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Gotta Imprism 'Em All! A World of Final Fantasy OA

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Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
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January 8th, 2018, 9:12 pm #1

I mean, I wasn't exactly subtle with what my next run was gonna be, guys.

Yeah, so, hey, everybody, Polar Bear here, back for more Final Fantasy enjoyment! For those who don't know, in 2017, I did a year-long written log of Omega Ruby in which the naming theme was Final Fantasy locations, as a way to celebrate Final Fantasy's 30th anniversary. When the run ended, I promised more Final Fantasy based runs in the future and, we are! Welcome to "Gotta Imprism 'Em All! A World of Final Fantasy OA".
Before I get too deep into the premise of what this run is or what it's all about, lemme lay down some background info for those who aren't familiar with the game. World of Final Fantasy was released in 2016 and can basically be described as, "What if classic turn-based Final Fantasy met Pokemon?" Throughout the game, you can find and capture staple monsters of the Final Fantasy series and then battle alongside them. As they battle and grow, you'll also have the chance "evolve" them into bigger and stronger forms. Yeah, this is all sounding very familiar, right? I told you, it's basically Final Fantasy meets Pokemon.

As for this run, it's going to be a bit of a challenge run. Nothing Nuzlocke-esque, because I still haven't worked out how to do something like that in World of Final Fantasy yet, but as the title implies, this is going to be a "Gotta Catch 'Em All" run where I will be obtaining every Mirage (that's what the monsters are called) in game.

Now, for the rules and guidelines of the run.
[+] Rules and Guidelines!
1. I am not required to own a copy of every Mirage in game; just having owned it at one point is good enough. (ie, if I "evolve" a Mirage to its next state, it counts as both its first form and its evolved form.)
2. This is a bit complicated to explain out of context, but some Mirages can transform into entirely different "evolutionary lines" and back. For this challenge run, transforming between "evolutionary lines" is not allowed. I'll go more in depth to this rule when it comes up in game.
3. Maxing out a Mirage's Mirage Board (learning all its abilities, basically) is not required, because that would take so much grinding and would be very tedious.
4. Name all your Mirages! The naming scheme for this run is "Final Fantasy Characters That Aren't In This Game".
[+] Table of Contents
Part One: This Game is Cute
Part Two: Obligatory Tutorial Episode
Part Three: He Has Arrived

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Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
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January 9th, 2018, 6:59 pm #2

Let's get this started!
[+] Part One: This Game is Cute

Oh, man, I love this game. I hope you guys are ready for a treat, because I'm excited. This game is so unashamedly, unabashedly cute and it's just a real fun ride all the way through.

Uh...okay, look, I know opening up with a creepy little girl chanting "tick-tock, tick-tock..." and then a guy waking up with his eyes darting around in frantic confusion doesn't scream cute, but I swear, it gets there, really! I'm not trying to trick you into a surprise horror run, just hang on.

Huh, guess this is one of those games where the protagonist doesn't get a name and is only known by a title of who they are. You know, kinda like Bastion? Though, I gotta say, "The Brother" doesn't really feel as weighted as "The Kid" does.

Oh, shit, the Brother's got a power glove!

Oh, shit, the Sister does too! Man, they're so bad.

I don't really have anything to add here, I just really like this shot. It's very cinematic; I love the composition of it, the color of the sky and the clouds, the slight billow of the Brother's coat. Very nice for such a cute game. Speaking of, I swear, we're gonna get there, guys! Just hold on a little longer, I promise!

Oh - oh, guys, yeah, I...I really don't think you should stand so close to that edge. I mean, there's no guardrails and you look really high up. Plus, you two both just woke up and all; one half conscious stumble would just be a disaster, so just back up a little-

...welp. Never mind, guys. Guess you caught me; this wasn't cute at all! Nope, it was actually just an elaborate ploy to set the record for shortest screenshot run ever. We got, what, a dozen screenshots in before the main characters fell off a building? Something like that. Ah, well, see you guys next run! Hopefully, it'll be something a bit meatier than this one and, yeah, let's be real, no one's falling for this gag.

So, yeah, that cutscene was weird, let's just all acknowledge it right now, but...don't expect it to really be explained anytime soon. As cute as this game is, it also likes to get really...weird with its plot. It gets complicated, so I'm just here to tell you...don't think on it too hard, just focus on the cute stuff. Speaking of cute stuff...

There it is! See, I told you this game got cute! Just look at that sleepy fox thing! Look at those synchronized yawns! Fucking adorable!

(As someone who grew up in a Sony household, I appreciate that old PS1 sitting next to the clock. If this was a Pokemon game, I could probably click on it and it'd give me a text box saying, "The Brother played Final Fantasy VII for a bit. ... Okay! Time to go!")

Oh, never mind, we have a job, I guess. Can't slack off with old 90s RPGs when we gotta bring home the cash money. That's fine, I guess. Final Fantasy VII hasn't aged great anyway.

Nothing to see here, just a brother walking around with a star fox on his head.

The Brother: Huh? How'd she get in if no one's here yet? ... Good morning! I'm real sorry. I hope you haven't been waiting long.

Oh, great, I guess it's not just the protagonists, but literally every character in this game who gets this treatment. You know, this is gonna get really complicated to keep track of; what if I have to buy something later in the game? Wouldn't that suddenly make me The Customer? Can there be more than one Customer at a time in this realm or will the fabric of reality implode the first time I try to make a purchase?

The Brother: Oh, right! She needs some water...
The Customer: Oh, no thanks. A pint - I mean...a cup of coffee, please.

The Brother: Right, that's one cuppa joe. And I'll get you one of the big jars.

I'd like to imagine she was literally about to try and order a pint of beer until it occurred to her, "wait, no, this isn't the bar...oh, crap, it's the coffee shop! Shit, backpedal; save face! Don't let the barista know how much of an alcoholic you are!

(I like this screenshot because of how angry both the Brother and his star fox look that nobody has made the fucking coffee yet, who is running this operation?!)

The Brother: I'm sorry, miss. This might take awhile.
The Customer: Hey, no hurry! Time's not an issue.

Dude, relax, she's an alcoholic; her sense of time and its passage probably aren't even working this early in the morning.

I love his progression from "Okay, here's the big jar of sugar, just like I promised!" to "Oh...oh, ma'am, you are adding a lot of sugar. That may be too much sugar." For those curious, she adds thirteen cubes of sugar. I counted. I'm pretty sure there's just coffee infused syrup in that cup now.

Anyway, now that the Customer is enjoying her freshly brewed coffee syrup, the Brother and his star fox get right back to work, until...

Reynn: Hey, don't talk down to me! Listen, last time I checked, little bro, I've been around a little longer than you.
Lann: Okay, okay! I get it already! ... Very sorry!

Wouldja look at that, turns out they do have names after all! Thank god, going through the whole game having to refer to them as only the Brother and Sister would've gotten real annoying, real fast. Meet our protagonists, folks: Lann and Reynn, the twins.

Lann: So what's up? I'm all ears.
Reynn: Well, you don't have to get all sarcas - Uh...

Ay, look at how proud star fox is! No one tell them that being told you're all ears is actually an insult, it'd break their heart.

Reynn: What? ...A-ahh! H-hello!
Lann: You didn't even see her? Dude.
Reynn: Yeah, but... Ugh, look. Come with me, right now.
Lann: Wha - Easy!

So Reynn has a point; the streets on the way here were completely dead and now that it's being brought up as a plot point, it doesn't look like it was being done to save time and space on rendering too many models. On top of that, Lann was the first one to work, no one had arrived before him, and nobody had even started the coffee yet. This place is starting to feel really lonely.

Reynn: There's nobody here!
Lann: So it's a quiet morning. Maybe they just...

I mean, you only pointed in like three directions, but okay, point taken.

Reynn: And this isn't setting off any alarms?
Lann: ...Should it?

Lann: Reynn, manners.
The Customer: You two really don't remember a thing!
Reynn: Would you please just answer my question?

Thank god, turns out the Customer has a name too! Maybe this won't be so hard to keep track off. However, the hesitation almost certainly means it's a fake name she's feeding us, so already she's hiding things. That either means she's a bad guy or she's a good guy that our protagonists are gonna eventually angrily demand the truth from and she'll respond by dropping a major plot twist. It's too early to tell. Or maybe my earlier theory was right, and she's an alcoholic who just had trouble remembering her name, who knows.

Reynn: Huh?
Enna Kros: This world, it's always been the two of you. A world without time, one that ended when it began.
Lann: Wha...? That's the weirdest thing I've heard.

Lann's face here is basically a lot of people's faces when they first played this game. Even me, having already played it before, only partially understands what she's going on about.

Enna Kros: You know, I have been checking up on you two. Until now, you were nothing but blank stares. So imagine my surprise when Lann took my order! What a morning.
Reynn: you're kind of scaring me.
Enna Kros: So! Now that you're awake, we've got a story to tell. Which brings us to...Tama!

There she is! Star fox gets an actual name and I can stop resisting the urge to make "Can't let you do that, Star Fox" jokes. Meet Tama, and let's get it out of the way now, yes, she has a verbal tick where she randomly inserts "the" into her sentences. Count your blessing; it's much less annoying reading it than it is listening to it.

Reynn: Yeah, I did try to mention it before.

Also Lann is an idiot. Get ready to see that a lot, but oh, boy, does it show.

Tama: You the-got it!
Reynn: Huh? H-hey, you can't just leave!

Uh, I think she can, Reynn. Because she literally just did. Without even giving a second thought. She's gone. Enna Kros has left the building. Probably off to actually find the bar proper this time.

Yeah, I do! How are you so fucking cute, yet so godawful annoying at the same time?

Lann: Hmm... Wait, I've got tons of questions! Why were you sitting on my head? And how the honk can a fox even talk?!
Tama: That's the-seriously the first thing on your mind? Ugh, now I see why Enna Kros was just about the-ready to throw in the towel.
Lann: We're not allowed to be confused?!

In Lann's defense, this is a lot to take in. Neither of the kids have straight-up fainted yet, so I'd say they're taking this pretty well; better than I would've at any rate.

Reynn: Hey whoa, take it easy there, Lann.
Lann: I thought you were upset too!

Oh, yeah, great, let's discuss how this world doesn't really exist over a cup of coffee, great!

Reynn: Oh, yes, please!
Lann: But...I already made some coffee before you got can you just roll with this, Reynn?!
Tama: Chill the-ouuut. You'll live the-much longer.
Reynn: Yeah, Lann, you shouldn't start your morning with so much stress.

Again, in Lann's defense, he's actually taking this pretty reasonably. Reynn, on the other hand, was super angry about all this just moments ago, but has now considerably mellowed out during a situation I wouldn't call "mellow out-able".

Tama: Oh! Would you the-like some sugar?
Reynn: Three cubes for you, right, Lann? I'm good with just one.

And with that, let's leave this part here. Next time, we'll be back with some coffee and maybe an explanation of what the heck is going on around here. As always, thank you all very much for reading, and take care!

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Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
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February 5th, 2018, 2:59 pm #3

Okay, so my goal with this run is to get at least one update out every month. So far, so good. Here's hoping I don't slip up.
[+] Part Two: Obligatory Tutorial Episode
Alright, so last time on "Gotta Imprism 'Em All!", we had the massive bombshell that the world we live in isn't real and has only ever been inhabited by our two protagonists, and then we were promised answers and coffee. Honestly, I'd be pretty down for some coffee right about now, but seeing as how that offer was only pertinent to Lann and Reynn, I'll stick to my soda and settle for just getting an explanation.

Tama: That's the-correct!

...Or never mind, I guess they already got the explanation and we have to settle for getting it secondhand. Okay then. That's fine.

Reynn: Miracles? Our arms that?
Lann: Dude...

I mean, I'd assume that all of you will actually be doing the miracle-working and your arms aren't going to be suddenly gaining sentience and separating from the rest of you. As strange as this game gets, it never quite goes that far. Also, slight tangent, but I love how Lann's reaction to this mind-boggling revelation that he's apparently some kind of miracle worker is just... "Dude."

Never change, Lann.

Wait, no, never mind, that's an even better reaction: "Oh...". You get told that you commanded an army of monsters, even the most powerful of beasts bent to your will, and you could've used said power to rule the world, but all you can think to say is, "Oh...". Amazing.

That is literally what she just said, Reynn. For fuck's sake, pay attention; this is important.

Tama: Well, that's what I the-heard!
Lann: From who?

In hindsight, that should've been kind of obvious. Even from the short time we've talked to her, Enna Kros seems to be the one with all the answers. Unless we're still rolling with the alcoholic theory. But then again, I guess alcoholics can have answers too. Like...wasn't the guy that turns out to be God in Dogma an alcoholic? Or was he just homeless? I might be stereotyping, oops. Also, this is way off topic, enough about alcoholic gods.

Oh, boy, are we actually, finally getting to some goddamn gameplay here?

Lann: What? How's that?

Tama: So, let's the-try it right now in glorious combat!
Lann: Wait, what? Huh?

Lann is just nailing it with these amazing reactions today.

Alright, it's tutorial battle time! Finally, I get to explain some game mechanics and show off how terrible I am at video games! This'll be fun!

Fun fact: Halfway through this opening battle sequence, my PS4 controller disconnected and I had to deal with an annoying "Dualshock 4 disconnected" error message in the corner. But if I hadn't said anything, you wouldn't've known. Screenshot magic~

Okay! It's time to battle! Well...time for the tutorial battle, but the point still stands! Let's get into how this works here. Now I could just let the tutorial pop-ups do this part for me, but where's the fun in that? Also, in my haste to actually get to some gameplay (and also while trying to reconnect my Dualshock), I kinda button mashed my way through those by accident. Whoops.

Anyway! The battle system! In the bottom right-hand corner, we have the health and AP bars of our active characters, and right now, that's Lann and Tama. Why Reynn doesn't get a chance to participate and instead only Lann gets singled out, I dunno, but that's neither here nor there. The blue bar next to a character's portrait is their health, while the red bar underneath that is their AP. So right now, Tama has 143 HP while Lann has 140, and the both of them have 4 AP. HP is obviously the amount of damage a character can take before being rendered unable to battle, while AP are Ability Points, which are expended every time a character uses an Ability. We'll get into Abilities in just a sec.

The blue bar running up and down the left-hand side of the screen with everyone's portraits on it is the turn order. Everyone's portrait starts at the bottom of the bar and then moves up towards the top. Once they get to the top of the bar, it becomes their turn to take an action, and once they take that action, their portrait returns to the bottom of the bar again. The speed at which a character's portrait climbs the bar is based on their Agility stat. As we can see from this screenshot, it's currently Tama's turn and Lann's turn will be not long after, with our opponent acting last.

And finally, the UI just beneath the turn order bar. Don't get used to seeing that too much, except for maybe the first few updates because during this entire play session, I completely forgot to fix my battle settings in the pause menu. Basically, that's your command menu and the different face button perform different actions. Like here, the Triangle button will perform a basic attack, while the X button will defend. I honestly don't really like this version of the command menu; it's too simplified for my tastes. I much more prefer...

This menu instead! It's pretty blatantly based off of the old-school Final Fantasy command menus, and on top of that, it shows all your commands, rather than you choosing to just assign four to the different face buttons. So as soon as the second play session starts, this is the command menu you'll be seeing for the rest of the run. Anyway, that's enough going on about the battle screen, let's get to the actual battle!

Our enemy in question is a Yuguru and...quick digression here, but I have no idea where this thing came from. Like, I get we need some kind of opponent in the tutorial fight, but where did it come from? Like, I'd assume Tama summoned it since she's the one who initiated this, but from where and how? I'm sorry, I know this is a little issue, but I'm very confused and this never gets explained. Anyway, I guess speculating the issue isn't gonna give me any answers, back to the tutorial.

Our enemy in question is a Yuguru who came outta absolutely fucking nowhere and is completely boring is almost every way. (Please ignore that those status screen screenshots were clearly taken after I had already started wailing on it, I'm definitely a professional who knows what they're doing.) No resistance to any Elements and we don't even have any Ailment inflicting moves yet, so we don't have to worry about the second set of resistances. And no worries, I will be going into what all of those symbols mean eventually, there's actually a much better point to talk about them than here.

Now, we could just have Tama do a basic attack against the Yuguru, or...

We could go to her Abilities menu and use one of those instead. Libra is basically an ability that you scan your enemy, seeing its HP and resistances. It's what I use a little bit later in the battle to get those status screens after already beating the Yuguru to an inch of its life. What we're gonna do here instead is use Foxfire, which will use up all 4 of Tama's AP but, as it says, deal magical Fire damage to her target.

Alright, 68 damage out of 296 overall HP isn't bad; that's a little over a fifth of its health! However, this now means that Tama has 0 AP left. However, there's nothing to worry about, because AP regenerates a little bit at the start of every turn. So while Tama won't be able to use Foxfire again next turn, in just a few more, she'll have all her AP back and be ready to do it again.

Now it's Lann's turn, and as we can see, he doesn't have any Abilities to choose from yet. So instead, we'll just have him do a standard, basic attack.

Alright, 45 damage isn't as good as what Tama shells out, which is kinda sad that the fluffy fox monster does more than the supposed almighty miracle worker, but hey, I guess the kid is only level one at this point. Plus, Tama actually blasted it with intense mystical fire, rather than just doing a sort of...scratch attack. Mystical Fire is a 75 Power move, as opposed to Scratch, which is only 40. Or...then again, Lann is doing the scratching with his special gauntlet hand, would that make his attack Metal Claw instead? That's still only a 50 Power move, though; Mystical Fire wins out in the end.

Either way, any damage is good damage, so long as it's not damage done to me. Now we wait and it's the Yuguru's turn next. They pull a little scratchy attack of their own and...

Yeah, only 25 damage to Tama? This thing's a joke. But it's kind of expected to be; it is literally the tutorial battle. I'm pretty sure you can't even lose this battle, even if you do nothing but defend. After a certain amount of turns, Tama straight up just calls the battle when she's seen enough. With that said, I hope you don't mind if I skip to the scene after this battle then. Literally nothing interesting happened during the rest of it and I didn't even get the chance to win the battle because Tama ended it before I dropped the Yuguru to 0 HP.

And to anyone who thought I went too in depth with that battle, what with the play by play for every turn taken, don't worry, I won't be doing that for battles from here on out. I only did that to demonstrate how the flow of turns usually goes and get those unfamiliar with the game an idea of how the combat works. Past this point, I'm gonna be a bit more lenient for documenting battles, except for maybe tight spots and boss battles.

With that disclaimer out of the way, on with the plot!

(Actually, hang on, I lied. First off, these are our victory screens. The first one shows us the party's EXP gain and level ups, the second one shows our spoils we get from the match, such as items and gil, which is money in this game for those completely unfamiliar with the Final Fantasy series. The main reason I wanted to show this off is for that goddamn EXP gain. One experience point til our next level, on both of them?! Have you ever seen anything more blue ball-y on a video game scale in your life?! I mean, even the Pokemon games give you a free level up for your first battle against your rival; why do you gotta toy with my emotions like that, Square Enix?)

Okay, for real this time, on with the plot!

Lann: Dude. Seriously?
Tama: Dude, the-seriously!

Again with the dude. Though, I...gotta admit, it's kinda cute when Tama does it.

Reynn: It's hard to believe...

Oh, and look who's back with more confusing cryptic bullshit that doesn't really answer any of our questions! You know, at first I was joking, but with all the random words you're pulling from seemingly nowhere, maybe you are just an alcoholic that happens to have a magic pet fox. Maybe you're just rambling to these kids and taking advantage of their gullibility!

Reynn: What?

Tama, are you in on this scam too? Don't play with me like this, girl; I trusted you! You're kinda annoying, but I trusted you! Also, thank you, Reynn, for being the voice of reason and voicing all of our thoughts right now.

When a character who seemingly has all the answers says that, it usually means a big dump of plot is going to follow, so prepare for a bunch of screenshots of people talking. Most of them probably Enna Kros, not gonna lie.

Lann: You mean they're all inside this gate?

I mean, I'd assume there's something beyond the gate, Lann. I seriously doubt you just pop through the portal and show up in a room on the other side that's just bursting with Mirages. Portals like this usually imply big, expansive worlds on the other end. Plus, how easy would that be, if like in Pokemon, all it took after getting your starter to complete the Pokedex was just popping into the regional professor's back room and look at that, literally all the Pokemon are here; all I gotta do is collect 'em!

Enna Kros: You got it. Are you ready to conquer them again?

Reynn: Oh...

Of course it wouldn't be that easy, would it? It's never that easy. Ah, well, even if it doesn't cure their amnesia, I'm still gonna be pocketing all those Mirages. I'm doing a challenge run for internet cred! ...Okay, no, this isn't gonna get me internet cred, I know... I'm pretty sure people don't even say "cred" anymore, actually.

You know, I really, really like that line: "But even if you don't remember Grymoire, Grymoire still knows a lot about you." Maybe it's just the kind of media I consume, but I don't see that brought up in amnesia plots often, where it's not the amnesiac regaining memories, but learning about who they once were via context clues in the world. I'd like to see it more, though.

Lann:, like...
Reynn: You're saying, whether we remember anything about ourselves or not, we can still find clues about our past and the things we've done?

And then Reynn goes ahead and explains the line in layman's terms and completely ruins whatever kind of air of mystery it once had. Thanks, Reynn; you killed it.

Oh, yeah, right, forgot to mention this last part, but the twins are canonically 15, so the fact that they both apparently have jobs and earn their keep, all without any kind of guardians or parental supervision is kind of concerning. What's even more concerning is that it took them until Enna Kros mentioning it for them to be like, "Oh, yeah! Parents! Those are usually things kids like us have, right? Yeah, good point; where are ours?" Like, I get it, it's Final Fantasy; most main characters are missing one or both parents, but at least those characters acknowledge that yes, they at one point had parents, but said parents either died or disappeared. Lann and Reynn, on the other hand, are just now realizing, "Oh, shit, right; we're supposed to have parents!"

It's hard to show in screenshots without said screenshots looking awkward and weird, so I'm just going to tell you guys that Lann and Reynn both just nodded in agreement and them jumped into the portal to Grymoire.

You know, when I first played this, I thought they agreed to go along with Enna Kros' plan a little too easily, but I guess looking at it now, it makes sense. They were just told their life isn't real and doing this Mirage hunting thing is the only way to find any semblance of a real life now that the world has "ended". I mean, what else are they supposed to say? "Nah, it's cool, we'll just stay here in this big old empty world filled with nothing but the two of us; thanks for the offer, though!" That'd get boring really fast, and assuming the world doesn't have infinite supplies, they'd eventually die. So yeah, I suppose risking your life on a mission to collect some monsters is the better option.

Oh, ha, yeah. Right, that's something I never addressed. So if you hadn't realized from me talking about my Dualshock controller disconnecting before, I'm playing this game off my PS4. And because this game is kind of primitive in that you can only have one save slot and I didn't want to erase the file of my initial playthrough, I just made a completely new User on my PS4, specifically for this run. And because I'm playing this game for the first time on this new User account, that means Trophies! So if that happens to pop up during screenshots, now you know why.

I believe the Gateway to Adventure trophy is unlocked for completing the Prologue and entering Grymoire for the very first time. Now I'm wondering if I should also make this a 100% Trophy completion Platinum run...


Yeah, sorry, not doing that. It was a fun idea for the two minutes it lasted, though!

And...I know this is a bit short, but this feels like a really natural ending point for this part. Next part we'll be starting off of the real adventure with Chapter One, and maybe, just maybe, we'll make our first Mirage capture! As always, thank you very much for reading and take care! Bye-bye!

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February 5th, 2018, 4:51 pm #4

Tama reminds me of a Pachirisu for some reason. Probably the white and the big floofy tail.

I'm looking forward to seeing more of this. It's an interesting-looking game premise, and I want to find out what The Brother and The Sister learn on their journey.
Omega Wonder: an Omega Ruby Wonderlocke -- COMPLETED

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March 28th, 2018, 9:30 pm #5

[+] Replies!
@Trollkitten: Hey, you know, you're right! I never really made the connection myself before, but Tama does look like a Pachirisu! And I hope you're buckled in for the ride, this game can get a little crazy. Love to have you aboard for the journey, though!
*crashes in with a brand new update*

Guess who's still technically on par for monthly updates? That's right, it's this guy!
[+] Part Three: He Has Arrived
Alright, are you guys finally ready to get to some actual gameplay and not have to sit through cutscene after cutscene of confusing plot told to us by seemingly all-knowing alcoholic and her magic fox pal? Because boy, I sure am! Last time on "Gotta Imprism 'Em All!", the twins received a quest from the aforementioned all-knowing alcoholic, Enna Kros: travel to the land of Grymoire, recapture the magical beasts known as Mirages, and perhaps it will give them the clues they need to recover their lost past.

And this time we're gonna play the goddamn game! Hoo boy!

My god, update number 3 and we're finally out of the damn prologue. This game is gonna take forever. If my schedule frees up later down the line, I may commit to more than one update a month, just for the purposes of speeding this up a little because, uh...spoiler alert, this game has over twenty chapters to it. Granted, they're not super long chapters, but I'd like to finish this run before I'm 25.

Theme: "Labyrinth of Trees"

Anyway, potential length of this run aside, welcome to our very first dungeon of the game, Wellspring Woods! And...god, I don't wanna sound like a graphics whore, but this game is so pretty. Look at the sunkissed leaves on the trees! Look at the soft grass lining the dirt path! I wanna be here, just to take a walk and breathe it all in.

Reynn: Huh?

Ah, right, almost forgot! Now we get to introduce one of the main mechanics of this game that sets it apart from other monster capturing RPGs. And yes, this is part of an actual mechanic; they aren't just chibi for the cuteness factor, despite the cuteness factor being this game's forte. We should be getting into the tutorial for it in just a bit, because yeah, we're not quite out of tutorial zone yet. Thankfully, the rest of the aspects that need to be tutorialized at this point are small things that shouldn't take twenty thousand paragraphs to explain like the battle system did.

Also, quick note, I like the detail here that Reynn didn't realize that both of them had become mini-fied, just something I found kinda cute.

...You know, at the end of this run, I should have a "cute" counter. Just go back through and count every time I said the word "cute". I would say that the readers could make a drinking game out of it, but let's be real, if you took a sip every time I said the word cute, you'd probably get so wasted that the next morning, you'd wind up at the local coffee shop, ask for a "pint" before hastily correcting yourself to a cup of coffee, then proceed to, in a hungover daze, add thirteen cubes of sugar to your drink.

I'm sorry, I'm still not over the thirteen cubes, guys. Thirteen cubes! That is entirely too many cubes!

Or maybe she was just trolling us. Enna Kros seems kinda troll-y to me. What if no one in Grymoire looks like this? What if we're just a couple of Powerpuff Girls in the city of Townsville?

Reynn: Wow, she can do stuff like that?
Lann: That is awesomely weird.

You say that now, but wait until it turns out I'm right and all the normal people start calling you a couple of bug-eyed freaks.

Okay, couple of things here. First off, it's a li'l hard to tell in the screenshot, but the thing above Lann's head is a thought bubble with an anime sweatdrop. Y'know, just in case you were wondering how anime this game is, you know that weeb phase in which folks would write fanfic and then use "sweatdrop" as a verb? That's how anime this game is.

Second, I'm not really understanding Reynn's logic here. What does being small have to do with their arms? Like, clearly we can see on Lann here, their tattoos are still there! Them shrinking did not cause the tattoos to vanish! Maybe her logic is that if they're smaller, their tattoos are now smaller and thus harder to notice, but that logic is flawed, seeing as how Grymoire is apparently full of chibi-people. If everyone is small like you and they've all got giant fuckin' eyes like you, they're definitely gonna see your tattoos and, assuming everyone else doesn't also have tattoos, it'll definitely still be weird.

Okay, more tutorial stuff! I'll try to make this brief! This tooltip here does most of the explaining for me and also now we have the canon name for the chibi-people so I don't have to keep calling them chibi-people. Thank god on both accounts. I'm gonna ignore the puns of the names of the two different forms and just get straight to explaining: switching sizes in this game doesn't have a huge effect in the overworld, save for a few chests that'll be too high to reach if you're a Lilikin, but it does affect what form you start as in battle, which is the main reason you'll want to keep switching sizes in mind. The effect sizes have in battle is something we'll be getting into in just a bit.

Seriously, like..."ten minutes of gameplay" just a bit. This part actually might end up having more tutorial tooltips popping up than our Obligatory Tutorial Episode did. That, uh...may have been an oversight on my part. Is it too late to go back and change the name?

...Yes? It is? Dammit, fine, we'll do it live.

Lann: What? I'm not gonna get lost! ...Yet.

Alright, and we are into the gameplay, boys! One thing I do really like about the walking around and exploring parts of this game is that you still get bits of banter and dialogue between the twins; it's a good way to break up the monotony. But more important than the banter at this point in time is that yellow thing in the distance. Y'all see that?

It's our very first wild Mirage and a familiar face to any Final Fantasy veterans that happen to be reading! Or, you know...anyone that's seen the banner for this run. Look, I wasn't exactly clever with choosing Mirages to draw for it.

Tama: That is the-called a chocochick! What are you the-waiting for? Go on and imprism the-it!
Lann: Okay!

Y'all ready for another tutorial battle? Don't worry, this one shouldn't take as long to explain.

You know, thank god I only have to sit through these "summoning Tama" battle openings for the battles that are meant to be tutorial only. But isn't that strange and also somewhat familiar? Rather than Tama fighting alongside Lann like in our last battle, this time she's chosen to sit perched upon his head like she did back in part one. Interesting, yeah?

...Okay, I have many questions and, "So what now?" is not one of them. First off, Reynn, where the fuck did you come from? You've been conveniently absent for the past five screenshots. Now you wanna jump in? Not just gonna leave this tutorial battle all up to Lann like the last one? Second, you have a knife. Where the hell did you get a knife? I'd concede that maybe that's part of your magical gauntlet summoning routine, but in that case, why do you have the power to magically summon a knife? Why can't Lann summon a weapon too? Why do you get that power and he doesn't? Share the love a little, Reynn; your dumb brother's gotta resort to Metal Clawing shit and something tells me that's not as effective as a goddamn knife! He deserves a weapon too; this is discrimination against younger and stupider twins!

And third, why are we tiny again? Or, more specifically, why is Lann tiny again? He was just in his Jiant form and now, playing back the footage, not even a second later, he's back in his Lilikin form! They didn't even do a cutaway or anything to imply transformation; just, oop, now he's small again! C'mon, Square-Enix, now that's just inconsistent.

Tama: First, you're the-going to need this!
Reynn: It looks sort of like a prismarium. What is it?
Tama: That's the-called a "prism." Use it to the-make the chocochick's prismarium!

(If you're wondering why I didn't bother to get any screenshots of the prism, it's because the game doesn't actually show you it. There's not even an animation of Tama handing over something to Reynn, it's just all implied. This part is just full of Square-Enix cutting corners.)

Tama: Every time you find a new the-Mirage you haven't seen before, it'll be recorded in Enna Kros' special Mirage Manual.
Lann: Whoa! Does it even have pictures?!
Tama: You the-betcha! And the-whenever you add a new Mirage to the manual, you receive one of its prisms! But only the first time, the-mind you.

Okay so I didn't screenshot that conversation because it was all dialogue over the same shot zoomed in on the chocochick's face and that just didn't seem interesting enough to take screenshots of multiple times. This is slowly just becoming the "Polar Bear justifies why they aren't taking screenshots in their screenshot run" episode.

Anyway, lemme translate that tutorial into a language that I know everyone on the forums will understand: Pokemon. A prism is basically just a Pokeball, but in this game, every Mirage has its own type of Pokeball and can only be caught with that type of Pokeball. So you couldn't catch Tama in a chocochick prism because Tama isn't a chocochick. However, prism types remain consistent throughout evolutionary lines; say we later ran into the evolved form of a chocochick, we could still catch it with a plain ol' chocochick prism. Another thing to note is that prisms are only expended if they successfully catch a Mirage. So if we screwed up in imprisming this chocochick, it's not like we blew our only chocochick prism and are now shit out of luck; we could keep trying until we catch it.

The Mirage Manual is...literally just our Pokedex of this game. It'll show us the Mirages we've seen, its evolutionary line, and if we actually own a Mirage, it'll show us more info on it like stats and a small blurb about it, usually featuring a reference to other Final Fantasy games or a stupid joke.

Like Tama said, we get our prisms just by encountering different Mirages, but we'll only get a prism the first time we encounter a new Mirage. After that first time, we'll have to get more prisms through different means, namely leveling up the Mirages we already own. You'll see what I mean by that later. For now, why don't we actually fight and capture this chocochick instead of just talking about it?

Tama: Okay, first, try the-weakening the chocochick. Then the-use your prism!

Alright, let's catch us a-

...Oh, god, more tutorials. And I did promise last part that I'd properly explain what these symbols mean... Alright fine, real quick, let's go over these. I'm not gonna belittle anyone's intelligence by explaining what "Fire" and "Water" are, they're basically types, we all play Pokemon here, we understand how elemental strengths and weaknesses work. What I really wanna go over is the different status ailments and what they do because they're not exactly like Pokemon's status effects. Let's go down the list:

Poison is the easy one, it works like it does in Pokemon and ticks off a bit of health every turn.
Confusion, unlike in Pokemon where it becomes a coin flip of performing the action you input or hurting themselves, renders your character uncontrollable. They'll choose actions and targets entirely randomly, doing anything from standard attacks, to using abilities, to even using up your items. Thankfully characters can be knocked out of this condition when they're hit with a physical attack.
Sleep renders your character entirely unable to act, but like confusion, can easily be cured by giving the character a swift knock upside the head.
Blindness lowers your character's accuracy to almost zero, causing them to miss more often than not.
Oblivion makes it so your character can't use their abilities, only standard attacks.
Berserk raises your character's Attack, but causes them to start attacking uncontrollably. Characters under Berserk status will only use standard attacks until they're cured of the status or they're knocked out.
Slow is pretty self-explanatory; it makes your character slow so the time between turns takes longer.
Death...well, Death kills you. Plain and simple. The more susceptible you are to the Death status, the higher the chance a move with the Death status attached will one-shot you.
Stun knocks you down to the bottom of the turn order bar and, uh...stuns you for a few seconds before wearing off.
Protect raises your character's defense against Physical attacks.
Shell raises your character's defense against Magical attacks.
Reflect causes any and all magic that targets your character to "bounce off" and target the opposing party instead.
Regen is the opposite of Poison, healing your character bit by bit every turn.
Haste is the opposite of Slow, allowing your character to act more frequently.
Bravery ups your character's Physical attacks.
Faith ups your character's Magical attacks.
And KO is the obvious one: if a character is KO'd, then they're unable to fight until being revived.

Alright. We got that out of the way. Now can I please just catch this damn chicken?

Oh, neat, the game gave us a free Libra use right at the start of the battle! It usually doesn't do that, nice-


Fuck, now I've gotta tutorialize what that means too! I am so sorry, guys; I'm really trying to get this ball rolling. Really, I am! But I don't wanna assume people know what the hell is going on and then skip over game mechanics, running the risk of people getting confused. Just...bear with me. If it wasn't important, I wouldn't bother going over it.

So, imprism opportunities, or "prismtunities". World of Final Fantasy isn't quite like Pokemon when it comes to catching your monsters; you can't just beat them to an inch of their lives and then throw a prism at them to capture them. Rather, each Mirage has its own condition you have to fulfill before they become eligible for capture. Upon fulfilling the condition, you create a "prismtunity", which then allows you to throw your prism and get a catch. Conditions for creating prismtunities can range from as lowering the Mirage's HP, inflicting a certain status on it, attacking it in a certain way, to many other means as well. Thankfully, you won't need to use guesswork to figure out what to do to capture your Mirage, as one Libra will tell you everything you need to know about how to catch a Mirage and create a prismtunity.

As you can see, for this little dude, all we have to do to get a prismtunity is hit it with some physical attacks, no problem.

Alright, let's beat the hell of this baby bird!

Like Tama is pointing out here, you can tell when you've created a prismtunity when you see a glowing ring under the Mirage's feet. Also, something to note is that you can make prismtunities stronger by repeating the action you used to create it. For example, if I were to attack the chocochick with another physical attack, the glow would get stronger. The stronger a prismtunity, the more likely a Mirage is to get caught by your prism.

But that's enough just talking about it...

Let's actually imprism the thing already!

And after three updates and a bunch of screenshots of nothing but bluster, we have finally imprismed our very first Mirage! Counting Tama, that's now two Mirages to our name, out of...180, I think?

Hoo boy, this run's gonna take forever...

Also, the Trophy we got, Mirage Keeper, is for imprisming your first Mirage. I know I said I wasn't gonna be getting the Platinum for this run, and trust me, I won't be, I haven't gone back on that, but I figure that if I get a Trophy, I might as well show it off; why not, you know?

I'm not gonna bother showing off the results screen for that battle because the only thing I really got out of it worth mentioning is that Reynn caught up with Lann and Tama and hit level 2. There I go again, making excuses for why haven't taken a screenshot of something in my screenshot run... Look, I figure I'll just show off level status and stuff of that sort before major battles just so I don't have to show you every results screen of every battle. What I do want to show off, though... our new buddy's status screens! Much like when you catch a new Pokemon, in World of Final Fantasy when you imprism a new Mirage, you get a look at their Mirage Manual page. On the right-hand side are their different stats, growth trends, and resistances and weaknesses for the elements and ailments, down below is their short flavor text blurb, and on the left, you have their evolutionary tree, the number of that particular Mirage you've imprismed before, and the items the Mirage has the chance to drop if you defeat it in battle.

As we can see from these stats, our new chocochick friend is pretty average in stats at the moment, save for Agility. As they level up, they'll start pulling ahead a little in Attack, Defense, and Magic, while HP and Magic Defense might fall behind and Agility will remain its main draw.

And now...

Let's name this little guy. As I stated in the rules for this run, my naming scheme this time around is Final Fantasy characters that don't make an appearance in World of Final Fantasy. This gives me the chance to spread the love for Final Fantasy even more in a game already about spreading the love for Final Fantasy. Hopefully that decision doesn't alienate this run for anyone that isn't a Final Fantasy fan.

Oh, who am I kidding? No one's reading this run anyway.

(I'm kidding! Thank you to everyone who reads this run; I love you all and your attention and readership is very important to me, please don't leave!)

...Ahem. Right. Naming the chocochick. Back on track.

We're gonna name him Ace, after one of the main characters of Final Fantasy Type-0 and the kid on the cover of the box. Or at least...the cover of the box of the PS4 HD Remaster, but let's be real, that's probably the version most people reading this have played, if they played it at all... Type-0 wasn't super popular, and most of the HD Remaster copies were only bought so people could get their hands on that sweet, sweet Final Fantasy XV demo code. Which is a damn shame, because Type-0 is an amazing game that deserves more love, it's either my second or third favorite Final Fantasy game in tight competition with Final Fantasy X, and...and...

Wait, we were talking about the chocochick, weren't we? Shit, sorry, my bad, folks. I just get really passionate about Final Fantasy Type-0 sometimes. Anyway, where were we?

Ah, right, right, Ace. So Ace is one of the main characters of Type-0, and in that game, is known as a notorious lover of chocobos. In some of the Type-0 supplementary material, it even turns out that if Ace had been allowed a life outside of fighting and war, he'd want to be a chocobo rancher. On top of that, in the game, Ace is a warrior for Rubrum under the flag of the Vermilion Bird, and...look, chocobos, birds, chocobos are birds, Ace likes chocobos and also birds too, I guess, vermilion birds...I'm just gonna roll with this, okay?


Oh. Right. Not quite out of tutorial land yet, guys. Now we're getting into one of the big draws of World of Final Fantasy's battle system that sets it apart from the other turn-based RPGs of the series.

Now, doesn't that look familiar? Didn't we just take note of the fact that in that last battle, Tama chose to fight from atop Lann's head rather than next to him on the ground?

Reynn: Oh, now I get it! So when I saw you perched on Lann's head back in Nine Wood Hills, that's what you call "stacking."
Tama: Yup, that's the-right! While I'm up the-here, I get to take it nice and the-easy.
Lann: Uh, is that stacking or slacking?

Lann, shut up. Okay, so, this next conversation is, surprise, surprise, more tutorial, and I don't wanna waste time and screenshots on it when I know I could explain it much, much faster. So I will. And yes, maybe I'm making excuses for not taking screenshots again, okay, fine!

So in World of Final Fantasy, you're given the option to "stack" your characters in order to increase your stats and power up your abilities. You're allowed two stacks at once; a stack for Lann and a stack for Reynn. When stacked, the stats of the characters in the stack are added together; basically, when stacked, the characters in the stack become one entity. On top of stats being added together, stacks can also increase the power of your abilities. Say two characters both know the ability "Fire". If these two characters are stacked, then the stack would be able to cast the second level of Fire, "Fira". If a third character knew Fire and then was added to the stack, then the ability would be leveled up to the third form, "Firaga".

However, stacks aren't invincible. Some enemies have attacks and abilities that specialize in unbalancing and unstacking your stacks. If you find yourself getting unstacked in the heat of battle, all members of the stack will be stunned and left ripe for the picking until you can restack yourself. On top of that, while your stats and abilities are combined in a stack, so are your weaknesses. If you put two characters who both have a -25 resistance to Water in one stack, then your entire stack will be -50 resistant to Water, even if the third member of your stack is completely neutral to Water.

Stacks can only contain up to three characters at a time, and the stack can only contain one character of each size at a time. There are three sizes - ...okay, wait, that's a lie. There are four sizes, but the fourth size isn't pertinent to stacking and we probably won't be running into it for quite some time, so for the time being, let's just pretend there are only three sizes. There are three sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. The stack has to follow logic, so Small goes on top of Medium, which goes on top of Large.

This is why Reynn and Lann have the ability to switch sizes; their Lilikin forms are Medium sized while their Jiant forms are Large. What size they are when they enter battle determines what stack they start the battle with. You can't change sizes in battle, so it's a good idea to have stacks set up for both Lann and Reynn's Lilikin and Jiant forms in advance.

And that's about stacking in a nutshell. In my personal opinion, even though the game gives you the option to unstack in battle, I almost never take it, so prepare to see me in stacks for almost the whole game.

And hey, now that we've got Ace, a Small size Mirage, that means that Reynn doesn't have to be a stack of one anymore! Let's get that set up, shall we?

Oh, uh, ha. Right. I don't think I ever showed off the menu, did I? Well, as you can see, there's a few options we haven't unlocked yet so, yeah, there's probably more tutorials coming up, but hey, for the time being, let's just go over the ones that are there. "Items" is self-explanatory, it lets us look through our inventory. "Abilities" lets us review the Abilities that Lann, Reynn, and the Mirages currently in our party know. "Stack Setup" is what we'll be getting to in just a moment. "Adventure Log" is a review of the plot, as well as where we can find the side quests we've accepted later. "Tip Jar" is where our tutorial tooltips are located. "Config" is the options menu that I don't actually go into until next play session because I'm an idiot that didn't remember to adjust my battle preferences. And "Save" know, saving.

Next to the menu, you can see our current stacks. Since both Lann and Reynn are in their Lilikin forms at the moment, the stacks that are displayed are the Lilikin stacks, with Lann and Tama making up the one stack and Reynn stacking by her lonesome on the other. Let's fix that.

Here's our Stack Setup screen! Up top, you can see that we have four different stacks that we can edit: Lilikin Reynn, Lilikin Lann, Jiant Reynn, and Jiant Lann. Right now we want to work with Lilikin Reynn. Off on the left, we have the stats of our stacks, or our Stack Stats if you will, which is helpful in that it doesn't actually make you calculate and add up the stats yourself; instead, the game does it for you. How delightful.

Now let's go about adding Ace to Lilikin Reynn's stack.

All we've gotta do is select Lilikin Reynn's stack, select the Small slot, that being the slot at the top, and then select Ace from the list provided. As you can see from the second screenshot, when Ace is added to the stack, the Stack Stats gain 14 points in both Strength and Magic, and an additional 9 in Agility. However, you might also notice the slight downside that adding Ace to the stack causes the Stability of the stack to become "Weak".

I mentioned earlier that enemy attacks can cause you to be forcibly unstacked. Stability plays into that; the weaker your stack's Stability, the more susceptible you are to being toppled. What determines your stack's Stability? Well, I dunno. In fact, no one seems to know. The game doesn't tell you and the people that've tried to crack the code behind it have just sort of shrugged their shoulders and admitted that it seems random.

To be completely honest, full disclosure, I don't put much stock (or, uh...stack, eh, eh?) into Stability. An admitted flaw I have when playing this game is that I tend to focus more on what makes my stacks good, rather than what makes them bad. Sure, if I put a little more effort in, I could probably make amazing stacks with good Stability, well-rounded stats, and a variety of powerful Abilities with good elemental coverage.

Or I could just be lazy, stick a chicken on Reynn's head, and call it a day because #YOLO.


So with that out of the way and our stacks in order, we can get a move on and -


Cool, cool, so, uh, heads up? I fucking hate this mechanic. So I'm gonna skim the fuck on over it because I don't like it and don't wanna waste screenshots on it.

So that block thing? That's called a Gimme Golem. It just sort of sits in the way and doesn't move until you find the item that it keeps calling "gimme, gimme" for. And that could've been an interesting mechanic, but the problem is that all the items they ask for are the general vicinity? They're not unique in the slightest. The Gimme Golems could've been replaced with doors and the items they ask for keys and literally nothing about this mechanic would change. You gain nothing from this mechanic being here; it's just a time waster.

Now the problem with the Gimme Golem tutorial is that it's intertwined with two other tutorials that are actually important, so I'm gonna try to go over those tutorials while not acknowledging the whiny block of an elephant in the room. Cool? Cool.

We unlocked a new option in our menu: the Mirage Board! I mentioned these a few times before, but for anyone that's played Final Fantasy X, they're basically mini Sphere Grids unique to each different Mirage. For those that haven't played Final Fantasy X...they're basically mini Skill Trees unique to each different Mirage.

Lemme show you what I mean. So here we have Ace's Mirage Board. Each node on his Mirage Board is either an Ability for him to learn, a stat boost for him to gain, or an item we can obtain. We can unlock these nodes by spending Skill Points or SP, which Mirages earn via leveling up.

As you can see under Ace's HP, he has 3 SP to spend. Meanwhile, the first Ability Ace has to unlock on his Mirage Board, Stroll, costs 1 SP to get, as shown by the number next to the Ability name. Now, Stroll, that's the other tutorial I wanna quickly cover. Stroll is an Ability that certain Mirages get that allow them to, you guessed it, stroll out in the overworld alongside Lann and Reynn. It's not just cosmetic, though; Strolling Mirages have the chance to find items for you out in the world, so it's never a bad idea to have a friend out with you coming along for a stroll.

Anyway, while I'm here, I've got 2 more SP I can spend, so I'm just gonna pick up the Ability Ram too. Then, over on Tama's board, I'll spend 3 of her 4 SP to pick up a 5 point boost in Strength, and that'll be the end of our Mirage Board shenanigans for the day.

Hey, would you look at that? We've got Ace strolling alongside us and there's not a thing in our way. Not that there ever was a thing in our way, right, guys?

Continuing on our way, there's a treasure chest just up ahead that has three whole Potions for us! Sweet! Potions are gonna be pretty valuable for us in the early game when everyone's low leveled with really small max HP numbers and none of our characters have any healing Abilities yet. They drop off in usefulness later, but then they become really good for topping off your HP after rough battles, so I'd say they're good enough to always have a few of on hand.

Interrupting this little dialogue between character because another treasure chest to open, this time with a Phoenix Down in it! Aw, hell yeah! Phoenix Downs are basically the Revives of the Final Fantasy series and since I'm not applying Nuzlocke rules to this run, I'm allowed to get excited. Just to let you guys know ahead of time, I'm not the best at this game, so I'm probably gonna have to stock up on a lot of Phoenix Downs.

Tama: And so, when one of you guys the-gives them the old KO, they can't maintain their presence here anymore. They fizzle the-out and go back to their own worlds.
Reynn: Huh... Wait. Now, that's weird... Who was it that told me all this before? Ugh, it's like...right there, on the tip of my tongue...

A little bit of world-building as to the nature of Mirages and their existence, and what's this? Could it be that Reynn is regaining some of her lost memories already? Eh, probably not; this is only the first chapter and we're barely an hour into the game, we can't be getting into heavy plot like that already!

Ooh, what's that spooky looking square down there? Let's go poke it with a stick!

Tama: But-

No "buts," Tama! Lann's got the right idea; don't you know that I'm doing a "Gotta Imprism 'Em All" run? I will not rest until every Mirage in this game is soundly encapsulated in my prisms, and if you're not with me on that, then too bad because you're already imprismed and don't have a say in the matter! Now let's go catch me a new Mir-

...Oh. He's kind of a big boy, ain't he? Heh heh...hoo boy.

Lann: Uh...this one's not very cute.

I firmly but respectfully disagree. He's beautiful, just very very...angry.

Reynn: Lann! Why did you- Now what do we do?
Tama: I tried to the-tell you. Inside murkrifts, you're likely to find Mirages that are the-strong and dangerous.
Lann: You "tried to the-tell" us? Try a little harder, please!

Right, so murkrifts are basically little challenge fights you can do. You can find them in just about every dungeon and their challenge level will be much higher than that of the dungeon itself. You don't have to challenge murkrifts, though; they're entirely optional and only there for funsies.

Except for this one. You do have to fight this one; it's a mandatory encounter. But hey, I'm sure we'll be fine! With the combined forces of Reynn, Lann, Tama, and Ace, there's no way we can lose! This guy's going down! Let's goooooo

oooohhhh... Oh. Hmm. Well...I did say I wasn't very good at this game. Welp. I guess that's as good a place as any to end this part. Uh, I guess next time we'll be reloading from our last save point and trying that again. My epic failure aside, thank you all very much for reading and I'll see you all in the next one! Take care.

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Conqueror of the Celadon Gym
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May 3rd, 2018, 9:51 am #6

Hey, so, some of you might have noticed that we missed the April update. And similarly, not an update. Well, there's a good reason for that, so this is an update on the status of this run.

"Gotta Imprism 'Em All!" is going on hiatus for a few months. My Playstation 4 has recently broken: the Bluetooth connection has malfunctioned, so I can't connect my controllers to it, and no controllers render the PS4 unusable. Yeah, remember that joke about how my Dualshock randomly disconnected on me back in Part 2? Turns out that was foreshadowing!

Now, I'm hoping to get the PS4 fixed for my birthday, but that isn't until the end of June, so the next update probably won't be out until July. So...sorry for the technical issues, I'm working on getting the money for repairs, and hopefully I'll see you all in July for a fresh new "Gotta Imprism 'Em All!" update! See you guys then.