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(Hr 9)[MA 15+] COLLATERAL: A Pokemon Insurgence Rentlocke

Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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August 23rd, 2015, 9:28 pm #1

Warning: The following run may contain strong language, violence, and possibly other things not suitable for children. Viewer discretion is advised.
[+] A//The Longest Pregame Ever

*phone rings*
Is this Demitri Battles?
Um, yeah?
We would like to inform you of your Paypal account, and your bill, which stands at a total of $2,846.14. Are you currently able to start making payments?
"Shit, why did I answer my phone?" Umm...I'm currently unable to pay that at the moment.
Are you currently employed at the moment?
No, I'm trying though. This economy's not easy though.
I see. I regret to inform you that you have yet to make a payment for the past year. At this point, we must take drastic measures. *click*
Drastic measures?
*Before Demitri manages to collect his thoughts, knockout gas is thrown into the window and a group of hooded figures wearing gas masks barge in. Demitri tries to escape to no avail, and his unconscious body is carried into an armored truck.*

Umm, yeah?

OK, I can hear you, I'm not being paranoid.

What exactly is going on? Last thing I remember was Paypal bitching about my bill.

Wait, what's coming?


Of course I remember my name. It's Demitri.

Since 1991.

Dropped out of college, started working for the first time since 2012...
What do you look like, I mean?
Black, fat, average height...
Sorry, but you don't seem fat.

I have these three sketches here. Choose between them.

The guy on the right is close enough. "Oh, Arceus don't tell me..."
What about the Nuzlocke Challenge?
Oh yeah, I remember them.

Hello, sucker!

Arceusdamnit, not again.

Just a little longer, and the only thing you will do is serve our lord through manual labor for each penny you owe per hour--
Get your grimy paws off of the boyfriend of the Kanto saviour!

What the?

Who said that?


Oww, my head, wait?

Am I in jail again?
Again? Nevermind that, Demitri, we don't have much time.
Oh no, I'm in the Pokemon world again.

Yeah, but don't worry, this isn't done by Rayquaza this time. Let's get out of here and I'll explain everything.

The items actually look like the items. This is not an official game. Well, no choice but to explore for now.

Gen 4 confirmed. That or another gen 3 hack.

That's right, I forgot about this. Here.

What's this, now?

So, like Zoroark's Illusion?
In a sense, except stronger.

Well, this isn't an E10 game by a longshot.

Just scrape this up. Hey look, I'm CSI.

Let's see this ability in action.

A hoodie? I mean it's nice but...
Blame the budget.
Hey, I'm supposed to be Abed. Not you.

But, hey, it works.
That's because the DNA is a sort of coat that makes you look convincing.

Free items.

Well, I'm pretty new here, so I don't know where the ceremony is.
It's up the stairs at the back. The path is pretty straightforward.

[+] A Part 2
[COMPRESS ABRIDGE]: Probably not. To each his own. Hoodies are awesome! Well it's pokelogic. Oh crap. Too bad I'm taken. Cool. I'm his brother. Simplicity is key. Yeah. Noted. I feel ya, man. Oh it's starting.
Let me translate for you, Mew. 'What? Do you have my money? I'm not joining unless you have my money. Well, your sister has a big ass and some big titties. You need to step up, air tits. And she's great at giving head, which you need to take some pointers. Unless you get the Whitney Waldashian plan or my money, I ain't doing shit for you. Deuces!'...And he's gone. Heh heh, air tits. Uh, oh, I smell a yandere. HOLY SHIT! She incinerated them. She actually killed them. This shit just got real!

What was that?
Compress Abridge. I developed that ability since the events of Hoenn. Basically, I can shrink or expand time proportionatially. Those 20 minutes were compressed into 20 seconds.

Anyways, we have to get out of here now! But first...

Aaah, fresh air.

Oh, yeah, I have another note for you.

Demitri, we have figured out a way to help you out of this world and back into yours. You see, you are currently trapped in the Torren region in the game Pokemon Insurgence. Unlike the games you know of, there are darker elements within your journey and new pokemon you've yet to see. You have been sent here by Kyurem under the power of the cult Perfection as a means to pay off your debt by borderline-slave labor. However, there is a way to stop them. You must take on the Torren League, save the Augur, and disband the cults. I'll reveal more when we meet. Good luck.
Your benefactor

OK, well, I know this will be blind.
We believe in you, Demitri.

Holy crap, you're op!

This is where we must part ways, but I have a note and a gift for you.

And he's gone.

[COMPRESS ABRIDGE]: Obnoxious rival spotted. Uso wo tsuku! 8, awww, and probably. Steve's in this game? Pallet guy got updated. Oh, like Bianca. "So that might be what he meant." Say what? Wait, clothes? Oooh, hats, hats, hats, hats, hats! Nice! Duh, wat iz a pogeyma senda?[/sarcasm] I want some hats. Aww, these clothes are expensive. Fuck you! And Fuck YOU! Says when? [green acres]

Time to get the starter.

Potions. Poser is more like it. I actually like this idea. Keeps you on your toes. Stay in school. So I've heard.

So which should I choose?

Ok, Raltsisaur, Giramander, or Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtle. Raltsisaur is too OP. I mean Fairy and Psychic? It can take out the Giramander and annihilate Scragtle. Scragtle can take out Giramander, and Giramander to Raltsisaur, but Scragtle can only do neutral damage at best. If he was Steel-Dark, then it would've been more balanced.

So Delta Charmander, I choose you. I never used a Charmander before, so this will be interesting.

And a name for you--
We'll take that.

Hold up, where'd Husayn go?
And, here you go.

No, come back with my Giramander!

What am I supposed to do with this? Wait, it's hatching.

A Corphish. At least it's still normal.

Figured you'd go with Donatello. Libby, let's take him down!
more info on why the battle was easy later later...

Now that we got that out of the way, let's check your stats.

Wow. You are priming to be a Mega Crawdaunt. Potential tank. And some awesome moves to boot.
He tried to learn Harden, but I said no to that.
Let's get on with the--
Rent clock activated. You now have 1 hour before you must return your pokemon to Paypal Industries.

Hello there, everyone! I am PooPawMan the LP Man, and you may be wondering, when the hell am I updating FIRE INSURE-RANCE? Soon, ok? I got to grind for Misty.

Another thing you might be wondering is, is this a reactionlocke? I'll say, yes, yes it is.

Now, about this run. First off, this is Pokemon Insurgence, an RPG Maker game made by the same people who brought you Zeta and Omicron. Of course, this is yet another game in beta, so this run might take a while.

Now you might be wondering, 'why not do Zeta/Omicron? Those games are complete and this run might be on hiatus forever.' Maybe, but this is the only pokemon fangame with a built in Egglocke feature, a feat that would otherwise need lots of friends and an altered savefile. Thusly, may I introduce to you, my Pokemon Insurgence Rentlocke.

But isn't a rentlocke something involving Pokemon Stadium? First things first, damn kid, you ask a lot of questions, but nevertheless, this is an idea that involves time, trading of some kind, and maybe as many minigames as Mario Party. So here are the rules:
[+] The Rentlocke
A. First catches only
A-1. Dupes Clause is off, Shiny Clause is optional, Gift Clause is on.
B. Deaths = box fodder
C. Black out = game over
D. There is no nickname theme! (Every egg has already been pre-nicknamed.)

And now, for the fun part:
E. Once you get your starter, a timer will tick down from an hour of gameplay. After the first hour is up, the starter must be boxed, and whatever catches you made within said hour get bumped to top priority. The team rotates up for each play hour passed. (Notepad Clause Version C)
E-1. Grinding does not count in the play time, and you get up to 24 hours per gym period to grind teammates up to the gym leader's ace.
F. Every catch gets replaced by an egg chosen at random in the box per route/gift.
G. Beating a gym allows you to keep one of your previous catches that have been boxed
H. If you fail to make a catch within the hour, an emergency mon is tossed in but is only on the team until you make an official catch in the next route. Afterwards, the emergency mon must be released. You must also sacrifice half of your earnings to pay for this care package.
I. If any of your pokemon die within the hour they are used, execute PUNISHMENT MODE if the player fails the random minigame.
I-1. Upon a death of a teammate, the player must take on a challenge from a random game from the General Administration of Modern Entertainment Syndicate (GAMES), with over 70 games* listed.
I-2. Should the player lose in the minigame, PUNISHMENT MODE is activated until the next play hour, randomized between 15 sections:

#Potion: The use of the Pokemon Center to heal is banned.
#TM: Uses of TMs and HMs are banned in battle
#Oran Berry: All usages of berries (healing, farming, etc.) is banned
#Silk Scarf: Same Type Attack Boost moves are banned
#Poke Doll: Status moves are banned
#Repel: You can no longer buy items
#Poke Ball: No running away from wild battles. Repels cannot be used for this hour as well.
#Great Ball: You cannot backtrack to a Pokemon Center when a route is full of trainers or a gym
#Safari Ball: You can only have one type of balls, period. Every other ball you must sell. (Randomized by type of ball available)
#Town Map: Flying, Teleport, and Dig (/equivalent moves and items) are banned outside of battle.
#Poke Flute: You cannot use status-healing items
#Bicycle: Running and the bicycle are banned
#Old Rod: Fishing is banned
#Coin Case: You must keep a value between 500-5000 poke in your account for the whole hour (chosen by die)
#VS Seeker: Set mode
J. Oh yeah, this is also a reactionlocke, by the way. With this run, I'll do my best making as many wacky selfies as I can with my crappy webcam and maybe better lighting and effects in the future.
[+] Added rules as of 1.1.5
K. After beating a gym leader or an important cult leader after accessing the secret base, you are allowed one catch in the Friend Safari (the Friend Safari must be different each instance by accessing other Insurgence players' secret bases). This catch will become the one you get to keep, retconning Rule G.
L. Up to 6 mons can be shifted up queue at a time. If an hour of gameplay begets more than 6 catches, subsequent mons follow Notepad Clause until the next hour. Catches following them go the hour after.
Yeah, this might be a bit difficult, but fun for you. You can try this for yourself the next time you're doing an egglocke or a wonderlocke. Or you can just use the minigames and punishment mode with any group of minigames (just call it Wariolocke if you include that and either fixed accounts or mart-banning). Anyways, next time (when we actually do have internet--I just couldn't wait to start this), the journey really begins. Stay tuned...

*mostly minigames within a game

Indigo League Champion
Indigo League Champion
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August 24th, 2015, 12:54 am #2

This hack looks interesting, with the whole cultist thing.

That Delta Charmander is amazingly morbid-looking.

That ruleset seems pretty challenging - good luck!

Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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September 1st, 2015, 2:09 am #3

Okay, there has been some changes since the first part, which was why I rushed it out. The game has been updated to 1.1.x. What does this mean?

*There are now 6 gyms in the game
*More Delta Pokemon and more possible catches
*Moveset changes
*Options between Disney mode and Gritty Reboot mode (still playing Gritty Reboot mode)
*The Professor went Caitlyn
*Some changes around areas
*Lots of bug fixes
*And lots of other things I have no clue about

So now, I am on 1.1.6 (or whatever version the reddit has updated to now) and as such the changes overwhelmed me off the 19 minutes of part 1 I replayed. Libby's learnset has changed and now she knows Vice Grip. Also I added more eggs in case the finalized version uses more than the eggs I originally provided. We'll see about that.
[+] B//Hour I: The Goons!

Wait, when did you learn Vicegrip?
The program has been updated to the latest version. Certain mons have had their movesets changed to accommodate. You have 59 minutes and 30 seconds remaining.

Ok, ok, I'm on it. At least the treestumps should be cleared out around Shade Forest by now.

What's this now?

How could they leave a whole box in the middle of the forest? Well finders' keepers. Let's see what we have here...

A stick...

A flash drive...

Some cards...

And an instruction manual. Let's see, I guess you want to plug the drive in here.

Ok, there's a map and online play available, but what about the rest of these cards?

Is this a phone card? Wait, it says grinding on here, but no card can be this meta. Well, there's no way to swipe it in, but it says to use with the PC in any pokemon center.

This might be useful later.

Great, another meta card.

Damn, Glen Lerner, you're getting desperate. Well, add them to my bag for now. Let's go Libby, we don't have much time to lollygag. Let's get you leveled up.

paper planes

You can never have too many.
Missed Caterpie catch shot
Well, time to go through the egg swap again. Wait, nothing? I guess we can move on. But I feel bad for this course. Wait, did you just gain experience after I caught him?

Forget it, let's just heal off that poison.

Nope, your moveset is pretty much finalized right now.

Hi there, Joey!

Bye, Joey!

Quid pro quo.

We're making good progress so far, though. Kind of the joys of a sololocke, I guess.
Why am I keep making rookie mistakes? Probably why I don't get much followers. Anyways, she had a Roselia.

Holy ish, that was close! One more Absorb cou;d've ended you and this.

*A little bit later...*
Time to check out this cave.

Saving me 2 bucks each time.

And here's our first encounter. Libby, please do not kill him. I want to make sure we have coverage for whatever comes next

Damn it, stay in the ball!

Thank you. And you did gain experience. Welcome to Gen 6, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh yeah, I have a package for you.

Just sign here, please.

COMPRESS ABRIDGE: So you're related to Barry, What's so damn special about that rock? Uh oh. Dude. Don't. Just back away into the ladder and pretend we didn't hear anything. Again, back away. What part of 'leave it alone' do you not understand? Do you want to die? No! Let's not. Ow, shit my good arm. It's not our problem. Let's get the police. Wait, what am I saying? This is Pokemon we're talking about. Everybody in this game is stupid. There is no logic.
Hopefully, I can get that hat now.

Crap, I need 9 more bucks.

Maybe. I haven't heard anything about a cult in the last 10 minutes. No siree. Kingdra is better! Okay, this Augur guy might not be so bad. Damian, I can speak for myself. I'm not Nicolas Brown. Me, not so much. :facepalm: This is 140 Characters all over again. Ha ha you're getting an ass whoopin. Those two antisocial asshats. THE GOONS!!! Damian, don't be a hero. Do I have a choice? I agree with you. You need to lay off the Brycen-Man! Will do, bye-bye *snagged by Damian* What the hell, man? I don't swing that way.

That's actually a cool logo. You're taking notes, Team Aqua?

Well, we're down 2 to 1, but Libby, I believe in you.

Early game Superpower is awesome. If only you had Curse, though.

I just kicked your ass with one pokemon. Define nothing for me.

Ok, maybe the legends are true. And you, sir, have gained my respect. I'll catch up later. I have important things to take care of though.

We'll never know.

Shut up and give me that hat!

Swag mode activated.

I just got this swagtastic hat.

Well, Libby, our time is almost up. In a few minutes, you will be sent back to the Paypal Syndicate and will be replaced by whoever comes through these corpses collected. If you find a new trainer, hopefully (s)he will bring up your full potential. In the meantime...

Let's see about installing this grinding card.
Grinding mode expansion card activated. Current time left: 24 hours and 00 minutes.
And these other cards.
Error 392: Insufficient requirements available. Please wait another 23 hours and 59 minutes.
So much for new tunes.
[+] Also a good time to check my email.
@BubbleTea||It makes for a darker tale. But I would've loved to see how Giramander grew into the journey, but rentlocke is rentlocke, maybe there's a delta egg in the midst of eggs. And thanks for the wishes, this will be a hard journey to go through.

Ding-dong! Your time is up. Please deposit any pokemon you have used in the past hour as well as any egg tokens you were able to catch.
So long, Libby. Now to see what pokemon I'm working with next.

Ooh, a Shinx. Hopefully, she can survive the Telnor Cave.

Nevermind, she has coverage.

This Gothita's moveset on the other hand, could use some work.

And she's holding Choice Specs. With a modest nature. Good news. Strengthened STAB. Bad news, screwed if tormented. But Mean Look has to go. Shadow Tag makes the move as redundant as Rotom-fan.

And a nuzlocker's closest friend. Chance to not die. Neutral nature and Ice Fang for those pesky ground types.
GUESS WHAT? i'M BACK!! After almost 2 years of slowdown, I finally have full internet again. Now, of course, it's significantly more limited than when I was in college, but with this data from Karma Wifi, I am inspired to update at a faster pace. So we're looking at weekly updates or so depending on the week since It's almost September and I'm scheduled to workfor the new sports season at United Center. So in the next few weeks, I will be trying to set up an update schedule for my three runs and hopefully finish at least one by the end of the year. Anyways, I just realized this kind of acts like Plastic Memories or Doctor Who. So, potential wholocke reinterpretation. Oh, and I decided to toss in an old favorite for PUNISHMENT MODE to make it an even 16: #Master Ball: No using moves that lead to the message 'It's super effective'. Next time, we try to get the first badge in the next hour. Or at least to the next town. Pay no attention to the time errors with the money and hats
[+] team rotation queue

Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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September 6th, 2015, 5:52 pm #4

[+] C//Hour II:Team Building
Well, you guys have a bit of catching up to do. So let's try this Grinding Mode option out.

Grinding mode activated. During grinding mode, time is frozen to help you build your team up in case you need to meet a level a tough opponent has. However, if a death occurs during Grinding Mode, the service is turned off and cannot be accessed until the next applicable hour. Your total time remaining is 24 hours and 00 minutes.
[+] Grinding Mode (1)

I can tell. Since you and Astral are well caught up,..

let's make our way to Midna Town.

Puh-leaze. School was so 2009.

Great, looks like I lost my catch for this route. But I'll least try to catch him.

Oh, wait, Astral is out first, isn't she? What ability she had again?

Sweet. Muhahahaha! You ain't running away from me, bitch!

Your resistance is futile. Give into the power of PooPawMan. There is no escape.

Good boy. You will make a sufficient sacrifice.

How does that work exactly?

Whatever floats your boat, Miss.

Isn't this a little early for these? I mean thanks, but...

Well, it doesn't matter here. She's egg fodder anyways. Now most of my team could kill her in one shot, but maybe she can take NVE damage. Astral, use Uproar.
*she does so, but since the first one nearly kills her and uproar = rollout, the second one finishes the job.*

You know what? I just remembered Sturdy would've saved her if i used any other move. I'm such an idiot.

Mary Sue love interest? I think I'll pass.

Ooh, I've never explored a Hidden Grotto before, this seems interesting. Well, I guess that would be my only chance to get a catch here unless I get a rod.

Found it.

Let's go in, shall we?

Aren't you a little rare to be in a Hidden Grotto?

Why, yes, yes you are.

And you're mine.

Well, we should be near Midna Town now. And at a good moment's too. We're getting low on time here,

No Compress Abridge this time.
(29 and 30) So why did you stop?
(31-33)I think I can go one way for now.
(35 and 36) I think this guy knows.
(39-41) Sure it was.
(42)A quarter the size of Kanye's ego. There's a problem here.
(43-45)Mega Feraligatr confirmed.
(46-47)You'll get them tiger.
(48-49)I heard Nora will crush your spirits.
Ain't nothing wrong with that.

Now when are you going to release me from this death trap?

(52-53)Damn it, this route is plot-blocked.
(54-56)(A la Beyonce)He has a big ego~
This is how you cash in on the anime.
(58-64)I'll be coming to you in the future.

More for the rest of us.

Sorry, girl, Night Slash is better since it has more power.

Ok, we only have four minutes left. Sparkles, try a Night Slash.

Whew, that was close. Now, let's hurry to the center. We only have 2 minutes now.

I'm sorry, but in less than a minute, you will be collected for collateral by Paypal. But don't worry. I'll try to find a way to bring you back. You are my favorite line (next to the Totodile line), because you look so badass.

*ding dong* Let's go.

Meh. It can work though. At least you have some coverage.

Potentially Hitmonchan thanks to his nature. But you like to strike first.

We need to give you a coverage move for your necrotrinity, but a unique moveset is unique.
So I plan to update this run on Sundays, FIRE INSURE-RANCE on Saturdays, and Moesha on Mondays starting now. If work gets in the way, the next free day that isn't these days will be the update day unless my job gives me less than 3 days free/pentathon days. Next time, we finish exploring Midna Town and maybe get to the next city.

And can I say this title screen is badass? This game goes through different ones at different points. The first one was of Mew, and this Celebi one is much better. I'll try to take pics of each one as they come around.
[+] Next time on Collateral...

Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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September 20th, 2015, 5:11 pm #5

[+] D//Hour III: So It's Like Digimon...
[+] Grinding Montage II: 19 Hours 53 Minutes Remaining

We now return to our regularly scheduled program, already in progress.

[COMPRESSED ABRIDGE]Yeah, one whole new type. #EelektrossTooStrong. You just missed out. No it isn't, it's called coverage. Can I have it, please? *a la Mr. T* That sound like work. Just like this hat. Please get working on Gen 0. Badass suggested. Awaiting further research. #TeamSquirtle #TeamTotodile #TeamMudkip #TeamPiplup #TeamOshawott #TeamFroakie. They're not reborn, so I'm not scared. You're also late. Maybe if I can somehow get Husayn back. Thank you, VSauce for disproving pokelogic. Truth. Never underestimate Hidden Power, especially with Skill Swap. Hopefully, I get a Growlithe. Better not go for Flareon. Touche. #BillyMadison. Say it with me, everyone: Strategy. Damn it, Damian, I don't want t--oh you don't want to fight. Good start but need ro watch for unexpected moves.

Sure, why not. I can't do much anyways because of a little girl in my way.

Guess I'll have to find her myself.

*inside Midna Cave...*

Quick way out.

Wait, there's actual logic here?

Well, Erasmo, let's try this out.

Well, I'll be damned.

Not my problem.

*During cave exploring...*

What good will school do? I learn by the street. Sesame Street.

Backup stab.

...And that's enough spelunking for today.

If only you had a Volcanion.

One step closer to Lemonades.

That sounds like our love interest

I know. I could get rich doing this. And get more hats.

Hitmontop, Hitmontop, Hitmontop, Hitmontop.

I guess your moveset is relatively pointless now. If only your dad was a Blaziken...

Wait, Celebi? Tesseract, what the-? Holy crap, she resurrected the fossils without the machine thingy. Where's the other half? You should keep them, they are powerful. Uhh, na-thing? OK, just call back your Celebi.
Wait, he's on our side.
Mew, is that you?
Yep, the one and only.
So the boy with you, he's afflicted with the challenge curse too, right?
I'm afraid so.

Wait, curse?
Yes. My curse involves me stuck in an endless time loop where I can only progress by approaching each city within the hour.
Funny you should mention hours.
Why's that?
Every pokemon I get gets swapped out with eggs by the hour. Thankfully, I haven't had any deaths yet.
That's risky, but if there are others...
Then there's someone with Manaphy, someone with Victini, someone with Shaymin, and someone with Jirachi. Don't tell me we're the Power Rangers.
Pallet Rangers? No, they specialize in Eevees.
Then why do I got to be the Pink Ranger? No offense, Mew, you're cool and all, but if you were shiny, I could've been blue.
He is a strange one.
But thanks to his journey through Hoenn, he seems like the right candidate.
Oh, he's that one. Well, I trust your judgement then, Mew.

This is just like highschool all over again. Stupid middle name getting cut off.
Oh, right, I almost forgot.

Shit, we spent most of our time finding this girl, and we've yet to make a catch. We have to hurry. There's only thing we can do since we don't have a fishing rod
Come on, we only have 9 minutes left.

Phew, just in time. Erasmo, try to weaken it as best as you can. If we kill this, we might be screwed.


Yes. Yelling always works.

But your moveset is still finalized at this point.

*ding dong*
We barely made it, but we fight for another day. So what does hour 4 bring?

That's power.

(from level 1 to level 22)

Sand Stream in the Future. Useless. But the last two can help.

Good news, you don't need to grind. Bad news, water and grass are still a thing, so a few more levels (and maybe an evolution) just to be safe.

Almost forgot your stats.

(Forgot the moveset. Will add next chapter because internet + this game = crash)
And here we are a week behind schedule. Again, blame MOESHA, hospital and work for killing the updating mood. And also kind of scared about having one pokemon weak to 5 types (super weak to 2) to use only for the next hour. The RNG is not friendly at times. But at least the emergency mon rule didn't have to take place here or it could've been worse. Next time, the school, and please, more catches for the team before I inadvertently fail this run.

Indigo League Champion
Indigo League Champion
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September 21st, 2015, 8:55 pm #6

Oh, HMs are no longer needed? That's a nice feature.

Another person chosen by a legendary! I wonder how the next one will be like.

Hour 4's egg is Larvitar, huh. The weaknesses could be problematic...

Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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November 11th, 2015, 3:57 am #7

[+] E//Hour IV: One Way or Another

Well, let's get grinding then. You have to get real strong in order to stand a chance.

Grinding Montage 3 (19 Hours and 19 Minutes Remaining)

Warning: The following pokemon has reached the maximum alloted levels needed to grind: Drax. Please swap to another pokemon to continue using Grinding Mode.
I guess that's where the gym leader's ace is going to be.

Look, buddy, sad news is we have to wing it from here on out, but you should be okay since you're better leveled than most of the trainers coming up. You can thank your sacrificed spirit for that. If the trainers do not have any of your weaknesses up first, we set up Dragon Dance and wreck. Otherwise, we use your STAB move and a) hope it don't miss and b) is enough/Chip Away.

We can do this, Drax.

And welcome to PBL on PBC, I'm Lamarcus Fallridge alongside Neville O'Neal and we're live at Midna Town where the Trainer's School is having their summer tournament.
Right you are, Marc.
Today we have 8 wonderful students in this exhibition including 5-time champion Nora Ashton who is on the path to becoming a gym leader in the future.

We also have two newcomers from Telnor Town, Damian Flay and Demitri, who's last name is hard to read out, Matwers? Rattleys?
Okay, Demitri Battles. Not much is known of these two, but word has spread in their assistance with apprehending two members of the Abyssmal Cult with the Second Augur, Jaern.
Well this should be an interesting show for the books.

Okay, I'm not sure about Tyrogue's moves but Erasmo's movepool were egg moves so chances are he doesn't have STAB. Time to set up and wreck.

Him, on the other hand not so much. Use Chip Away!

I'm a pirate.

Wait a second, didn't you have a Corphish?
Uh, he's resting right now.
Then I need to swap out, Coral, get in there and wash his Larvitar away.

What Corphish?
Raphael, Vacuum Wave, quick.

Chip Away. This round is done. Better luck next time.

This seems pretty rigged.

Just because you're new doesn't mean I'll go easy on you.
I'd rather you didn't.
*missing image of Sewaddle*

Wow, that was pretty easy, I mean Mud-Slap was a bit of an issue, but we pulled through.

Don't beat yourself up. You did what you could, and if I didn't just had Drax or panickally grinded you would've bested me. Just keep at it girl.
Thanks, Demitri.

[COMPRESSED ABRIDGE]Burn! This move got through the Elite Four back in Hoenn, so this is useful.

Treat-ed! So coverage against fire weaknesses, huh. Well hopefully, things run smoothly. Good to hear, you can do it. And she don't have time for you.

I think it's time to gather up some reinforcements.

Just remember strategy is the key.

Finally, Route 2. And we have a good amount of time left to build up our forces.

Why yes, I do.

Free Magikarp fodder get.

I repeat: Magikarp. Fodder.

Saving more money.

Phew, the grass has water types. Just use Iron Head, Drax.

And that was pretty easy. On to the next area.

Not bad, but I'm stronger.

Dude, Joey is probably not a good role model for you. Try Norman.

Oh crap.

Time for a detour.

[+] E Part 2//Hour IV and I/II: A Lucario Walks Into a Bar...

Free item.

Free Magikarp.

More free things and a wasted encounter.

OK, why do they want a Riolu?

Nora, you and your big mouth. Have you ever heard of stealth missions?

(Drax wrecked with Rock Slide)

[COMPRESSED ABRIDGE]Strategy. What the? A Lucario? Oh no, this is Pokemon Tower all over again. Wait, rumors?
Lucariomon digivolve to...


So this is mega evolution, huh. It's totally not a ripoff. Wusses. We mean no harm, miss, we were making out in this cave. No we were--*Demitri kisses her, she smacks him*

and thanks for stealing my first kiss, by the way.

We can't fight a Lucario. Are you insane, she'll annihilate us both.
No she wouldn't, she knows we're the good guys. If you ever kiss me again, I don't care if we are partners, I'll kill you myself.

I need to stop doing that.
[+] *dimitri theme from zelda plays* And i get a text message, lol
The logic in this game is beyond comprehension. And I do hope we meet the owners of Jirachi and Victini soon. But egglockes do generate bad luck at times, especially if there is a time limit.

Sure it was, Binky.

Those Xemicans. They took our jobs!

I'm sorry for your loss.

Thank you, heal please.

How are you defying the laws of pokephysics? Rule #1: You can't access a trainer who is not on the same level plane.

Rock Slide should do neutral damage.
*The shuckle dies* Crap.

I didn't. I walked beside you.

And here we are at Suntouched City. You did wonders against those trainers and the cult guy, but alas our hour is up. I'm grateful to have you along my side. Now for the new members.

Fragile, but has only one weakness. Does he have coverage?

Yes he does.

Goodbye, Nasty Plot.

And goodbye, Sucker Punch.

Oh my goodness, oh my damn, oh my goodness we goin ham. Again, do you have coverage?

Except for yourself, yes you do.

Your moves are just about finalized at this point, if you didn't have Dragon Pulse, then Dual Chop/Dragon Rage would've stood a chance.

I get the reference, but you would've been better with an incense.

And you stole that from the God himself. Not a Dragon Claw, but to each his own.

I apologize for the slowdown of episodes. As I've said before, work gets in the way, and if it's not work it's going to the hospital for my medical condition. And now the season is in full swing since Back to the Future lied to us Chicagoans (and on the day of too), so once again, I will do what I can to update my runs. (EDIT: Good news, everyone, I got my mornings back, so updates are going to be a little more frequent in the future, and more good news, thanks to Karma, I'm going to have unlimited internet again, just limited download/streaming speeds, but with my computer specs, that's nothing new. Anyways next time, we're taking on Orion and hopefully getting back one of our Collateralled mon. I wonder who?
[+] Next time, Chapter F//Hour V: Along the Orion


Conqueror of the Dewford Gym
Conqueror of the Dewford Gym
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November 11th, 2015, 11:40 am #8

Very interesting run concept! Looking forward to how this one pans out!
Black 2 Written Log - The Forum Run Complete
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Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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December 26th, 2015, 7:08 pm #9

@BeyondTheFail It's fun because no one bothered to incorporate the play time as part of a challenge. That's what I do and enjoy and I hope you will too.

Hour V will be up by after New Years but, I realized a small flaw in my rules in the form of running out of time during a battle, which was going to happen back in hour 3 and has since happened now. That has been fixed.

Rule N?: If the player happens to run out of time during a battle, the time is extended until said battle is over. If it's during the first encounter, if caught it's counted towards the next hour. Otherwise, the trainer must either run away or kill it. Other battles will cost 100 pokeyen per minute until the battle is over. Penalties and minigames on account of deaths still apply as normal.

Now all bases should be covered.

Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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February 6th, 2016, 6:19 am #10

[+] F//Hour V: Along the Orion
[+] Grinding Mode activated. Time remaining: 16 Hours and 25 Minutes

[COMPRESS ABRIDGE]:Noted. Statue #2

And how does that work?

He's doing his best. It's ok, buddy, I know you're trying.

Well, ex-cuse me sir, but have you heard of the Pokemancipation Proclamation. I do declare you best study that before the good ol' police arrive.

Too suspicious.

So you're rivals with Jubilife? Noted 2.

Holy damn, that is creepy. Yes.

You don't say? Oh, no it's like Light Platinum. Noted 3. Special note: Must. Buy.

Stay in the mother[beep]ing ball. How is this SAAaaffeee....

I don't smoke. Wait, can I get some more? I'll--

*Gigan smacks him*
Whew. Almost went Basehead there. Anyways, I wonder how Sun Network is doing.

Yes, can you tell me where the bathrooms are?
It's to the right, right where they film The Exasperating Pecha.

*On the tv outside the mens' bathroom...*
Hey, hey Sitrus, hey Sitrus, hey, hey!

Could use some extra dough.

Good luck with that, Primo.

Excuse me, I was interested in the internship here at Sun Network...
Oh, you're talking about the new Pokenature show, it's right at the end of the hall.


Demitri, sir.
Oh, you're the kid who was on that pokemon battle show on PBC8 we taped. You're very skilled to be able to take on an entire tournament with just a pokemon who has one of the lowest odds of surviving. Great job on that kid.

*Somewhere in the middle of Damafasco...*

(I'm not good at editing, so I forgot to add her in the shot. Collateral: The Lowest Budgeted Reactionlocke in Nuzforums.)

Or you didn't bother trying.

Found one. Just kidding, Gigan.

Time to prove who's the best Axew. No, wait, that's a bad idea.

(Remember when I said Dupes Clause was optional? This Axew is not counted as a dupe because she will be traded for a new egg when the clock strikes 6. Now if the egg hatched is any of the collateral team we've ran into so far, then we will make a decision. Plus this is an obligatory encounter so we won't be able to catch anything else besides her as far as I can tell.)
Just need to weaken it to the red because I can't trust catch rates.

That was easier than expected.

So, quick question, so is this like a $20 bill equivalent or is it straight 2G? I really hope it's the latter.

[+] F2//Hour V S*: Running Out of Time, Here!
[/i]*From now on, S will represent a half-hour and • will represent fractions in twelves in case of multiple parts. You learn something new everyday.[/i]

Well, Gigan, Smeagol, here we are at the Suntouched Gym. We trained hard for this, and for the most part we're ready. Now unless he has a Flabebe/Floette or a Cottonee/Whimsicott, we should be in business.


Good Arceus, it's hotter than Mt. Fiery in here.

Wow, thank you very much. This is much better than a potion.
My pleasure. Sorry if it's warm.
No big. Just be glad it hasn't turned to steam.

Not enough time to fight off the trainers, so we'll try to beeline to Orion.

*20 minutes later...*

(Supposed to say 12:22. The show's so poor, the clock is broken.)
Kinda smells like cocaine. *looks at Orion* I think it's starting to make sense.

So, Sunny Day/Drought hax?

Sure, this shouldn't take long.
(Little did he know he would regret these words in the next few minutes.)

I think you need to go to rehab.

There's a solution for that. It's called GoOutside™.

Really, I'm telling you this a friend: You need help. Imaginary friends hold you back.

Sure thing, Tom Hanks.

Oh, that actually was an arena there. Very professional.

I think you know what I'm about to do first.
Aah, a Vulpix. Yup, Drought Vulpix, which means you want instant Solarbeams, right?
How did you know?
A competent trainer would teach one of his pokemon Solarbeam to annihilate any Hiker, Ruin Maniac, or Swimmer that comes in with a monotype team.
That's part of it. Anyways, Vulpix, use Energy Ball.
Ohhh, sun-boosted grass moves. Very clever. Too bad Gigan is a Dragon and Smeagol's Dark/Ghost, so all of your attacks are neutral at best. Gigan, use Slash.

The Vulpix goes out with a couple strikes.

Funny you should mention neutral attacks. Larvesta, use Hidden Power.
*She knocks Gigan down to near red with one attack*
Oh, ish. Smeagol, take over! You only have one weakness. Let's hope that isn't that one.

*Thankfully, it isn't Fairy.*
Phew, that was a nightmare. Kill her with Shadow Sneak.
So about that Solarbeam theory, it's a very powerful move, especially in the sun. Now unfortunately, as you may know, post-Drought works like Sunny Day, so now would be a good time to strike. Go, Ivysaur!

*Orion sends out his Ivysaur and uses the last turn of the sun to try to take out Smeagol, but comes up short.*

Damn, that is a deadly move. Bred on?
Yes, but was bred prior to the discovery of Kalos pokemon. How lucky of me.
Wait, TM moves are no longer breedable? What gives?
It's probably due to how the current TMs are processed. You know how lately TMs are able to be used as repeatedly as HMs right?
Yes, introduced back in Unova.
Yes, however this discovery was recent. Due to how the TMs are produced, they contain a radioactive pathogen that makes parent pokemon unable to breed any moves registered in the TM database. Offspring that were first bredded with their respective partners who happened to learn these moves naturally were also affected and lo and behold, Solarbeam can only be learnt naturally or by TM.
Wow, Gigan, you resist Solarbeam well, and the sun effect is off so that gives you a free turn to hit.
Nice try. Ivy, use Sludge Bomb.
*Gigan gets poisoned*
Damn it, this is going to be the hardest round yet--

*beep beep beep*
Wait, time out, Orion.

Shit, we're out of time. Can we continue this later.
Sorry, you know the rules.
Can't run from a trainer battle, right.
WARNING: You have reached the maximum time alloted for play. Please return to a pokemon center to deposit all pokemon used/caught. If you are currently in the middle of a battle, Overtime Mode is available. Would you like to activate Overtime Mode now? Y/N
WARNING: Activating Overtime Mode will cost 100 pokeyen per minute. Do you still want to activate Overtime Mode? Y/N
Do I even have a choice?
Overtime Mode activated. Current amount owed: 0 pokeyen
OK, Sludge Bomb is deadly, we know that. Smeagol, you can tank it since you are resistant to poison. As for Solarbeam, Gigan, that's all you. No sun equals a turn to charge which begets you a free hit. So we need to burn out the Sludge Bombs then it's easy street from there. Time in.

Oh, yeah, I decided to swap for my Fletchinder during your powwow. Call it unfair, but a time out is mutual.
Yeah, just like real sports. OK, change of plans. Gigan, use Dragon Pulse.
Use Acrobatics.
Wait, isn't that a little early to have?
*Gigan becomes confused*
Again, by TM. Normally, she learns it at level 42, but teaching it sooner proves to be great power, kind of like early Dragon Rage.
OK, that's just evil. Keep at it, Gigan.
Brush it off with Roost.
This is going to take a while isn't it...

*15 minutes over...*
Almost dead...should be out of Roosts...almost out of potions...Gigan...use Slash.
*...Fletchinder dies.*
Just the Ivysaur to go.

*and another 5 minutes...*


Right, your Fletchinder used that.

Thank you. I don't know how long this battle took, but we have to hurry to a Pokemon Center.

Now that your team is worn out, you won't stand a chance against me.


Son of a bitch, can I go to the Pokemon Center?

I don't know, I'm too tired right now. I just beat Orion.

You go ahead. I'll catch up later.

*At the Pokemon Center...*
Finally, we can rest, but first...

Overtime Mode activated. You currently owe 2400 pokeyen. Would you like to turn off Overtime Mode? Y/N
Turn off.
Overtime mode has been deactivated. Please make all payments in the Pokemart upstairs.

All I know is it will take multiple hours to do.
*ring ring*
Now what?
Congratulations, you have successfully defeated the first gym. As a reward, we at Paypal Industries are gifting you with one of the previous pokemon you've used to keep for the rest of your run. Please head to the PC in the Collateral box to recieve your prize.

Yes! Oh, man, who do I pick, who do I pick?

Welcome back, Sparkles! Now to see what our new recruits are...

Haven't quite used a Buizel before, so potential.

And from a Haxorus to an Altaria.

[+] What Couldn't Fit in the Last Chapter Thanks to Image Limit


Super Bleh.

Goodbye Soak.

Aqua Tail is much better.

I guess Smeagol is a trendsetter.

Glass cannon but can't get burned. OK, I guess?

But needs a ground move for full coverage.

So how many moves are you going to learn?



Hyper Voice is better.

Goodbye Rage.

Really need some type of coverage.

Worse Safeguard.

Useless alone.

And too complicated.

Not bad nature, but can't handle Icy Winds/Moonbeams. Kinda neutral feel towards him.

And tomorrow, you start catching up.
So this update took a while due to work and the hospital commandeering my free time, and distractions such as my new tablet and the PS3 from last year finally hooked up. Now, for the special gift rule, if accessing other secret bases is deemed impossible (even after expanding the RAM on old Tobey here, then Rule G will take back over. Next time, we make our way to Vipik, and keep going deathless, which could break, I have absolutely no clue.

Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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March 7th, 2016, 8:19 am #11

[+] G//Hour VI: The Most Difficult Hour Yet
Grinding Mode Activated

Oh, shit.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!

Wait, what?
Game Show Music (NOT Mettaton)
Hello, there fellow trainer. Welcome to Torren's exciting new game show, Play or Punish!, here on Channel GAMES!
*The Mr. Mime hands Demitri a promo card for the General Administration of Modern Entertainment Syndicate*
Game BGM
Let's meet our contestant, Demitri Battles. Now according to our records, Demitri here owes Paypal a large sum of money and he has been taken into the Torren Region to fight for his freedom. Unfortunately, the Luxio he was recently gifted for achieving the Thermal Badge was lost due to a wild Roggenrola. What a shame! Now, by the rules appointed by Paypal, if he loses a pokemon, he must take a punishment for the next play hour. However, if he manages to complete one of our 78 minigames, he won't have to.
78? Hold up, who are you people?
Well, I'm glad you asked! I'm Lauren Tillman, your host, and let's see what game you will be playing today.


Game #36. Demitri, this is what you will be playing...

Pokemon Dash, released in 2005 for the Nintendo DS, is a racing game starring the beloved mascot, Pikachu. Using your stylus, rub as fast as you can so he can get to the finish line first. Now, this being your first game, we'll make the challenge easy. All you need to do is place in the top 3 of the first race, and you won't have to deal with a punishment! Are you ready?

Um, sure I guess. I don't even know what's going on here.
*The Mr. Mime hands him a Nintendo DS loaded with the game and turns him to the projector.*

Losing Audience Sound

Oh, you were so close. Unfortunately, you must take on a punishment for the next hour of gameplay.
*Mr. Mime pushes in a novelty game wheel akin to Wheel of Fortune*

What's with the wheel?
*in a more serious tone* On this wheel is 16 possible punishments ranging from as minor as money management to as severe as no healing. Demitri, spin the wheel to find your fate.

Umm, a spray bottle? Does this mean I can't use repels anymore? Kind of annoying but--
Nope. The repel represents:
"For the next hour, you cannot shop for items in any Pokemart."

Let's hope you restocked on items beforehand. Until next time, folks, this is Lauren Tillman for "Play or Punish!"

[+] Grinding resumes. Time Remaining: 23 Hours and 56 Minutes

I'm in the middle of grinding here. What's going on?

I'll be there later.

Never change, Orion.

Holy fuck, it's a Kyurem!

Orion, you can shut up now.

Ha ha, sarcasm.

Wait, me?
Yeah, you. Just so you know, you're going to fail your little run. And when you do, you will join us. And you will be working in the coal mines with the other high debters until you die.
Not if I can help it.
Well you can't buy items right now, can you. Really hope you reloaded on potions, bub.
Sure I did. I mean I

Crap, I just realized I didn't reload on potions earlier.
Such a rookie. There's one other thing we want, though.

He just bitchslapped you, hahahahaha!

Shut up stomach!

Oh Arceus, it's Reshiram.


He doesn't need it, he has me!

Sorry, Whalshine. You're not a pokemon.
Yes I am. I've been approved in the new games. I'm going to be in the water around the hotel and I get a kickass evolution that's dual electric.
We'll talk about that later.

I hate you, White Ranger.

Gee whillikers, I'll get right on it.

Eww. Adagio, you can handle this abomination.

Damn minimize.

But caught on the first try. Real nice or rigged, still undecided. Whatever swap we get will get a huge boost. Maybe even an evolution.

*a la Dr. T* Sand in the eyes! You'll never get my plaaaans!

*Out in Midna TownSuntouched City*
Let's test out this Instant Lapras.

Oh, no. There's Rule 34 written all over this.
(Note: I tested it in Midna but then remembered the Rotom/Drax I already caught. Thankfully nothing showed up. Anyways, in Suntouched...)

And this mon will have a lot of grinding to do.

*Route 3*

Oh wow, a Sudowoodo. Adagio, be careful, you're pretty frail but at least you can take him down enough to be caught.
*Things go smoothly until the Sudowoodo lands a Rock Throw which puts Adagio near the red, then swaps to Tina and finding out how powerful STAB is, decides it's not worth it.*

And he made me use my only potion. Great.

[+] G Part 2//Hour VI S: Not Much Happens Here...

I'll come back later.


Potential free swap.

Seems like a good investment.
That's the life.

Too soon.

I believe it's called 'demographic'.
Way to rub it in. Stop reminding me of my failure! #greenacres. OK, OK I'll buy one. Jeez. Dive mechanics confirmed.

Can you talk to her about lifting this restraining order?

For the fourteenth time, what?!

Team, we are going to deal with Nora in this town, and although I feel good with the two of you taking her on. We have no healing items, we can't buy anymore right now, and we're running out of time. The only thing we can do is try to boost our levels for the next recruits so they can stand a chance.

Two Grinding Modes in One Chapter? Amazing! Time Remaining: 21 Hours and 23 Minutes

Alright, that's about enough for today. Take these Rare Candies, guys.

Hooray, you gained a floatie. Hey look, another hidden grotto. Hopefully we can get another recruit.

Just in time. :doyouevenlift: Calm down, American Hitmonchan, we're not here to harm you.

And the next guy has even more work to pull. Where is the Exp. Share when you need it?
Time's almost up. Let's get ready for the swap.

*At the Pokemon Center...*
Ding-dong. Your time is up. Your punishment has also been lifted from the last hour.
Note to self: Before grinding, buy potions. Anyways, who's joining the brigade this hour?

And that's a level jump.

Bad accuracy. What do you know anyways?

We need to fix that moveset asap.

Useless since it's been nerfed to 5 turns. STAB 1. Shields. And powerful alternate STAB.

Why does everyone want to be a Hitmonchan?

Doesn't always work. Psycho Cut is better. And you have slight coverage already.

Never used this before.

Obligatory move and weaksauce move at current level. And now for the stats.

You will be our wall.

You will be our powerhouse/alert man.

And you have a lot of work to do.
Well, unfortunately, we all are weak to Ghost and Dark Types, and Finder/Rudy you're weak to Grass. Thankfully, Seeker has coverage for them but we need Foresight and a Fairy move in order to stand a chance.

Oh, yes you are.
And I jinxed it after the last chapter. But at least you guys finally get to see how the minigames and punishment mode work. And oh arceus, that restriction was hard. I had to metal gear my way through the route to avoid anymore deaths since I only had the center to heal. Trust me, the 16 restrictions will be troublesome if i fail any more minigames/kill anymore pokes. I never specified hidden grottoes as a rule by the way, because I never played white 2 and wasn't sure how it works with nuzlockes, so I guess I'll check it and count it as a second chance unless I caught the first encounter if it's in an established route. Otherwise I'll check since there's still a chance to gain items. Next time, Nora appears again and we get a secret base.

Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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September 18th, 2016, 7:48 pm #12

Not to necrobump this but the run will be updated by October 3rd. I had recently finished grinding (which when an egg hatches kind of adds more time) and tomorrow I will finally play out the next hour and before my job resumes rush this out. So stay patient guys.

Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Joined: January 9th, 2013, 3:09 pm

October 3rd, 2016, 6:41 pm #13

[+] G//Hour VII: 6 Months for a Short Half Hour?
Grinding Mode Activated

But first, potions. Lots of potions.

Great, more grinding.

Getting better.

I can't believe that took me months to grind. Anyways, let's march on.

Hi, Nora.

Yeah, I was busy. And sorry about the kiss.
Will you please stop bringing that up?

Oh, crap. Why does that sound ominous?

Easy, Fire punch.

Easier, fire punch.

Easiest, aqua tail.

Ok, a bit of a problem but magical leaf isn't stab, so fire punch.

And fire punch again. Phew, that was close.

Need the elemental punches.
You're lucky I didn't use Grassy Terrain. Anyways...

I can't believe you told that dumbass.
He's a nice guy. Maybe a little naive but he means well.
But you know right now, he's gonna make us targets over all of these cults. You've seen what happened back in Suntouched. And remember, if we both die, it's game over for us.
Maybe for you, I just deal with a time reset. It doesn't matter unless I make it to Vipik anyways, so what you're saying is redundant.
Oh right, your groundhog day issue, almost forgot.

I guess.

It's a game for 10 year olds, but I think they're old enough to understand. Then again, I've never learned of the story properly, probably via Jackson 5.

No clue.

So this is pretty far from Kanto which means this isn't west.

Wow, free one.

I'll still take it.

Do you take credit card?

Cash only. Crap.

*10 minutes of pawning later...*

Shut up and take my money.


[+] G Part 2//Hour VII S: For Want of a Mon

Uninstall Google+, uninstall Hangouts, uninstall Drive, install Pokedex, ooh, Pokegear sync, will need that, add a few games and a couple emulators, and done. Let's check out my secret base.

Need to save up for these, please have a mining area for farming purposes. Anyways, mandatory upgrade, a Blastoise plushie, setup for daycare grinding, and the rest will have to wait.

Smeargelocke pending.

Down by the riverside...

And noted. Well, time to head off towards the next route.

*Route 3*

It's still a token. Even though it's trash, it's still a token. Keeper, use Thunder Punch, it shouldn't--
Still trash, ugh. Well, we're low on time so we must hurry.

For the next cave.

*At Vipik City...*

And we need to catch something in the city fast before time runs out. Surf wields nothing, fishing wields nothing. Crap, we have to get another Rotom.

Wait, I just remembered, everybody is weak to him either by ghost moves or electric moves. Ok, we just need to weaken him but we must be careful. Keeper, although I've been relying on you heavily, but I need you now more than ever, try to land a freeze with Ice Punch.

*The Rotom freezes up but thaws instantly and gains a boost with Ominous Wind. Frantic, Demitri tries to have egg shield so he can heal, but with a plus one stab shock wave...*

Frick. And we spent all that time grinding you, too. Ok, I don't want to do this, Rudy, but I'm low on options here.

*Rudy tanks the Shock Wave, barely, but afterwards decides it's not worth it and run off.*

Great, now I have to do that game show thingy again, but first, we need a pokemon and we only have 5 minutes left. Well, the secret base guy mentioned something about Friend Safaries in the Secret Base. It's our only shot.

Thank you. Now, Rudy only use confuse ray. If we kill it we're screwed.
*Miraculously, the Mincinno is caught.*
And just in time too.

I know, thanks for the support.
*beep beep beep*
Time's up. Time to see who the star of Sololocke part 3 is.

Was expecting a Mudkip, but could be handy against this gym. Now for your moveset.

Mom was a Gastly, I guess. But you have curse, which is better despite losing speed. Not much for locking moves. At least it's not as bad as gen 1's mechanic. Stab, wait, right now that move is pretty useless. Well, we'll fix it while we grind.

Glad to hear that.
Don't touch that dial, because today our contestant has a chance of redemption, on...

Welcome to Play or Punish, the game show in which our handsome contestant can save himself from being hindered with a penalty.

It's you again. Is there a drone around following me--
Now Demitri, last time we had you bet on the Pokemon derby, but fell short at the last second, thus leaving you to handle your resources carefully. Unfortunately, the Azumarill you hatched had kicked the bucket, which means you must take on another minigame. Once again, the rules are the same: if you win the game, no harm, no foul, but if you lose, let's just say we hope you don't this time. Are you ready to spin the wheel?
Let's get this over with.


Ooh, a forgotten classic. Shadow Puzzle from Pokemon Puzzle Collection for the Pokemon Mini.[/color]
The pokewhat now?
The Pokemon mini.

Released in Australia, Japan, and the US in 2001, and Europe in 2002, the Pokemon mini is a miniature handheld console that specialized in minigames based around pokemon within the second generations. Today's game comes from Pokemon Puzzle Collection. In Shadow Puzzle, you must fit oblique shapes into the silhouette to form a pokemon, pretty simple right?
Like Tangram?
Exactly. You have 10 minutes to solve the first four tangrams in order to be safe from Puishment Mode. Are you ready?
As ready as I'll ever be.
3, 2, 1, go!

You did it! You managed to solve all four puzzles, with time to spare. As per the rules, you will not have a punishment for your next hour of gameplay.
Phew, it was a bit of a struggle at first, but at least now the gym won't be as hard.
Well, that's all the time we have for today. Tune in next time to see if a contestant will stride high or struggle low on...

Bad news, lost another pokemon due to forgetting Rotom was going to wreck my team. Good news, no punishments! Bad news, only have one pokemon again. Good news, it resists the upcoming gym (except for those that know a psychic move or a ground move). Bad news, gotta grind 16 levels. Also, bad news, Hatched eggs cannot be used for tokens, so had Egg lived I couldn't use him as an extra trade, which sucks for worse news: We're getting another egg soon, which means more grinding, which means, the next hour probably won't happen until at latest February because of work and my other runs. Good news, one run is nearing completion (just about to take on the 7th gym) and the other is nearing halfway (Team Rocket Finale stuff), so if I put more effort into these updates, then we'll get done faster. Anyways, next time, we take on the gym, and the return of [COMPRESS ABRIDGE]. It requires a heavy recharge.
[+] And my internet is down again. Stupid Windows update!


Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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June 18th, 2017, 6:34 am #14

I'm not dead.

I have been updating this and my other runs (somehow), but life pushed everything to the back burner.

Grinding was the reason why I've haven't updated in nearly a year, and I'm finally almost ready to play the next hour. And as long as my phone cooperates, updates will be back in action. Also, since I haven't played any of my runs since February, I can look into things in a new light. All runs will be back this July and if I miss my deadline for new content by August 1st, then the moderators can send every current run I have in the incomplete section since it's been at least a year since my last rounds of updates.

Whew, I'm taking a big risk but since nobody reads my runs anyway big risks lead to big rewards. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to inform my other runs this news

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Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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July 31st, 2017, 7:08 pm #15

[+] H//Hour VIII: Ugh...
[+] Grinding Mode Activated

Great. Even MORE grinding.

Welcome, egg number 2.

Now to just keep you happy so you can beome a Togekiss. this move can be more useful.
And we're FINALLY done grinding--well as much as we can. And damn it, Damian's at the steps. Maybe if we run fast enough--

Hi, Damian.

Damian, you need to learn to shut up once in a while. I mean, you blabbing to the world will draw attention to--

*the mysterious person leaves.*

Like you?

*inside the gym...*

You tried.

*+1 fresh water*

Okay, Swampy, Egg2, we really do not have time to take on every trainer in this gym. So we're beelining straight to Xavier. Also, since one of you is weak to poison and has a limited amount of ancientpowers, and another can't handle psychic types, this guarantees we're in top shape for this gym.

Of course we have to fight you.

*A/N: The following images are much smaller than the others because my game crashes everytime a gen 6 pokemon is sent out/appear in battle, and since Bug Catcher McGee had a Vivillion, I had to shrink the game window to the smallest size so it can run better. Well, that's a sign for a new laptop.*

Nopsychicmoves, nopsychicmoves, nopsychicmoves

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Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
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July 31st, 2017, 7:16 pm #16

Damn it...
Not a locke, but still worth checking out
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Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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July 31st, 2017, 7:33 pm #17

[+] H and a Half//Hour VIII S: Wait, What?

Okay, Swampy, this is the moment to set up. Only use Curse and Minimize. Then you'll be able to wall all moves, if they can land in the first place.

Oh, crap. Shuckle can learn attract?
Well, he is my well trained staller. Just lucky your grimer is a she. But this is tiresome, Heracross, use Bug Bite!
You should've stayed in, Swampy, now, Shadow Punch his team!

Should've saw that coming, but there's no chance against my Beedrill.

Now, witness the power of Mega Evolution.
Wait, what?

Quickly, use Drill Run!

Hold up, Drill Run?!

*Drill Run misses*
Ok we need to kill this thing now before it kills us. Shadow Punch, ASAP!

Crisis averted.

I don't care, this gym is done. Go ham.

I probably should've used my Beedrill first.
Well, it would've ruined the surprise, but that miss was pure luck at best. Wait, Swampy, you're evolving!

-20 seconds*
You deserve it.

Yeah, not at the second gym.

It's still decent damage.


So something-flying types. Noted.

From the benefactor?

I have to do this, don't I? Can't I just let him die?

And noted. Ok guys, we really do not have time for this plot device, so we're getting a catch and calling it a day.

Ok, I just need one of these. Just be careful, egg. You're not great with poison.
*Demitri fights the two garbage pokemon and when he has Swampy use Sludge Wave, he forgets it hits everybody, and Egg 2 dies.*

Oops. Got another minigame to do.

*At the Pokemon Center...*
Ok, First thing is to get our new solo temp member.

Great. Yet ANOTHER pokemon weak to water and grass.

Moveset is not that great, honestly.

Which means, Libby, welcome back to the team.

Oh, right, you can only carry one item at a time, and that Mega Stone is permanent.

Play a game. Save your sanity. Wacky restrictions. I'm your host Lauren Tillman, and this is...

Today, we are back with our lovely contestant, Demitri Battles. Despite defeating the second gym and guaranteeing a new teammate, he lost a little Togepi thanks to a double battle.

It was a misplay, I didn't think--
Well, we all make mistakes, but rules are rules.
I know, what minigame will I be playing today.
You know the drill, just spin the wheel!
Ooh, this brings back memories. Have you ever played Pokemon Stadium 2?
I can't remember, honestly.
Anyways, today's game come from its minigame collection called Gutsy Golbat. Your goal is to gather the most hearts in a cave against other Golbats. The Golbat with the most hearts at the end of the tunnel wins, but watch out for the Magnemites. Hitting one will remove all of your gathered hearts.
So like Sonic the Hedgehog. Well, I can't screw this up.

Aww, you were doing so well. Unfortunately, you must take on a punishment mode for the next play hour. Spin the wheel to decide your fate.

A map? Interesting.
All optional outside of battle moves are no longer allowed.
Ok, that's not bad. We don't have any HMs--
Wait, I just got a call from the executives. There have been some changes to the game. I'm sorry but that is not your punishment. Your new punishment is:

Superless Mode: Any move that results in the message "It's super effective" during battle cannot be used as an option.

Wait, that's not fair! You can't change the rules in the middle of a game.
Actually, they say these rules were changed after the Alolan update a few months back. There are also new minigames added to the collection. But you shouldn't fret. You've done this specific challenge before, and it's only for an hour. Anyways, that's all the time today. Tune in next time for another installment of...

Here we go again.

And, once again, we are screwed around grass types. And Libby will be doing all of the work, but hey, we survived Xavier, and there will be more catches to not screw up in the future. Oh, and looking through how Nosepass evolves, I discovered that Groucno was supposed to learn Spark and Discharge, which didn't happen, and knowing the moveset is based on Gen 6, it's frustrating that she's even more of a hassle for the next play hour. Even in BW2, when Beedrill can first learn Drill Run, Spark was still an option. And I make sure to take images of each move learned. Maybe it will arrive later as an oversight or if I update to 1.8. Also, this is a good time to post a finalized version of the rules.
[+] Rules Version Z
A||First catches only
A-1||Dupes Clause is off, Shiny Clause is optional, Gift Clause is on (however 1 per area)
A-2||Hidden Grottoes are optional, but mostly preserved for emergency purposes only.
B||Deaths = box fodder
C||Black out = game over
D||There is no nickname theme! (All nicknames are predetermined)
E||Once you get your starter, you are allowed to use it however you see fit for a play hour. Afterwards, it must be donated into the box as collateral, and pokemon that have been traded from egg tokens take up top priority
E-1||Grinding does not count towards the play hour. You are allowed to grind all teammates up to the gym leader's ace or within a 24-hour time slot
E-2||Up to 6 pokemon can be queued up at a time (however decreases to 3 thanks to Rule G)
E-3||If you are stuck in the middle of a trainer battle, overtime mode will be activated once the time is up. Once said battle is over, you must immediately head back to the pokemon center to wrap up the timer, and you must pay out of pocket P100 per minute over
F||Eggs will be chosen at random after each hour
G||Beating a gym or an important cult admin/leader will allow you to permanently keep a collaterated mon, however, up to 3 can be on a team at one time
H||If you fail to make a catch within a play hour, an emergency mon will be obtained from a hidden grotto and used on the team until the next catch is obtained, then the emergency mon must be released
H-1||This also applies to any mandatory double battles and you only have one member currently on the team
I||If a pokemon dies, you must play a random minigame (out of 84) to decide your fate for the next play hour. Winning leaves you off the hook but losing...
I-1||...causes you to take on a punishment for the next play hour
Potion: Healing in the pokemon center is banned
TM: Uses of TMs/HMs are banned in battle
Oran Berry: All uses of healing items/moves are banned (including held)
Silk Scarf: STABless
Poke Doll: Status moves/status-adjusting (battle) items are banned (including held)
Repel: The use of the Pokemart is banned
Poke Ball:You are no longer allowed to run away from battles nor avoid trainers. The uses of repels/cleanse tag/black flute are banned
Great Ball: Elite Four Mode: Beat the gym/trainer-filled area in one go
Ultra Ball: Only one tier of items are allowed in your bag (chosen at random) [grouped to Sun/Moon standards for healing items]
Master Ball: SUPERLESS
Town Map: Optional out-of-battle moves/items (including softboiled, but excluding healing items) and backtracking with mandatory out of battle moves is banned
Poke Flute: Infliction moves(non-volatile/confusion/infatuation)/infliction-healing items are banned (however inflictions caused by abilities are allowed unless they are able to learn Roleplay or Skill Swap)
Bicycle: Running and the bicycle are banned
Old Rod: Gift Clause is off
Coin Case: Your account must contain no less than between P500-5000 in the play hour
VS Seeker: Set mode
Teachy TV: Wild card! Readers' choice!
I-2||If one hour begets multiple deaths, the minigame must be played in multiple rounds with punishments for respective rounds
J||Since this is a reactionlocke, cringey selfies are imminent
Next time, mandatory plot. And a more diverse team. This would've been done sooner but corrupted flash drive + janky internet = TOTAL FRUSTRATION

@Uberle||You don't know the half of it.[edit_reason]ninja reply[/edit_reason]

Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
Conqueror of the Ecruteak Gym
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July 31st, 2017, 8:18 pm #18

Oh but I do
I've finished all 3 of my save states of this game
The third is a nuzlocke which I might post here at some point
Not a locke, but still worth checking out
Current Run
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Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
Conqueror of the Olivine Gym
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May 17th, 2018, 6:47 pm #19

[+] I//Hour IX: I Better Update This...
(A/N: The following selfie images for this chapter was taken at a different location due to lack of free time.
[+] We Interrupt Your Grinding Montage to Bring You a Special Update

Hold up, this game got updated?

Oh crap, gotta trek back to Vipik.

Oh yeah, right, welcome back to the team, Libby.

What the hell is this Dexnav? Where's my Pokegear?

Look how beautiful this map is. Guess that means we might be able to finish this journey now.

Oh wow, looks like grinding might be a little easier now. Probably try this later.

Well, I don't have internet anyways, so possibly useless.

If this wasn't a nuzlocke, this could come in handy.

And this new bag looks amazing. I'm at a loss of words.

Holy crap, why is the Pokemon Center so bright?

Easy Rotom.

Pokemall? Evergreen Plaza looks more like a mall than this place.

Time for more exploring.

Finally. No more failed first encounters.

Ooh, so preeety.

New hats, new hats, new hats...

Ehh, no.

Postgame confirmed.
[+] We Now Return to Our Regularly Scheduled Grinding, Already in Progress. Time Left: 24hrs 00mins)
Alright, now that the grinding has gone out of the way, let's play a little Metal--

Wait, what the hell was that? OK, we need to be extra careful here. Otherwise, we're screwed.

Gotcha, disobey everything you say and he dies--perfect!

No, I'm leaving unscathed. Just let Damien die.

Libby, here's the plan. You use Knock Off to send that idiot in the water, then we Aqua Jet out of here.
Hey, Demitri, over here, save me!
*a la Joseph Joestar* SANAFABICH~

Well, otherwise, I won't be able to leave this hellhole.

No deal. *hums Deal or No Deal Theme*

See, even he agrees! Here, step aside, I'll Ross Capicchioni him.(A/N: It's just a joke. Don't take it seriously, guys. Murder is not the answer.)

This kid is weird.

Okay, good news and bad news. Good news, Libby, you got this in the bag. Bad news, Groucho, you're pretty much screwed. Ok, you need to paralyze them so they're less likely to attack; meanwhile, Libby, use Swords Dance then Night Slash.

*to be continued due to image limit...*

[+] I Part 2//Hour IX S: He's The Chosen One?
*Not even three turns later...*

Please, dear Arceus don't save this kid, Mew, it's a trap.
Sorry, Demitri, I see him as a proper ally in our cause.

*A/N: The next set of images were resized due to the game crashing.*

That will be enough, evildoer.
What the hell?

You have got to be kidding me.
It is I, SUP...

ERSHAYMIN, here to save this boy from impending doom. First, to clean up this murky water, [SEED FLARE]

He is something all right.
Now to stop these ne'er-do-wells.

Drat, they've gotten away.

I'm asking that question myself.
Damian, as you have known, the world is in danger thanks to the likes of the cults lurking around this region. You have met Nora, and she has mentioned of these same threats, the gym leader from Suntouched, Orion has recently been as well, and you already know of Demitri and his Mew. Therefore, I will be your partner amongst this noble cause. Unfortunately, being partnered with me will involve a curse dealing with time, with me, your aging will increase by 10% each day passing, meaning you've a short life to live. Are you willing to accept this risk to be part of the brigade?

Demitri? Hello? Anyone home?
Demitri is not responding. Would you like to close it?
Snap out of it! *uses Psyshock*
Whoa, what happened?
Damian's part of the brigade now.

Well, this world sucks now.
Well, this may make it not suck.

It's something, I guess. Well, now that that happened, let's try to head to the next city.

Guess we'll have to rely on old lady luck then. Ok, something that can't wreck our team...

And of course, it's a Weepinbell. Libby, be very careful, if you die, we're screwed, but if we don't catch this, we might be screwed.

And egg token 1 caught.

*At Route 5...*

Another grass type. And worse still, it might know a lot of grass moves.

*Things go well until the Servine uses Leech Seed and Leaf Blade knocking Libby to the red, so the trio run far away from him.*

It was not worth it. Maybe, we'll have better luck at this cave.

...and Graveler went *don~~*. Guess we'll try the city.

*Koril Town*

Ok, we have two more chances for teammates. The cave here is inaccessible until we have Strength. If this game is now completable, then maybe there's mons in the water.

Riiiight, this is the first time I had to do a double wild battle. Ok, whoever lives against Libby (yeah Groucho I know I've been using her a lot, I'm sorry but water and grass suck) gets to be another egg. Groucho, once again paralyze.

Congratulations, little Squirtle. Welcome to the cause.

*Rezzai Desert*

And welcome as well, Krokorok.

*ding dong*
Excellent, we got three eggs, which means, we have a team!


Something decent, something decent, something decent...
OK, a Cleffa. Now how to make you happy so you can evolve?
Goodbye, potential boom.
And goodbye to the move I just replaced.
Another babymon, ugh.
Wait, you can evolve?
Oh, thank Arceus. Now to find an Electrizer so we can unlock your full potential.
Someone thought the same idea, but Ice Punch is great enough for your weakness.
Cross Chop is better.
Never miss stab.
Better with speed.
And great for doubles. You might be able to take on the helm Sparkles could've been. And finally, egg number 3. Notababynotababy...
Do you evolve by levelup?
Of course not.
Chance of paralysis. And no chance of hurting yourself.
And that's it.

And great, you had to taunt me with that moon stone.

Ok, now I understand the physical moves, but STAB is STAB.

If you didn't have a Mega, I'd pass the muscle band to you. But two mons that require happiness will be a hassle and a half within this next hour.
Finally this chapter is done about ten months later. Blame relationships. At least I'm trying to squeeze in time to work in these updates alongside my busy life. Otherwise, I would drop off at this point. Next time, the road to the third gym. And holy crap, it's been, three years?
[+] @Uberle hopefully you did post the run and got more popular than me, a ghost of my former self