yes it does! And something tells me you'll be a good one, too!

"Oh, this is neat! But... what about mom and dad?"

I think you'll find that they'll be willing to let you. After all, you're going to be a Pokemon Nurse! You need to know what trainers go through, in order to better understand your position. I'm sure your parents would be fine with it.

"Well, uh... okay! Yeah, I'll do it!"

Thank you, Joy. With your help, we'll save this world from itself.


Oh, and as promised...

*The CD player appears in it's usual spot, completely restored. No signs of the explosion remain*

Well then, I'm off.


"So come on, move your hips, sing oaa-aa-a!
Look at you two hips, do it lalala~!
You and me..."


This is going to be harder than I thought, isn't it?

Help me!

Conqueror of the Viridian Gym
Conqueror of the Viridian Gym
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December 13th, 2013, 3:41 am #5

Time to add to this with my lazily done Slice of Life Intro. Introducing the Avatar of life, whether we want her to be or not-- Shirley! ... 6xqih8.swf

Edited for Quality

Last Updated 12/8
Tiff MOODs drawn by my talented friend, Ashley

A Suitelocke with a lot of Heart. Coming soon, with trumpets!
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Conqueror of the Goldenrod Gym
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December 15th, 2013, 8:51 pm #6

[+] Prologue: Light Among Darkness
"Hm... Yes, he will do," I thought to myself as I looked over my list of possible representatives. He was a young, thin boy with, fittingly, flame-orange hair. Judging by the wide array of Pokemon-related books he had sitting on his desk, he should be a fairly good choice to have represent me. I sincerely hoped I wasn't making a mistake here, but nevertheless, I shook him a few times in hopes of waking him up from his sleep.

"Hey," I said as I tried to get him up. "Hey! Wake up!" I continued, to no avail. He simply wouldn't budge. I didn't want it to come to this, but I shot a small spark of fire at him. If that couldn't do the trick, I don't know what would.

"OW!" the boy shouted as the flame made contact with his arm. He grabbed it, wincing at the stinging sensation. After a moment, he looked around and noticed me, standing next to his bed.

"Who... Who the hell are you?!" he questioned.

"I am Vesuvius, the Avatar of Fire. It is my power that brings your Earth and its inhabitants warmth, and constructs the burning, destructive flames that are formed here," I responded.

He looked at me with a look of disbelief for a moment before speaking up.
"...You expect me to believe that? That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard! Even if you are telling the truth, what are you doing in my room?! Shouldn't you be... I dunno, setting something on fire?"

"I am not lying. Mother Fate has arranged a competition between myself and the other fifteen avatars to determine which is of us is best suited to be the true owner of your planet. If you still don't believe me, perhaps this will convince you," I said as I formed a small flame on the palm of my hand.

"Woah, woah! No need to get crazy with that! I believe you!" he exclaimed, looking frightened. I suppose that he assumed my intention was to hurt him with the flame. All I was trying to do was prove my case, though. Either way, if it works, it works. "So, um... What do you need me for?"

"You'll be the light among darkness, so to speak. In other words, I would like for you to be my human representative. You will traverse the Hoenn region, capturing Pokemon, taking on the gym challenge, and at certain checkpoints, battling the representatives of the other avatars. If you are to lose any of these battles, you will be eliminated from the competition, and in turn, I will be as well. Are you up to the task?"

"So basically I'd become a Pokemon trainer? Sold! I'll help you," he responded. He may have slightly missed the point, but even so, I have my representative and will soon be ready to win this competition. There is, however, one question I may have overlooked.

"Perfect. All that's left is to wait for the other avatars to find their representatives. Oh, um... One more thing. What is your name?"

"Lucas Prenton," he answered.

"Hm... Not very befitting of a Fire Avatar. Let's call you Nova for the time being."

"Well... okay," he responded, hesitantly.

"Good to see we're in agreement, then. Come, Nova. There's much to do."
what a memory

Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
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December 16th, 2013, 2:29 am #7

A/N: My character thinks that she is the Avatar of Truth; in reality, Deception has, well, deceived her. Azure is the real Avatar of Truth.
[+] Chapter 1

O Aletheia, I pray for your guidance in this new land. May you guide me and shelter me through my journey.



Hi Hannah! Sorry about the truck; it must have been tiring riding with our things.

I'm now Pa-perfectly fine. It was a little uncomfortable at first but I managed to meditate.

Right, well... that's good at least.


Mmm... Well, what do you think? This is our new home?

It is quiet and small. The locals seem to mind their own business.

Well, er, yes. Come on, let's see the house!

The mover's Pokemon do all of the hard work. Convenient, isn't it?

Wait, has someone looked into the ethics of this? Only certified Trainers are allowed to have certain types of Pokemon, or people with the express person of the Indigo Plateau or a Gym Leader who specialises in the Pokemon's type. How do we know that these Pokemon are not being overworked?

...I'm sure that Norman has allowed him, my dear. Why don't you check that everything's in order in your bedroom?

I trust that you will find the truth of the matter, but I shall do as you ask in the interim.

Upon first inspection, it seems that everything is in order. However, I have exactly one useful item that is not out in the open. This will be the test of whether they are trustworthy or not.

The Potion is still there. Impressive, although perhaps they were cautious and did not risk detection. I should take this, just in case.

Now that that task is done, I should explore the rest of the town. In particular, I should introduce myself to the neighbours. This will also give me the chance to see what kind of people they are.

Good day, madam. I am... Pandora, your new next-door neighbour.

Ah, so you're our new next-door neighbour! A warm welcome to you! If you want, introduce yourself to your son. He should be upstairs.

Why, thank you! I shall go and introduce myself.

No, child.

We will have to change that status as soon as possible. Remember, do not trust anyone.

I understand.

This person leaves his Pokemon lying around so easily? What kind of person is he, to neglect his Pokemon? Even if it is in his own home, it indicates neglect.

Indeed. Come, and I shall see about getting you a Pokemon.

Where should we go? After all, this is a small town, so I don't see much opportunity to attain a Pokemon.

Quickly, tell me child - what's happening?

I... I don't know! But there's barking!

Is someone being attacked? Tell me more! At once!

Calm yourself, Pandora. Come, we shall find the truth of these matters.

Hey, hey, down boy! Down boy!

...Just a person playing with his pet? I am disappointed.

Do not get too hasty, Pandora. This person is Birch, a person who has starter Pokemon. They are in his bag.

So he will supply me with a Pokemon?

...No. I can see Deception's influence on him. He will not give a Pokemon to you.

But... what should I do? I can't steal a Pokemon, it would be wrong.


Regardless, that is what you have to do. you need to quickly take a Pokeball, knock out the Zigzagoon and then I shall take care of the rest.

...If I did that, then I would be straying into the domain of Deception. I may not do that. I cannot do that. I WILL not do that!

Pandora. Listen to me. Deception has already corrupted his mind. It is no coincidence that he is situatied here; he was no doubt placed here to guard the exit.

It does not matter. How can you ask me to deceive this person? You are the embodiment of Truth!

Child, do you not see? The only thing you must do is take a Pokeball. If you do that, then, through you, I can fix Birch's mind. He will understand what you had to do, and he will forgive you. It is not deception; his perception of the truth is simply altered at the moment.

........If he does not condone my behaviour, then I will return the Pokemon his care.

Very well, if that is what you feel is right.

It is. I shall go in three... two... one...

Yes, I'll take it! No-

HEY! What're you going? Ziggy, help me stop her!

Ziggy! No! YOU! I'll... I'l-

I shall be taking control now.

*Pandora's eyes turn violet*

Birch. Listen to me.

You! Don't talk to me! I'll... I'll figh-

Birch. Look into my eyes.

I...uh, what?

Clear your mind. Remove all thoughts, all temptation, all previous influence. This girl in front of you is my paladin. You would cater to her needs. You would give her a Pokemon, and Pokeballs, and experience. Is this clear?

I... ugh... Yes.

Good. When you look away, you will not remember your encounter with me - Apate, Spirit of Deception. Look away in three seconds.

I... obey...

Child, I will relinquish control of your body now. You will likely have no recollection of what just happened.

Ugh... I have a headache... What happened? Why is everything spinning?

I have cleared his head from any outside influence. He will be dazed for a few seconds but will, as promised, forgive you. As for your own body... well, using my power, which is normally beyond any attainable by mortals, will have a distinctive affect on your body. It will drain you of your energy, make you disorientated and will give you headaches. Therefore, we shall only use it when it is necessary.

I... urgh, my head... Ah, you! You're that girl! Thank you for clearing my head; I don't know what came into me.

I am glad you are freed from the clutches of Deception. Should you request it, I shall now return the Pokemon to you.

Hmm? No, no, there's no need for that! It's the least I can do to return the favour. Keep him!

I... I would be honoured. Thank you for understanding; I trust that you will allow me to return the favour? After all, I did have to take your Pokemon without your permission.

I... well, if you feel like you must, you may do a small favour for me.

Just name the deed, sir, and I shall do it.

Wait! Pandora, do not trust everything he says. He may be freed from my counterpart's influence, but he could sti-

Well... after you get acquainted with your Pokemon, perhaps you could help me bring back my son? He should be doing fieldwork in Route 103, but I need to speak to him.

Certainly. I shall be back presently. Good day.


I await your command.

Pandora, you have a good heart. However, do not be so quick to pledge to do something for someone else. In our journey, we will meet countless who will attempt to control you and make you do their bidding. From now on, be more cautious.

I understand. However, this man's kindness was so great that I was assured that he would not harm me. In addition, this task will help me grasp his full measure and see if he has been corrupted.

Do not worry, child, for if need be, I will guide you. I fear however that my interaction with you will be cut down.

Thank you. I am forever in your debt.

Think nothing of it. Now, you should check your Pokemon. I have imparted to you my sight, which can see the truth of things. This sight will tell you all you need to know about your Pokemon. To use it, all you have to say is "Detect Truth!" It will be only a slight drain in your power, barely noticable.

I shall try it presently. Detect Truth!

He is... Mild Natured, has two moves - Tackle and Tail Whip - and has the ability Torrent.

Indeed. I know already that you have an extensive knowledge of moves and abilities, and so need no explaining on that. A Mild Nature, however, will be foreign for you. It means that he has a raised special attack stat but a lowered defence stat.

I... think I understand. Little one, do you have a name?

*The Squirtle cocks its head, looking confusedly at Pandora*

...No? Then, how about... Carlo?

*The Squirtle smiles and nods happily*

Very well. Then, from now on... You, Carlo, shall become my first Paladin of Truth. Come, for we have work to do.

Yes, and in time... you shall follow me blindly. But for now, enjoy yourself... for soon you will be turned to my cause. Soon.
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Conqueror of the Cianwood Gym
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December 20th, 2013, 1:30 am #8

[+] Chapter 1
The door to Professor Birch's laboratory swung open, filling the interior of the building with sunlight for a brief moment. Mako looked around, but did not see Birch around at all.

If you're looking for Professor Birch, he's currently doing some field work just north of the town. He should be back by now, but knowing Birch, he got held up by a new discovery. An aide told Mako, who didn't notice anybody in the room.

Okay, thank you! Mako replied to the aide, and left the lab. He began to head north towards the route, still having some questions in his mind. His thoughts were interrupted when he heard a scream coming from further ahead.


Mako ran up ahead, seeing a bag lying on the floor. A few yards away, a rabid Zigzagoon was terrorizing a man in a white lab coat. No matter how the man ran, the small raccoon doggedly pursued, not letting up. It was almost as if the Zigzagoon was out for blood. Noticing Mako, the man called for help.

Hey! You! Theres a pokeball in my bag! Please, use the pokemon inside to save me!

Mako nodded, and quickly searched the contents of the bag. Inside, there was indeed a pokeball with a water mark on it....another coincidence? Shaking his head, Mako quickly throws the pokeball, releasing a Squirtle. The Squirtle sees the mayhem being caused by the Zigzagoon, and instantly tackles it down. The Zigzagoon, having now lost track of the man, furiously attacks the Squirtle back, only to be repelled by the turtle's thick shell. The Zigzagoon is pelted with another tackle, and flees from the battle, defeated. Mako recalls the Squirtle, and approaches the man, who is trying to catch his breath.

Whew...Thanks for saving me...I owe you big time. The man extends his arm. Mako instantly realizes that the man is Professor Birch, and shakes his hand.

Oh, it was nothing. Are you alright, Professor Birch. What happened? Mako asks with a concerned look on his face.

Ah, Mako. I thought it was you! Yeah, I was fine. I may have accidentally uncovered a Zigzagoon nest, which is why the mother attacked me. Birch replied. Enough talk though. On to business. Mako, I want you to take this! Birch hands Mako a small, red, rectangular object. Its a pokedex. Any pokemon you catch or encounter will be recorded in it.

Mako stared at the professor in disbelief. Does this mean...?

Yes. Mako, I want you to become a pokemon trainer. While your at it, you can keep that Squirtle you used earlier. Now, if you are interested, you can take the gym leader challenge. Also, feel free to stop by my garden bu the lab. I have rare pokemon there. Birch sighs, as he finishes his sentence.

Thank you so much! You won't regret this decision! Mako, who is as giddy as a schoolgirl who got asked to prom, shakes Birch's hand again, and zooms off back to Littleroot to prepare for his journey.
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4th place overall.
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Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
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December 23rd, 2013, 1:16 pm #9

[+] Prologue
"What the hell? This can't be right!"

A young boy angrily threw his controller towards his small TV. He was about sixteen years old, yet tall and muscular. He had long, black hair which nearly covered his blue eyes. Shortly after erupting more anger, a small girl entered his room.

"Marc," she said, "mommy said you're not allowed to play games for the rest of the week."
Marc quickly lost his anger at the sight of his little sister. He has always found it very difficult to stay angry at her.
"Sure thing, Sarah. Sorry I caused so much noise."
"It's okay, I won't tell her. I'm going to sleep soon. Good night!"
"Good night."

Marc got involved in a small fight at his school a few days ago. He has a very short fuse. When people point this out he gets even more upset, which causes him to get in even more trouble. Afterwards, his mother would always punish him, but that has remained ineffective so far. His mother refuses to seek professional help for her son, claiming that "he's not crazy, he's just quick-tempered. Most boys his age are."

Marc turned off his video game, preparing to go to sleep as well. He got into his warm bed and closed his eyes.

About an hour later, the room filled itself with an ominous, black fog. Marc, still half-asleep, opened his eyes again. The fog didn't really bother him; he was probably dreaming. He began looking at his room. This must be a really vivid dream, as everything in his room was still in exactly the same spot as it was before going to sleep.


A deep, echoing voice instantly woke Marc up. He looked at his room. He could hardly see anything, as the room was still filled with a black fog. Eventually, he could see a mysterious human-like entity.

"Marc," it said again, "I know you're awake. I know you can hear me."

Marc assumed he was hallucinating, but why? Drugs? He never got near those. Food poisoning? Very unlikely. Vividly dreaming seemed like the most plausible option, so Marc decided it was best if he would just play along.

"What do you want from me? I'm trying to sleep, leave me alone."

"Marc... I have some important news for you. You might want to listen carefully."

Marc murmured, but eventually started sitting on his bed. He saw the entity had gotten closer.

"My name is War. Along with fifteen others, I am a child of Mother Fate. Mother Fate created the world as we know it... However, after she was done, all of her children began to fight. Each of us thought we deserved the world she created. Our fight lasted for centuries, until Mother Fate showed us what we had done to the planet. She has forced each of us into an agreement; we pick a human avatar to represent us in a race. The winner takes it all."
"A race? That must be the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard."
"Marc, I have chosen you to be the avatar of War."
"You chose me?! You can't just do that! I think I'll refuse!"
"It really isn't...optional."
War pointed to a small framed photograph on Marc's desk. It was an old photo of Marc and his little sister Sarah.
"I don't think you need further elaboration."
"What? You monster! If you do anything to my sister I will make you regret you ever came here!"
War grinned. "You're perfect. You should get some sleep, it all starts tomorrow."

War vanished into the dark fog, which started to get denser and denser. When the fog faded away, Marc saw he was in a completely different room. Everything was gone.

His journey had begun.

Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
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December 24th, 2013, 4:02 am #10

[+] Chapter 2

We have arrived at Oldale Town. Come, Carlo, we should gather supplies before we set out to find Professor Birch's son.

We shall purchase three Potions. These, in addition to the extra one from my PC and one from the attendant outside, should tide us over.

*ahem* Brendan? Are you the son of Professor Birch?

Ha- Sorry, you are?

I am Pandora. Your father was kind enough to give me a Pokemon, and as gratitude, I offered to come here to call you home. Your father needs to speak with you.

Sure. Hey, how about a battle? I mean, you're obviously new to the trainer stuff. I could help you with the basics.

If it will help me achieve my goal, then I am willing. Let us start, Carlo!

...The winds are not in my favour, it seems. This must be a test from Alethea! I will not fail.

Good job, Carlo. We had to use a Potion, but in the end, it was worth it.

Hey, you're a pretty good trainer. I don't think that you'll have any problems with the other trainers.

I had to use the assistance of a healing item. That does not bode well.

Nonsense. I had a type advantage over you. Look, your Pokemon already likes you, even though you've just got it. If you keep this up, then you could be great!

Well, thank you.

No problem. C'mon, we should get back. Dad is probably waiting for me. He'll probably want to talk to you, you know, give you some basic starting tools, so let's go.

Very well. I shall be along presently.

Oh, hi, Pandora! Thank you for bringing my son back.

It was no problem. I did only my duty.

Well, thank you nonetheless! I heard you beat Brendan here on your first try. That's excellent! Especially as he had a type advantage over you.

If I had not used the aid of a healing item, I would not have prevailed.

Even so, using items is also an important part of being a Trainer. As recognition of your fine skills, I will give you these items.

I... thank you. I shall use these gifts with the appropriate level of care needed.

That's good to hear! Now, the Pokedex not only records and scans Pokemon data, but also tells you the most important information about them; their level up moves and such. I hope that it will be useful for you. If you want, you can catch another Pokemon in the field through the stairs behind me.

Thank you. I will go and capture a new ally now. Thank you, I shall not forget the kindness you showed to me.

So this is where I can obtain a new ally.

Wait, child. We can only capture the first ally we see. You are my Avatar, but we are both in a race. Whilst trawling through the grass to maximise the potential of your team would be desirable, it is not feasible if we are to get ahead in this race.

Very well. If this is what you decree, then I shall follow your orders.

My first capture has appeared. Carlo, try and weaken it a little, but don't knock it ou-

Carlo! Try and be more careful; not only would you get hurt, but I would lose my catch for the area if you were to fall.

There is another downside to this. If any of your Pokemon are to faint in this endeavour... then they will die. Mother Fate has decreed it.

Then I swear, upon my honour, that I will try my best not to let that happen. Carlo, drink this Potion. If he is such a strong battler, then he shall be a fine ally.

You shall be called Henry from now on. Detect Truth!

I see. So, an Impish nature means that... his special attack is weakened, whilst his defense is strengthened? I suppose that having a sturdy Pokemon can only be a good thing.

Indeed. Come, child. We must hurry and start our journey for real now.

Very well. I have finished all preparations, but I must notify my parent first.

No need, Professor Birch notified me when you were in his back garden. Oh, what an adorable Pokemon! You got it from Professor Birch? Truly, you're a lucky girl!

Indeed. I trust that you know that I have to leave, then?

Yes... Be safe! And don't forget to visit sometime! I'll always be here, so don't be afraid to return if you need a break from the adventuring life!

Indeed. I shall endeavour to do so, although my timetable is looking to be full.

Indeed, child. I doubt that you will be able to return here before the race is done. Let us not tarry.

I will need to be going now, mother. May the gods watch over you.

This is my first step into this new world. The forces of Evil and Deception may rage on, but I shall smite them all.

Yes... indeed. But first, you must acquire some new allies. Here, and in Route 103, and Route 102.

As you wish.

Route 101 catch, you shall be named Frazer. Detect Good!

It seems that your prowess is not limited to the battlefield. Your Pickup ability should be most useful. I thank Alethea for the gift.

To succeed, you will need the best items you can have. I was simply making sure you could help me. Now, I believe you should buy some more Pokeballs.

Indeed. I shall buy ten, as I do not foresee the wilds being very difficult to capture.

This shall be the site of my next capture. After this, I shall go to Route 102 and then train my Pokemon.

This is rather underwhelming, although perhaps it has some redeeming qualities. You shall be named Oriol. Detect Truth!

This is... a Jolly-natured Bellsprout, which boosts speed at the expense of special attack. I am not sure how useful this will be, but this Pokemon will be a back-up to Henry, as they share many of the same traits.

Finally, Route 102.

Finally, my first female catch. Your name shall be Joanne. Together, we will forge a new future, but first, I need to know your skills. Detect Truth.

A Naive Run Away Poochyena. Your attributes may be unfortunate, but with enough training, you will be a force to be reckoned with. Come. We shall train.

Wait, Pandora. Before you commence training, I need to impart to you some knowledge, knowledge that will strengthen your Pokemon beyond normal training. Come, and I shall impart to you the secrets of true power.
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Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
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December 26th, 2013, 4:10 pm #11

[+] Prologue
The sun was still there.

A pale young man glared out at the static sky, which was lit in a strange, uneasy compromise between dusk and twilight, before sliding his dark cloth curtains shut in exasperation. Yet even with these in place, he felt the sun's hostile presence at his back, nagging him over his shoulder despite the fact that it had no business being there. Not for the first time, he cursed his new room in Hoenn for having windows that faced south.

He sighed and picked up his guitar from the disorganized pile by his bed, hoping to forget his current status in the throes of musical creation. That worked for a little while, but he couldn't forget the sheer unnaturalness of it all. Eventually, he gave up and flopped down upon his bed, silently praying for merciful night to finally arrive.

And in that moment, it suddenly seemed his prayers were answered. The cracks of orange light streaming through his curtains dimmed and became the pale white of a full moon. And it was by this light that a figure appeared to him- vaguely defined and jet-black except for its halo-like silhouette of moonlight.

Ah, there you are, child. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Noctis, manifestation of Night. And you are?

Um... Jason Blackmore, sir, said the young man, a bit confused as to why this being had manifested in his room.

A pleasure to meet you for the first time, said Noctis calmly. I had been contemplating you as my avatar for a while, but now that I finally see you personally, I am sure of it. With your aid, Fate's challenge shall belong to me.

Hold on a second. Avatar? Fate's challenge? What are you talking about?

Well, to put it simply, the entity known as Mother Fate has left this world open to be claimed by one of sixteen entities, including myself. If I do not prevail, or worse, if that insufferably bright manifestation of Day does, the world could be left without a nightfall, perpetually caught under the sun's rays. I ask you, do you want such a future to occur?

I guess that would kind of suck, wouldn't it? Jason chuckled uneasily.

Noctis laughed darkly.To put it mildly. The world needs night, Mr. Blackmore. It is a time of rest and rejuvenation for the busy lives of the diurnal, and for the nocturnal, well, it is their lives. Without my guiding presence, the world would be eternally caught under the sun's harsh glare, with no place for those like you who prefer the darkness. And it is for that reason, Mr. Blackmore, that I offer you the chance to avoid that horribly bright fate. Join me as my Avatar, and night shall be protected and given its due forevermore.

Jason nodded. If it'll make the sun move again, I'm all for it. What do I do?

You will need to claim a Pokemon from Professor Birch, as it will be your first tool in overcoming the challenge Fate has set before us to challenge, and eventually topple, the newly revamped Hoenn League. As we gain ground over Day, the sun should sink back down to its rightful place. But first, we need to give you a new name, as befits the Avatar of Night.

...Orpheus? Why would you call me that?

The name comes from an ancient Greek word for "the darkness of night." Besides, what with you being a musician and all, it fits. Now, I've claimed my avatar before Day, so night has finally fallen for now. If you would like it to stay that way, you had best get started on getting a Pokemon, eh?

And with that, Noctis left the room, leaving the newly christened Orpheus on his bed amidst the shafts of moonlight.

Fate's Challenge had begun.

A randomized Pearl storylocke. Banner by the incomparable Degree. Last update: Chapter 14, 10/31/14.
[+] Spoiler

What happens when a former criminal tries to go for the Kanto Championship, facing a rival prophesied to win, the threat of recapture, and a mysterious criminal organization out to get him?

Well, it's probably something like this.

Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
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December 27th, 2013, 3:48 pm #12

[+] Chapter 1

Marc looked around in his room and wondered where he was. War clearly stated that his journey would start today, yet nothing happened.

Marc decided it would be best to start by himself. He walked down the stairs, trying not to make any noise. He soon realised the house was abandoned, nobody lived in it. He walked outside.

"Gah, it's so bright!"

Marc looked around him. All he saw was his own house, another house and a bigger building. He walked towards the bigger building.

"This is probably a good place to start."
Mark entered the building.

Again, nobody was in it. Marc decided to go up the stairs.

He found what appeared to be a field, where he saw lots of rare Pokémon. This must be where the Professor observes certain species.
Since Marc had no Pokémon of his own, he left the building, and decided to go to the other house.

"Finally, a human. My name is Marc, and I just started living nextdoors.

"A daughter, you say? It must be one of the other avatars... I'll go upstairs."

"The name's Marc, I'm your new neighbour. I was wondering if you kne-"

The girl quickly left the room without even telling her name. Marc was quite upset that she just left while he was speaking.
Marc left the house, only to hear the scream of a little girl.

"This must be my first roadblock. Sure thing, little girl."

Marc saw an old clumsy man that was being chased by a small, brown Pokemon.

"That wasn't that hard. Thanks for the help, little guy."
"No problem, my owner constantly messes up. Thank you."

"You can't be serious, right? How could a professor, who regularly does field work, be scared of such a little Pokemon?"

"Really? I can? Sweet! What's your name?"
Umm, I'm mostly called Pyro because of the fire on my back.
"Pyro? Well, at least it's fitting."

"Whatever you say."

"You've got to be kidding me, right?"

The battle continued, but Pyro's accuracy kept dropping, which caused him to miss his tackles. Luckily, Pyro had learnt Smokescreen, which meant that it would work both ways.

"Nice, huh?"
"You're lucky I saved some Potions for this."

"The lab? Oh, that's right! There's grass over there!"
"The professor's research area? You won't find much there, just Pokemon full of ignorance and stupdity."
"...okay, how do you know?"
"I was born there. Basically spent my entire childhood in that area."
"Well, it'd be a shame not to get a catch there."

"Here we are again, time to catch something."

An Eevee? Awesome!
Look who's back! Didn't you go with the professor today, dork?
Shut up, Steven! I've had enough from you already.

Marc, you can't be serious! I can't stand him!
Oh come on, Pyro. It'll be fun, just like old times!
You just need to learn to get along. We got to get moving, I only got one Pokeball left.

A Poochyena? Great work, Pyro!

It's not like you were going to use this anyway, I don't see the problem.
The more the merrier.
...that's not true. I haven't been merrier since Steven got here.
I haven't been merrier since I noticed the odor you give off.
Shut up!
Either way, we got a new teammate. What's your name?
It's chase. My dad named me so after he noticed I constantly chase things.
It looks like this is it. Let's train a bit more before going on.

We're ready.

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Conqueror of the Azalea Gym
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December 28th, 2013, 8:15 am #13

An extension has been granted on the time to take the first gym. You now have until January 8th to make the update. The reason behind it is that many people are having issues with holidays and computer troubles, this should help a bit.
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Thank you Vince for the wonderful signature!

Conqueror of the Cianwood Gym
Conqueror of the Cianwood Gym
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December 28th, 2013, 8:15 am #14

[+] Chapter 2
Mako just finished his preparations to embark upon his journey. He had already told his mother about what Birch asked him to do, who agreed it would be a good idea. Just as he was about to leave, he decided to let his Squirtle out to name it.

AH! Finally, fresh air! The Squirtle squealed in excitement. Mako jumped back, surprised that the small pokemon talked. The Squirtle faced Mako. Sorry to catch you off guard like that. You must be Mako. Lady Mizu told me I'd be meeting with you soon.

Mako displayed a look of confusion upon his face. Lady...Mizu?

Ah, my apologies. Lady Mizu is a essence of Water. The one who chose you to be her avatar! Mako nodded, understanding now, although unsure why Mizu would leave that out...I actually served Lady Mizu, until she chose me to help you out. That pokeball you picked was placed by Lady Mizu herself to ensure our meeting. As for my name, I'm-

Crimson Crippler. Mako interrupted, as a look of confusion crossed the Squirtle.

E...Excuse me?

Well, your my pokemon now. And as a trainer, I can nickname my pokemon whatever I want. Ergo, I shall be naming you guys after wrestlers!

That's...That's absurd! I never agreed to this!

Well, you promised Mizu you'd help me. Looks like you're stuck with it, C.C.

...I think I hate you.

That's nice. Now, we'd better get going. We have a long way to go before we reach the first gym. Mako held out the pokeball, and recalled the Squirtle back into the safety of it's pokeball. Now...let's see. Birch mentioned he had a garden in the back of his lab. I guess we should start there.

Mako headed to the back of the pokemon lab, and into a grove of tall grass. Gripping Crimson Crippler's pokeball, he stepped forward. Suddenly, an azure blur zoomed past, knocking Mako down, and release the pokeball from his grasp. The Squirtle leaped out as soon as the pokeball hit the floor. Before them stood a small, blue agile crocodile-like pokemon. His mouth was open, poised to attack Mako, when the Squirtle jumped into action, tackle the creature to the ground. Mako quickly stood up, and grabbed an empty pokeball. With the accuracy of a pitcher, he threw the pokeball at the small crocodile, which landed on its mark. The pokeball engulfed the creature in a white light, and closed. The ball shook a few times, before remaining steady. Mako had caught his first wild pokemon!

Welcome to the team...Rhino.

Ok, that doesn't even make sense! He's not even in the same classification as a Rhino! Why would you consider naming it that!? The Squirtle was quick to voice his complaints.

Well, when this little guy grows up, he'll hit like one. What does it matter to you? Are you jealous that you aren't Rhino?

Bah! Just be happy I saved your ass! Mako chuckled, and recalled Squirtle. He headed north, and as he reached the town gate, Mako turned around, and waved goodbye to Littleroot.

The path towards Oldale Town was filled with tall grass. Trying to watch his step, Mako attempted to sneak past the pokemon, since his current pokemon were hurt. Alas, before he could reach the town, a small black dog found his. The canine growled, and was ready to pounce. Alright Rhino, lets see what you can do! The small Totodile stood ready to fight. He seemed much calmer than before, and instantly glared at the pooch. A simple scratch hit it hard, and in the moment, Mako threw another pokeball. The ball landed again, and Poochyena was caught. He instantly let out the Poochyena.

Fire Crash! Welcome aboard.

...Damn, that one actually sounds pretty cool. Mako was caught offguard again. When did Crimson Crippler get out?

Um...Thanks, I guess? I'm a little confused by that name...Its not foreshadowing, is it? The Poochyena asked, with a worried looked upon her face.

Not at all! I'm naming you all after wrestlers! Just like Rhino and Crimson Crippler here! Rhino nodded excitedly, obviously loving his name. Fire Crash looked around, worried, and Crim pulled her aside.

Look, I'll give you the cliff notes as we go. The kids a bit nuts, but you'll be fine. Fire Crash nodded, now feeling a bit more confident as they progressed.

Before long, Mako reached the gym in Rustboro. He took a look at all the catches he made...

And the training he had undergone to prepare for the gym.

Alright team. It's time to talk strategy. The gym is rock type. And we have that base covered. Although...Crimson Crippler...

I really wish you'd stop calling me that...

You'll be sitting out.

What!? Unacceptable! Why am I sitting out?

Well, I've got water types covered with Rhino and Spandex here.

Si, that is correct. The Lombre responds, while Rhino fiercely nods his head.

And with Macho Sheik, Money Pecs, SteelQuake, and SteelBasher here, I could use the variety. Besides, if I get attacked by another avatar after the gym, I'll need you to report back to Mizu.

...Fine! You better come back for us though!

Don't worry. We'll win. Mako sent the pokeball containing Wartortle into the PC, and made his way into the gym. He approached the back, where a young girl stood. Her brown hair was tied up behind her heard, and her blue school outfit matched the rocky interior of the gym.

Roxanne! I challenge you to a battle!

Very Well, but don't think I'll take it easy on you! Go, Geodude!

Without thinking, Mako swiftly sent out Rhino. The oversized Gator looked at the small stone, and scoffed.

Rhino! Hit it with Water Gun! Croconaw nodded, and expelled a stream of water, drenching the Geodude, and knocking it out cold on impact.

Whoa. I think you may have over done it, Rhino. Return! Mako recalled the alligator, who was proud of his performance. Spandex Force, you're up! As the next pokeball is thrown, a small, almost amphibious looking creature is standing where the ball landed. His lily pad on his head acting as a hat, it readily stands, waiting for its opponent.

I am ready! Vamanos!

Hm. Cute. Let's see how it handles this! Onix!

The white light illuminating from the pokeball showed an intimidatingly colossal serpentine figure. The monolithic monster towered over the green kappa by tenfold. Undaunted, Spandex fired off a volley of seeds. The small seeds landed, obviously causing pain for the jagged menace, who countered by hurling rocks towards the Lombre. The rocks landed, preventing Spandex from maneuvering. The behemoth closed in on Spandex, and grabbed the tiny thing with its tail. It began to constrict the life out of Lombre, as if it were a small toy. Using the last of his energy, Spandex began to absorb part of the Onix, finishing its health off while gaining a good bit of energy back.

Nicely done Spandex Force! I gotta admit, you had me worried there.

Si. It problemo. His voice was raspy through the panting of the vicious battle that had just ensued. Mako recalled Spandex to allow him to rest up.

Alright. SteelQuake, you're turn! The small mushroom took the field. A determined look on his face, he was out to prove himself to his team.

I hope you're ready for this one! Nosepass, go!

The small rock type appeared. It resembled a statue one would see in an art museum. The battle was off to a start, and did not last long at all. SteelQuake went for a Stun Spore/Leech Seed combo, incapacitating the Nosepass. The mushroom then leisurely used Mega Drain until the small rock type finally fell.

HA! Did you see that master? Didn't I do good? The shroomish was very proud, eager to show its master how strong it had become. Mako chuckled, as Roxanne spoke.

You have proven yourself a superior trainer. Here, take this badge and TM.She handed Mako the promised Badge, along with the TM for Rock Tomb. The next gym is in Dewford City. And you better not relax. Brawly is no pushover!

I won't. I thank you, Roxanne! Mako ran out of the gym to heal up his pokemon. Looking at his new badge, he wonders how the other avatars are faring in the 'race'.[/center]
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Main Topic (Battles)
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4th place overall.
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Matt Plays Pokemon Sweet Blind
Snake: Why, Matty? Do you like minecraft?
Matty: [shakes Minecraft Steve]

Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
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December 28th, 2013, 2:06 pm #15

[+] My entire adventure up to the first gym, come read it, come read it! Special abbreviated edition, because text is for wussies! Or something like that...
(Note: For some reason my screenshots started overwriting themselves at some point, a lot of important ones were lost, memorable captures, deaths, that sort of stuff. I'll just use a few from what I have. You'll have to imagine the rest.)

This person is proving hard to control. He is promising, but his mind wanders, and his body seems to act on its own. For instance, I gave him a perfectly logical path, using his mortal rules, to perhaps my favorite Pokémon:

He screws it up. He fails to catch a simple Surskit while not paying attention, while I had arranged, two areas further, for all Pokémon coming before this one to be Surskits. Mortals, they mess up the simplest task. And the Surskit he caught where he should have gotten a Slakoth? It died, messily. It got named Retry, its grave got an inscription in the soft sand: game over.

Another example: A perfectly serviceable Ralts named Sense. She dies while helping an Abra evolve, from a critical pound by a Whismur. Most Abras never fulfill their destiny, they never fully evolve, Raltses do. I'd be angrier about it, but luckily the Abra in question had a relaxed nature, I like Pokémon that take their time.

Tindalos the Poocheyena also died, at level 4, on an early route. It's ability improved his chances of running away, but he simple failed to see what was coming to him. A Team Aqua Grunt. He used a Poocheyena as well, but it was level 12, stronger than any of my protégés creatures. It was going to kill Hare the Squirtle, but Tindalos was caught in the path of destruction. Such youthful enthusiasm, such haste from those that do not have the time. He was avenged by Racestripe, a level 7 Zigzagoon. That's a feisty fellow. He'll make it far in life. He also supplied my human with the Ultra Ball he used to catch the Abra mentioned earlier, Bender.

The smart thing to do though would have been to switch in Jaws the Trapinch, with her Arena Trap skill. Jaws was caught in the professors attic. I don't know what those rows of plants are, but it can't possibly be legal. Maybe that's what Jaws is being so quiet about.

Overall I'd say we have a pretty promising team. Slowdown is our resident bug, a Beautifly, with a nice hasty nature. If you don't take your time, have it work for you. Her String Shot improves her advantage, and has helped her grow out of her Wurmple days. Apart from her and Bender, Hare the Squirtle also evolved. He's a big boy now, and he wets anything but his own bed. The newest member of the family is Sleepy. Sleepy is an Igglybuff, although she'd need a lot of Igglybuffing before she could hold her own in a fight.

To make a slow story fast, this is the team that went into the gym:

And this is the team that came out:

To summarize it:

All beginnings are hard. But with enough time, this guy could prove a talent, and we've certainly got enough of that. I think I'll stick with this "Circo" fellow, I think he can become the champion I need.

Note before reading: Telling a story in chronological order is the business of mortals, not of the eternal entity that is time. If you are a mortal, you probably got this note too late. That, my future minions, is your problem, not mine. If you could see what I see, everything would make sense. Except Sense herself, she didn't make it.

(Note: I do not have benched, non-dead Pokémon, so the picture shows all the warriors I have. Hare leveled by defeating the gym leader, he will be taken down a level should I be picked to battle. In that case all Pokémon will be recreated with the exact moves and stats they have in the game, and given hold items I actually own in there. No, they're not all level 19. Grinding is boring, after all. Also, if you haven't noticed yet, I try to use Pokémon, abilities and attacks that have something to do with time, except with six Pokémon available I can't really make it very obvious yet. Everybody needs a hobby...)
Scientifically speaking, my type is W2Go.

Conqueror of the Petalburg Gym
Conqueror of the Petalburg Gym
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December 28th, 2013, 9:18 pm #16

[+] Space: The Exordium
Darkness. . .

Once the girl's eyes opened, that was all she could see for what felt like miles and miles on end.

Complete and total darkness.

Where am I?

How did I get here?

Am. . . am I going to die?

Questions like these began to flood her mind as panic slowly took ahold of the girl's body. She lashed out at her intangible captor, hoping that it, nay, anything she did would help drive the darkness away from her.

But alas, it did not. The darkness remained, keeping the girl inside of it like a prison, one that would hold her 'till she was freed by her own death.

She did not want to die, not in this never ending pit of shadows. She wanted to be free. She wanted to live.

Seconds, hours, time mattered not to the girl for, in her mind, she was trapped. Yet once she realized she had the desire to live, a speck of white appeared, creating a small rip in this eternal darkness.

Curious, she tried to move, to be able to head towards that speck of light on the supposed horizon. She gave the bitter sigh of defeat once it became apparent to her that she could not reach that star. She looked at the light longingly, desperately wanting to be near it, to embrace it and be saved from the clutches of the shadowy prison.

If that is what you wish for child, I will grant it for you.

Alarmed, the girl scanned the area around her. The voice that had entered her mind and spoke to her, it was not her own. As the girl continued to inspect her surroundings, her face contorted to match a look of surprise. While she did not find the one who spoke to her, she found something else, something that she wanted.


More and more specks of light popped up, tearing into the darkness and slowly ripping it open, as if to shed the girl of her surroundings and to bring her back to what she wanted: Freedom.

My dear child, the voice began, while these lights most certainly are able to pierce the darkness that surrounds you, you most certainly are not trapped.

This confused the girl. She was sure she was trapped, somewhere, somehow. Could this voice be lying to her in an attempt to lure her into a false sense of security, before its owner brutally ripped the girl's life out of her body?

The chuckled before it began again: What I say is the truth child. I do not plan to kill you, but I can see why you'd be wary of my prescence seeing as all I've shown you of my domain can be easily recreated by a multitude of objects. Let me show you a bit more to show you that you are, in fact, not trapped.

As the voice faded away, the darkness began to be occupied by more than just the girl. She only had just the small bits of light to go by, but she soon began to figure out just what the objects were: spheres, some in clusters that held many smaller spheres circling one larger one, some hanging around in the distance, all by their lonesome. Then a bright light appeared behind the girl, casting a soothing warmth onto her back. As she turned to see just what it was that was behind her, she felt her eyes begin to sting due to the sheer brightness that the light had. Once she felt her eyes were no longer in pain, she opened them to gaze upon the objects before her.

Rocks sped through the darkness, leaving bright trails to tag behind them as they kept on their path. The spheres from earlier took a completely different appearance now that the light behind her had uncovered them. Now she was staring at one sphere that was predominantly blue, with green and brown mixing together to create different shapes amongst the blue. Another sphere, one that was much farther away, carried an assortment of colors, each one mixing together as if they were some kind of liquid, maybe even a gas. The only thing that stayed the same was a menacing looking spot of red.

That's when it dawned on her. These weren't just spheres, rocks, specks of light. No, all of this was just a part of something much more grand. She wasn't trapped in a darkness, waiting for her death. She was in-


The girl looked around once again, making sure to avoid what she assumed was the sun behind her, trying to identify the speaker.

Don't bother child, for you shall not see me, and you might not ever see me again once this conversation ends.

Now, I am the embodiment of space, and this is my domain. I sincerely apologize for frightening you earlier, that was most certainly not my intention. My intention was to educate you for a later point of this discussion. I needed to find a person that carried that awe and admiration for space while representing it as a whole. You, my dear child, are that person.

The girl cocked her side to the head before pointing to yourself.

A chuckle followed before the voice answered. Yes child. There is a reason I need you and thus summoned you. As I'm sure you've noticed, the state of affairs on your home planet of Earth have gotten worse in recent years, am I correct?

A brief nod followed, giving the voice the answer that she needed.

Now I know most people are quick to say that this is the fault of their fellow man, but, unfortunately, that is not quite true. You see, my bretheren and I control a different aspect of this universe that our glorious mother created. Whether it be life or death, the elements, human emotion and thought, or even time and space, we are the masters of those aspects of your home, and so much more.

However, my brethren have decided to fight amongst themselves over who should have control over our greatest creation: Earth. Due to this fight, your planet, along with many others, have suffered due to neglect. I ultimately didn't bother with the argument and chose to remain silent, instead focusing on my duties as the embodiement of space. This, however, was my greatest mistake, for I should've focused instead of helping to resolve this argument and cease the pointless fighting, but I digress.

However, this is where you come in. Mother Fate decided that, for us to decide just who will have complete control of the planet, each of us will pick an Avatar to partake in a journey to eliminate the other Avatars and thus win control for the element they represent, all while the Avatar receives a reward for their troubles. I do not care for the rewards, and would rather use my ownership to teach the others the wrongs they thought and want them to work together for each and every one of them have an important role in not just the planet, but our universe.

Now, as I'm sure you remember, you saw originally nothing but darkness. It was dull, yet frightening, was it not?

The girl nodded once again.

Yet when I introduced light, while it did elliviate the feeling of fright and instilled a feeling of hope, this space still felt empty, no?

Another nod.

And it wasn't until this space was filled up with the planets that this space felt full. Yet then the planets, despite having land and water, air and fire, were empty. To fill up that emptiness, they were filled with life. However, too much life would mean that the planets would become too full, so they were then granted death.

However, life was still empty, despite being able to live and die. Mother Fate created the last of her children to fill life with emotions, ideas, purpose.

It is when all of us work together that our duties mean something, and that is why I'm taking a part of this competition. As I said earlier, I want to teach my brethren that we only have purpose when we work together, and this is where you come in.

May you become my Avatar and assist me in my goal?

The girl looked down at her feet and toyed with the question she was asked. It seemed like a huge task, one that she was unsure she could do. Despite that, what the voice said made sense, and if the world was in disarray because of the fighting, it only made sense to help stop it, right?

The girl gave one more nod before awaiting the voice.

This is excellent news! Now, it is time to explain to you just what the competition for you and the other Avatars is.

You, along with the others, are to become Pokemon Trainers, with each of you being picked at random to battle every time you obtain one of those emblems that Trainers are rewarded. Badges, I think they are called? Anyway, you will have to battle at least once if you wish to win, so do your best to become as strong as possible. To assist you in your journey will be a starting Pokemon that you will recieve in the form of a package delivered to you by the professor closest to your living quarters, which I believe is Professor Birch. It is with that Pokemon that you shall begin your journey towards bettering your planet's fate while allowing me to fix my mistake and get my siblings to work together instead of against each other.

And now, with that being said, I believe that, in order to help build trust between us, we should begin to address each other by our names. I know of your disability, so I took the time to learn your name before we began, so I shall tell you that I am Andromeda, controller of the cosmos.

The girl nodded before she felt the area around her begin to shake.

Ahh, it seems that you are beginning to awaken. For now, we shall break apart, but I shall contact you once again on the day the competition begins.

The girl continued to watch as the space before her began to break apart, parts of space shattering like a window that pitifully failed to stop a stray baseball. Before the world fully broke apart and the girl awoke, she heard Andromeda's last words.

Good luck on your journey. May Fate smile upon you, my dearest Lyra.

[+] Spoiler
Round 1: 2-0 (+7) vs. New Orleans Gengars (coached by Gengar to Victory)
Round 2: 2-0 (+6) vs. Kansas JayHawluchas (coached by natnap12)
Round 3: 0-2 (-7) vs. Texas Toxicroak (coached by Rhetco)
Round 4: vs. Buffalo Scythers (coached by Kaltchrei)
Round 5: 0-2 (-7) vs. Chicago Blacksawks (coached by Zaazaa0)
Round 6: 0-2 (-2) vs. Montreal Arcanadiens (coached by Clockenstein)
Round 7: 2-0 (+7) vs. Minnesota Twineedles (coached by Toyatasomi no Miko)
Round 8: 2-0 (+10) vs. Green Bay Pikachus (coached by RainaOkami)
Round 9: 2-0 (+6) vs. Hartford Wailmers (coached by StrykerX)
Round 10: vs. New Yorrek Rangers (coached by LulzitsMatty)
Round 11: vs. New Mauville Patriots (coached by GoodMorningCrono)
Round 12:

Current Standing: 5-2 w/ +22 differential.
[+] Spoiler
The 2nd Annual Nuzlocke Games
Placing: 2nd


The 4th Annual Nuzlocke Games
Placing: 1st
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Conqueror of the Mossdeep Gym
Conqueror of the Mossdeep Gym
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December 29th, 2013, 12:15 am #17

[+] Avatar of Day's Audio Log Entry #1

You ever just sit down and think: "What the fuck have I done with my life?"


Just me then. Good.

Names Sidonius White. S-I-D-O-N-I-U-S. Sidonius. Since everyone and their grandmother has a hard time spelling it or pronouncing it. Hopefully this well help with my Tomb making. Anyways back to the first question. Seventeen year old Sidonius White. What has he done in life besides disappoint everyone in his family and become the laughing stock of Opelucid City.

Besides that really I haven't done much.

And now I'm being trucked off to die. With nothing to say I accomplished. Now your probably wondering why I sound like I'm dying tomorrow. That's all due to the fact that gods of the universe or whatever decided that in order to decide who gets control of the Earth, they should put kids- who they dub Avatars- in a region and fight to the death.

Sadly I was picked. Sidonius White. The Avatar of Day.

Woopdy Fucking doo.

Other people got asked if they wanted to be an Avatar. Me? Well I sort of woke up and Day was resting at my window.

Guess who's going to be my Avatar? she said with an eerie smile. Who would have thought the Avatar of Day would be so damn frightening. Lost a good pair of underwear when she spooked me.

Anyways yeah. Didn't get a choice. She chose me and that was it. When I told my parents, they didn't have anything to say about it. When I told my sister she said she'll pick the 'best' song to play at my funeral.

Two days later they a couple who were moving to Hoenn picked me up. Went with them on a plane. Rode in the back of the moving truck. And now I'm here. The backwater country of Hoenn. When the truck stopped and the door opened I was a bit afraid to get off. I mean I could die! Day told me there was nothing to worry about and she had complete faith in me.

Then again throughout the course you'll soon learn that either A. Day's a dick or B. She has really bad judgment.

Either way I knew I had to go out. It was that or go back home and wait for something to either kill me. Or worse. Day never told me what happens if I am to just...not do anything. Guessing it's something really bad.

But that's enough of my personal diary! Let's talk about the nice couple that brought me to my inevitable doom. Mr and Mrs Foster! Don't get me wrong they're decent people. And I can tell they got their parenting skills from the most expensive tutorial book in the universe. I can't hate them, mostly because they don't hate me.

"It's a nice house ma'am." I said to her. I mean, what did you want me to say? That her house was utter shit and I hope it burns down in a nice fire? That would have been rude.

"Would you like to come in for a drink?"she asked. No I didn't want a drink. What the hell would you have to drink in a house that's unfurnished?

"No thank you it's- Actually. I would love to come in for a drink. Thank you ma'am!" Oh did I mention. As an Avatar, Day is able to temporally take over my body. Ya know just in case I decide to kill myself. Which I've tried. Twice.

I don't even want to know how the mover pokemon managed to move in new stuff. When I was in the back with everything and I didn't see a god damn pokemon during the trip. But you know what who cares I have to go die.

I was ready to go out when Mrs. Foster asked me if she could see if the clock upstairs was working. Didnt' seem like it would take too long so I agreed. Besides if I didn't Day would have made me.

Little did I know that the Fosters believe in the old age. A wall clock. Who even uses a wall clock anymore?! It took me two hours to finally set the thing, not even Day knew how it should work. Like god damn.

"Yeah...Neatly." I said to her. She smiled at me again and wished me good luck. Birch was supposed to wait for me in Route 101.

I had no idea where that was. I asked Day if she knew and her only response was-

Not a clue.

Why did I get stuck with the deity with the lack of knowledge?

After roaming around we eventually found an opening. Surprised I didn't see it before, this little girl started screaming that somebody was in trouble. I asked her why she didn't go and get help.

"...Well neither do I." I said to her. She hit me on the leg, and said that I had to help because I was older.

"B-Fine. Whatever." I said to her, she scowled at me. Obviously I made the little girl upset. Day wasn't happy with that. Then again nobody could see the deity perched on my shoulder. Thank goodness too. Don't want to attract too much attention to myself.

We found Professor Birch.

"Fucking Fantastic."

I scurried over to the bag of pokeballs and looked at my options.

"These pokemon suck." I whispered to myself. I was hoping for something more... I don't know stronger. Hopefully Birch will give me something if I ask nicely.

Day told me I should pick the one with fire on it's back. Because fire is like Day or something.

"Alright Cyndaquil. Hit it with something!" I shouted.

Listen here young one. You just can't tell me to hit with something. You have to give me a command!

"Isn't just 'hit it' a command?"


"Fine fine fine whatever! Use... er Tackle!" The Cyndaquil charged at the Zigzagoon tackling against a tree, breaking it's back. Fun.

Was I scared? Totally. I thought my first battle was going to end terribly. Surprised we didn't get goosed right then and there. Birch sighed and thanked me for saving him.

"Anytime Birch." obviously it was sarcasm. The next time this guy gets jumped by a Zigzagoon he's on his own. Birch smiled and said that he's glad that I picked Cyndaquil. Since it's going to be a great starter pokemon.

Emphasis on starter.

I wanted to ask if maybe had some stronger pokemon but I doubted it. I looked to the Cyndaquil.

"So.. we're partners now." I said to him.

Apparently. My name's Amateratsu.

"At least you'll be fine against... ya know. Special Attacks and stuff."

It's not all about the stats. All that matters is one own individual spirit and strength.

"Yuh uh. Whatever you say Amateratsu." I said ignoring the pokemon. I didn't care for it's feelings and stuff. The thing was going to die soon. So best not to be totally bonded.

Birch said I can't get pokeballs until I past the first test. Meaning there's a trainer waiting for me past Oldale Town. Fight him or her and I get pokeballs. Guess this is just to make sure I don't get mauled to bits by a Poocheyana. Because if you can handle a trainer, you can handle wild pokemon.


Of course as if Fate itself was ready to smite me. The person I saw waiting for me on Route 103, was my lovely sister May.

Well well well! If it isn't little Sidon!

"I hate it when you call me that." I hate it when she calls me that.

Oh come now little queer. No need to be so angry! I'm your test, your rival! Testing you constantly for your journey. Easiest shortest job I'll ever take.

I was upset. The woman I hated my entire life, is stuck with me. She knew how to irk me, my weaknesses. Oh and let's not forget. She's the god damned champion of the Unova region!

Maybe I can take you out now!

You thought the zigzagoon scared me? Yeah fighting my Champion sister scared me shitless.

And of course she had the pokemon I was weak too. Lord forbid I actually get some luck today.

We need a plan trainer. Mudkip knows Mud-Slap at this level.

"Oh. That's fantastic." I sighed. This was it. She was going to murder Amateratsu and then bam. I die. How long did I have a pokemon for? Thirty minutes? Hurrah.

Sidonius calm down! Amateratsu has smokescreen and we have two potions. If we can stop Mudkip from hitting him. We'll be fine.

"Or I could roll over and let her kill us."

No no you won't. The bird thing is right. Just do that and we'll be fine!

Well look at that. My pokemon can see and hear Day. Everyone else will just think I'm crazy. Yay.

After a lot of smokescreens and potions we finally managed to defeat the Mudkip. May scoffed and tossed five pokeballs at me. One hit me in the face. Pokeballs hurt believe it or not.

Don't think that the next time we fight you'll get this lucky. she said walking away. I dropped to my knees and buried my face in my hands. Hopefully the day could not get any worse.

Got to make some catches during the night. Day shuts up during the night, which is always a blessing. Ow! Okay that was her hitting me on the neck. Sorry about that.

Anyways let's talk about the catches. Ylva's alright I guess. Mightyena's are pretty decent. Though I'm not sure if it'll help when I'm fighting another Avatar. She talks a lot and is extremely hyper. Her nature doesn't really screw her over but it doesn't help.

As for Ratmir. She's pretty arrogant and well...bossy. Thinking she's top percentage of all Rattatas. She's nibbling my foot telling me she is. Her nature definitely helps giving her a boost in attack and so does her ability. Still not sure if she'll be helpful in an actual trainer battle. But at the moment she's fine.

As for Blodeuweed. Doesn't matter. Because in case you couldn't tell-

I SUCK AT POKEMON! I'm not good at training or keeping pokemon alive! I gave Blodeuweed a proper funeral. Or as proper as it could be with a patch of dirt and two sticks. I asked Amateratsu and the others what they thought about Blodeuweeds death. And their responses followed.

We all live and die.

I'll miss her, but at least we're all right~

Fucking bird should have been stronger.

"What a nice bunch of pokemon I got here."

Like I said. This adventure was going to be...fantastic.

When I reached Petalburg...think it was around 9PM. I met with Mr.Foster just to give him my personal thanks.

"It was all thanks to you two bringing me here." I loved how much faith he had in me, then again I don't have much faith in myself.

Yeah hey listen kid...really I wish the best of luck for you. But I am a gym leader, we do have to fight eventually.

"Yeah. That's if I last that long." he looked to me as if he wanted to say something more but we were interrupted by a kid walking in. He had olive hair. Where the hell did he get olive hair?

he stammered. It was kind of cute the stammering. At least now that I notice it, kind of blushing right now. Better be quiet he's sleeping pretty close to me.

Anyways. ermm oh yeah. Mr.Foster asked me if I could go and catch a pokemon for him. He said that it wouldn't break the rules if someone asked for it. I would have made sure with Day but she was still inactive and all. So I agreed to it.

He told me his name was Wally. He kept calling me Sidon, even though I told him countless times my names Sidonius, but he didn't care. Looked as if he was just happy to talk to me.

"Yeah. Thats kind of the only place they hide in,besides caves and oceans."

Oh...I haven't been outside my house since we moved here.

"R-Really why?"

Cancer... parents don't want me going outside much. Messes with my brain and stuff. But I took enough medicine just so I could come and get a pokemon.

"Ah...I'm s-sorry." I felt like a dick. I really did. So I decided I would catch the best pokemon for him. It took another three hours before I was finally able to catch a Ralts. Those things are freaking impossible to find. Wally was so ecstatic and grateful. So grateful that now I'm sleeping on the floor in his room.

Get your mind out of the gutters. Nothing like that happened. His parents let me stay the night here, better then sleeping outside of course. Wally's Ralts played around with my pokemon for a while. Ylva loved it. Amateratsu played around with them as well. Ratmir immediately went to sleep.

As for me. We'll I'm still awake, one of the other many disadvantages for having Day with you, is that it's impossible to go to sleep at Night without waking up with a heart attack. So I had to wait till Day came back, which means at like 5 AM before I can go to sleep. It's 5:10 right now. So I guess... I guess now I can finally go to sleep.

Really surprised I didn't die today...guess we'll see about tomorrow.

Life's got to hectic for these but I did do a run of Ultra Sun On my Own recently
[+] Spoiler

Core's Re-Return To The Wood of Fire
Beat me once? Shame on you. Beat me twice- well f*** me!

Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
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December 30th, 2013, 4:15 pm #18

[+] Prologue
Prudence deNico awoke with a start. Her sweat drenched white sheet clung to her body, no longer the comforting weighted presence but now a damp prison. Prudence struggled out of her sheet, gasping for air. Images of a lost dream flashed through her mind, the elements lashing out across an empty void, columns of green light, shadowy clouds, weapons glinting with starlight, and lightning clashing above, somehow existing in empty space. But the image faded as Prudence climbed from the grasping bedsheets, the cold nighttime air enveloping her pale skin. She remembered where she was, their little cottage in Hoenn, their little new cottage in Hoenn, a stifling hot island in the day and a stifling cold island at night. She crossed her arms, cold in her underwear and t-shirt, and crossed to the hallway. Tomorrow (Today? What time was it…) she was supposed to get a Pokémon, something she had been looking forward to up until now, but now she just felt queasy. Maybe she needed some water. Prudence tiptoed down the stairs to the kitchen, the summer midnight outside still light enough to see.
Prudence put a hand on the refrigerator, flinching at the cold metal. She then pulled the door open, squinting at the sudden flood of light before searching the inside for something to eat. Pickles. Olives maybe. Prudence looked around, confused. Since when had she liked pickles? OR olives? They were disgusting, and definitely not something to eat as a midnight snack. She felt her left eye throb suddenly, and she clamped a hand over it, biting her lip in pain. She dared not scream, dared not wake her mother at this time of night. She didn't want a repeat of last week's incident, and didn't want to figure out an excuse for her bruises to the Professor tomorrow. But she wanted to scream out, scream out as she collapsed with her back to the fridge, the iron taste of blood flooding her mouth. She saw a swoosh of white dress in front of her, smooth white limbs, a shock of green and red, and then the pain was gone. And then, blood coating her mouth, dripping from the corner of her right eye, Prudence deNico, Prue to her friends, deNico to her girlfriend, and Baby to her mom, climbed onto the sofa and passed out.

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Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
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December 31st, 2013, 10:25 am #19

Here's my prologue.
[+] Truthful Acquaintance
Why couldn’t I just have a nice sleep and wake up the next day, like anybody else would?

Instead, I wake up to a sudden road bump. I sat right up when I came to my senses.
Boxes all around me. In a bigger box of .. steel? Iron? I don’t know. My first thought was that I was in a truck.

Sighing, ignoring where I suddenly am, I grab one of the pillows sticking out of the box and tried sleeping again.

Hello, Azure. A deep, booming male voice appeared from nowhere, it sounded like it was from inside my head. I sat up again. I saw the same thing. Boxes, truck door, and my legs.

I look around. Still nothing. The voice spoke again.

Do not waste your energy in finding me. You can not see me, and others can not hear me.

I said nothing. The voice continued, You have been moved – somewhat groggily, as
you were just woken up from sleep – into the back of a moving truck.

I merely nod, already completely awake, still wondering what was going on.

I assume you have heard of the disasters happening? he asks. I nod again.

I speak, “But what does that have to do with-“

Me? Everything. The causes of these are not because of other humans, as most accuses. It is us.

As much as I want to listen, talking to a truck container isn’t fun, “What?” I say.

There was silence, then- I am the embodiment of Truth. My sister, Deception, had a row with the others. Fire and Water, Day and Night, War and Wisdom, the list goes on. All created by our mother, Fate.

One day, we fought over who should rule over the planet we have created together. Our responsibilities were left uncontrolled, leading to many accidents. Disasters, by the humans’ views. I was too foolish to try end the fight.

Soon enough, our mother put a stop to this. She set up a challenge. Each embodiment had to choose a human to be their avatar, who must fight the others. The embodiment of the winning avatar will be rewarded.

I do not care about the rewards. I assume some of the better embodiments think the same.
However, we still must compete.
You, Azure, are
my avatar.

My eyes widen. Me? Fight for a god? “Why me? Why not someone who’s more experienced, I don’t have potential!”

Your modesty is what would separate you from other worthy ones. Your heart will be in the right place, no matter what.

This is a very big request for anyone, but I ask you now.

Will you be my representative? Will you fight to end what my siblings and I started?

I stay silent for a while, then- “You’re serious?”

I speak the truth.

I still don’t see how I can be useful. Yet, I can’t help but trust this.. embodiment thing.

“I will,” I say with a sigh.

Very good. I should mention that you are being moved to Littleroot with your mother, as it was planned.

I will go for now, but I wish you luck, Azure.

The truck comes across a rather tall bump, then there was silence again, but no reply.

With a sigh, I fall back onto the pillow, and fall asleep.

Why couldn’t have everything been normal, as it always was?

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[+] Update 1
\ By the time Prudence deNico awoke the next morning, the blood trickling down her cheek had been soaked up by the already wine-red plush of the sofa. Prue didn't even remember what had happened, how she had ended up on the sofa. And today was the day, so she rubbed off the red-stained grit she dismissed as sleep sand from her eyes and then raced upstairs to shower. Prue pulled the knots from her hair with the sudsy shampoo (guaranteed to make your hair shine like a Solrock in 3 weeks) and let out a sigh as the hot water poured over her skin. She winced at the pressure on the bruises across her hip, her abdomen, her lower back, the knot of throbbing pulled muscles at her right shoulder blade. Prudence frowned. She was thinking about wearing shorts, but didn't want the yellow-blue splotch showing on her thigh. She turned the knob on the shower, slid the door open, and stepped out, her wet feet sinking into a fluffy rug on her bathroom floor. She reached out and began to dry herself off and then wrapped it around her body, supporting it on her breasts.
Prudence deNico finished drying her hair and then tying the green ribbon around her ponytail, pinning it up and twirling it into a bun. She like the compliment of the lustrous emerald against her red-brown hair, and then selecting a set of teardrop shaped sapphire earrings, the ones her dad got her for her birthday. She liked them, like the deep blue of the ocean, flashes of a vacation one summer when she was a kid, maybe 5 or 6, out to Two Island, when the family was all united, Linda and Norman and Prudence, and before Norman was nominated for gym leader, before her parents divorced, before Prudence disappeared and cried for days, tempted to follow the magnet train over to Kanto, but now all that was left was the shimmering oceans contained on her earlobes, and the tears which had overtaken her eyes with the thoughts of her happy past and sad present.
And soon she was off, having dazed off in the bathroom, late for her appointment at the lab. She had on tights and a miniskirt, a green tank, her backpack with folded clothes, and the one potion from her mom. One potion wouldn't heal much, but it might come in handy and it was okay to have it just in case. Also a save of 300 P! Prudence arrived at Professor Birch's lab panting, after running the 200 meters or so to it. And he wasn't even there. Looking around, Prudence saw, well, not what she was looking for. No Birch. No Pokeballs in the dispenser. Actually, there weren't any people inside, save her. Looking again, Prue saw a note sitting on the Pokeball Dispenser.
"Gone out to study field work. Prue- meet me on Route 101.

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