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Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
Conqueror of the Vermillion Gym
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August 17th, 2015, 11:45 am #21

Damn it. I'm off my schedule again. That's it. No more updating on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, because I'm even worse at following a schedule than Nuzlocke himself.
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Darksaphira wrote:Oooh Evolution. Kickass!
Blue got his ass kicked again. Also not fooling me with Morton there^^
And now, kick some Rocket ass and go meet Bill? Seems like a good plan of action. If thing go perfect yoll pick up an Oddish on your way there, buuut I am not sure.
Also glad to hear Brock got away... for now. :ohdear:
Mariane is going to kick so much butt, it won't be even funny anymore.
Blue is a douche. Good thing no one has fallen to him yet.
Oddish...well, you'll see. There's only one Rocket on the way, though, and he's easy.
About Brock... Nah, let's just let your read the new part and find out on your own.
Huntress Wizard wrote:Nice, Mariane evolved! It's really cute how she calls Morton "Mr. Morton." :3

Oh good DICKS the rival makes another appearance. And gets his ass thoroughly whooped. DON'T SCARE ME LIKE THAT NOW I'M FEELING FEELS

Time to go meet some Rockets and make them live up to their name!
Is there someone trying to ship Morton and Mariane.

Yeah, and DICKS got dicked on. Sorry for feels, I promise I won't let you feel them again. haha I lied

Rockets will be launched into the air. Well, Rocket.
tuckercat wrote:You knew I would have to check this out when you mentioned it right?
I admit the story has me reading on even though I am usually not a fan of corrupt government things... Have you played way ahead of this point in the game or are you updating as you go? Just curious...
Thanks for tuning in, tucker, and welcome c:
Yeah, I've played waaaaay ahead. Basically, I've already done almost all major battles so far. So I pretty much already know what will happen through the story.
[+] Part 6: So high
Is he going to be alright?

It's...hard to say, really. Zubat bites were scattered all over his body. He lost a lot of blood. He'll need at least a few days to recover.

Oh no...

It's great that you and your Charmander found him. If you didn't, then he probably wouldn't have made it here in time.

Boss, look at it from the bright side. You saved him. He's still alive.

We couldn't have done any more for him than bring him to the Pokemon Center.

Miss Artemis, you and miss L have done everything for him you could do.

I...I guess you guys are right... I just feel guilty. This wouldn't have happened if he didn't agree to help me.

That's not true, boss.

To be completely honest, though, that does make sense.

Should I give a call to the League? He's one of their Gym Leaders, after all.

No! I You don't need to do that. First make sure he's better, then he can call them himself.

Hm... Maybe you're right. But right now, he needs rest, so leave him alone for the time being, please.

Okay. You heard Nurse Joy, guys. She'll be taking excellent care of Brock.

We have duties to attend to as well.

True, Mariane. Let's go to the bridge.

I'm the first one of the bridge trainers! If you can't beat me, then you don't stand a chance against the others!

I believe that this is a trainer I can take.

Alright, Mariane, go then!


This was pretty easy.

Alright, you're good, kid. But can you stand your ground against the four other trainers as well?

Why are you even calling me a kid? You're younger than me!

I'm number two! No way you can win against my Pokemon!


Got it.

Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.

That was it? Disappointing.

You're not even halfway through...and the next trainers are even more powerful!

You heard Ali! I'm even better than her!

I still doubt you'll be able to pose a challenge to me. Oh well.

Boss, I'll go this time.

You're not going alone.

D-did I lose? But...Ekans! Sandshrew!

You were the first to actually be able to hit one of my Pokemon on this bridge.



That was sarcasm.

I'm number four~ You won't be able to withstand the strength of my cute Pokemon~

Strength. Cute Pokemon. I can't even.

I literally can't even.

Aww~ At least I had fun~

You're weird. Let's continue, Artemis.

Hah! I'm the last one of the bridge's trainers! My Pokemon is specifically trained to sweep-


I am sorry to say, mr. camper, but we were not weakened at all.

Congratulations, kid!

There's another guy over there?

Watch out, boss. He seems kinda shady.

Don't be like that, Rattata! Anyway, you four have proven how powerful you are! So... How would you feel about joining Team Rocket?

With your talent, you could make money, get all the Pokemon you want...

Excuse me.


You have no idea what you just called upon you. I could try to stop him, but this is just going to be too hilarious.

A nice house, and if you do great, the position as an executive. What do you say?

Go to hell and beyond.

Oh dear. That's surprising.

You wouldn't be surprised if you knew who I was.

Kid, I don't care who you are. But if you're not going to join us, then I'm afraid I have to get rid of you.

Go ahead and try.

You don't insult Team Rocket and get away with it! Ekans, Zubat, go!



I know you want to do this.

Are you sure, boss? Even after...the previous time?

I believe you can contain yourself this time, Morton. I believe in you.

We all believe in you, mr. Morton.

And if you wouldn't be able to contain yourself, then that would be hilarious as well.

L, please.

Alright then! Time to show this guy who the real boss is!

A Rattata? I expected better from a trainer who easily swept through all of the bridge trainers!

You expect better?

Would this be good enough for you?

What the...?

You should have known better. Now I'll...


Yes. Yes, you're right, boss. I'm sorry.

Sorry, not sorry.

Argh! You'll regret this decision one day, kid!

I seriously doubt it.

Let's just go. This guy isn't worth it.


What was that?

An Oddish?

What's his deal?


Uh, boss? Is he in pain or something.

I don't think so.

It looks more like as if he is...


Yes. That.

Is that so...?

Boss. Why are you reaching for the Poke Ball?

You're not planning on taking this guy along. No way. This is even worse than when we caught Morton.

Excuse you?

As much as I would like to agree with you two, miss L, mr. Morton, our next opponent is a Gym Leader who uses Water-types.

Basically, yes. That's the main reason.

...I understand now, boss.

I still don't approve. But whatever.

Heyyyy... You bunch... Do you want some Oddishweed? I've got good stuff... Only 300 Pokedollars a bag...

This is getting weird as hell. Just catch the creature.

I guess... You bunch need my services...? Cheap stuff... Very good quality... Self-made...

I've seen a lot of weird things during my time in Kanto already, but you're definitely the weirdest.


What? It's not like anyone disagrees with me!




...Fine. I'll cut it out.

Chill... With a nice package of Oddishweed...

This place is infested with trainers as well...

You gotta have some friendly competition, right? Onix, go!

Good thing we have a Grass-type now. Tucker, your time to shine!

That's some rough outleveling.


What now?

Tucker, come ba-


I did not expect that Absorb to one-shot Onix.

I don't think anyone did.

Heyyyy... Want a bag of cheap, self-made Oddishweed...? Only 300 Pokedollars...

Oh, yeah, sure!

No. We aren't having any of this on this team. Come on, Tucker.

Hey! What about my bag of Oddishweed? I have the money right here! Come back!

Good going, all of you.

Thank you, miss Artemis.

Boss, top percentage, remember?

These guys were nothing to me.

Oddishweed... Someone...?

I think we've almost reached Bill's cottage.

Who's there?


I wish to be left alone. Go away.

Listen to me, Bill. My name's Artemis, and I'm-

Hold on- did you say Artemis?


Oh my god. Finally. You're here to help me, aren't you?

Excuse me?

I've seen your feat against Brock on TV... But you were different than the other challengers, somehow. You're trying to bring them down, aren't you?

No point in lying. Even if you're working with the League, they already know by this point anyway.

Uh...why exactly?

That League is corrupt as hell. When I tried to reveal one of their darkest secrets, they made me shut up. I can't come anywhere, as Kantonian society now hates me.

About that... I'll need your help, Bill.

What with? I'll be glad to help you with whatever I can help you with!

Okay... What was the dark secret you discovered? The one you tried to reveal?

Well... Hold onto your hat, you're not gonna believe this... The actually the true mastermind behind Team Rocket!




...Well, this trip was a complete waste, apparently.


Let's just say that that wasn't a secret to us.

You knew? How?

I'd rather not talk about that.

Please! Do tell me!

All you need to know is that the League will fall soon enough.


Oi! Listen to her for a minute, yeah! She said that we're not going to tell you any more!

...I understand. I shouldn't be this impatient. I'm sorry, I haven't been myself the past few days...

It is okay, mr. Bill. We all understand. I, for one, still am a great fan of yours.

You seem to be a pretty smart Pidgeotto too.

Do you really think so, mr. Bill? I have always admired the work you put into your box system. How did you get to program that?

Well, I-

Mariane, we need to get going.

But... I finally met Bill! An idol of mine

I'm sorry, Mariane. But you know that we have to get going as soon as possible.

Sigh... I guess you are right, miss Artemis. I am sorry, mr. Bill.

No problem at all! You can always come meet me later, right?

I guess that is correct.

Oh, and I shouldn't forget! Artemis?


A ticket for a cruise ship? I'm sorry, Bill, but I'm not going on a pleasure ride anytime soon.

I don't think you understand. This ship is used as a way to transport new Team Rocket members.


They are dressed like normal people, behave like normal people. That's why they've been getting away with it the whole time.

How did you get your hands on this?

You...don't want to know. I'm serious. You don't.

I'll take your word for that. Thanks for your time, Bill.

No problem at all! And uh, do me one favor.


If you reach the Elite Four... Say hi to them. From their best friend Bill.
[+] Author's Note
Oh god I love Tucker. I've been thinking for a long time which personality to give him, when it suddenly hit me. Also, Bill backstory. SS Anne finally is plot-related, so we have reason to go in there. Aside from the fact that I wouldn't have had Cut if I didn't.
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Swing the Totodile, level 11

Salsa the Pidgey, level 8

Punk the Rattata, level 7

Blues the Zubat, level 6

Rhapsody the Wooper, level 10

Sonata the Gastly, level 8
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[+] Spoiler

I don't like any of these Pokemon why

Huntress Wizard
Conqueror of the Cianwood Gym
Conqueror of the Cianwood Gym
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August 17th, 2015, 11:56 am #22


Oh boy Tucker. He's going to get Artemis and company in so much hot water. Oddishweed legalized in Kanto?


Moar plot, that's cool. And aw, Mariane is such a fangirl.

Cruise time!!!!

Conqueror of the Cianwood Gym
Conqueror of the Cianwood Gym
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August 17th, 2015, 2:10 pm #23

Ooooh. Brock will be alright, yes? Yes? :ohdear: :ohdear:
the thing with Bill was interesting. And the SS. Anne is too.
Oh Tucker is sooo high. But at last he is there, huh?
So, hopefully you can kick that gyms ass~