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May 29th, 2017, 5:29 pm #1

[+] Prologue
Hello, and welcome t-to the w-world offfffff Poké-ymon! Now tell me, ar-e you a boy or gir-


''That VHS is broken beyond repair, but I guess I can still get some laughs out of it. It's so old, Professor Oak still had brown hair.. it was supposed to teach you the basics of Pokémon, or something. Not that helpful anymore, for obvious reasons.''

He got up off of the bed. It had an indent from where he was sitting.

''It seems it's way too late to be worrying about some silly VHS. Professor Elm will probably tell me the basics, anyways. I doubt it's that hard.''

''Geoff?.. Geoff?.. are you up? Can you come down here for a second?'' It was his mom.

''Not as late as I thought. Oh, well.''

He stepped towards the staircase and started down the stairs.

''Ah, there you are. Say hi to Chelsea, she came over a while ago.''

They said their greetings.

''Oh, yes! Your Pokégear came back from the Repair Shop.'' Geoff's mom said.

She gave it to him. It had broke a month ago, and only last week could she send it to the shop.

He took it and put it in his pack. First thing in there.

''Remember to always call if things get tough, alright?''


''Now, hurry over to the lab, he doesn't like to be kept waiting!'' his mom gestured towards the door, urging him out.

Chelsea smiled. ''Good luck, Geoff!'' she said, cheerfully and obviously pepped up on coffee.

''Thanks, I'll try my best.''

Geoff put his hand on the doorknob and twisted, pulling it and opening it up. The wood creaked as it opened, and all at once he slammed it shut.


''I hope he doesn't have to deal with the same thing his father had to.''

''Oh, he has it. It's not a bad case of Type B, but it's bad enough to be fatal to his.. friends.''

His mom had a worried expression on her face.


1- Catch the first encounter in each area.
1.b- Dupes clause.
1.b.b- If a Pokémon species of a fainted Pokémon is encountered, it is legal.
1.c- Shiny clause, excluding Gyarados.
2- If a Pokémon faints, it is dead.
3- Nickname all Pokémon.
4- Never forgive, never forget.

Everything happens for a reason.

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May 29th, 2017, 6:18 pm #2

Oooh! Looking good!
Nuzlocke Disease tropes are one of my favourites!
And also,
> "Never forgive, never forget"
Wow deku
Yo. I'mnot edgy or cringey, definitely. Yeah.
[+] Spoiler
[+] Spoiler
Freedom or Death


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May 30th, 2017, 9:47 pm #5

wow deku

Well, this was an alright introduction. Certainly managed to show Geoff getting on the way for adventure, as well as hints of how Nuzlocke works in this universe. Always nice stuff to start off with.

However, one thing I really missed from this was more detail. The surroundings are barely described here, and while there are some descriptions in the way the characters act, it just doesn't help form the setting. As it is right now, it feels almost like everything happens in an almost completely featureless box, and just a tad more description (doesn't have to be much) would go a long way here. Still, the premise here seems interesting, and I'll be looking forward to seeing where you're gonna go with this.

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July 10th, 2017, 3:18 am #6

Alright, let's get back to i-

>May 29th


Sorry folks. The demon known as procrastination caught hold of me. It sucked bad. I'm glad to be back, though!
[+] Replies
Frinay: I do find them to be very interesting. I'm hoping to expand on the. Wow Deku x1

ZHODY: Thank you! I appreciate it!

Ice: he looks like the crimson chin. TDI, right? Wow Deku x2

Klingkan: Ah, I knew someone else would notice it. Something felt missing as I read over it after posting it, and I couldn't put my finger on it until later. It was like a ''ohhhhh i'm dumb'' moment. Thank you for that. Wow Deku x3
[+] Part 1
Geoff took a step into the great outdoors as the door closed behind him. He inhaled and smelled the aroma of wood and roses. He never wanted to leave New Bark Town.

Unless it involved Pokémon. Some kids likes candy, others TV. Pokémon were like drugs for Geoff. He couldn't get enough of them. They were the things he dreamed about at night, almost salivating over them. He was so excited about getting a real Pokémon, not a plush toy or an action figure. A real, live, fleshy Pocket Monster. He had been ever since he was a lad.

He started towards the lab. On the way, he saw children with small, harmless Pokémon. Oddishes and Pidgeys, stuff like that. He had almost walked into a lightpole watching a child throw a berry in the air, and see a Pidgey swoop out of nowhere and eat it. He evaded the dreaded lightpole and continued to walk.

He strolled on a grassy field until he reached the stoned pathway that led to the laboratory. He fixed his hair with the help of saliva and his hand, and walked up to the metal door. He grabbed on the doorknob and twisted violently, completely unnecessarily, and opened it up. He walked into the poorly lit front room.

There were several aides in there either working at a desk or up and talking with each other. They glanced at him, but quickly lost interest in the short, plucky boy with brown hair and ''peach fuzz'' that was growing inhumanely fast.

''Professor?'' he called out, in hopes of gaining the professor's interest.

''Hmmm? Oh, oh yes, wait just a second, alright? Don't move an inch!'' a voice called back. It was the professor's, of course.

Geoff heard stumbling and things being knocked over in the back room, which was the professor's office. In a matter of seconds, the professor was out in the lab area, gesturing to Geoff.

''Come here, come here. The Pokémon aren't getting any younger! or will they? i'll have to research that, Come now! Pick your poison! Even though no Pokémon here is or will evolve into a Poison type.. just pick your Pokémon.''
he said, looking quite wary.

Geoff walked up to the lab area, and stood in front of a small table, with three Pokéballs on it.

''Alrighty, Elm. Say, who do you think I should choose?'' he asked.

''I don't think you should ask me to make a decision as big as this, much less what to have for breakfast.'' he told Geoff.

''I didn't eat breakfast today, man.''

''Whatever.'' Elm said.

''I'll pick..... this one!'' Geoff picked up the one on the far left with his eyes closed, and clicked the circle on it, opening it, and releasing a cloud of energy in the process.

''Wow.'' Geoff said while rubbing his eyes. ''Will I ever get used to that?''

''Probably.'' Elm replied.

''Let's see who was in it!'' Geoff said enthusiastically.

Geoff looked at the area in which the ball had landed and saw a medium sized Chikorita. Chikorita wasn't one of his favorite Pokémon, but he didn't hate them.

''A Chikorita!'' he said.

''Yup.'' said the professor. ''In the PokéGear there was this new application that allowed you to talk to your Pokémon. Do you have one?''

Geoff smirked. ''As a matter of fact, I dew.'' he said with a shit-eating grin.

''Cool man, now get home and tell your mom. Also you should probably nick-name your Pokémon. For attachment.''

Geoff thought and thought, and thought some more, and some more, and finally came up with a name.

''Ray. Definitely.''

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August 9th, 2017, 2:18 am #7

No replies. That's what I get for updating way too late.
[+] Part 2
''Ray? Really? That's the name you're going for? Why?'' questioned Elm.

Geoff thought about it. He thought and thought and then thought some more, and then a little more, until it finally came to him. His stumped expression turned into a wide grin and wide eyes. He opened his mouth to explain his cunning name.

''Dunno.'' he said with a shrug of the shoulders.

''Fair enough. Don't forget to feed, water, and bathe it. And don't feed it after midnight.'' the professor stated to Geoff.

''Why?'' inquired Geoff.

''Because you don't want it to be an obese Pokémon.'' Elm said.


All the while, the Chikorita listened in on the conversation that was taking place in front of him. He could understand humans. All Pokémon could.
It's a fact. All those protestors that tell you otherwise are false. Humans cannot understand Pokémon, however, unless they're using a Pokégear application.

''Alright, I understand it now. Thanks Elm.''

''You mean you didn't know the formula for the area of a triangle?''

''Formu-what? ...nah, just messing with you. Adios prof!'' said Geoff, as he turned his body towards the door and gave the professor a salute gesture.

''Please don't call me that.'' said Elm.


He squatted down to Ray. Even while squatting, he was significantly taller than him. He was a first-stage Pokémon, after all. Geoff looked Ray in the eyes and Ray looked Geoff in the eyes. Instantly, they felt nothing.

''C'mon, you nice leaf-mon.'' said Geoff, as he patted the side of his legs.

Ray strutted over to Geoff, and Geoff picked up Ray by his sides. He placed him on his shoulder.

''How's that? Comfy?''

Ray made a noise similar to a cat meow.

''Thought so! Let's roll!'' Geoff sprinted at a moderate pace out the door, leaving lab aids glancing at the door and mumbling about not getting paid enough. Elm saw the determination in the boy's eyes.

''I swear to fucking god if he gets himself killed. We can't afford ANOTHER lawsuit.''

Professor Elm then proceeded to take a step and trip on his shoelaces.
Geoff and Ray took a nice walk down Route 29, towards Cherrygrove Town.

''So, what do you say we do first?'' Geoff asked.

Ray made another meow-like sound.

''Shoot, I forgot my Pokégear! Let's get it fast, so I can finally understand you.'' Geoff jogged back to his house while holding onto Ray with one hand. He almost ran into the same lamppost watching the same dumb Pidgey trick with the same kid. He made a mental note to always look straight ahead while walking.

Geoff returned to his house, standing firm on the doormat. He kept his one hand on Ray and used his other free arm to reach to the doorknob and twist it open.

The house was empty, thank God. He looked around at the old and musty wood planks in search of his Pokégear. He found it on top of the coffee table where the ladies were chatting it up earlier. He checked in the kitchen, and the upstairs, and then went back to his device on the table. There was a sticky note sticked to it. On it, it read;

''Dear Geoff,
Me and Chelsea went shopping. Left this in case you came back. Good luck xoxo
p.s i'll call you once we get back''

Geoff put down Ray on a chair and peeled off the note carefully. He read it again, in its smooth and neat cursive. He fumbled around with his backpack and put it inside a metal container that was stored in there. He then close the container and clicked the locked shut. He put it back in his backpack.

''Alright, let's see what the wonders of technology have brought me today!'' Geoff semi-shouted, as he tapped on an app that said ''Poké-Translate''.

''Alright Ray, speak!.''

Ray made another cat sound, and the app buzzed. Geoff looked down at it, and saw an error message.


Geoff scratched his head in confusion as Ray licked his neck(?).

He glanced at the table, and well, whaddya know, the earphone was there. It looked more like the things spies put in their ears to talk to their buddies with. He clipped it on his left ear.

''Alright, Ray, try it again.''

''This isn't going to work, at all, again.'' he said, in a nice, soft but grainy voice.

''You sure?'' Geoff asked back.

''Oh cool, it worked. Let's head out now, I'm getting bored and the smell of wood and vinegar is not pleasing to me.''

''Hey- well, you have a point there.''

Geoff opened up his bag and put the Pokégear inside. Luckily, the earpiece, which is more appropriate to say, still worked.

''I hope you don't talk too much.''

''Same.'' said the Chikorita.

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August 9th, 2017, 3:49 pm #8

Is this too early? Yes. Is it necessary? Maybe.
[+] Part 3
''Also, yes. The shoulder-thing is comfortable. '' Ray said, patting Geoff's shoulder with his stubby leg.

Geoff jerked his arm up in a fist and pulled it down. ''Yes! I knew it! My father did it to me when I was young. It feels like a boney pillow. Weirdly comfortable.'' He twitched his shoulder where Ray was seated. Ray hung on for dear life, but not really.

''How old were you?'' asked Ray.

''Like 5 or 6. That was 10-some years ago. They were good times.'' Geoff said, dreamily.

''...Is he still among us?'' asked Ray.

''Yeah, he lives in Sinnoh.''

''Oh, did he.. leave you and your mother?'' inquired Ray.

''Oh, no, no. He's a scientist. He's researching fossils. He's pretty good at identifying fossils, even if they are damaged.'' Geoff explained.

''Ohhh. Gotcha.''

At that point they were near the gate to Route 46, in front of a bunch of blotches of grass. Geoff once heard a rumor that Pokémon were materialized out of dirt and magically appeared in the grass. Some people actually believe it. Geoff thought it was fucking stupid and he let people know it.

''So, I have a question to ask you.''

At this point they were nearing a berry tree, Geoff could see the outline of a house.

''Sure, what's up?''

''Have you ever heard-''

''The tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?''

''What? No?''

''I thought not...''




''...wh-what? Sorry, I kinda blanked out there.''

''Yeah... heh-heh... so, uh, have you ever heard the rumor that Pokémon materialize out of the ground in grassy areas?''

They had stopped walking at this point.

''People think that? Yeesh. That's sad.'' Ray said.

Geoff heard a Pidgey chirp, and turned to see it, and saw a Pidgey catching a berry in his mouth. Geoff raised his left fist at him, as Ray was on his right shoulder.

Geoff turned back to Ray, meeting his face only mere inches away from him.

''Do you want off my shoulder now?'' questioned Geoff.

''Hell no! It's comfy as fuck!'' said Ray, quite loudly.

''Alright, hold on tight.''

Geoff picked the berry off the tree. A decent sized berry. Geoff motioned the berry towards Ray.

''Want lunch?'' asked Ray.

Ray nodded gleefully. Geoff handed the berry to Ray, and picked him up and put him on the ground. Ray munched on the berry swiftly. Geoff took out a piece of bread that he packed last night. It was slightly stale, but he enjoyed it anyways. He had a tomato too, and shared it with Ray.

''Ah, that was refreshing. You thirsty?'' questioned Geoff.

''Not really, I'm fine and well.''

''Suit yourself.''

Geoff drank near half a bottle of water, and put it back in his bag.

''Let's roll.''

Geoff picked Ray up again and put him on his left shoulder this time, leaving his dominant arm free to do its dominant things it does.

''Hold on tight.'' directed Geoff.

Ray's grip grew tighter, and Geoff could feel it.


''For what?''


Geoff took a few paces back, and started sprinting forward, he was going to jump over a small ledge that led to Cherrygrove.

''oH dEaR aZeLf SaVe Me .''

He hopped over it.

''Overreacting much?'' asked Geoff, with a slight chuckle.

''Oh. That's it? Huh. Alright, let's go.

They both walked into Cherrygrove, and the outline of the house was now in full view. A small, one story house. Fit for a College student.

The town was dead quiet, much unlike New Bark.

''Seems like a ghost town at first glance, doesn't it?''

''Absolutely. Is everyone dead?''

''The center and mart still have power, so, no. Speaking of the center, do you need healing?''

''I have minor scratches, so I'm good and well.''

''Alrighty. I am going to step into the mart for some potions and an antidote, though, you can stay out here if you want and wander, but be careful, y'hear?''

''Yeah, I'm good mom.''

''That's nice sweetheart. Kiss kiss.'' said Geoff in a fake southern woman accent as he blew a kissing gesture at Ray and stepped into the sliding glass door of the mart.''

''What a wanker.'' commented Ray.

mmmm I am garfield and I love lasagna

[+] Part 4
''Might as well walk around though, see what this place has to offer.''

The Chikorita strolled around the small town and enjoyed the view. There was a big lake on the his right side. The sun was near sunset, about evening-time, so the view on the water was gorgeous. He looked around just in the nick of time to see someone's door close. He walked closer to the house, which was tucked away in a corner near some trees and the entrance Geoff and him came through from.

''Hmm. I wonder if they saw me. Chikorita's aren't the most common, after all, and Pokémon scalpers are still things, surprisingly.''

Ray then kept walking. He walked past the house in the corner. He glanced back over to see it again, and saw the blinds clip back up.

''This is freaky. Maybe this town isn't the best town to wander in.''

Ray sprinted back to the Pokémart. He waited another minute and Geoff walked out with a small shopping bag.

''So, scout the area? Find anything?'' questioned Geoff.

''Nothing much, but there was a creepy house.''

''Creepy house? What do you mean?'' asked Geoff.

''Some guy was watching me through his blinds. Look over there.'' Ray moved his head in a motion that pointed to the house.

Geoff looked over there and squinted, and saw the blinds close yet again.

''...eugh. Best case scenario it's some guy who'll give us a million bucks.'' said Geoff, with an unpleasant expression on his face.

''In your dreams.''

''Yeah, we might as well go. Also, I learned to take off this earpiece when you're not around me.'' said Geoff.

''Really? How?'' asked Ray.

''Super loud static noise. And by loud, I mean LOUD.'' Geoff stated, while rubbing the side of his head.

''Yeesh, we might as well go. This town ain't gonna follow us.''.

''Yeah, let's vamoose.'' said Geoff, as he got on his knee and picked up Ray, putting him on his right shoulder once more.

He had only walked a couple paces when his Pokégear rang. Geoff felt around in his bag for it, and after a couple seconds of digging, found it and answered the call.


''Geoff?... oh thank God, you picked up! Listen.. someone stole a Pokémon from my lab. It was a Cyndaquil. That Cyndaquil is very, very, very important to me. I was going to give it to my nephew for his birthday. Please Geoff, I beg of you, be on the lookout? Alright? Thanks.''


''...he talks fast.'' Geoff said, astounded.

''He's like that when he's worried. What happened?'' Ray inquired.

''A Pokémon from the lab was stolen. A Cyndaquil.'' Geoff turned away from him, facing his left shoulder, in the direction of Route 29. ''Did you know him?''

''...Trevor? That fucking idiot.. we need to save him. He could get hurt.''

''I agree. Pokémon thieves are scum. Plain and simple. Let's..''

''Roll?'' said Ray, finishing Geoff's statement.


They ran into Route 9, and almost immediately they saw a person wearing a black hoodie, nearing the area with the entrance to Route 46. He had his hood up, of course, with his hands resting in his hoodies pockets. He seemed to be gripping onto something.

''I think it's him.'' Geoff told Ray quietly.

''No shit, Sherlock. What tipped you off? The outfit or the way he's looking around?''

He looked back up at the person. He was right, he was looking around, rather frantically.

''Hey!'' Geoff shouted.

The person froze and stared at Geoff, with his mouth having a visible shocked expression.

''Return that Pokémon immediately!'' Geoff shouted again.

The person then swiftly swiped the ball out of his hoodie pocket. He walked in the grass, over to where the berry tree was, and jumped off the small ledge, landing almost gracefully, like a figure skater.

''You heard me, return it!''

Ray supported Geoff with a fighting stance and a mad expression on his face.

''...fine. I will.'' he said, finally, with a grainy voice.

''Really?'' asked Geoff with a joyful expression.

''Of course not, eat this.''

The person threw the Pokéball 5 feet from Geoff. It erupted in a glow of light and a Cyndaquil emerged. It didn't appear distressed in anyway. In fact, it itched its nose.

''Are you ready Ray?'' Geoff asked.

''Do I really have to fight him?'' asked Ray.

''Sorry, bud.''

''If it's for the greater good..'' mumbled Ray. He readied his position.

''Alright, Ray, tackle him!''

Ray stepped back a bit, and then began charging at Trevor. He hit Trevor with a force big enough it sent him skidding across the grass.

''Doesn't matter, use tackle, too!''

The Cyndaquil got up, and steadied himself. He did the same thing Ray did, except it didn't send him flying.

''Tackle him again!''

This time, Ray just ran into him without any buildup. Trevor readied himself and didn't skid this time.

''Just ditto that move, now!'' commanded the trainer.

Trevor ''ran'' and weakly bumped into Ray. Ray started to feel bad for him at this point. Ray pushed him away gently.

''Ta-'' Geoff started, but before he could finish Trevor already fainted. Ray looked at him with a confused expression.

The person looked at the ground. ''Fuck, I swiped the wrong one! ..doesn't matter. My mission is complete.'' He turned back and pointed at Geoff. ''YOU. Don't get in my way again. The name's Ryan, and that's all you will know.'' said Ryan, if-that-really-is-his-name.

He ran between the duo while retrieving the fainted Pokémon into it's Pokéball.

''What the hell is up with that dude? He seems like a maniac.'' said Geoff. Pointing at the direction he ran in with his thumb.

''One thing I've learned: Humans are weird. They do some stuff and then turn around and say something else. Or that, but backwards. Either way, yes, he is weird. And he probably is a maniac.

''I can agree with you on that one.'' said Geoff.

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Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
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September 5th, 2017, 7:48 pm #9

Heresay, cometh an update!
[+] Part 5
Geoff started running towards New Bark Town. He had to hold onto Ray with his right hand. The lab was right next to the entrance of New Bark, so they didn't have to run far.

''You good, Ray?'' asked Geoff.

''Yeah.. I'm fine.. I do hope that will get easier to handle later on. '' Ray said, kinda boggled.

''Yeah. Let's not dilly-dally, the lab's right there!''

Geoff pointed at the lab. There was police tape messily taped onto the door and front windows, and even on the plants outside.

''That's pretty fucking lazy taping.'' Ray said, tilting his head to the side

''No shit.'' Geoff dashed to the metal door.

''Should I knock?'' asked Geoff.

''Do it. Do it now.'' commanded Ray.

''Alright, jeez, I will.'' Geoff knocked forcefully on the door.

The door opened almost immediately. The door-opener was a generic police officer. Brown hair, black shades, thick eyebrows, and a blue hat and uniform. Basically what you think when you hear ''cop''.

''May I help you, son?'' he asked, with his eyebrow raised up high.

''I need to see the professor, he called me about a Pokémon thief. He asked me to rush on over.'' explained Geoff.

''A likely story... you may come on in.'' He turned his body to the side wall and gestured Geoff inside.

Geoff(and Ray)walked inside with the police officer right behind him. The professor was bent over and digging through files. His assistants were nowhere to be seen.

''Professor?'' Geoff called out.

''..Geoff! Geoff! Oh thank God'' he turned around and walked to Geoff(and Ray) and the officer. ''Thanks God you're here Geoff! I'm so glad you're safe!'' His attention then fully redirected to the cop.

''As I was saying, officer. The thief ran through that window in the back.'' he pointed to the giant hole in the wall of what was once a window.

''Holy shit.'' Geoff said, flabbergasted.

''Watch your language. '' the cop said sternly.

Geoff stared at him.

''Geoff, did you happen to see the crook?'' Elm asked, breaking the tension.

Geoff's staring contest with the cop subsided, and he turned to Elm.

''Oh, yeah, we did.'' said Geoff.

''We certainly did.''

''Aw, how cute, the Pokémon answered.'' the cop said in a slightly less gruff voice.

''Yeah, he said ''we certainly did''.'' Geoff explained.

''..Oh, you two have the new Poké-thing app that lets you talk to your Pokémon, huh? Not everyone can afford that luxury.''

Elm and Geoff went quiet, because what would you say in that situation?

''Can you tell us what the thief looked like?'' asked Elm.

''Yeah!'' said Geoff. ''He was wearing a dark hoodie, and.. uh.. had hair... and..''

''You didn't see any details.'' the cop said flatly.

''He had a hoodie!'' exclaimed Geoff, pointing at his Xbox shirt.

''Son, do you know how many people wear hoodies? he said, raising his eyebrow again. He started to walk towards the door. ''Leave this to the professionals.'' He opened up the door and left.

''Well that was a bummer.'' sighed Geoff

''It's obvious the crook is working for some underlying evil organization. The mafia? Some secret government social experiment? Who knows?!'' He turned to Geoff. ''Please, go and find this out. Not for me, but for my nephew. You and Ray, both.''

Geoff and Ray nodded in synchronization. Geoff picked up Ray with his left arm and switched shoulders, him being seated on Geoff's left shoulder now, and he started to walk out the door. They opened up the door and headed out for Cherrygrove once more

It seems a grand adventure lay ahead for dumb and dumber, but also danger, excitement, and maybe even love.

No love? Alright. Not even a little? ... fine. No love.

how 'bout just a little of it ok? ok

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Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
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September 6th, 2017, 5:00 pm #10

hey i'm back
back again
[+] Part 6
Geoff shut the door behind him. By the time he had gotten outside it was evening time, about 5:15 - 5:30.

''Alright, Ray, I think you may have forgotten how to walk, let's teach you, again.'' said Geoff. He grabbed Ray's underside with his left palm and placed him on the ground.

''Do I have to? Your shoulder is surprisingly comfortable. '' said Ray, visibly upset. Geoff bent down to nearly his size.

''Yes, soon I won't be able to throw Pokéballs anymore, or lift you up. You also need the exercise, because you're looking a little chubby.''

Ray looked at Geoff, with a dirty expression on his face. ''This is what I looked like when you got me.''

''I know.'' Geoff bent back up. He dusted himself off. ''Let's get grooving.''

''Shouldn't we tell your elder, first? If she's there, anyways.'' Ray said, seeming to be still quite huffy from the conversation.

''Hm, I think I should. Good idea, Ray.'' said Geoff. He turned to the direction of his house and started walking.

Huh, no insult? That's a first. If this keeps up, I might do the same thing. thought Ray. He trotted his tiny legs after Geoff to his house.

Geoff swiftly stopped. Ray stopped behind him. ''What's the holdup, big guy?''

Geoff went in his backpack and pulled out the metal container where the Pokégear was. He took out the Pokégear and looked at the homescreen. He had no missed calls. His mom said she'd call when she came back from the store.

''She's not back yet. She said she'd call when she's at the house, so there'd be no point, just a waste of time.'' Geoff said, holding the Pokégear in his hand.

''When did she say that?'' questioned Ray.

He put the Pokégear back into its container and put it back into his backpack. ''It was on the sticky note I ripped off of the Gear. She said that she'd call me once she got home.''

''Ah. So should we go to Cherrygrove now?''

''Yeah. Let's head out.''

They had made it back to Cherrygrove. It was still dead quiet.

''Let's hurry through this town. It still gives me the willies.'' said Ray.

''I agree. Speedwalk?'' asked Geoff.

''Yeah. I probably could go faster if I sat upon someone's shoulder..''

''Shut up.''

They both started rushing through the small, quiet town. Geoff heard a door creaking open when they were near the Pokécenter. His head spun around and he saw the house in the corner opening up and he saw a figure in the doorway. This freaked Geoff out immensely. They were at the edge of the town by that point, and he heard the door slam shut and heavy footsteps.

They had left by the time the man in black and silver clothing popped up around the corner. He had big eyes that looked angrily at the world. He yanked his beeper out of his equipment belt that held his Pokéballs and potions, and turned it on.

''Boss, there's a trainer that's aware of the my occupation in Cherrygrove... mhmm.. yeah, he seems to be a rookie, because I saw a starter Pokémon with him... alright, will do.''


''Stupid kid. I hope he doesn't get involved. Lord knows what will happen to him and his Pokémon.''

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Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
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I'm once again back.
[+] Part 7
Geoff and Ray walked briskly through Route 30.

''Arceus, I'm tired. Can I please go back on your shoulders now?'' begged Ray, falling a bit behind Ray while walking.

''When my shoulder stops bugging me. Right now it's bugging me.''

''Alright..'', Ray responded.

Geoff looked at Ray, walking next to his ankle now, in shock.

''No snarky comment or insult?'' asked Geoff, stunned.

''Remember back in New Bark Town? When I suggested we should go back to your elder's dwelling, and you didn't give snark to me? I decided to repay the favor.'' Ray told Geoff.

''Huh, how mature of you.'' He nodded to Ray, and Ray nodded to him.

''We've known each other less than an day, and I already feel like we're brothers, of some sort.'' said Ray.

They walked in silence for a bit.

''It's a bit boring.'' said Geoff.

''I agree. Should we keep insulting each other?

''Sure. Should we also go get a new Pokémon?''

''Shit, forgot about that.'' Ray said.

''Back to Route 29, I guess.''

It was near evening on Route 29. And a boy and hisdogPokémon

''Use Tackle!''

Ray charged back and rammed into the wild Rattata, and knocked it into the ground. He was incredibly close to fainting.

''Pokéball, let's go!''

Geoff chucked the Pokéball near the near-fainted Pokémon. A red swirl appeared from the opened capsule and absorbed the Rattata inside it. It shook a couple of times. but then it stopped and made a tiny click sound.

''Huzzah! We did it, we caught a Pokémon!'' cheered Geoff.

''What're you gonna call him?'' questioned Ray.

''Hmm....'' thought Geoff. He put his fingers in a finger-gun position and placed it underneath his chin.

''..Dave. Yeah. Dave, that's his name.'' said Geoff.

''Sounds like a professional name, for a Rattata.''

''Maybe a tad bit. Should we let him out?''

''Probably should heal him at the Professor's first, no?''

''You're right. Let's heal him up, and go catch another Pokémon.''

They went and healed Dave at the Professor's healy-thing at his lab, and decided to go through Cherrygrove swiftly again.

''Ready?'' asked Ray, at the gates of Cherrygrove.

He nodded.

Geoff entered, and was punched in the head, incredibly hard. He hit the ground with a thud. He saw Ray being put into a bag with one single hole in it to breathe through. Before he blacked out, he saw a man in black and silver clothes.

''You seem to be getting nosy, kid. I could be wrong, but I don't care, anyway.''

He blacked out.

Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
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The deed is done.
[+] Part 8
Geoff woke up in a haze. He was sitting on a wooden chair in a small room. The only light was a dim ceiling light.

He felt something around his wrists. He tried pulling apart his arms, and was unable to.

Geoff's eyes started to water. He struggled with the rope again.

''I see that you woke up.''

Geoff recognized that voice. It was the voice he heard before he blacked out. He felt his body become red hot with rage.

He saw him emerge from a dark corner. ''And, before you ask, I've not been standing here the whole time.''

The man was now wearing a black sweater. ''I just have ta ask you a few questions now, kiddo.'' He sat down on a chair nearby and grinned. ''Are you going to talk?'' He crossed his legs.

Geoff turned his head to the other side of the room. ''Not until you tell me where my Pokémon is.''

His grin faded. ''I can't do that buddy.''

Geoff couldn't breathe for a second. ''Why not?'' he asked.

''He's been scheduled to go to one of our Pokémon labor camps back in Kanto. So if we do let you go with your freedom intact, you most likely wont get your Pokémon back. If you comply with us, however, we might give him back to you.''

''What do you want me to do?'' Geoff asked, hastily.

The man grinned again. ''Let me be your boss.''

It took Geoff a second to connect the words together. He then suddenly gasped aloud.

''You want me to be one of you?'' he asked.

He nodded. ''Yeah. You have to be a Rocket to get your Chikor-whata and Rattata back. We'd be glad to have you, I saw your battle with that ginger.''

He gulped. He would rather not join a terrorist organization, but.. his Pokémon might be in danger.

''Well?'' asked the man, impatiently.

''....I'll do it. Just untie me.''

''Good answer.'' The man untied Geoff and he stood up. Geoff hesitantly shook his hand.

''Now that that's said and done, I'll go and cancel your Pokémon's scheduled ''appointment''.'' They started walking and he got out his keys to open the metal door. ''Oh, and you can call me Bill. Bill Sipes.''

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Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
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Hi! New reader, and Im very pleased! That twist at the end was great!

Also, wow deku
Let me tell you what I wish I?d known;
when i was young and dreamed of glory;
you have no control:
who lives, who dies,
who tells your story.
-George Washington, Hamilton musical
I got a run now!

here it is!

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Conqueror of the Cinnabar Gym
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Uh.. Hey! I'm back. After realizing that Shitchat Plays Pokémon, while fun, had many time issues and didn't satisfy my writing needs, I've decided to bring back this run from the dead. I know it's been 5 months, but.. hey, at least it has been under a year!
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HunterX55: Hah, thanks! I had planned Bill to be a main character ever since the start of the story, because he's honestly a wasted character.
[+] Part 9
Bill helped Geoff up out of his chair. The chair wobbled for a second before regaining its chair composure.

''Now that you're officially a member of Team Rocket, you'll need the uniform.'' He handed Geoff a wad of black clothing with a black beret with a big red 'R' on it.

''Uhh.. thanks.'' Geoff said. He felt dirty on the inside. He took off his shirt and put on the sweater-like uniform on. It was hot and itchy.

''I'll just..'' Bill turned around. ''look this way.''

Geoff put the rest of his uniform on. Not only was the shirt uncomfortable, but the pants were droopy and the beret was too large. He twisted his back and examined the back of the sweater. There was another red 'R' on the back.

Tacky, much? Geoff thought.

''Now that I've joined Rocket, can I have my Pokémon back?'' Geoff inquired.

Bill nodded. ''I've already canceled your Chikorta's appointment to the other stationed Rocket headquarters. He should be here in just a bit.''

Geoff exhaled a sigh of relief. ''Thank God.''

Bill smirked. ''You haven't been with that little guy for long. How come you're so attached to him?

''I was just getting to become pals with him. At first we just insulted each other, but before we got abducted-''

''Not abducted, simply asked nicely to join.'' interrupted Bill.

''Right. Well, I was just starting to become friends with hi... If I stay in Rocket, I'll get him back, right?'' asked Geoff.

As long as you stay within the organization, then yes.''

Geoff looked at his feet. Before he was able to say anything, there was a knock at the door.

''Come in.'' Bill called out to the knock.

The door opened slowly. Outside the door was some stairs and lights. A Rocket grunt stepped in with a caged Pokémon. It was Ray. The grunt looked up at Bill's tall figure.

''Boss, I got you the Pokémon.'' he said, with a slight tremble in his voice. He looked at Geoff, then looked back at Bill. ''New hire?'' he asked. Geoff looked back up at Bill.

''Yup. Put the Pokémon down, and leave.'' he commanded.

The grunt put down the cage and briskly left the small room. He shut the down behind him.

''Happy? You got him back. '' said Bill. He crouched down to where he could see Ray in the cage. ''He seems to be asleep..'' he stood back up and kicked the cage, and inside the cage Ray was being bounced around. He woke up slowly, and stood up on his front legs. Geoff was still looking where Bill was standing.

''Huh...? Where am I?..'' he looked around inside his cage. Geoff's earphone's buzzed with the translated Pokéspeak.

Bill crouched back down to Ray's level. ''Hey little guy! You're back with your master!''

Geoff finally turned to face the cage. He leaned down next to Bill. Ray looked up at him.

''Geoff! Oh, thank the Creation Trio! I was so afraid!'' he looked down at the base of his cage. ''But not that scared..''

Geoff exhaled out of his nose. ''I'm sure you weren't.'' He put his finger through the bars of the cage and Ray sniffed it, then rubbed his head against it.

''You can clock in for the night. There's a mattress in the corner of the room, which I'm sure you didn't see before.'' Bill said.

Geoff looked to the corner of the room, and could barely make out a white-ish mattress. He turned back to Bill.

''Your first assignment is tomorrow.''